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  1. Kevin Caffrey

    Smores Recipe

    Anyone have a recommendation for a Smores recipe? Kevin
  2. Kevin Caffrey

    Smores Recipe

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm still just brewing with the refills and the LBK. I will read some of the recipes to get a better starting point. Thanks, Kevin
  3. Kevin Caffrey


    Just some pictures of the beers I've brewed so far using the Mr. Beer LBK.
  4. Kevin Caffrey

    Smores Recipe

    Any suggestions using the LBK w/ one of the basic refills. I was thinking the St. Patrick's stout adding some chocolate and maybe marshmallow fluff or a marshmallow syrup/flavoring at bottling. Something along these lines... Kevin
  5. Kevin Caffrey

    St. Patrick's Irish Stout

    From the album: Brews

    Love drinking beer out of a football. This is the basic St. Patrick's Stout recipe.
  6. Kevin Caffrey


    From the album: Brews

    Here's an Oktoberfestivus at about 4 or 5 weeks conditioned. Really tasty, robust beer. Remind's me of Beck's Dark a bit.
  7. Kevin Caffrey

    Going With Less Sugar

    Yup, a little less than a teaspoon seems to work best for me. Kevin
  8. Kevin Caffrey

    Munton's Spray Malt Extract Question

    Thanks - that's what I was thinking. It's a one pound bag so I was figuring I'd split it up between two batches. Kevin
  9. Kevin Caffrey

    Munton's Spray Malt Extract Question

    Picked this up today and was hoping to use it with two basic recipes. The first one would be a Pumpkin Spiced Lager: -Oktoberfest refill -8oz of the extract -6 oz pumpkin puree 1/2 orange zest 1/2 tsp cinnamon And the other would literally just be adding it when making the basic Oktoberfest refill. This is the Plain Amber extract Color 8 Lovibond so I'm thinking it will work OK with these. And to confirm - only about 8 oz should be used for the LBK 2 gallon batch, correct? Kevin
  10. Kevin Caffrey

    Diablo IPA Tasting

    This has been one of my favorites. Looking at the notes I keep, I had it as excellent at Week 4 and did not note any marked improvements at Weeks 5, 6 and there on out. Kevin
  11. Kevin Caffrey

    One Gallon Glass Fermenter?

    So...would a standard refill or recipe work in this since it's only gallon? Kevin
  12. Kevin Caffrey

    Conditioning/Refrigeration Question??

    I actually consider that pretty kind of her to pour the beer into the solo cup! Kevin
  13. Kevin Caffrey

    Grape Extract?

    Anyone ever do anything interesting with grape brewer's extract? My son had gotten it for me as a gift a few months ago and I used it when bottling some or the standard Mr. Beer weissbier refill. Also combined it with blackberry extract to get a Blackberry Grape Wheat beer....but, not sure what to really expect! : ) Kevin
  14. Kevin Caffrey

    Chantilly Lace

    Thanks for the review. Have often thought of trying this recipe, but never pulled the trigger. I like malty beers so maybe I'll give it a try. Good luck on the Diablo IPA -- that's been one of my favorites! Kevin
  15. Kevin Caffrey

    Grape Extract?

    Well, I didn't have high expectations, but the Blackberry Grape Wheat concoction I tried a few months back came out very nicely if you like fruity beers. This one is about 60 days conditioned. Slightly hazy, slight white head, smell reminds me of some type of fruity candle you'd get from the Ice Cream man as a kid -- closest I can think of is that of a pack of Sweet Tarts or something. Anyway, got Grape Brewer's Extract and this is what I did with it.
  16. Kevin Caffrey


    Blackberry Grape Wheat Beer. Just used a Mr. Beer weissbier refill and at bottling of a 16oz bottle added .3 ml of blackberry brewer's extract and .3ml of grape brewer's extract. Didn't have high expectations b/c it sounded like it might be a bit odd, but just a very pleasant fruity beer. slightly hazy, smells of sweet tart candy, dry -- great summer beer. This one is probably at about 60 days conditioned.
  17. Kevin Caffrey


    From the album: Brews

  18. Kevin Caffrey

    St. Patrick's Irish Stout

    From the album: Brews

    The standard St. Patrick's Irish Stout refill. Delicious here at about 11 weeks conditioned. Typical, robust irish stout.
  19. Kevin Caffrey

    No Hop Sack

    I've done it once w/o a hop sack ("going commando" as many refer to it) and do not recommend it. Had lots of residue/chunks at bottling. In retrospect, I could've cold crashed and that might've prevented it, but even so, I wouldn't do it again. Kevin
  20. Kevin Caffrey

    Honey Flustercuck

    Brewed the following today, kind of a variation/experiment on the Horse's Ass Ale recipe: CAL + Booster 1/2 cup honey 1 oz Cluster Hops (steeped for two minutes) We'll see how it goes! Kevin
  21. Kevin Caffrey

    Grape Extract?

    I have Peanut Butter extract actually so it reminded me that this fall I may put a little of that and a little of the grape into a porter to see if I get a PB&J Porter -- though, I must admit, I'm not really that excited to try something like that! Kevin
  22. Kevin Caffrey

    Six Month Old American Porter

    I'm saving a That Voodoo That You Do for this Thanksgiving that has been conditioning since July '17, as well as a Vanilla Coconut Porter that has been conditioning since November '17. These would be the longest I've ever conditioned any Mr. Beer brews. Prior to this maybe the longest would have been 4 or 5 months.... Kevin
  23. Kevin Caffrey

    My Beer is Cloudy

    Totally normal. Kevin
  24. Kevin Caffrey

    PET Bottles

    Agree with Rick and Brian N. Been using the PET bottles for 3 years and have had no issues. Best of luck! Kevin
  25. Kevin Caffrey

    RIP LBK 2015-2018

    Sadly, the LBK I've been using since May 2015 saw its demise yesterday, with a little hairline crack underneath the spigot allowing a small amount of liquid to seep out. I used it for about 33 batches so I can't complain. On to the next one! Kevin