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  1. I follow this same routine mostly and have been using the same bottles for 2+ years - no issues. Kevin
  2. Good luck! Condition for a minimum of 4 weeks for the Bewitched Amber Ale. From my notes, this was best at around the 6 week mark. Make sure you try to condition it at between 68 & 76-78 degrees. If you enjoy this one, Millennium Flight Red will be right up your alley! Kevin
  3. From the album Brews

    One of my favorite Mr. Beer brews yet! Diablo IPA -- this one was conditioned for about 10 weeks. Pours a very dark brown with a reddish hue. 2" off white head that dissipates to a think layer but remains throughout. Aroma is hoppy. Taste is also hoppy and only slightly bitter. Delicious & easy to drink. Will definitely brew this one again.
  4. This one started fermenting SUPER fast (within the first 12-24 hours) so brewing it in July had to really monitor the temperature and be dutiful with changing the ice bottles in my cooler. Kevin
  5. Just brewed this recipe yesterday -- will be ready for kickoff on September 7th! Kevin
  6. Happily, the sample tastes fine. Bottling this morning. Next up after 4th of July weekend is That Voodoo That You Do! Kevin
  7. Looking with a flashlight again this morning, I really think it's OK - it's really just 'pockets' of milky white substances floating around 70% of the surface. As I enter my third year of using Mr. Beer, I think I'm more and more expecting one of my brews to not work out b/c every one I've made so far thankfully has been fine -- perhaps I'm just getting paranoid! Thinking of maybe cold crashing tonight and bottling on Saturday -- the yeast rafts would likely sink to the bottom, correct? Kevin
  8. It was just the yeast that came with the standard Mr. Beer weissbier refill. It's entirely possible that I've bottled a beer in the past with a similar amount of krausen still on the top, but I can't recall one being this noticeable when I shine a flashlight in. Kevin
  9. Coming up on 21 days of fermentation for the Bavarian Weissbier I'm about to bottle and whereas most of my brews in the LBK are pretty clear on top at this stage, I noticed the last few days that there was still a good amount of krausen/foam at the top. I opened up the lid for a few seconds last night, and while it did not look like pellicle or any crazy infection -- and the smell seemed normal -- it didn't exactly look good! Hoping it's OK. I read about squeezing the LBK can cause an infection. I did not squeeze the LBK the last three weeks, but somtimes I did wedge my poland spring frozen water bottle next to it in the cooler -- very slightly. I'm wondering if that had any effect on anything. That's really the only big different I did with this brew than others that I've done. Temperature has always been right between 68 & 76 the entire time. Kevin
  10. I've now brewed a couple of dozen different recipes over these past two years. I have ratings as my signature. My favorites off hand are Millennium Flight Red, Diablo IPA, Cherry Wheat (see recipe below), French Roast Stout (see recipe below) and Orange Spiced Pumpkin Lager (see recipe below). Kevin
  11. Are you talking about plastic caps? An old one would cause a blow out? Kevin
  12. That's good to hear. I've read that before, but I would hate to brew a beer and find that random ones come out flat b/c of my old caps. Tightening them never seems to be a problem. I always give them about 2 or 3 tight twists before storing them away. Kevin
  13. I've been brewing for two years now with the PET plastic bottles. I think most of my caps at this point have been used 7-8 times and I've yet to experience a flat beer. That said, will probably pick up some new ones this fall. Kevin
  14. Several months back I brewed the standard Mr. Beer weissbier refill and added cherry extract at bottling. It's been one of the tastiest beers I've brewed. Kevin
  15. I have a Bavarian Weissbier that will be ready to bottle in two weeks that I'm going to add some Cherry Brewer's Extract to have some cherry wheat beers ready by the end of July. Then brewing That Voodoo That You Do in July to be ready for the start of football season, the Pumpkin Weissbier recipe in August to be ready by October, and the Czech Pilsner refill with added Hallertu hops in September to be ready by November. Currently have on hand a few Nilla Porters, Falconer's Millenium Red, Aztec Cerveza, and Diablo IPAs. Kevin