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  1. Great, now @MRB Josh R is gonna be pacing around the parking lot yelling at stuff for the rest of the day
  2. We do apologize for the inconvenience, and we are aware of the problem, but unfortunately (as you note) we don't have any control over what UPS charges. Sorry about that!
  3. Also, Exactly right. When you order from our site, you'll get everything listed there. Some recipes will say "You'll Provide" with a list of items commonly found at the grocery store. Some of them. You can usually find the grains, hops, and non-Coopers yeast elsewhere, if need be. The extract, however, can't be substituted.
  4. Just wanted to post links in case someone was reading this and thinking about picking up a hydrometer or a refractometer. Our hydrometer can be found here: Refractometers are here: The refractometers only need a drop to work, unlike the relatively large sample needed for a hydrometer, and you don't need to adjust for temperature. The downside, though, is that you need an online calculator to determine FG with a refractometer, so the hydrometer is easier in that respect.
  5. Good catch, we'll get it fixed on Monday
  6. Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that these are (finally) back in stock, in case anyone had their eye on it. Your whole order still ships free when you order this (UPS Flat Rate Ground, so within the lower 48 and not PO boxes)
  7. Boy, I can't wait for all the angry reports for this thread come Monday.
  8. Like @RickBeer said, no cause for concern, but a lesson I learned yesterday: If you have a really trubby bottle, store it upright. I put one in the fridge on it's side, and when I poured my pint it was full of trub (it was a dark porter and I couldn't see before). I had to wait forever for it to settle, and no one wants to wait for beer.
  10. I'll be happy to look for Enigma hops, everyone please feel free to tag me in any requests for other varieties.
  11. Welcome! That is incorrect. If you want more alcohol in your beer, you need to add more fermentable sugars to your brew. What kind of fermentables would depend on what you're trying to accomplish flavor-wise, but our Booster adjunct is a pretty safe bet. It can be purchased on its own here:, and is also included in the cost of standard refills ( I also just wanted to say don't get put off of talking to other brewers because of this. It isn't a brewer thing, it's a snob thing.
  12. Just to clarify, the extract in the can is good for 3 years past that date, and the yeast is good for about 6 months past. Hope that helps!
  13. I, too, had an epic amount of trub on that one. I've noticed that recipes with brown sugar in them often do.
  14. I didn't think so, at least for casual in-between use cleaning. Just put water and your preferred cleaning agent (I've been using Craftmeister Brewery Wash with no issues), and dispense like you would beer to rinse. It does not. There is a specialized multi-tool kind of thing that the manufacturer sells, or you should be able to use common tools. Again, though, this is not required between every use, just the occasional full cleaning