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  1. Hopefully nothing I hope I can get a lager like taste without doing the lager process
  2. Next weekend its my 2nd batch of the flying dog numero uno clone. Im splitting the 10 gallon batch as an ongoing experiment. 5 gallons will go again with a liquid Mexican lager yeast, fast lagered. The other five will be with kolsch yeast fermented around 58 degrees. I wish i could do another 5 and use 05 to see if lagering ia worth it. Maybe next time
  3. Stout and coffee stout Blonde and a helles?
  4. Im trying to brainstorm different styles which are similar enough where i can brew a big batch and split them post boil and make them different beers using different yeast strains. Preferably ales. Im thinking i could do this with: American/ irish stout barleywine / strong ale pale ale / saison belgian pale / saison bitter / esb american / english porter any thoughts?
  5. I usually use my wallet cuz its always on me. Then the next morning im turning the house upside down looking for my wallet. Yup, sad but true
  6. Rough draft. Garbage can simply can not be by my precious hops.
  7. I went with centennial and columbus. Ive been thinking about the placement of the plants for a few weeks now and i think i have a spot figured out. I was tempted to just throw a few rhizomes by the chain link fence in the graveyard behind my house...
  8. Holy freaking hell that is sweet
  9. I was thinking centennial and columbus. Do some grow more vigorously than others? Im not too late am I? I can also buy actual plants
  10. Which kind do yall think i should buy? Keep in mind im a pale ale man.
  11. Wow, i cant believe i most this whole thread. To the best of my knowledge: 05 is not necessarily overkill. It is possible to get off flavors by over pitching and under pitching , however, i trust fermentis yeast more than i trust coopers. Sorry. I stopped using the MRB yeast early in my brewing. Any LHBS should have coopers yeast if you go that route, youll save on shipping that way. Or just use 2 packets for 4 lbks. 1/2 in each. I would also like to say that this is your experiment, your money, your decisions. You do whatever the hell you want to do that being said... CAL does kinda suck without major upgrades. Just read the description or each LME and youll know what each batch will taste like. I think in the end youll have 8 gallons of mediocre beer. Anyway. Ive done tons of experiments. Some made sense, some not so much. I was curious, so i brewed it. Screw you if you dont like it. Someone on this forum once said "if you dont brew it, who will" and ive taken that to heart. There might be 100s of us on this forum who benefit from this experiment when you report back. Or maybe just you. Either way, what you brew is up to you my friend
  12. OK now that I have some more time what I want to tell you is that if you are fermenting in a carboy or one pail and then batch priming into another bucket I think that you'll cut down on the amount of yeast that goes into your bottles. Therefore no need for cold crashing. I've had friends assume that I have bottled from a keg because my beer is so clear because I use my auto siphon and let it sit at the top of the beer as I racket into my bottling bucket. Its tedious but worth it
  13. Dont cold crash, it's an option not a necessity
  14. My input: i move fermenters all the time. Never had a problem. If i know ill be moving it a lot then i put it on a movers dolly. I surrendered my chamber to the inlaws to use as an actual freezer. So now i am limited to three options. Close to basement wall for approx 62, ten feet from wall for approx 65, and cold closet for 55 I agree that kegging is easier but hot damn is it expensive sometimes...
  15. Your sam adams bottles must be different than what we get here. I did a 12er one time and vowed never to waste my time on sam adams bottles ever again. For me its new belgium and new glarus. Hot water soak for 10 minutes and theyre all floating on top of the water. Ps red hook labels suck too
  16. Ritebrew is always my cheapest option
  17. Alright so i just went a little crazy but whatever. I bought the ingredients for: 5 gallon hefe partial mash ingredients for dry river rye 10 gallon cerveza, first time ever repeating a recipe? 🤔 LME for my intolerant zombie recipe. Kubbapalooza is coming up again. Another first time repeat. 5 gallons of rootbeer. Trying something new...
  18. Ooh ooh, let me guess! Ricks hops go commando! RIP @slym2none
  19. Blam
  20. Also, while were talking about it, just get an ale pail. Theyre dirt cheap and its just easier to use one fermenter as long as it fits in your chamber if you have one.
  21. Also, auto siphons usually come with a tiny little plastic piece that fits over your hose. You pinch it to stop the flow, open to begin again. Why cant i find a damn pic of these things!?!?!?
  22. Dry river rye is next on my list. Pretty busy next couple of weekends so a nice little partial mash recipe will be more manageable. after that im gonna brew the ballast point hefe doubled for 10 gallons. I have everything in my cart for these two, just waiting on stick on thermometers to be back in stock on my site.
  23. Sure, in high abv beers some people add oxygen for once a day for three days. They shoot it through the sample port i think? Not too sure
  24. Looks like just this one and the saison. F it, im brewing it and ignoring the knock out term
  25. So basically you start at 60° and and end at 60°? Why can't they just say pitch and ferment at 60°?