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  1. I usually add hops after the boil. I'm going to be doing the Aztec refill and wanted to add 1 oz of Saaz hops -- think i will try the dry hop method a week before bottling. Thanks. Kevin
  2. What is the benefit of dry hopping a few days to a week before bottling? Kevin
  3. American Ale was the weakest Mr. Beer refill I've had. Adding hops would give it more flavor next time. Kevin
  4. From the album Brews

    This is one of my favorite brews using Mr. Beer yet -- St. Patrick's stout basic refill, 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, and one shot of french roast coffee -- it was good around 4 weeks conditioning but even better at 10 weeks which is what this picture is of. Just as good as anything along the same lines I've had from a craft brewery.
  5. From the album Brews

    My wife used some of my Chocolate Stout (St. Patrick's Irish Stout brewed w/ half cup cocoa powder) to make this stout pie -- ground beef, carrots, pearl onions -- delicious.
  6. Brews approx 256 oz.
  7. I cold crashed for 72 hours and bottling went fine. A *little* trub came out in my last bottle, but nothing too crazy.
  8. I'm actually doing it without the LME so I know it won't be as robust, but still looking forward to trying it. Kevin
  9. Think subbing light brown sugar for dark brown sugar for the Nilla Porter recipe will make much of a difference? Kevin
  10. Should be a best buy date on the bottom of the can. I'd imagine everything is still good (or at least still good to brew) if she got it for you last year. You may have exceeded the best buy date on the can, but from what I've read you can still brew it if it's a few months expired. Kevin
  11. The interesting thing about this recipe is that the krausen is still at the top now 9 days into fermentation. I kept the temperature between 64 & 68. I wonder if it's because of the US-05 yeast compared to the yeast packaged with most of the standard refills. I did not have a sanitized hop sack so I just put them in commando. Hoping everything turns out OK!
  12. Cold crashing would reduce this, right?
  13. for the recipes, what is the purpose of putting half the hops in at the 1 week mark? if putting them in at the one mark w/o a hop sack -- would that cause any issues?
  14. On some of the basic recipes (Horse's Ass Ale, Bavarian Weissbier, etc.), I'll try at 3 weeks, but ones like this I usually wait the full 4 weeks.