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  1. Dave Barleycorn

    Bottling bucket and bottling wand.

    I've heard that they often break when they fail to brake. (I'm not just a grammar Nazi, I'm an English teacher.)
  2. Dave Barleycorn

    Experimenting with Yeast

    I am thinking about using Saffbrew S-33 to make an abbey ale (using the Abbey Dubbel recipe). How do you guys think that will turn out?
  3. Dave Barleycorn

    Experimenting with Yeast

    I just got one of the vacuum packages of Notty, and the directions on the back say to rehydrate it before using, in 86-92 degree water. Is this necessary?
  4. Dave Barleycorn

    Abbey Dubbel- How to increase ABV

    Just to add my 2 cents: I currently have that recipe (as written) in the bottle. When I sampled it before crashing, it tasted amazingly good.
  5. Dave Barleycorn

    Spigot Leaks slightly

    A couple of drops is usually no big deal. Since it is your first batch, I assume you cleaned and sanitized well. I have had a few drops leak from one batch, but not the next. As long as it doesn't leak a lot and/or regularly, it shouldn't be a problem.
  6. Dave Barleycorn

    Tinkering with the Winter Dark Ale

    Yes, it can be found here: http://store.coopers.com.au/mr-beer-winter-dark-ale.html
  7. Dave Barleycorn

    Tinkering with the Winter Dark Ale

    You have got to be sh#%*ing me! I just went to the site and saw that it wasn't there (I bought so many when they were on sale I hadn't even looked). I have been making a batch every other keg. That really bums me out. I guess no good deed goes unpunished. Does any other company make anything similar?
  8. Dave Barleycorn

    "Review" problem

    Thanks. Btw, I would previously have used the same e-mail address. Not 100% sure whether I was logged in at the time.
  9. Dave Barleycorn

    "Review" problem

    I just tried to write a review, and got an error message that "nickname is already in use." That's because I used it! (Dave Barleycorn) Whatsupwiththat?
  10. Dave Barleycorn

    Purified Water VS Tap Water

    For my LBK batches I buy 1 gal. of filtered drinking water (88 cents), refrigerate it and put it in the keg first. I then pour in the wort and top it off with tap water.
  11. Dave Barleycorn

    Tinkering with the Winter Dark Ale

    I can't emphasize enough how much I love that beer, and how good it is straight outta the can. (Brewed and bottled, of course.)
  12. Dave Barleycorn

    Froth in keg

    Exactly. I was referring to the yeast that comes with it, which is ale.
  13. Dave Barleycorn

    Tinkering with the Winter Dark Ale

    The exact same thing happened to me! (No complaints here, either.)
  14. Dave Barleycorn

    Boiling your hops

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything quoted above. I certainly realize the necessary part played by hops in brewing (for example, I don't care for deluxe refills precisely because of the lack of hops). I guess I'm just experimenting to achieve what tastes best for me, and a fairly consistent methodology for getting there. I'm old and lazy.