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  1. When are you going to try your first one?
  2. I would think if not they’d at least be close. I didn’t really think anything was too bad until I exited the highway. Then it was like “my god, what happened here?” ps stop at any festival grocery store there. Best beer selection in town
  3. Finally made it home. Kind of a crazy drive. This is my yard in the middle of February this is what i came home to
  4. We got to border of WI and IL and stopped for the day. Crazy blizzard = one more day of vacation. Thank god we have beer
  5. I have a lot of footage thus far to edit from this trip and what not but the first video of my you tube channel is up. Looking to get a lot better at this. Some day I’ll look back at this video and laugh
  6. We’re up to 5! Hurry up with that Berliner Weiss!!!
  7. Wait a minute... @Bonsai & Brew is on untappd and he hasn’t added me as a friend yet? Wtf, man???
  8. Jesus @Bonsai & Brew, that’s a lot of beer! What a great problem
  9. I’m packing a light rain jacket but I will grumpily walking back to the hotel Saturday night. I may have to pick up my to go beers before the rain comes
  10. If you sampled from the LBK then it’s cloudy cuz of the yeast / trub that settled on the inside of the spigot. Totally normal. All my HME batches are crystal clear. Even the wheats. Yours will be fine be sure to sanitize that spigot now before bottling. You will have beer gunk in it otherwise and possibly infect your batch when bottling.
  11. How long of a drive for you? Were ma,in gone stop that I know of. Pipe works brewing in Chicago for lunch and a growler fill.
  12. Tonight I dumped my trub in my ipa for the 4th time. It is super nice. Oh look, trub. Boom, gone. Tomorrow I’ll dump it one last time. There was a lot of hops in this one. I have a sight glass and it is sexy as hell to watch the action in there
  13. I’m not a professional, nor do I make professional beer. Temp control is by far one of the most important parts of brewing however, so many brewers brew by the season. What state do you live in? Do you have four seasons? I live in Wisconsin which mostly sucks but I can brew lagers in the winter, Hefeweizens in the summer and all the pale ales I want in the spring and fall. Dont get get me wrong, it’s super nice to have full control. I want my Saison at 80, I set my controller to 80. I want my lager at 55, then I set it to 55. Im Just saying there’s options. In the winter I have a closet under my stairs that’s like 53ish so that’s where my lagers go. Then when I’m ready to give them a D rest, I just move the fermenter on the other side of the wall for a day or so and then Back in the closet it goes. I know ive preached this before but there is no magical number that works for all yeast. Grab a packet of something you’ve never used before, find out what styles it’s used for and brew with it. Don’t limit yourself to 64 degree Ales or think you can’t do lagers without a controller. There like 7 billion yeast strains out there. Get to know some. Im not yelling at you specifically. Im just trying to educate. I’ve never seen my brewing idol Don Osborn with an inkbird in his closet. Not that I know of at least. Rant over. Thank you for your time. @Fire Rooster spiedel makes some seriously nice products. But in the end, it’s still just another plastic bucket style fermenter. Save the cash and buy an ale pail. Wait for the devil Northern Brewer to run a promo on big mouth bubblers and get a brew hauler strap for it. So much cheaper. @every Brewer on here, it’s easy to get caught up in the thoughts of “im just ______ away from being able to do ______”. Trust me, that never ends. Ask my wife, she sees the packages arrive all the time. Shop smart, don’t be impulsive and learn contentment. That’s my advice to any Brewer anywhere.
  14. Go to your LHBS and get a 6.5 gallon bucket. A bottling bucket if you must but I preferred a racking cane with a bottle filler for whatever reason. man I loved buckets. Easy to move, easy to clean, a pain in the butt to open the first few times but all together one of my favorite fermenters. Just make sure you don’t treat your bucket like a bucket. Remember that it is your fermenter and it is not to hold tools and such. You wouldn’t want to scratch the inside. I do still use big mouth bubblers / fermonsters / siphonless carboys. 6.5 gallon ones though. Super nice