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  1. 1) You technically should watch your beer like a hawk. Wait for the krausen to fall and then do the DR. You want to hit about 75-80% attenuation. I have done a number of things, lowering 5 degrees everyday until 35 degrees or the dangerous method of "crashing" to 35 immediately and then lagering in the fermenter. 2), carb at 70 3) you get benefits from each. Id condition for 1/2 warm and 1/2 cold of your target drinking date 4) ideally, this is crazy, theres so many lagering methods now. Any way, if its 1.040, then lager for 4 weeks, 1.050, 5 weeks so on and so on. methods of making a lager ferment to 75%, DR (and DH) for a few days. DR is usually good after 24 hours but if youre dry hopping then youll want some time at that warm temp. Crash to 35, lager for how I explained in #4 point. ferment at ideal temp, at 50%, raise 5 degrees, 75% raise 5 degrees until terminal, crash and keg. in the end as i always say, its your beer. Do what you want
  2. Pale ales and saisons are my two favorite styles. This is a contender for sure
  3. You win. Best idea yet
  4. You make me want to send you a sixer, a gravity chair and a byo magazine. And myself also so we can gossip about everyone else...
  5. Just did a yeast starter for the mexican lager yeast. I gotta use it up, simple and plain. So regardless of what i brew, half will be a lager. Not sure where all the recipe entries are. Yall are smart people who make your own recipes all the time. probably with a lot less than i have on hand...
  6. Session saison?
  7. Dry hopped the "why so creepy?" Ipa tonight and transferred 5 gallons of it to secondary. It must be the fermonster is a different plastic than the big mouth bubbler. Every time I split a batch one looks so much different than the other. Any who, the original recipe called to dry hop with 1 oz waimea, however, this is a special beer. Special beers call for more effort. Each fermenter got half an oz of waimea, warrior and simcoe. @MrWhy and Creeps Mclane do not mess around with second rate beer. But in all serious, ive been hearing so much about blending hops for dry hopping and i thought id give it a go. Nothing i do is without at least 1% education
  8. Build it!!!!
  9. Though ive never made a hoppy saison before... Thats interesting
  10. Youre really quite limited with the grains, the hme / lme almost has to save you.
  11. Theyre scared 😳
  12. I have been staring at this recipe for days now. Playing over in my mind how that brew day would go. As i think about it I start asking myself other questions. Could I split the batch in two fives and do two blonde hme in one and the NWPA in the other? The blonde would now be a higher abv and all but does it matter? Id keep the k-97 with the blonde. Then lager yeast for the NWPA
  13. theres a method ive developed. Have your glass ready and pour immediately. If youre right handed and you typically pop the top with it, do it with your left. Make sure your pouring hand is ready asap. If its a 12 oz bottle, have a 24 oz mug. PS are you drinking at 10am???
  14. Are you asking if you make a Mr beer recipe and then "mash" with the wort will it convert the grain with no diastatic power?
  15. Added the following hops to list of available ingredients: Tahoma - 3 oz HBC 438 1 oz