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  1. This is a partial mash recipe, with US-05 yeast, I wouldn’t think you’d be getting those flavors at all. I think extended conditioning will help this particular batch. Did this pour warm up a little before you drank it? I think more flavors come out as beer warms up including off flavors. also, I think a lot has to do with your palette. There’s sometimes I drink one of my beers and think it’s the best beer ive ever had, then I come back the next day and taste something completely different. My favorite time to drink a beer is right after work before dinner cuz I haven’t had anything to eat or drink for awhile. I dont think anything you’re doing is wrong. If I were to change anything I would move to cold conditioning after the three weeks of carbonating. Perhaps it’s not acetaldehyde but twang your still tasting? How’s the carb level? I feel certain flavors are accented by over carbing
  2. How are everyones hops doing this year??? Post a pic
  3. My god yes! I would say this hot head yeast can handle that. I find it hard to believe any yeast can go over 80 without crazy esters but apparently this one can. Let me know what you ferment at and how it tastes!
  4. Wait for the cold crashing post... 👇🏻
  5. That’s not a lot at all! I thought it was gonna be like 1/4 of the bottle. I still wouldn’t swirl it to get it into suspension. Unless you’re nursing an infant or having troubles going #2.
  6. Show us a pic. How much sediment are we talking?
  7. Then sit and the toilet cuz shit is about to go down, literally, all the way to the waste water treatment plant
  8. What’s two more plants...
  9. beer wars

    I sent him beer in the mail and then he disappeared. He never even said thanks or acknowledge anything. I assumed hes either in jail or 6 ft deep
  10. looking at #9. Also may want to look at the oxidation one after that. Maybe the pot youre using to boil
  11. That’s exactly what I would do
  12. Extract twang is a result of how HME is made. Ive only ever had it with HME. If you use HME you will have twang to some degree. The trick is to either stop using it or using it to your advantage. HME twang to me is a residual sweetness. A little something on the back of the tongue that just kinda sits there. You either need to dry it out with something like honey or use a higher attenuation yeast. You can also mask it with malty recipes or hoppy ones. Ive found that its hard to differentiate between the twang of extract and certain lager yeasts. So a lager may be a good idea also. Ask @Cato what he thinks about the topic. For me, i just moved to all grain since it was my destiny anyway. But others i feel have mastered this art. Partial mashes will help significantly. I think 1/2 cup of honey per batch does amazing things also. Ive commentes on this topic for years. Search the forum. Lots of good info on here
  13. I always wondered if i laid them on their sides to condition and fridged them the same way, then when i poured it and i rotated it 180 and all the trub was on top when i poured, would that work? Im having flashbacks to my first batch and I conditioned them upside down for whatever reason and i had a cap and collar full of trub. Good times
  14. #truth #themoreyouknow
  15. @Nickfixit has never sent me beer, nor have I sent some to him. This needs to change. Please accept my Beer peace treaty offering
  16. Thats what i used on my last ipa. It was wonderful!
  17. Im sorry, i really meant to reply to this. I think youre right on track. I think kolsch is a tough style. But youre picking the right yeast for the job. If you brew a bit warm thats ok for this yeast but i think its better on the low range. Expect a sulfur taste early but if it ages well that will go away. Props to you for what you’ve done so far and taking steps forward
  18. Did you buy them as plants or as rhizomes?
  19. @SilverBrewerWI just curious, what varieties did you get. Also, what city do you live in? Are you north or south of Green Bay? My columbus did better than my centennial last year. I heard nugget does real well in WI @MRB Josh R can someone change this thread to “rhizomes” instead of the misspelled version?
  20. Ive always told myself no more than 20% for any rye ipa id make. Sierra nevadas ruthless rye is 13% rye, but ive seen recipes for almost 30% rye. I would say for an LBK batch maybe try the recommended 4 oz. that should give you a nice little hint of peppery rye goodness.
  21. I use rye grain quite frequently. Not flaked though. I try to sneak it in so its not up front but if you look for it, its there. Im not sure on the difference between potency in the flaked vs grain. Screw Schafly rye ipa (ive never had it), get nelson by alpine brewing. That beer is amazing. Its the reason i started to like rye beers.
  22. The 59-73 is probably the ideal temp range. I guarantee that if it gets down to 58 that your yeast is still very much awake and hungry. If it was like, say 50 degrees, then is say you should probably not count that time as fermentation time. Lots of things still happen when you drop the temp but just at a much slower pace.
  23. This turned into “a pile of dead bodies” aka “the hands of jericho” ipa. I really like this beer. I dont really taste any yeast esters. They must be covered by all the hops. But all together i am very pleased with that yeasts performance
  24. 5 gallon batch 6.67% ABV 66.7 IBU 9.7 SRM 4.5 lbs Vienna (Buddy Holly) 4.5 lbs Munich (Big Booper) 2 lbs Rye (Ritchie Valens) 8 oz Crystal 40 (Pilot) 2 oz Cascade - Mash Hop 1 oz Cascade - First Wort Hop 1 oz Cascade - 40 min 1 oz Cascade - 20 min 1 oz Casacde - 10 min 1 oz Cascade - Whirlpool 1 oz Cascade - Dry Hop Omega Hot Head Yeast i have some Cascade to use up. Im also out of two row.