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  1. From the album Brews

    The standard St. Patrick's Irish Stout refill. Delicious here at about 11 weeks conditioned. Typical, robust irish stout.
  2. I've done it once w/o a hop sack ("going commando" as many refer to it) and do not recommend it. Had lots of residue/chunks at bottling. In retrospect, I could've cold crashed and that might've prevented it, but even so, I wouldn't do it again. Kevin
  3. Brewed the following today, kind of a variation/experiment on the Horse's Ass Ale recipe: CAL + Booster 1/2 cup honey 1 oz Cluster Hops (steeped for two minutes) We'll see how it goes! Kevin
  4. I have Peanut Butter extract actually so it reminded me that this fall I may put a little of that and a little of the grape into a porter to see if I get a PB&J Porter -- though, I must admit, I'm not really that excited to try something like that! Kevin
  5. Anyone ever do anything interesting with grape brewer's extract? My son had gotten it for me as a gift a few months ago and I used it when bottling some or the standard Mr. Beer weissbier refill. Also combined it with blackberry extract to get a Blackberry Grape Wheat beer....but, not sure what to really expect! : ) Kevin
  6. I'm saving a That Voodoo That You Do for this Thanksgiving that has been conditioning since July '17, as well as a Vanilla Coconut Porter that has been conditioning since November '17. These would be the longest I've ever conditioned any Mr. Beer brews. Prior to this maybe the longest would have been 4 or 5 months.... Kevin
  7. Totally normal. Kevin
  8. Agree with Rick and Brian N. Been using the PET bottles for 3 years and have had no issues. Best of luck! Kevin
  9. Yeah, that was me yesterday. Here's a question though - before I realized this leak, I had my weissbier refill sitting in warm water. I took it out and will have to wait a few weeks to brew it -- do you think this is going to have any negative affect on it? Kevin
  10. Sadly, the LBK I've been using since May 2015 saw its demise yesterday, with a little hairline crack underneath the spigot allowing a small amount of liquid to seep out. I used it for about 33 batches so I can't complain. On to the next one! Kevin
  11. From the album Brews

    So this is basically taking the Nilla Porter Recipe (w/o the LME) and using 1 oz toasted coconut flakes in a hop sack during the three week fermentation. This was good at 4 weeks conditioning, but it really came into its own at about 10+ weeks -- a while to wait for some, but worth it. Check out that head! This is a tasty, robust beer -- fairly sweet so an excellent dessert or sipping beer.
  12. Good luck! Horse's Ass Ale was one of the first recipes I brewed with Mr. Beer and really enjoyed it! I found that adding 1oz of Brewer's Best Grapefruit Seed was a nice addition as well. Kevin
  13. In my experience, the wheat beers I've made (see below) have all been fine at 3 weeks conditioned/3 days chill. All others I let condition for 4+ weeks. For some recipes like That Voodoo That You Do and others that recommend an even longer time, try to adhere to those if you can, but at the minimum, 4 weeks seems to be the key. Kevin
  14. What's your favorite type of beer/beers? Kevin
  15. From the album Brews

    The Northwest Pale Ale recipe plus booster that I had laying around. Very tasty. Malty, slightly sweet, smooth, easy to drink. For a basic refill, keeps a nice head throughout.