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  1. Love this 👇🏻. Use it all the time. I clean the spout, dunk this in sanitizer and stick it up there and leave it until im ready to transfer.
  2. Please, come live here for a month to help me clear these kegs. That's what's slowing me down. I haven't brewed in 2-3 weeks now to let myself catch up to my pipeline.
  3. I just bought 150+ lbs of grain, almost 2 lbs of hops, and 10 various yeasts. I'm ready for some fall / winter brewing baby! First brew, tomorrow will be a 10 gallon split batch. Last round of Pantry brews. 1 MRB northwest pale ale 1 MRB Diablo IPA 1 MRB Churchills Nutbrown 1 Coopers pale ale 1 Breiss Sorghum 4 oz rye malt 4 oz golden promise 4 oz white wheat 4 oz red wheat 3 oz mild malt 3 oz extra special malt 4 oz raw merit barley 1/2 oz warrior @ 10 1/2 oz warrior @ 5 1/2 oz warrior @ 0 1 packet of MGJ empire ale 1 mason jar of harvested lager yeast
  4. The amount of fermentables wont change the range you should ferment at. However, when you get to a certain point you may want to consider a yeast specific for a higher ABV wort
  5. Add grapefruit zest with the hop sack. Get just the zest, the white under part will be super bitter. This is why I think a lot of people just add grapefruit extract. That or dry hop with a crap ton of citra, you’d swear there’s actually grapefruit in there.
  6. Been bleeding CO2 for a few days now. It no longer creates gas like crazy. It has been in my fridge for that whole process. I do believe it is ready to drink now. As soon as a keezer slot is available ill slide that baby in its spot. I cant really think of how i couldve over carbed it that much. I guess my method of jacking the PSI up to 30 for a night before tapping is flawed if i never turn it back down.
  7. I did read this one actually. Pretty good one. I remember recommending it to my sister in law cuz she likes time travel romances. I always thought that was a strange genre until i read this one. I would also like to add delores claiborne and on writing to my list of books read. Since this thread is completely off topic id like to add a few notes on the SK books ive read the girl who loved tom gordon gave me nightmares for a week the shining i found to be the scariest. I feel the two scariest parts of the book were left out of the movie my favorite is a tie between the wind through the keyhole and wolves of the callah, both dark tower books ive so read joe hills books heart shaped box and demons. Thats stephen kings kid also. Kinda demented books.
  8. 11-22-63? Cant place that one... 🤔 under the done is a massive book. Congrats to you. Never read christine but i did see the movie when i was younger. Creepy
  9. Ive read: pet semetary All the dark tower books 1-7 the wind through the keyhole thinner through the eyes of the dragon firestarter the shining 1/2 of the stand the long walk the girl who loved tom gordon thats all i can think off the top of my head
  10. Last new post. I forgot to mention that while in the kegerator the kegs are not hooked up to gas. Its what i use for a fermentation chamber now. So, it was completely disconnect from the CO2 source, drained of CO2, nothing pouring from the picnic tap and then two days later i push the lever on the picnic tap (still no CO2) and that baby come spraying out like a mofo. So, what creates CO2 at 35 degrees when no CO2 is being supplied? Incomplete fermentation? Doesnt taste like it. And that baby has been fermenting like crazy for quite a long time. And again, in the cold maybe the keezer was colder and the CO2 escaped into the head space? Possible. I was wondering if the dip tube is on the wrong side and the gas inlet was pulling the beer. Pretty far fetched. Maybe theres air being leaked in at some point causing the foaming? Infection... seems the most plausible yet there are no off flavors. Its a good tasting beer. I WANT TO DRINK IT! Why is every other keg and every other tap fine?
  11. I just tasted it. Not infected. I feel like i need to fill all my gallon growlers up with the growler filler and hopefully filling from the bottom will help a guy out. @RickBeer yes i know i can just edit my previous posts instead of adding new posts. However, i feel each post is a new strand of thoughts thus deserving of a new post.
  12. I think i just have to dump the keg. Then ill quarantine it indefinitely. Maybe soak it in PBW for weeks
  13. Ok, so let me shed some more light. Im wondering if i should replace the gas line on tap 2. Reason being is that i think I remember carbing a keg and a splash of beer went into it. Maybe this infected it? But then all my beers would be infected cuz thats the line i always use to push the oxygen out of the keg tank goes to regulator then to distributor then to kegs. Not sure how one tap could be goofy but the rest arent. there has to be something, maybe it is infected and i just cant taste it. I soaked the nibs for 3 weeks in Fleishmans vodka and then used the nibs not the liquid. Anything wrong with that? ps i like when @MRB Josh R chimes in. Puts me at ease
  14. Made a 10 gallon batch of stout months ago. 5 gallons was kegged and consumed, 5 gallons had 2 oz of cocoa nibs added at dry hopping which were soaked in vodka for 3 weeks. The 5 gallons of cocoa Stout is still hanging around cuz I can't drink it. It's not undrinkable, I just can't drink it, if that makes sense. No matter what PSI I set the regulator at, it SPRAYS out of the keg, like violently. So I bleed the CO2, set the PSI super low and it doesn't matter, it's always foam. I checked to make sure the ins and out are hooked up correctly, it's all correct. This has been sitting in my keezer for a few months now like this. I pull the tap, 90% foam, 10% beer, if that. All the other taps work perfectly. That 10% of beer tastes fine. It tastes like someone took it and ran it through a blender, but it doesn't taste diseased. I checked the keg for leaks, it all looks good. I hooked up a different beer to that tap, tap works fine. to eliminate the keezer all together last night I took that keg and put it in the kegerator and tried the picnic tap, all foam. What's kinda funny is it was foam for approx 3 seconds, then just beer. Stop the pour and I could see the beer in the line all turn to foam. Start another pour, all foam, then all beer. Whats weird about this this is that the keg seems to carb it self. I'll set the PSI to 10 and it'll spray out as if I have it set to 30. The problem has to be the keg i set this down two days ago, purged my tank and walked away. Today I walked downstairs and poured, it sprayed like crazy. It carbs itself... 😷 🍻
  15. Can you post a pic of said experiment? I really need this visual in my life