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    1. BDawg62


      Just down the road from my work.  Clear across town from home though.  It is still like a 3 hour wait on the weekends to get a table.  I am going to wait for it to settle down before I go.  A lot of other breweries to explore here.

  1. I think you should get to a point where you're consistently brewing great beer before you start kegging. It can get expensive. Kegs, CO2, regulators, distributors, tap line cleaners, keg cleaners... the list goes on
  2. Anthony, where are you my friend. The forums miss you. 

  3. Anyone in the Green Bay WI area in need of kegs? PM me


  4. The beersmith podcast i find a bit boring, very informative but just boring. the jamil show is good but i dont really care for jamil. I find him arrogant and he tends to automatically shoot down new ways or ideas in brewing. He may be @RickBeer in disguise but i dont think ive ever heard rick talk about any award winning IPAs or IPAs at all... i just like justin the host of the session. He's hilarious and he can barely brew a beer himself. But he had good taste. Personally im more impressed with Doc and his pallette
  5. Unless you use this which has a very prominent floral fruity ester
  6. I assumed you listened too since thats where i first heard of the cicerone program. If youve never listened to a brewing podcast then check out the session. Lots of really good guests lately. Listen to the beachwood bbq one, then the jester king one, then founders, and then the xmas special. Tons of knowledge and the jester king one had me laughing until it hurt at the end.
  7. Listens to brewing network
  8. My brew buddy and I trade 12ers of misc beers quite frequently. Not too long ago I gave him a few of my Grass Cutter Lager beers. A MRB partial mash recipe that i brewed as a true lager, complete with a DR and slowing crashing down to 35 and then lagered in the secondary for 6 weeks. Anywho, he texted me the other day and he brought that beer up again today when i was over there. He said its a delicious beer, really tasty. Then i said to him, thanks, you know thats a Mr Beer brew right? This is my buddy who has never and will never make an extract batch. He doesnt believe in it. The point is, you can make brewing as hard or as easy as you want. In the end, you will always get beer. Now, i do believe the brew day to drinking day on an all grain batch is a lot shorter but some of my best beers have been with ingredients from MRB. As I advance slowly further into the brewing world I have no excuse to do anything but all grain since ive spent a bit of money for the equipment but I will never look down at any extract brewer. That is all my friends. Now drink a homebrew if you agree with me
  9. I dont know where youre seeing 2.5 gallon kegs but everywhere i see 3 gallon kegs they're almost as expensive as a 5 gallon one. Dont buy a little one if you are going to want a 5 gallon one someday anyway
  10. I dont think the aroma would disturb the malt backbone. Maybe if they were flavor hop additions. I know smell aids taste but you i cant see it effecting it that much. ps. Is this a true lager? Cuz any dry hop should be done at the DR or when the beer is at its warmest. Thats my opinion
  11. I do 2.5 at a time. ie. Pour 2.5 into keg, disassemble, clean all other parts, reassemble, tip keg upside down to get the other side.
  12. I have a case of glass bottles in the dishwasher right now on the rinse cycle, no detergent. I'll still clean the. But at least this way I can store them without having bugs or mold. i think my get rich invention will be miniature funnels and beer safe detergent. Fit funnel on bottle upside down, add detergent, get clean bottles. Perfect idea.
  13. More is always better than less. You can drink it at your leisure but if youre brewing, you may as well brew it all. Not to talk about myself but i had great results doing a single mash split into two partial mash beers. One went into a saison and the other half was an IPL. I understand brewing is time consuming so why not cheat father time and net more beer at the same time? the LBK is great for test batches and then you can brew them double and split between two kegs.
  14. +1 the fermenter doesnt care where you got your ingredients. Its just happy to help. I think Mr Beer is a HME company best known for their fermenter. People love the LBK
  15. I love Saisons, thank you yeast God for funky esters

  16. 😍😘🖤 welcome back my friend. Place wasnt the same without you.
  17. Alright, so im currently fermenting my cerveza lager right now in the primary. Recipe is written to make me believe they want me to secondary in my keg. Though i guess i see no reason not to, i just wanted to see what y'all thought. Every lager ive done has been lagered in a carboy. Id rather just rack it once rather than twice.
  18. Spent maybe 2 hours rewiring my set up. None of it worked. Ten minutes later i have it all back how it used to be working perfectly.


    Then i decided to clean every bucket i own. 


    Then i decided to hang some more railings to hang my pots and filters and spoons on. 


    Even when a guy isnt brewing he sure can stay busy with this hobby. 

  20. Tripped my trigger de garde
  21. Thats going to be one big beer. Mine was 1.060 down to almost 0 which made it a 7.6% beer. I aint complainin', though. Bigger beers = less effort to get buzzed. whats your address? Well plan a family get away for when that baby is done and ready to drink
  22. Thats going to be one big beer. Mine was 1.060 down to almost 0 which made it a 7.6% beer. I aint complainin', though. Bigger beers = less effort to get buzzed. whats your address? Well plan a family get away for when that baby is done and ready to drink