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  1. Good luck! Horse's Ass Ale was one of the first recipes I brewed with Mr. Beer and really enjoyed it! I found that adding 1oz of Brewer's Best Grapefruit Seed was a nice addition as well. Kevin
  2. In my experience, the wheat beers I've made (see below) have all been fine at 3 weeks conditioned/3 days chill. All others I let condition for 4+ weeks. For some recipes like That Voodoo That You Do and others that recommend an even longer time, try to adhere to those if you can, but at the minimum, 4 weeks seems to be the key. Kevin
  3. What's your favorite type of beer/beers? Kevin
  4. From the album Brews

    The Northwest Pale Ale recipe plus booster that I had laying around. Very tasty. Malty, slightly sweet, smooth, easy to drink. For a basic refill, keeps a nice head throughout.
  5. Personally, some of my favorite beers to make for the summer is just the regular Weissbier refill and adding fruit brewer's extract at bottling. Cherry Wheat, Apricot Wheat, Pineapple Wheat -- I've loved these and I'm normally not even a big fan of fruit beers. I have a Blackberry Wheat that will be ready in a couple of weeks. They're good year-round! Recipes I've done are below. All the best, Kevin
  6. Does not look infected to me. Have seen similar in my brews w/o ever a problem. Good luck. Kevin
  7. From the album Brews

    So this is just the Czech Pilsner refill, but I added 1oz Hallertau hops at boil. I forgot to add the booster so the ABV % is not that high, but the extra hallartau hops did improve the taste in my opinion from the regular refill which I felt was underwhelming when I brewed it last year. Good head and lacing on it for a "standard" refill. Not my favorite, but not bad.
  8. Not a downside at all.
  9. Anyone see any downside to adding booster to the Northwest Pale Ale refill? Have extra so looking to use it next week when I brew the NPA. Kevin
  10. Looks fine. Kevin
  11. This sounds normal to me. Most of my brews have this thin layer after initial fermentation has peaked. You'll likely know if it's truly bad once you taste a sample before bottling. Good luck! Kevin
  12. Excited about the brew I made last night. Used the american porter refill plus 1 cup brown sugar and 1 oz of toasted coconut flakes (in a hop sack). Going to add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract in one week. It's basically a makeshift version of the Nilla Porter recipe just adding some coconut flakes. I did this same recipe without the coconut a few months ago and the beer was very good -- if anything, it just lacked a little flavor. Hoping the coconut helps this out. Kevin
  13. You've convinced me - I'm gonna do it! Thanks! Kevin
  14. I believe you! I had my first one at 6 weeks and it was very good. At 7 weeks I also tasted a slight improvement. This is a delicious, malty beer! Not sure if I'll have the patience to let one age a full year though! Kevin
  15. Mine came out great! Definitely at the top of the different recipes I've brewed these past few y ears. I think your recipe above sounds like it would come out very good. Not sure if the vanilla extract may make it *too* sweet, but why not find out! My next brew is going to be a Vanilla Coconut Porter (Nilla Porter recipe basically with 1 oz of toasted shredded coconut added to the LBK). Kevin