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  1. I will always say, the less bottles to wash the better. I also would fill the LBK a bit over recommended. I dont care if my beer drops from 5.5 to 5.2. Doesnt bother me one bit.
  2. That is a recipe from @hotrod3539 and I believe it was handed down from a real brewer if im not mistaken. I do however believe that any recipe is just a recipe and the real crafting comes on the brewing process. But i wouldnt do a two hearted clone and enter it into competition. Its not mine. You know? That recipe is the bleeding buckeye that he brewed
  3. Oh it is. 10 gallons of it im gonna brew. Theres a competition coming up, now would be a prime opportunity to brew a beer for it. I prob wouldn’t enter this one though, i wouldnt feel right. Thats the only thing weighing on my mind.
  4. I have decided my next brew, but im not saying what it is. All I will say is that the yeast is wyeast british ale II #1335
  5. I’m brainstorming my next brew options Anyone want to help me brainstorm a list of things a guy can add during the secondary? So far I have: hops Fruit (juice, zest, chunks) oak chips cocoa nibs lactose? Not sure when you add that. brett? lacto?
  6. Blondes use a paler malt, no real distinctive taste to good old two row. Its like a blank canvas. I would say straw or biscuit flavored. Very subtle. Theres nothing for the imperfections of brew day and fermenting to hide behind on the CAL or pilsner or blonde. They arent hoppy, they arent malty, theyre just an easy drinking beer. Therfore you have to give them more time to let the flavors find harmony and some other ones subside. stouts for example use roasted malts. Very defined flavors like bitterness of coffee and bitter sweet of chocolate. Things you can pick up and say that tastes like (fill in the blank). Those tastes are stronger on the senses and help cover up off flavors that are common in HME.
  7. Not sure I believe in coincidence, but you did everything right. Unless I’m missing something. Maybe those caps are shot, maybe just those ones weren’t tightened enough, maybe your wife accidentally put flour in the sugar bowl? Something is wrong with the sugar... 12 months is a damn long time. Usually you have to back off the recommended amount of sugar, especially for a stout. Don’t be discouraged
  8. Could those bottles that didnt carbonate have been stored in a slightly colder spot? How long have they been carbing for? Sugar is sugar, shouldnt matter one bit. The other question is how much sugar in the plain sugar ones did you use?
  9. To be honest, I don’t taste anything at kegging anymore. Not sure why, I guess I just want max volume in the keg. If I have a little left in the fermenter then I’ll pour a glass. But anyway, it smelled great. I’m really not planning on tapping this for quite awhile. If a keezer spot opens up and I have nothing else then I’ll throw it in but I really want this beer to age with that Brett in there. Shooting for maybe one keg in February and maybe one for summer or possibly next winter?
  10. Alright, i have a crap ton of ingredients. My challenge to you is to create the best recipe from what i have on hand. Im not promising, but if your recipe is the one i brew, i may send you some "yeast cultures". Im open to any batch size but im partial to 10 gallon all grain Fermentables: 40 lbs marris otter 30 lbs pale malt Malto dextrin Corn sugar 1 lb flaked corn Northwest pale ale Diablo IPA Canadian Blonde 2 Briess sorghum 2 Amber candi sugar Churchills nut brown ale Yeasts: Mexican lager liquid Us-05 Belle saison K-97 MJ empire ale MJ bavarian wheat MJ bohemian lager Flavorings: 2 oz toasted oak chips Hops: Waimea 1 oz Mandarina Bavaria 1 oz Warrior 4 Galena 4 Polaris 4 Simcoe 3 Columbus 10 El dorado 2 Citra 9 Sorachi 1 Cascade 11 oz Loral 2 oz Delta 2 oz Apollo 2 oz
  11. No, the one im thinking of is imported i believe. Shock top was a very good guess though. Hold please, ill get this
  12. So many beers have wheat in them and you dont even know it. I like wheat for its head retention. The thicker the head, the more area the aroma has to sit on. I find it crazy that youve never had a wheat? No blue moon, no oberon? Whats the other big commercial one? Its on tap everywhere... ummmm, damn!
  13. @AZNHB have you ever bottled a saison before? They can be a bit tricky. That yeast eats everything. Ive always gotten gushers
  14. I would suggest using mostly pilsner malt, maybe something less fermentable to keep it from beinf too dry, something like a crystal malt or maltodextrine. Also, munich is such a nice grain, so is vienna. Ferment it around 80 during peak fermentation. Use some sorachi ace, maybe some slightly fruitier hops, but amarillo, columbus plays nicely also. Whatever your taste is honestly. Throw is whatever roasted malt youre fond of and you should be good! heres some ideas from brew guru
  15. Ive been drinking the ale version for awhile now. Quite nice actually. I skipped the nut brown addition. I forgot i used empire ale yeast on this one. I couldn’t tell by drinking it. It just tastes nice. Havent tried the lager yet, its lagering... actually i already had the ale on tap and i didnt want two similar beers so i threw in an AG amber instead. Im kinda switching back and forth between the two. The other taps are my chocolate stout and my rye saison. Theyre both ok. Who was I fooling making a chocolate stout? Im not a stout guy...
  16. I like how you joined an hour ago, took the time to choose a nice profile pic, then start your post about a poor product. Ive had 6 lbks and one 6 gallon fermenter from Mr Beer, all were flawless.
  17. @Bonsai & Brew i guess i have a 2 oz pack of mandrina Bavaria or whatever it is. Shall i use 1 oz of it or dump the whole 2 oz in?
  18. Funny i just read all this last night right off their site i think they want you to dump the trub into a bucket type thing once at day one and then once before primary finishes. Then attach the collection ball to catch your yeast if you choose to harvest it. Otherwise id just dump that also.
  19. Both of those are really pale so theyll both need extended conditioning time. Id say brew the blonde now and wait for full blown winter to brew the pilsner and maybe try some lager yeast on it. If you have a nice cold spot to ferment that is.
  20. @kedogn using a conical, when do you dump trub? How many times? When is a good time to harvest the yeast?
  21. The three gallon cooler is getting used today. Pretty sure ive only used it once before. But a 10 gallon BIAB batch with 12.5 gallons of strike water and 17 pounds of grains say that it is a must. Prepare for excellence rubbermaid cooler. I need you at your best today
  22. Never seen one...
  23. Made a 10 gallon batch of stout months ago. 5 gallons was kegged and consumed, 5 gallons had 2 oz of cocoa nibs added at dry hopping which were soaked in vodka for 3 weeks. The 5 gallons of cocoa Stout is still hanging around cuz I can't drink it. It's not undrinkable, I just can't drink it, if that makes sense. No matter what PSI I set the regulator at, it SPRAYS out of the keg, like violently. So I bleed the CO2, set the PSI super low and it doesn't matter, it's always foam. I checked to make sure the ins and out are hooked up correctly, it's all correct. This has been sitting in my keezer for a few months now like this. I pull the tap, 90% foam, 10% beer, if that. All the other taps work perfectly. That 10% of beer tastes fine. It tastes like someone took it and ran it through a blender, but it doesn't taste diseased. I checked the keg for leaks, it all looks good. I hooked up a different beer to that tap, tap works fine. to eliminate the keezer all together last night I took that keg and put it in the kegerator and tried the picnic tap, all foam. What's kinda funny is it was foam for approx 3 seconds, then just beer. Stop the pour and I could see the beer in the line all turn to foam. Start another pour, all foam, then all beer. Whats weird about this this is that the keg seems to carb it self. I'll set the PSI to 10 and it'll spray out as if I have it set to 30. The problem has to be the keg i set this down two days ago, purged my tank and walked away. Today I walked downstairs and poured, it sprayed like crazy. It carbs itself... 😷 🍻
  24. @Nickfixit looks like you made a true grisette! Do you have fruit flies? I had to stop making kombucha cuz i couldnt keep them away. The last batch i brewed i dropped my unsanitized yeast packet right in the wort. No signs of infection. I guess i got lucky