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  1. MRB Tim

    Very Disappointed in Mr. Beer

    Hello again Mr Sweat, Your second (tested) replacement, along with the 2 free refills that I promised, are set to be delivered tomorrow. Please message me here for tracking information. I'm sorry that this was insufficient in making up the inconvenience of the wait to you. I apologize also that my communication was insufficient. Tyson was trying to offer a faster solution, not weasel out of sending a replacement, and I'm sorry we created the impression otherwise. Other than having your second replacement tested (which I did) and including $50 of free stuff (which I did), I failed to consider any other ways I could have made it right. I would offer you a refund for the initial kit, had you purchased it from us directly. You are quite correct that our service was poor in this case, and I apologize for however my personal failures negatively impacted your view of this company. I wish you the best of luck in your brewing endeavor, regardless of where you get your supplies.
  2. Tim, I was thinking of using my 2 cans of American Ale to make the Surley Dog batch.  I have all necessary ingredients except the Safale US-05 yeast.  I do, however, have a fresh packet of US-04.  What will be the result IF I substitute that particular yeast for the 05?  Or would using the included yeast with the cans be a better option?  I can always make something else if the substitutions are not suitable.  Thank you -

  3. MRB Tim

    Safale US-05 vs Safale S-33

    Glad you had this handy so I didn't have to type it all out That's kind of a big question. What do you want to know about it?
  4. MRB Tim

    1 gallon kit

    I usually use vodka, because I don't mind as much if some gets sucked into the fermenter, but yes sanitizer works fine too and you fill to the halfway line.
  5. MRB Tim

    Safale US-05 vs Safale S-33

    What he said
  6. MRB Tim

    1 gallon kit

    Any time! It's fixed now, there was just some confusion because both the other kits have 2.
  7. MRB Tim

    1 gallon kit

    I'm thinking this is just a typo on the website, this'd be the first I'm hearing about more than one DME in there. Will double check and follow up, though.
  8. MRB Tim

    Making a java or coffee stout

    You have a great sense of timing, we just posted a new blog about that: https://www.mrbeer.com/blog/brew-beer-with-coffee/
  9. MRB Tim

    Safale US-05 vs Safale S-33

    Hey Mic, S-33 and US-05 are about as different as you can get. S-33 is a very low attenuator, meaning it leaves a relatively high amount of residual sugar. so you'll lose a lot of sweetness with US-05. That's neither a good nor a bad thing, it just depends on what you like.
  10. MRB Tim

    Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout

    It's better to add more water if your grains are exposed to air. You can expect them to soak up water and expand.
  11. MRB Tim

    Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout

    Great question! There's no need to sanitize anything that'll touch the wort before you boil. The boil will kill anything in there, which won't have enough time to really cause any problems.
  12. MRB Tim

    What does extra yeast do?

    Seconded, these are great books.
  13. MRB Tim

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    I do it this way. Yeast is usually pretty cheap. Every now and again I'll bring some home to try throwing it in a sourdough starter and see what it does, but usually I don't bother.
  14. MRB Tim

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    This is all great stuff, if you guys keep being so helpful my job's gonna be in danger, but.. I know you meant homogeneous but still, lol
  15. MRB Tim

    MUG Nationals

    You did too! We all did it! Woo!