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  1. Chiller would make a really nice fountain, possibly fountain lamp
  2. My suggestion would be to brew a few batches before larger investments. Brew a wheat first since the temps will be ok in the higher range. Get to know the process and the patience part of it. Then decide where you want to go from there
  3. The first time I use a certain yeast there was a lot of yeast sitting on the top and I thought something was wrong with the beer but it turned out fine. Last time I made a stout and had a bunch of yeast on top of it it was completely infected it was disgusting. so it could be either one i guess. Infections get worse with time. You may not be able to tell right now.
  4. What yeast? Different yeast do different things sometimes
  5. Finally i found a pic of me and josh discussing something very important im sure.
  6. Last night was supposed to be our taking it easy night... however... we left for a sake and ended up going to 4 or 5 different bars. At the end we were at a pub with all the brewing network guys and gals. I got a pic with all of them of course. Very nice people. Brewers as a whole seem so nice. Not a single bad thing to say about the whole experience.
  7. @MRB Josh R is charging $10 per selfie... thats taking food out of my childrens mouth
  8. I patiently waited to run into don osborn last night and when i finally did i chatted his ear off. He wasn't exactly walking away from either so i hope i kept my fanboy side to a minimum. As if hours of free beer wasn't enough we went to the hotel bar after the social night. At some point tasty mcdole walks in and we called him over for some very nice convo. I got john palmer to sign my book outside of the scheduled book signing. Such a nice guy, seems like theres not a mean bone in his body. Talked with @MRB Josh R quite a bit. He pointed us in the direction of the best brew tents. Nice to talk beers with an actual judge. And that was just night one.
  9. Besides MRB... had a really nice chat with ben from spike brewing, there was a PBW like company that was really informative, omega yeast, anvil was alright, breiss had some grain that we got to take home and they had some nice knowledge to drop.
  10. Clothes hygeine stuff water cup emergency snacks I think im good. Minneapolis ill see you tomorrow!
  11. I think bar keepers friend might work though...
  12. I wouldnt worry about it honestly. Youll be boiling it anyway. Its inevitable if youre not using stainless. Thats prob just some coating. what fitting does that go to? Compression or NPT? Just buy a bazooka screen if it bothers you. youre using a cooler right? Like a box one?