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  1. Creeps McLane

    Whole Leaf Hops

    Whole leafs will float. Id recommend weighting them down in a hop sack with sanitized marbles or stainless ball bearings. My local hardware store has a drawer of chrome bearings that ive purchased previously. Those work also.
  2. Creeps McLane

    Dry hopping/cold crashing

    Depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Most people dry hop at warmer temps to get fruity aroma. Dry hopping while cold will give a more grassy aroma which most people are not going for. Plus hops have sugars which will cause a mini fermentation. Better to dry hop warm.
  3. Creeps McLane

    1 gallon kit

    I remember when my wife recently asked about the random bottle of cheap vodka in my brewery. I dont drink liquor so i think she thought i had gone off the deep end. Then i told her it was for making tinctures. Which was met with head shakes and rolling eyes
  4. Creeps McLane

    1 gallon kit

    Put some sanitizer in it. Usually theres a line it says to fill to
  5. I have a cereal killer mill. I’ve been having some serious problems with it. So I decided to spend some time tonight and adjusting it, testing it, adjusting it, and finally being happy with my efforts. So I decided I would post a little anatomy of a grain mill to prevent people from having my problems. First of all, http://braukaiser.com/wiki/index.php/CrushEval that should help. Lets look here first cuz I think this was the root of my problem. The eye bolts are what lock the rollers to the set gap. The nuts are what lock the eye bolts in place thus reinforcing the roller setting. The process to set the gap is as follows: loosen eye bolts and the nuts should loosen with it. I then loosen the nuts a little further to ensure the eye bolt tighten up first. Next, I adjust the rollers. I have wooden shims that I kinda eye up and just make sure both sides are even. If both sides are not adjusted evenly then you’ll get grains that are more chopped than crushed. Find your setting, tighten eye bolts, tighten nuts. Go ahead and test. these are the roller gap setting knobs. The numbers are there more as guides. Mine don’t match up but the rollers do. However if you don’t monkey with it as much as I do then these should align correctly. when you’re done, both rollers should be perfectly symmetrical. I set mine pretty tight cuz I am a big fan of wheat and rye in my beers and the grain is a little smaller than normal 2 row. Plus I mash in a sack. When I test mine, I make sure I have grain on both ends on the mill and then I look and make sure both ends are crushing the same. like me I said. I was having problems. I did a little research and saved myself from buying another set of rollers. After every brew day I just spray mine out with some condensed air. Boom, done. I hope this helps some one at some point.
  6. Creeps McLane

    Grain Mill Problems 😞

    Had some issues at my buddies house yesterday too. He has a three rolled miller and we had to take out the third one just to start brewing
  7. You haven’t posted since Wednesday... I’m thinking about contacting your wife to make sure you’re ok. BTW, I need your wife’s number in case I ever need to check up on you.

    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      I've been on a pilgrimage seeking Sorachi Ace hops.

  8. Full blown brett infection 


  9. Creeps McLane

    New (essential?) Equipment

    When I went to home brew con in Minneapolis, I spoke a lot with the omega yeast labs people. I told them that they should get more strains out there to the smaller shops. He told me he cant. Apparently to sell their product through northern brewer they also had to sign an agreement that over half of their strains would be at NB exclusively. Thats BS to me. F@$K NB
  10. Creeps McLane

    New (essential?) Equipment

    You know what youre talking about right now? Its my favorite topic... do you know??? SPLIT BATCH BREWING BABY!!!
  11. Creeps McLane

    New (essential?) Equipment

    Your wife and I agree on ABV. Almost every recipe I build, I shoot for 5-5.5% what youre describing is the exact reason beersmith is so great. I have multiple recipes that have multiple versions. The recipe tab has a spot for what version youre building. If i start with one recipe that im trying to tweak then i open that recipe, change whatever im changing and save as a different recipe. Boom, done. The difference here is when I brew I follow my recipe detail for detail. Thats the only way my system works. I have my beersmith folder. If i make a proven recipe I then copy it into my secret recipe book that is stashed away and future civilizations will find it and marvel at its greatness. Now im rambling. The saison I entered into that competition was V3.0. If you asked me if i could brew that recipe again I would say yes. I would just follow the recipe.
  12. Creeps McLane

    New (essential?) Equipment

    If i was brewing with extract i wouldnt worry about gravity readings.
  13. Creeps McLane

    New (essential?) Equipment

    Do i care about consistency and conversion and everything else? Not really. Thats the honest truth. However... i must say that ive already done all the hard work so I feel ok not worrying about things anymore. Best decision ive ever made was downloading beersmith. When i did I took the time to go through step by step and build a personal brewing equipment profile for my gear. Time after time everything i saw in beersmith was exactly what i saw on brewday. I used to check preboil gravity, post boil gravity even occasionally mash gravity. Now im so confident that as long as my volumes on brew day are where they need to be, my gravities should be on as well. One less thing to worry about is what I strive for. i will be dusting off my old hydrometer here soon to see where my brett aged pale ale is at. Its been in secondary for prob around 4 months now. If i bottle it I wanr to make sure its done. Otherwise we all know what happens.
  14. Creeps McLane

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    On friday im gonna brew a 8 gallon split batch. 5 gallons will be a blackberry lager and the other 3ish gallons will be a wild ale using the yeast I harvested from our cottage up north. The blackberries are also from up there and the hops will be my own home grown variety. Im pretty pumped.
  15. Creeps McLane

    New (essential?) Equipment

    When i first started brewing i was quite anal about gravity readings. Now i never take an OG or an FG. Call me crazy...
  16. Creeps McLane

    Saison de Frais

    Sorachi ace or lemondrop.
  17. Creeps McLane

    Induction cooktop

    My buddy used to use one. Super nice. I was always jealous of it honestly. But as far as holding a mash temp, it was a little difficult. Not to mention the thing was 220v so he had to run a dedicated line. Where do you live? Im just wondering why a propane burner isnt on your list of options. Its nice brewing inside. I will say that...
  18. Creeps McLane

    Cold crashing and bottle carbonating

    I’ve lagered beers for a month and a half and still had enough yeast to carb my bottles. So yes, you’ll be ok. I had had a batch one time that took months to carb. Not sure why. But then all of a sudden one day, they were carbed. It’s never happened before, and it’s never happened again. However, I am a firm believer that brewing is a science and any attribute in my beer is there because of something I did in the process.
  19. Creeps McLane

    Cold crashing and bottle carbonating

    There will almost always be plenty of yeast in your beer to carbonate even after cold crashing. either your beer simply does not want to carbonate or you did something wrong. Ive had both happen to me. I assume you followed the carb for 3 weeks around 70 degrees and then refrigerate for 3 days before drinking? Its gotten colder here by me. 5-10 degrees can make a huge difference
  20. Creeps McLane

    Saison de Frais

    Is that what that means? Thats pretty good! I only speak English and my midwest dialect
  21. Creeps McLane

    Saison de Frais

    May I suggest a name? Saison de Cherub? Sonny and Cherub? Something with cherub...
  22. Creeps McLane

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    The whole point of dry hopping to get a hazy beer is to do it during active fermentation to get your hops to have a “bio transformation “. The idea is the interaction between the yeast and the hops turns certain hop oils into more desirable ones. You can pretty much only get the desired result from dry hopping during active fermentation
  23. Creeps McLane

    MUG Nationals

  24. Creeps McLane

    MUG Nationals

    I entered three beers and only had one winner. Every damn beer @Bonsai & Brew entered won a medal. That’s crazy. Props to him
  25. Creeps McLane

    MUG Nationals

    I’m just kidding. I believe it was omegas saisonsteins monster???