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  1. Creeps McLane

    Dead And Berried Saison, new MRB recipe

    I guess a quick google search could help also... Heres what the AHA says
  2. Creeps McLane

    Dead And Berried Saison, new MRB recipe

    @MRB Josh R what if a guy wanted to use fresh raspberries? what would the steps in that involve? would i have to bland them up and soak in vodka? im not interested in making a sour version so id want to keep the bugs out. ideally id like to add them to my conical at secondary
  3. Creeps McLane


    Kinda freaked out today. I saw a few leaves had some strange white residue on them, I immediately starting googling powdery and downy mildew pics. Then i go to work and think on it for a bit. The white residue seemed to be kind of in a straight line affecting 5-6 leaves. Then I determined, it was bird poop... 🦅 💩. Im gonna stop worrying about it. RDWHAHB
  4. Creeps McLane

    Gluten free beer???

    That is a screen shot from beer smith. I have it on my phone, tablet and desktop. The desktop is the way to go
  5. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I had planned to go up north this weekend and come back on Sunday and brew two extract batches for kubbapalooza which is fast approaching. However, now it’s like rain/hailing out and strong winds. So.......... I have all the time in the world to brew this weekend. I’m making a gluten free lager and a bigger batch of wheat wort that will be split into a Hefeweizen batch and a Weiss that will be rack into the keg on top of some lemonade for a shandy. Super stoked
  6. Creeps McLane

    Gluten free beer???

    That’s exactly what I did myself last time. I thought it was great. That was a pale ale though, this is gonna be a lager... we’ll see what comes through. This is where I’m sitting so far. I have to work out my late hop addition and I have to add lime zest to the database
  7. Creeps McLane

    Gluten free beer???

    Had to go back and read this. I’m making a partial mash gluten free beer however I need to mash 3 lbs of flaked corn. So I’ll be running to the LHBS today to pick up some enzymes
  8. Creeps McLane


    Had to get some manure tonight for my hops. I did some reading last night and found that if your bines are a redish color then your lacking on nitrogen. So poop is happening!!! i also put down some mulch finally to help keep moisture in the soil and hopefully also keep away pests and diseases
  9. Creeps McLane


    So, i need some opinions. At the crown of my plant i have one of my 4 main bines. Their starting to display nice foundations for the hop flowers but on one of them I have two more runners coming off. Should i clip them?
  10. Creeps McLane

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    @youdontknowme311 perhaps try conditioning in a cooler location. Has the taste progressively gotten worse as time went on? I store all my beer in the basement closet under the stairs. Its always the coldest spot in my house.
  11. Creeps McLane

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    Youre doing everything right as far as i can tell. Your problem is a puzzling one... maybe your controller is set to celcius and your controller isnt cooling... that could be the last idea i have. You said you did a partial mash with us-05 as your yeast right? With 05 youd have to be up in the 70s to get an unmistakable off flavor.
  12. Creeps McLane

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    What kind of temp controller? what temp are you pitching at? Whos your favorite x-men character? how long are you fermenting? is your spigot clean? I dont think its cleanliness. I think you’re sensitive to that taste. That or you’re perception of sweetness is actually cider.
  13. Creeps McLane

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    Does a quick read point out any obvious flaws in how you brew? https://www.google.com/amp/s/beerandbrewing.com/amp/off-flavor-of-the-week-acetaldehyde
  14. Creeps McLane


    Yesterday i walked out and marked my twine with a marker indicating where my hops where. Today approx 24 hours later i looked again and this is how much they grew. I s**t you not, 2 hours after marking the twine i looked and they had grown at least an inch. Maybe they grow the most at dusk
  15. Creeps McLane

    3 days worth chillin'

    I say the magic number for ipas is 21 days.