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  1. beer wars

    Glad to hear it turned out as good as it sounds!
  2. @RickBeer It's been a bit crazy around here, so sorry about the delay in resolving this, but I did see it and it is on my list of stuff to look into. Thanks for your patience.
  3. Who had the best booth? I mean, it was obviously ours, but I wanna hear it from you
  4. Other than spilling, I can't see why it would be. Given the choice between the temperature problems and potential spilling, I guess I'd take the spill.
  5. Just so we're not all dogpiling on @RickBeer, I would add that if being true to the style is super important to you, you might want to reconsider, but it is tasty nonetheless.
  6. Man now @MRB Josh R is totally on the hook to bring me goodies
  7. Great idea! I've been playing around with variations on chocolate porters with lactose sugar, and I've been quite happy with the results.
  8. beer wars

    Don't count yourself out yet, I've never tried either of these yet. They look good on paper, but sometimes those beers end up tasting foul. So, I could be committing 6 months of my life to garbage beer for all we know
  9. beer wars

    I had 2 ideas today, that'll give me a bit more authenticity in my submissions. For the Sonora Saison, instead of soaking the lime zest in everclear, I'll do it in Bacanora, a mescal that's only produced in Sonora. For the Cerveza de Guardar, I'm going to lager it for 3 months, and room-temp condition it for 3 months, to mimic the Winter-Spring conditioning cycle of the original farmhouse ales. Top that!
  10. beer wars

    I'd have done some orange zest too, but that sounds rly good to me.
  11. beer wars

    That's a funny way to spell first I would drink that. If I was a better brewer, I would do a prickly pear lambic, but I am not even close to experienced enough to do that right yet.
  12. beer wars

    Sorry about that! It's been pretty busy around here, and this is the first opportunity I've had to give it some proper thought. Weeeelllll, I just did a Mango Habenero IPA, using 2 peppers, and it barely came through at all. Granted, the mango and Citra are strong flavors, but so is Saison yeast (at least sometimes). Nature of the contest, man. Where's the challenge if I'm just throwing together whatever I want? I think they both sound good, even within style constraints. It's not like either style has super restrictive guidelines, anyway Nah, if I add an adjunct to that, it'll probably be dextrose to bring out the hops a bit.
  13. beer wars

    Okay, having had a bit of time finally to give this the thought it deserves, I've narrowed it down to two possibilities. Sonora Saison 1X Aztec Mexican Cerveza HME 1X Golden LME 4 oz Special Roast 4 oz Pilsen 1/2 oz Motueka hops at flameout 1/2 oz Motueka hops dry hop 1 week before bottling 1X Jalepeno pepper, seeded and pureed, at flameout 2X Habenero pepper, seeded and pureed, at flameout Zest of 1 lime, soaked in grain alcohol overnight, a week before bottling Gigayeast Saison #2 Belgian Saison Yeast Cerveza Para Guardar (Bier de Garde) 1X Canadian Blonde HME 1X Pale LME (Note: The style is supposed to be 6%-8%, and I'm not sure the adjuncts will be enough to push me over. It's supposed to be a strong beer that needs cellaring. 2 HMEs? 2 LMEs? I dunno yet) 4 oz Pilsen 2 oz Biscuit 2 oz Caramunich 1/2 oz Saaz at flameout (If I up the malt, I'll have to up this) 1 oz mesquite flour 1 cup agave nectar GigaYeast Golden Pear Belgian Yeast 1/2 tsp Irish Moss x 10 min boil, since that yeast is a low flocculator @Bonsai & Brew, @MrWhy, what say you?
  14. beer wars

    The good news about my being too busy to get to this project yet is that I'm considering switching from a wit to a saison. The possibilities seem more....interesting, and I was thinking about splitting 2 batches worth of GigaYeast Saison #2 Belgian yeast between 2 LBKs soon anyway. If I go this way, I'll post the recipe later this week.
  15. I would dry hop with another 0.5 of Citra too, but I like a lot of hop aroma and Citra is one of my favorites. Might not be what you're going for, though.