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  1. MRB Tim

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    I do it this way. Yeast is usually pretty cheap. Every now and again I'll bring some home to try throwing it in a sourdough starter and see what it does, but usually I don't bother.
  2. MRB Tim

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    This is all great stuff, if you guys keep being so helpful my job's gonna be in danger, but.. I know you meant homogeneous but still, lol
  3. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    You did too! We all did it! Woo!
  4. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

  5. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    Pretty sure you both have plenty to brag about. I like your hop choices, a bit unconventional and works really well.
  6. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    SPECIAL NOTE: If I'm not shouting you out, it's not that I didn't like your beer, it's that I didn't try it or never got a name connected with it. I am but one man and can fit only so much beer in my tum tum. Everything we tasted was impressive. I'm glad you said that before I replied because I totally believed you. No wonder I had a hard time pinning down whether it was French or Belgian, it was both! Pretty sneaky, Omega.
  7. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    What kind of yeast do you use for it?
  8. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    That saison was yours? That was a great beer, you totally nailed it.
  9. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    Woulda been too late even on Wednesday, sorry bout that
  10. First, gonna have to agree with @RickBeer that too much research can be a bad thing with brewing. There's no right or wrong way to make beer, there's just the way that you happen to be partial to. If it ain't broken, don't fix it, ya know? It seems to me that as long as your beer carbonates in "a few weeks" then it's all the same. Longer than what? I mean, if they did side-by-side tests, that's one thing, but people going "Well, it'd make sense if...." doesn't prove anything. Plenty of brewing "common knowledge" has been shown to be nonsense.
  11. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    @Creeps McLane beat me to it by minutes, thank you. For those who don't want to click, it's 10/10
  12. MRB Tim

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    Most of my recipes that I don't really like all that much sell very well, and all my pet favorites sit all-but-unnoticed, appreciated only by the true connoisseurs. I think I might just have bad taste.
  13. MRB Tim

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    Man this is such a wholesome thread. Just wanted to add my $0.02 on the twang issue. I don't think we've ever disputed that liquid extracts can tend to have a twang. Every method of brewing has its pros and cons, none is the "right" way to brew. The advantages of HME are that it's great for beginners to learn on, doesn't take much time, space, or equipment, and I think the smaller batch size is an advantage to a lot of brewers. The disadvantages, as I see them, are less control over some factors, darker color, and occasional twang. To my palette, some refills have more twang than others. I get more of it with Diablo than Long play, and more with Blonde than Weissbier. So, that's one factor to consider. Another is that doing a grain steep or hop boil can reduce it pretty drastically. I find that more important than temp or sanitation, in terms of the twang aspect. I would also just add that I've brewed hundreds of HME batches by now, and only had a few batches where twang was strong and unpleasant enough to impact my enjoyment of the beer. Given our policy of replacing bad batches and, I think, our flexibility, I find that to be a pretty low-risk proposition.
  14. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    As of right now, we're lining up the details to still have the competition. So, it's tentatively still on. I'll make an effort to get an informational thread back up today.
  15. MRB Tim

    Build me a recipe

    I've never used Southern Cross, either, but I'd say Ekuanot is mostly peppery. I had a separate Brett Saison that's been in secondary for a while now, I used Tettnang for that and it seemed to work well.