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  1. Creeps McLane


    No way! I wouldve freaked out. Where did you get the trap? Im very interested
  2. Creeps McLane


    I had to go against my morals and spray for Japanese beetles this morning. Theyre devouring my raspberries and im scared theyll move to my hops next. Theres already evidence of them but they’re havoc must be stopped! I got organic and safe for veggies.
  3. Creeps McLane


    Heres lagunitas little sumtin sumtin hop schedule.
  4. Creeps McLane


    The more malt the less utilization youll get. Its called “the bigness factor”. You’ll need some malt in your boil to get the hops to do what they do. Volume wont matter, im sure your speaking in terms of how much water to add to a soft pack or dme. Then i guess volume would matter... if youre following me. Im not sure how much water to add since thats not how i brew. Personally if you’re only going for the flavors then id just dry hop it and not worry so much of the boil. A ten minute boil or a nice dry hop addition, you choose
  5. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Im up north this weekend. Went over to my parents place a few miles away. They have black berries growing everywhere!!! No chemicals, just natural goodness. Think ill throw some in a lager when theyre ripe
  6. Creeps McLane

    Spring porter recipe

    How did build the grain bill? Did you do some googling or did you use things you had on hand? I think that looks like an experienced recipe
  7. Creeps McLane


  8. Creeps McLane


  9. Creeps McLane

    Dead And Berried Saison, new MRB recipe

    I guess a quick google search could help also... Heres what the AHA says
  10. Creeps McLane

    Dead And Berried Saison, new MRB recipe

    @MRB Josh R what if a guy wanted to use fresh raspberries? what would the steps in that involve? would i have to bland them up and soak in vodka? im not interested in making a sour version so id want to keep the bugs out. ideally id like to add them to my conical at secondary
  11. Creeps McLane


    Kinda freaked out today. I saw a few leaves had some strange white residue on them, I immediately starting googling powdery and downy mildew pics. Then i go to work and think on it for a bit. The white residue seemed to be kind of in a straight line affecting 5-6 leaves. Then I determined, it was bird poop... 🦅 💩. Im gonna stop worrying about it. RDWHAHB
  12. Creeps McLane

    Gluten free beer???

    That is a screen shot from beer smith. I have it on my phone, tablet and desktop. The desktop is the way to go
  13. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I had planned to go up north this weekend and come back on Sunday and brew two extract batches for kubbapalooza which is fast approaching. However, now it’s like rain/hailing out and strong winds. So.......... I have all the time in the world to brew this weekend. I’m making a gluten free lager and a bigger batch of wheat wort that will be split into a Hefeweizen batch and a Weiss that will be rack into the keg on top of some lemonade for a shandy. Super stoked
  14. Creeps McLane

    Gluten free beer???

    That’s exactly what I did myself last time. I thought it was great. That was a pale ale though, this is gonna be a lager... we’ll see what comes through. This is where I’m sitting so far. I have to work out my late hop addition and I have to add lime zest to the database
  15. Creeps McLane

    Gluten free beer???

    Had to go back and read this. I’m making a partial mash gluten free beer however I need to mash 3 lbs of flaked corn. So I’ll be running to the LHBS today to pick up some enzymes