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  1. I like to soak my wooden shoes in grain alcohol and add them a week before I bottle, I feel you get more wooden shoe aroma this way than when you add them in the boil, as has been conventional wisdom for a long time.
  2. Yeah on top of all the liquor the 10.7 hits ya pretty hard
  3. Alright, hop sack error should be fixed and instruction error (@Shrike nailed it, btw) is getting fixed.
  4. Sorry, guys, we're working on it! Thanks for waiting.
  5. I think the vodka method works better, so I just don't bother with the boil. Otherwise, all sounds right to me.
  6. Glad to help! Saison du Miel is one of my favorite beer styles, I couldn't let it go unbrewed.
  7. Go ahead, ignore the truth
  8. False. @MRB Josh R looks, oh, 12% less similar to Hitler in real life than in that photo
  9. We recently noticed that we had creeped over 120 recipes (if I'm remembering right), when we want to keep it around 80. So, a few of them were archived, typically meaning that we still carry the ingredients, just not as a recipe bundle. Sometimes, we discontinue an ingredient and that's why a recipe gets archived, but other times it's just for website organization.
  10. Correct, it is a challenge to carry because it expires very quickly compared to dry yeast. And that employee was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed MRB Tim learning how recipes work. If I recall correctly, he was going to show me That Voodoo That You Do, but we didn't have brown sugar or Golden LME on hand.
  11. Great questions! For our recipes, we get no guidance from Coopers, it's all us. Sometimes there's a commercial beer we want to emulate, sometimes we just try something and it comes out well, or it sounds good so we brew it. There is a test kitchen in which our Twitch stream takes place, so that's the best place to see it. We don't want to have too many recipes up on the website at once, because it gets confusing, so we typically stick to around the 80 or so top sellers. Lately we've been experimenting more with limited-release recipes, often having one or two ingredients that we get in a limited stock, sell through, and discontinue. It's been proving pretty popular. There isn't a set number to release, but we all brew as much as we can. So, sometimes we have a plan, and go through a few trials until we nail it, but sometimes it's just a happy accident.
  12. The usual culprit with extended carb time is low temperature, in my experience. Style usually doesn't have much to do with it. Have you ever used these bottles before?
  13. Hmmmmmm, the closest one I've had would be the Real Ale ( but I know @MRB Josh R has had more of the Coopers lineup than me, his mileage may vary
  14. I apologize for the confusion. You got the new one. May I ask where you're seeing the picture with the big bag? We want to make sure all our brewers know what they're getting ahead of time.
  15. Thanks for the feedback, we're always looking for ways to improve. It looks like we may have to revise those instructions for beers with inordinate amounts of sediment.