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  1. Creeps McLane

    Texas, y'all!!

    @Shrike what city do you live in? @K5WX same question Anyone else on here in the Dallas area?
  2. Hi, how are you? Me you ask? I’m good, just stalking your activity. So I guess not much changes... I’m always watching

    1. Big Sarge

      Big Sarge

      Bro, I've been up to my ears in work. I think I've only been able to peek at the forum twice in the past 6 weeks or so. We are about to graduate my last batch of kids from Basic Training, then I'm on to bigger and better things (to include more brewing). It's freaking awesome to hear from you and glad you're doing well. I'll catch up again soon. Take it easy!

  3. Creeps McLane

    Sacked Hops in Fermenter

    I just looked at the instructions online. It does say to add the hop sack to the fermenter. Seems strange to me. I wouldn’t personally do that. But to your question, no the hops sack is not exposed to oxygen in the keg. The CO2 from fermentation has already pushed out the oxygen. As far as floating, I usually add the hops without bagging them. They float for about three days but then they sink, especially true if you cold crash. The stuff all over the hop sack is most likely yeast clumps that are caught on the sack. I wouldn’t worry. for the all grain batch, I’d remove the hops. That’s why you’re bagging them in the boil, to keep out the vegetable matter but isomerize the alpha acids. That’s when they sell bazooka screens and hop spiders. You generally don’t want excess hops or proteins in your beer. How many batches have you brewed so far? I’m all about experimenting but maybe a little research first would keep you from wasting time and money tomorrow.
  4. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Switching my regular saison hopping schedule to match that of noble king. So on sunday im gonna do one mash, two boils, three beers. IPA, Hoppy saison and a fruited hoppy saison. This is the last of competition brews for this year as of right now.
  5. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Where are you? At the Amundsen-Scott Research facility in Antartica?
  6. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Youll have to go get a bottle of the smoked fig beer and steal their yeast. I just last night got my next grain order ready and put the noble king recipe in my cart. Im thinking a nice 4.5% beer for SD would be nice to pack.
  7. Creeps McLane

    older yeast

    Well, 05 is the same yeast so it wouldnt hurt to throw it in. That shouldve been more than enough yeast but god damn, its been days. Id chuck a pack in just to be sure. Although any layor of krausen is in fact krausen... give it til the morning then investigate.
  8. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Twas the night before brew day...
  9. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Im kinda suffering with you right now. 3 days without a beer so far. Tonight that streak will end. Damn flu / cold thing. Damn it to hell. Ill devote my first one to you tonight
  10. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I made a coffee stout once. Brewed a stout, and added a large glass of cold brewed coffee from the gas station. I think I brought that cold brew home and ran it through some more coffee. Dumped it in the keg, then racked the stout on top. Delicious
  11. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    88% 2 row, 12% crystal 15. Actually a friend told me about it from Facebook. I then started following any and all breweries in the area to make sure I didn’t miss opportunities like this in the future. I’ve heard of lots of breweries doing this before but never in my area.
  12. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    This is the first time I’ve heard of any brewery giving away wort. I’ve heard of places just doing a wort giveaway but this place is letting 20 of us bring the wort home, boil it and ferment it and the best beer gets put on tap in the brewery. In exactly 4 weeks we meet back up and have a social drinking event and judges will be walking around sampling beers. Kinda cool eh?
  13. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    So Rob texted me this morning and said there was a big accident at work and he wasn’t able to pick up his wort this morning with me. So naturally I called my dad and he helped me out. So dad was Rob earlier today. Got both our wort picked up and I threw mine in the snow bank (kegged) and went and took a 4 hour nap. Woke up feeling like a brand new man but still obviously not 100%. So tomorrow brew day starts. BeerSmith recipe is completely done, I was told the mash temp, the post mash gravity and a bunch of water stuff that I’m not going to worry about cuz I don’t know what size their system is. Kinda weird thing is I’m gonna water down my 5 gallons 1.046 wort, boil for an hour and add some candi syrup just to end up with 5 gallons of 1.056 wort. Kinda messes with my head