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  1. Creeps McLane

    Brewing with Coconut

    @kedogn makes a coconut porter right? the last session podcast had maui brewing company on it. He talked alot about using coconut in his brewery. No extracts, no short cuts, the real thing will always taste the best. For his porter he uses a hop back full of coconut chips after fermentation. But for an LBK, id toast them in the over to kill any bugs, then DH with it. You need to toast every side of the coconut. Thats where the real flavor comes from. You can get them at Trader Joes
  2. Creeps McLane

    Electric, Induction, Infra-Red ?

  3. Just an FYI, my big trip this year is to SD so i will not be doing this or NHC this year. 😔
  4. Creeps McLane

    Electric, Induction, Infra-Red ?

    If youre kettle can be used with induction then that’s a nice way to go. No new kettle needed. i really like my electric element and controller set up. Sure beats brewing out in the garage in the winter. I use a plate chiller for chilling. A source of water is a must. Thats why im right next to the laundry. I just teed the lines and installed a sink i found on Craigslist
  5. Creeps McLane

    Electric, Induction, Infra-Red ?

    Check and see if it’s magnetic on the bottom
  6. Creeps McLane

    Electric, Induction, Infra-Red ?

    To figure out what you want to use for power, id look at your kettle. Is it induction capable? Are you willing to install an element? What kind if power do you have nearby? 120 or 220? These are the things that should decide what you use
  7. Creeps McLane

    Purified Water VS Tap Water

    Was it two different beers or were both brews the same recipe?
  8. Creeps McLane

    First taste

    Sure, thats the process. Thats why you measure how much sugar you put in. So hopefully you end up with “x” volumes of CO2. No big deal for most yeasts. The only time id worry about it is with brett or something that takes a long time to chew on those sugars and will eat them down 110%. Same with saison yeast. I wont bottle condition with saison yeast, i dont trust any calculations
  9. Creeps McLane

    Hop Storage

  10. Creeps McLane

    Hop Storage

    Temp, uv rays and oxygen are all things that will harm your hops. A vacuum sealed bag in a chest or stand up freezer are the best for long term storage. Your freezer attached to your fridge is not the best option because it goes through a defrost cycle when it has to. When hops get old, they dont have to be thrown away. Lots of breweries age their hops for lambics and other sour beers.
  11. Creeps McLane

    New brew kettle

    Well this is certainly a lot like the process of brewing. Lots of opinions, none are probably wrong but everyone sure thinks they’re right.
  12. Creeps McLane

    How many types of beer mugs do you own?

    Thats my favorite too
  13. Creeps McLane

    How many types of beer mugs do you own?

    So you must have “shaker pint” glasses. They are the worst of the worst for any serious beer nerd. You want some kind of contour to hold in more of the aromas. My personal favorite is the English pub glass. Preferably one with laser etching in the bottom which create nucleation points and makes your mugs retain a nice firm head where wonderful aromas are trapped thus making your beer taste better. Unless you have skunky beer that is. FYI Every style of beer has its preferred glassware.
  14. Creeps McLane

    New brew kettle

    Thats what i do. Clean the conical and then give it a quick spray before I throw the wort in there. Its also excellent for kegging. The posts get a little gunky and then they wont accept the couplings. One spray of star san and its ready to go instantly. Not to mention great for checking for leaks in kegs and distributors.