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  1. The 59-73 is probably the ideal temp range. I guarantee that if it gets down to 58 that your yeast is still very much awake and hungry. If it was like, say 50 degrees, then is say you should probably not count that time as fermentation time. Lots of things still happen when you drop the temp but just at a much slower pace.
  2. This turned into “a pile of dead bodies” aka “the hands of jericho” ipa. I really like this beer. I dont really taste any yeast esters. They must be covered by all the hops. But all together i am very pleased with that yeasts performance
  3. Im glad you tried it at 17 days. Then you can say no off flavors at 17 days vs 21 days. I used the NWPA refill once and it was the most bitter beer ive ever made but i did throw a lot of citra in it. Which isnt a huge bittering hop so i dont know what happened to my batch back in the day but whatever. Im glad its not too hoppy. I would say right now you should taste a hop presence that may be a little muttled but in a few days all the blurred lines become more clear. So you shouldnt get more hop taste but more of a smoother more distinguished one
  4. Yeah, id say 70 degrees should have a slight peppery taste and smell, it should certainly be dry and the falconers flight hopefully have added a nice hop presence in the nose. The saison funk shouldnt be overwhelming when fermented at 70. I brewed a pale with belle saison at 65 once to experiment and there was little to no esters at all. Anyway. The point of this recipe was to show that a beer can be made without temp control. The other point was to show that you can avoid certain off flavors by using specific ingredients. 17 days is very young. Very very young. I try not to drink my all grain batches that early cuz they havent fully developed yet. But to say theres no off flavors at 17 days using HME is great! Im happy if you’re happy
  5. Ok, i need more info. I need your responses to be honest. You wont offend me or my recipe one bit. Was there a strong cider taste? is it more sweet or more dry tasting? how long did it condition for?
  6. When are you going to try your first one?
  7. I would think if not they’d at least be close. I didn’t really think anything was too bad until I exited the highway. Then it was like “my god, what happened here?” ps stop at any festival grocery store there. Best beer selection in town
  8. Finally made it home. Kind of a crazy drive. This is my yard in the middle of February this is what i came home to
  9. We got to border of WI and IL and stopped for the day. Crazy blizzard = one more day of vacation. Thank god we have beer
  10. I have a lot of footage thus far to edit from this trip and what not but the first video of my you tube channel is up. Looking to get a lot better at this. Some day I’ll look back at this video and laugh
  11. We’re up to 5! Hurry up with that Berliner Weiss!!!
  12. Wait a minute... @Bonsai & Brew is on untappd and he hasn’t added me as a friend yet? Wtf, man???
  13. Jesus @Bonsai & Brew, that’s a lot of beer! What a great problem
  14. I’m packing a light rain jacket but I will grumpily walking back to the hotel Saturday night. I may have to pick up my to go beers before the rain comes