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  1. Draw from the spout, then spray with star san and if you can, stick a brush up there. I have a libman spout brush. Love it your wine theif wouldnt go deep enough to float the hydro
  2. Do this for me. Get your video camera ready, open a bottle and drop some sugar in. Then post the results here.
  3. Ive had fermenters in the fridge lagering at 35 for 4 weeks and not had a problem bottling with no additional yeast. 8 days will be fine.
  4. Alright... version 2.0 Couldnt get the sight glass under the conical like i wanted. I wanted to harvest yeast in it but the legs aren’t tall enough to do so. Of course, they want you to buy their leg extensions. I dont play those game. A little lumber and some screws later and I raised it just where i need it. moved the chiller so my hand isnt smacking it when using the hoist. Moved the pump which included rotating the pump head 180 degrees. swithched the thermometer and recirculating valve on my kettle to make the valve closer to my pump also. Should be good to go now. i also emailes the guy who made my mash and boil controller and asked if he could add a mash PID to the 240v boil controller. He said “no problem” and $50 later im officially a BIAB brewer. my last concern was that my raised false bottom was resting ever so slightly on my heating element. I dustes off my old false bottom, threw that in my kettle with my current false bottom and now it sits just above the element. Many problems solved tonight
  5. Here it is!!!! heres the bunk bed i put together tonight instead of assembling my conical. Im still a dad people, geez give me a break
  6. Very informative, thank you sir
  7. Cant wait to get home!!!
  8. You crazy
  9. @Bonsai & Brew 1/2 lb brings us to 28 srm, about in the brown ale srm range. 30-40 would be like a stout. Color is not a concern. Flavor is. Not sure how carafa II tastes at certain levels. This is a brew with a lot of first for me
  10. I dont even have a value for that one... ill fix that when i get home
  11. Yeah, i can change anything i want to. The value to the left of the name is the Lovibond i stole from Beer Smith. Hop alpha was jacked from ych. Ive had to change a few hops before.
  12. Moved the last two Hop additions around, added rye malt. The yeast is a lie. I only have dry yeasts in my spreadsheet. @Bonsai & Brew Is that what you wanted me to do with the hops? forgot Vienna, ignore that. I’ve added it on my side
  14. Thanks man. I think brewing this way makes me really think about the yeast and how i can achieve different beers just changing one ingredient. Plus on this particular occasion, I will have some harvested hefe yeast to use.