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  1. A beer thats carbed like a soda. Possible gushers, meaning when you open it, the head starts pouring out if the bottle before you can pour it. Its just a shame really,
  2. Maybe? 8th times a charm
  3. I appreciate you trying new things, experimenting as you go and constanty learning. You sir are a good man
  4. Sometime in the not so distant future... you ready for this? 10 gallon batch split. 5 gallons being a dunkel and then possibly the other 5 getting watered down a lil and using a Saison yeast for a dark Belgian grisette? Sounds pretty good for winter. #castleblackbelgian #whydoesthattygarianhavehairsoblackbelgian #slamajammadunkel #idonthavemuchforadunkel
  5. this Friday. Paul's pantry pale. This will wipe out my grain inventory and also my hops that are over a year old. Im excited to brew this and get some new ingredients in the brew cave. #winteriscoming #johnsnowwinterwarmer #ariasredrevenge #strandsofsansaamber
  6. Amazon is not a place to be shopping for most home brewing items. I dont know whats wrong with some people. Paying 5x as much for a bag of two row. Unreal. I have bought my temp controller, bazooka screen, and a few fittings in a pinch. But i always still shop around to make sure im not getting screwed.
  7. I live 20 minutes or so away from them. I remember one day i thought of a great recipe after lunch so i took my next break a bit early and quick ordered the ingredients just in time to have them shipped that day. The next day, my package is on my door step. Cant beat that!!!
  8. Many many many brewers use the bayou classic kettles. Theyre everywhere. I say thats a good choice. I almost bought one too but i was pissed they raised the price like $30 or so before i ordered it. I dont think those are welded fittings but only one of my kettles is and the other two work just fine as weldless. Youre a handy guy, youll be alright. Keep in mind i spent $600 or so on my 15 gallon kettle. I think you got off easy. And props for using ritebrew. I only order through them. Theyre always the best. @hotrod3539 is a BIABing, all graining, brew bug, brewmaster fool!!! Congrats man!!! 🎉
  9. How long do you see yourself doing this? If youre one day gonna move to 8-10 gallon batches, maybe you should get a 15. That way youre not buying a larger pot in a year and now you have 3 kettles. if youre just gonna do 5 gallon BIAB forever then a 10 is fine. But if you get fittings, which i would suggest, id get welded ones.
  10. Built my planter for next year but before that I expanded my kids sandbox then i had some extra lumber laying around so I continued building. Keep in mind all this was lumber left from the previous owner of our house. I spent $0 today. I will need to go get some sand for the kids and probably some top soil for my hops. I plan on using the soil i dug up for the sandbox also using all my compost.
  11. Move the bag now and then. Watch for scorching. Dont use a pot which has a thin bottom.
  12. I'm gonna take pics of before cold crashing, after cold crashing and then after gelatin. I think that'll be nice to see some side by sides
  13. Well, i made a pale ale and forgot to add the whirlfloc. I knew i was forgetting something but I didn't think of it until after. This pale ale has both rye and wheat so its quite murky. Im looking to hit it once with gelatin now and if it needs it, once more in the keg. They say your beer need to be cold for the gelatin to work the best. So ill have to stagger my dry hop, cold crash, gelatin schedule.
  14. Creeps McLane here. Avid dry hopper, first time gelatin user. Im gonna use gelatin in the fermenter instead of the keg. Am i supposed to accommodate for the gelatin when dry hopping? For example, if i usually keg at 18 days and dry hop at 14 then should i assume the gelatin will knock out the dry hops? So more like dry hop at 14 gelatin at 18 and keg on 20? You know what i mean?