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  1. I also learned this the hard way. Cold crashing doesn't affect the haziness of wheats as much as you might think (although it does a little bit)
  3. I would just add that it can be a happy accident. People pay surprising amounts of money for beers intentionally inoculated with some bacteria/wild yeast that can be found in nature. However, not every bacteria/wild yeast tastes good, and not every beer is good as a sour. I'd also add that some infections take a long, long time to start changing the flavor. I recently had an infected wheat beer that I drank in like 2 months, so it never developed the sourness.
  4. Just racked to a new secondary, I'm going to do that every month or so until it stops producing lees, then bottle. It tastes off-dry, nice fruity aroma from the yeast, and kind of a strong hay/grass flavor from the buckwheat honey that isn't bad, per se, but kind of stands out against the other flavors. It will be very good, but not perfect. As I expect the first time I make something.
  5. If you don't want a hoppy beer, the Diablo is probably the wrong extract to use. It is definitely a great IPA, and I think it would make a great pumpkin IPA, but an IPA without much hop aroma is kind of a paradox, isn't it? Maybe a Northwest Pale would be more what you had in mind, I would call both Diablo and LP pretty hoppy.
  6. I think that would get drowned out by the existing bittering hops and would serve better as aroma hops at flameout. Everything else looks spot on to me. One of these days I'll need to do a side-by-side boil vs late pumpkin/spice addition to see which is really better.
  7. Great question! Yes, you want to add priming sugar no matter what's in the beer. If the beer is ready to bottle, it won't have any fermentable sugars left in there. You'll always need to add more sugar to bottle carbonate.
  8. Excellent work, as always.
  9. Well, I've only ever brewed with the S-05 and the Belle Saison (out of the ones you listed, anyway), so I kinda had to stay in that territory lol
  10. No idea if I'm trying to use already-used items, but: 1X NWPA 8 oz Pale 1 oz each Citra/Cascade Flameout 1 oz each Citra/Cascade/Sorachi dry hop 1 week before bottle/keg Belle Saison, fermented cool, like 65F I'm envisioning a hoppy pale with a really subtle Saison funk. It's a frankenbeer, but I think it sounds good. More involved stuff has already been posted, mine is intended more for a squeeze-a-session-in-a-free-afternoon sorta thing.
  11. I am not remotely qualified to comment on the ease or difficulty of any of that, but we're always looking for ways to improve and definitely appreciate the feedback, which will again be passed to the appropriate staff.
  12. It does get a little confusing. I can speak confidently off the top of my head about the MRB line, but the DIY line (as you've no doubt noticed) has had some changes, and I'm still catching up a bit (to my shame). I'll try and make time to get a more definitive answer on those. The LP IPA (silvery packet) and BW (white papery packet) definitely have unique yeasts just for those refills. The rest have the standard MRB yeast (gold packet), produced by Coopers. This means that technically, if brewed with no adjustments to yeasts, our lager refills are lager-style ales. Of course, there's nothing stopping anyone from subbing in S-23 or something like that, but we find this way creates greater ease of use for most of our brewers.
  13. For some, this is indeed the case. For others, it is not.
  14. We actually haven't had it as an official recipe since before I started working here. They used to ask for it anyway. Our recipe page is getting pretty crowded but I'll be happy to pass your suggestion up.
  15. Great, now I have to go make a Snickers milk stout since you put the idea in my head. Thanks a LOT, @AnthonyC