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  1. I originally had typed crystal 120 and some chocolate malt but the robust LME looks like it would do the job and a lot easier too.
  2. Forgive me, I don’t have a brew anymore but I’d start with this: then I’d add a robust LME. when I make my Mexican lager I think I use Saaz and Amarillo for the hops. Maybe 1/2 an oz of Amarillo at flameout.
  3. Youve been gone a long time. Dont you miss us? Rick misses you. He talks about you all the time. Last night he called me crying. Thats why i decided to write this public message to you. Come back man. If not for us, do it for rick. He promises he’ll try to be nicer. 

  4. 27 hours away. Not that im excited or anything!!!
  5. Hmmm, did i use a tsp or a tbsp... either way its salty. Keep me posted cuz i have a full jar going to waste otherwise
  6. Approx 36 hours from brew day. Saturday morning ill brew and then in the late morning/afternoon ill brew again!!! seraph serum saison Paul’s pantry pale @Big Sarge this is the one!
  7. There seems to be none for seasonals
  8. Grains will lower your pH. Different grains do different things but they surely do lower it. I added 2 teaspoons for a 10 gallon batch in the HLT. That couldve been it. I do think it could do as advertised but I don’t think it lowers the pH any, itll just lock it in. I added a tsp, measured, no difference. Added another tsp, measured, And there was a change. I wasnt at 5.2 but i was closer. ive done a lot of reading on it and most people think its a joke. I saw a YouTube video where a guy added it and said “cant forget this stuff! Its amazing” and i wanted to punch him in the face 🤜🏻 👱🏼‍♂️
  9. I think you have this backwards. During high krausen / peak fermentation is when i would be fighting to keep the temps around 64ish to avoid unwanted esters. Then once it calms down let it get up to 68 to kind of kick the yeast in their pants and let them know their jobs not done yet. Honestly, personally, i never want anything even near 70 unless im chasing esters. All my pales and ambers would be kept at 64 for the entire fermentation in my house. But i have a temp controller.
  10. The acidulated malt helps lower the pH. The gypsum and CaCl will also do that but with gypsum you can have too high of a sulfate level and the CaCl can give you too much calcium. I think. Im just starting to read on this. I kinda thought for my own brewing to start with low additions and focus on the pH more than anything. Im staying away from acidulated malt for now. BeerSmith has a calculator for pH but its all adding acids and im not ready for that yet. One thing i have learned: “DONT BUY 5.2 MASH STABILIZER”. Its trash. Junk. Advertised as a miracle fix all additive. I used it in a lager and i can taste the salt it contributed. Not very pleased.
  11. I do for danstar yeasts from time to time but not for any fermentis yeasts. I have noticed shorter lag times by rehydrating. Not necessary at all, even the manufacturers specs says you dont have to. Check it out:
  12. Im no expert at all. But one thing i do know is that too much of one thing is bad. It looks like everything is in nice low doses. Give it a try!
  13. Where do yall live? Im blown away that you dont have seventh generation by you. Its in every grocery store here. I used to get it at the little corner market by my old house in a pinch. Its your beer. You do what yall want with it, doesn’t bother me one bit. All I know is one time I accidentally used some grapefruit scented stuff to clean a growler which i later gave to a friend and i felt slightly terrible. No matter how much i rinsed it or re washed it, it still smelled like grapefruit. Aroma is part of your taste. Its why i hate when im eating my lunch and my coworkers start peeling an orange, My damn tater tot casserole now has an orange taste to it. Drives me nuts! While im on a tangent, anything you have to rinse 10,000 times is just a waste of water. I posted a link for amazon. What was it? 3 dollars? Buy it. Thank me later
  14. I see this stuff everywhere. I swear even more than dawn dish soap! Seventh Generation Dish Liquid, Free & Clear, 25 oz Unscented soap or PBW, thats all i ever use. Oh I lied. I use dawn paper towels ALL the damn time! I just rinse really well and dont use it on anything that i wont later clean again.