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  1. Big Sarge

    What should I do with this beer?

    Sounds like you just need to go with the Brett. It's what you really want. Come back next time with a plan for the fruit.
  2. Big Sarge

    What should I do with this beer?

    Brett baby!
  3. Big Sarge

    Spring porter recipe

    You alter the hop profile of the beer, but I'm not sure in which direction (stronger/weaker). Either way, it's not desired.
  4. Big Sarge

    First partial mash attempt & newbie mistakes

    You can say that again!
  5. Big Sarge

    3 days worth chillin'

    This is the best damn explanation I've heard in my three years on the forum. Don't get me wrong, I've followed the mantra and I knew it was best; I just didn't know the exact science of it (and I'm too lazy to look it up). Follow-up question: Does this only come into play with priming sugar/bottle carbing?
  6. Big Sarge

    First attempt starting tonight

    I laughed way too loud at that closing comment.
  7. Big Sarge

    Dry River Rye IPA

    @Cato, while I haven't tried this recipe, I have had rye beer. If you have not tried rye beer, I suggest trying one; there are a few people that don't like them.
  8. Big Sarge

    All grain noob here.....

    I feel like I should be kicking myself for reading this...
  9. Big Sarge

    Total noob question about zest

    Typo...I fixed it for ya, Rick
  10. Big Sarge

    Possible Hop Combo

    I was thinking the same thing, but that's a lot of high-alpha bittering hops. The "S" hops don't give many of options, particularly for available aroma type varieties.
  11. Big Sarge

    Possible Hop Combo

    Sterling hops didn't really wow me. I easily see them being tied to the basic lager category. They lack any citrus punch, IMO. The others sound good, although I don't have any experience with them (in practice or in taste).
  12. Big Sarge

    MUG MidWest meeting

    Green with envy here! I hope you guys have a blast! I love how it's developing!
  13. Big Sarge

    recipe for Helles

    That does rely on the ambient temperature of the room your cooler is in, along with the insulating properties of the cooler itself. I use two 1 liter frozen bottles in my cooler, during this time of year in Oklahoma. That keeps the LBK at 55 degrees. I'll have to add another 20 ounce bottle if I lager during the summer months. I rotate them every 12 hours.
  14. Big Sarge

    Found 2 old cans

    I guess we should change this thread to "Found 2 old TV shows"