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  1. From the album Brews

    Happy Spring! This is a very easy to make delicious Cherry Wheat. Just used the standard Mr. Beer Weissbier recipe and added about 8ml of Cherry Brewer's extract at bottling. Very refreshing. The taste of cherry is very subtle, not at all overwhelming. I was never a big wheat beer fan, but thus far this refill (whether plain or with cherry, pineapple, aprioct extract added) has always been good.
  2. I've had the Blonde, Aztec Cerveza, and the Weissbier refills after 19-21 days of fermenting and just 21 days of conditioning and the results at that stage weren't much different than waiting the recommended 3 weeks fermenting/4 weeks conditioning. So, I'd recommend any of these if you're trying to have a beer ready in about 6 weeks. Kevin
  3. Yes, at bottling, some hop particles got in a few bottles.
  4. Yes, I should have cold crashed - was a busy week for me and I didn't plan out the process as much as I would have liked. Sample tasted very good though so hoping those few bottles with noticeable particles take care of themselves. I've only cold crashed once with the last pumpkin brew I did -- that still though left some floating puree in some bottles. Kevin
  5. So I brewed the Aztec Cerveza refill and decided to dry hop (commando style) for the first time by adding 1oz of Saaz hops 6 days before I bottled. Now, the last couple of bottles had more particles in it than I'd prefer and I should have anticipated that. So my question is -- what are the chances over the next 4 weeks of conditioning that most of these particles settle to the bottom of the bottles? Kevin
  6. I also just cracked open the first Vanilla Porter I made (basically the Mr. Beer recipe for the VP but w/o the LME but WITH the booster). At 4 & 5 weeks, it's very tasty -- sweet & robust. Got some pineapple, cherry, and apricot wheats ready soon (just added the fruit extracts at bottling of the standard Bavarian Weissbier refill) -- these were delicious last summer so very excited about these. Have an Aztec Cerveza fermenting now; going to dry hop 1 oz of Saaz hops to the LBK about 5 days before bottling to boost it up a bit in the flavor department. After that, try the Diablo IPA. So I got all my spring/early summer beers lined up and ready to go! Millennium Falconer's Flight Red Vanilla Porter Cherry Wheat Apricot Wheat Pineapple Wheat Aztec Cerveza w/ Saaz Hops Diablo IPA Kevin
  7. From the album Brews

    Probably my favorite home brew so far. Very hoppy, dry, slightly bitter -- robust flavor. Just really good. Was solid at 4 weeks, even more so at about 6-7.
  8. The Millennium Falconers Flight Red is probably my favorite home brew so far -- dry, hoppy, bitter, beautiful!
  9. I usually add hops after the boil. I'm going to be doing the Aztec refill and wanted to add 1 oz of Saaz hops -- think i will try the dry hop method a week before bottling. Thanks. Kevin
  10. What is the benefit of dry hopping a few days to a week before bottling? Kevin
  11. American Ale was the weakest Mr. Beer refill I've had. Adding hops would give it more flavor next time. Kevin
  12. From the album Brews

    This is one of my favorite brews using Mr. Beer yet -- St. Patrick's stout basic refill, 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and one shot of french roast coffee -- it was good around 4 weeks conditioning but even better at 10 weeks which is what this picture is of. Just as good as anything along the same lines I've had from a craft brewery.
  13. From the album Brews

    My wife used some of my Chocolate Stout (St. Patrick's Irish Stout brewed w/ half cup cocoa powder) to make this stout pie -- ground beef, carrots, pearl onions -- delicious.
  14. Brews approx 256 oz.
  15. I cold crashed for 72 hours and bottling went fine. A *little* trub came out in my last bottle, but nothing too crazy.