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  1. I love my refractometer, use it all the time. So handy for pre boil gravitys and OG. Maybe im just not a big time brewer. Its a great tool for measuring the progression of my wort on brew day
  2. Yes, its the same
  3. I sign
  4. Hodor
  5. Who are you??? Bill Nye?
  6. too much beer

    😂 rick will most certainly not be attending. Him and hoppy will just be sitting at different ends of the auditorium trying not make eye contact. Theyre like felix and oscar
  7. too much beer

    I call I get to do a seminar where I just argue with people and contradict myself and end the session with "F it, do what you want" then i sign a few LBKs and go kill Johnny B Good in karaoke
  8. too much beer

    I sang it at karaoke one night and the bartender was like "ive never heard that one before. That was a pretty cool song" i was shocked it wasnt more popular
  9. too much beer

    This reminds me of a song... a very good one too.
  10. Ive only used DME a few times but ive had success with added it slowly to cold water and then cranking up the heat. That and booster too. Otherwise the steam can cause the dme to get all clumpy on the bag. As with most things in life its just better to take your time and do it right the first time
  11. Was the blender sanitized? This is great by the way. Im sure you oxygenated that wort like a mofo. Maybe you stumbled upon the new preferred way of adding DME. If you used everything cleaned and sanitized then you might just be good.
  12. I see. I think im following you. I have ADD so i tend to wonder off halfway through paragraphs. Youre doing everything i do, just in a different order and through different ports. But the principle sounds the same. heres what i do, could be wrong but ive done it for two beers now and its been fine. clean keg, fill with sanitizer. Close keg, pressurize, and shake like hell. Hook up CO2 and pump sanitizer back into my jug through out disconnect. Following me so far? Purge tank, leave pressure relief valve open. Then i hook tubing from fermenter to the out disconnect with my fancy tube Open fermenter or pull out bung, open fermenter spigot and rack deliciousness. Close pressure relief, Hook back up CO2 and purge any oxygen that may be there yet, though very unlikely. A closed racking. No chance for oxygen
  13. So you have a cleaned, sanitized, closed keg, and you rack through the ball lock disconnect?
  14. General question. Do I add the oak chips and vodka to secondary or just the vodka?