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  1. Ordered 10 gallons worth of stout ingredients yesterday. Figuring ill make a split batch, 5 as a regular stout and the other 5 will have 4 oz of cocoa nibs and an undetermined amout of coffee.
  2. Looks solid. I like the hop choices. Not just a typical straight hallertau schedule.
  3. Im starting to wonder if @Shrike and @hotrod3539 are actually the same person using two email accts and then logging on commenting and then agreeing with themselves. Shame
  4. 24 days. I cant wait. All I think about at work all day is john palmer signing my / his book. Getting my picture taken with don osborn and of course meeting @MRB Josh R.
  5. After listening to brewing podcasts its amazing to me how many breweries use their "house yeast" for anything from pale ales to stouts. 99% of the time their proprietary strain is nothing more than 001 / us-05. So I would just stick with that. as far as the grain bill i cant say too much since this is not a style I brew. However judging by this and past recipes youve posted im guessing you tend to like the residual sweetness of the crystal malts. Have you ever just skipped the crystals and used something actaully fully fermentable if you're trying to achieve a certain SRM?
  6. Im buzzed first and foremost... off the top of my head id maybe do 2oz munich, 8oz pale. Dry hop with some nugget and youre golden
  7. I will be out of the office today 5/20 on a family trip. Please direct all questions and comments to my assistant @RickBeer

  8. Because ideally you would use your refractometer before pitching and hydrometer before bottling. Rick was prob assuming you were not aware you need a converter during and after fermentation. Im assuming. He wants to make sure people know things
  9. Reading before pitching, yes. As soon as you pitch your yeast alcohol can now be present thus making your refractometer useless without an online calculator, which youre using thus making the way youre doing things perfectly legit. Keep on keeping on.
  10. Youre my hero
  11. What kind of root beer batches? What size? I have a 5 gallon batch to make which will be my first batch ever. They say to naturally carb to put some yeast in it then refrigerate when its at the level you want. You have any experience with this?
  12. Prost
  13. Centennial has 13 buds poking through now. Jesus, whats a guy to do?
  14. More to consider dark star is what i have. Love it. Lots of people I see posting their set ups use bayou classics burners and even kettles Bayou Classic SP10 High-Pressure Outdoor Gas Cooker, Propane
  15. I have 4 bines of the centennial plant growing. Am I right to cut down three of them so the plant focuses on growing the one bine? I dont really have room for 4