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  1. You're not the boss of me, @Brewer, I do what I want. Seriously though, I did it in the melomel because I'd like it if the yeast could ferment some of the sugars from the fruit. In the one I'm going to hop, I did it out of habit, suppose it wasn't strictly necessary. Good thing Fermaid is cheap.
  2. MRB Tim

    Perfect Plastic Pint Promotion

    No worries! I have that one too, see attached. Like I said, I'm sure we can work something out if you wouldn't mind DMing me, or I could reply to your emails, whichever you prefer.
  3. MRB Tim

    Perfect Plastic Pint Promotion

    Hi there @DEFbrewer, I just tried giving you a call, but I'd be happy to discuss your order here as well. I've attached 2 screenshots from the email regarding this promotion, that show that the promotion was advertised as only including 1 cup per order. I apologize for the misunderstanding. The fact that they're sold as a 4-pack was not intended to imply that you'd get 4 in the promotion, and we never advertised that. If you wouldn't mind DMing me here I'm sure we can work out a way to make it up to you.
  4. MRB Tim

    Spring porter recipe

    I've never tried it, since there's no point, but it's my understanding that it produces a grassy off flavor.
  5. MRB Tim

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    For the lazy: Horchata is a Mexican soft drink (of a variety called aguas frescas). It's sweetened rice milk with vanilla and cinnamon.
  6. MRB Tim

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Okay, I'll be brewing my entry on my Twitch stream tomorrow, here's a sneak peek at the recipe: Horchata Brown Ale 1X Churchills HME 1X Golden LME 2 oz Cara wheat malt 2 oz Vienna malt 4 oz lactose sugar S-04 Dry Ale Yeast 1 week before bottling: 1 cinnamon stick 2 tbsp vanilla extract
  7. MRB Tim

    Bulging Can

    Could you please DM me here for replacements?
  8. MRB Tim

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    Unfortunately, hop aroma tends to dissipate quickly. This is why typically, IPAs are better fresh.
  9. MRB Tim

    The Real Mr. Beer - Live Stream Thread

    I was hoping no one noticed lol. It's been a long few weeks. When you're live, these things happen.
  10. MRB Tim

    ATTN. MR BEER STAFF Australian Sparkling Ale

    If I recall correctly, we sold it with S-04 in the Mr Beer store (https://www.mrbeer.com/safale-s-04-dry-ale-yeast)
  11. MRB Tim

    ATTN. MR BEER STAFF Australian Sparkling Ale

    I can honestly say this is the first time we've gotten such a request just this way. Bottom line up front, I'll poke around but I haven't seen any in a good while now.
  12. MRB Tim

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Man, I have a few busy weeks and I'm getting left in the dust here! I was thinking about making some kinda horchata milk stout out of it. Def with cinnamon and lactose sugar. Maybe real rice milk? I haven't had time to give it the thought it deserves but I definitely intend to match the effort I'm seeing here
  13. MRB Tim

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    I'm thinking something desserty, maybe sweet? Off to Google.
  14. MRB Tim

    How does Mr. Beer create new recipies?

    Glad to hear you guys like it so much! This is actually how I originally brewed it, not sure why it changed but it's good either way imo.
  15. MRB Tim

    How does Mr. Beer create new recipies?

    Foggy Days because it's the first recipe I came up with that we sold on the site.
  16. MRB Tim

    Creating a recipe database

    Working on clarification, thanks for the heads up.
  17. MRB Tim

    All grain noob here.....

    I like to soak my wooden shoes in grain alcohol and add them a week before I bottle, I feel you get more wooden shoe aroma this way than when you add them in the boil, as has been conventional wisdom for a long time.
  18. MRB Tim

    How does Mr. Beer create new recipies?

    Yeah on top of all the liquor the 10.7 hits ya pretty hard
  19. MRB Tim

    Best Haze of our Lives

    Alright, hop sack error should be fixed and instruction error (@Shrike nailed it, btw) is getting fixed.
  20. MRB Tim

    Best Haze of our Lives

    Sorry, guys, we're working on it! Thanks for waiting.
  21. MRB Tim

    Total noob question about zest

    I think the vodka method works better, so I just don't bother with the boil. Otherwise, all sounds right to me.
  22. MRB Tim

    3G Conical Fermenter

    Glad to help! Saison du Miel is one of my favorite beer styles, I couldn't let it go unbrewed.
  23. MRB Tim

    How does Mr. Beer create new recipies?

    Go ahead, ignore the truth
  24. MRB Tim

    How does Mr. Beer create new recipies?

    False. @MRB Josh R looks, oh, 12% less similar to Hitler in real life than in that photo
  25. MRB Tim

    Hot and spicy

    We recently noticed that we had creeped over 120 recipes (if I'm remembering right), when we want to keep it around 80. So, a few of them were archived, typically meaning that we still carry the ingredients, just not as a recipe bundle. Sometimes, we discontinue an ingredient and that's why a recipe gets archived, but other times it's just for website organization.