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  1. Hi, how are you? Me you ask? I’m good, just stalking your activity. So I guess not much changes... I’m always watching

    1. Big Sarge

      Big Sarge

      Bro, I've been up to my ears in work. I think I've only been able to peek at the forum twice in the past 6 weeks or so. We are about to graduate my last batch of kids from Basic Training, then I'm on to bigger and better things (to include more brewing). It's freaking awesome to hear from you and glad you're doing well. I'll catch up again soon. Take it easy!

  2. Big Sarge

    Stau-Haus Slash Pile IPA🌲

    You make it sound so effortless. I obviously need to try some hands-on application in order to have it make sense to me. Nice recipe selection in your example. Now I hear Drowning Pool in my head.
  3. Big Sarge

    Stau-Haus Slash Pile IPA🌲

    I agree. It would be nice to find the beers that work well with your local water. Part of me feels like I'm splitting hairs in trying to fine tune water. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy with the beer my water has produced. It's also the joy of learning everything I can about brewing. Water is the one element that you have most control over in manufacturing. We rely on the grain, hop, and yeast manufacturers to do their part and do it well. Unless you're growing your own from scratch, water is the only thing we have most control over. All of the advances in the science that improve the other aforementioned elements are what make brewing so easy and forgiving. It's all about turning good beer into great beer.
  4. Big Sarge

    Stau-Haus Slash Pile IPA🌲

    That makes a lot of sense, since you are seeking such low alkalinity. I never really thought of the dilution method to balance out the water. Curious though (and without referring to the app), does BeerSmith offer up dilution recommendations? Additionally, did you measure mash ph, or just go with the additions? I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread and others that include water profiles.
  5. Big Sarge

    Stau-Haus Slash Pile IPA🌲

    I did recently purchase BeerSmith 3, which really piqued my curiosity when I was running through all the features of the app. As far as obtaining a water report from this small town in Oklahoma, I feel like they would think I'm crazy if I walked into town hall and asked for it lol. I jest, of course, knowing they probably have the stats on hand. I have done some fair reading on the subject already (BYO magazine and such), only to find out that I'm an idiot and realize why I failed chemistry in high school. I tell people that I liked chemistry so much, I took it twice. Question: what made you build the water profile from a distilled base? Although I probably have no idea what I'm talking about, it does seem easy. I can only assume it's not very cost effective. I'm certainly with you on dialing in the different aspects of brewing. Each of the four basic ingredients come with so many ways to perfect them and their part in the processes of brewing. I apologize for high jacking your post!
  6. Big Sarge

    Stau-Haus Slash Pile IPA🌲

    Alright @Bonsai & Brew, how long have you been messing with water? I'm a little behind in keeping up on the forum, so I'm jumping around. I've been dorking around with reading and learning about water, absorbing as much as I can before committing to all grain. I know it's not necessary, but there's nothing wrong with learning more and eliminating variables.
  7. Big Sarge

    Miller Lite

    Hoppy strikes again, comes out from under his rock every 27 1/2 weeks or so. How the hell are ya?
  8. Big Sarge

    Saison de Frais

    See? He even knew the best time to post to increase your odds! Honestly, reading through the thread of guesses made my head hurt. @Bonsai & Brew is a brewing machine, so there are plenty of beers to guess from (even with the hints).
  9. Big Sarge

    Saison de Frais

    I'm obviously just catching up on the forum, as this post is about a week old lol. I just wanted to say that I feel like this contest was rigged. Besides, weren't you going to send @Creeps McLane beer anyway? i hope all is well with everyone. I've been busy with work but things are winding down. Graduated another class of Soldiers last week and have been busy moving barracks this week. I'm looking forward to two weeks of leave over the holidays.
  10. Big Sarge

    What should I do with this beer?

    NICE!!! That funk is damn sexy!! I can't believe it has been that long already. I'm pretty sure the two of us could put a pretty decent dent in that keg while sitting around talking about beer and life. I don't know that trekking across the Midwest in December or January is a good idea, but I would sure as hell try it!
  11. Big Sarge

    Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout

    Heat + Glass = no bueno
  12. Big Sarge

    Cold crashing and bottle carbonating

    I tend to attribute it to magic on most occasions. Definitely magic. How could science be the sole reason beer tastes so majestic?
  13. Big Sarge

    MUG Nationals

    Nice job, fellas! Any other forum regulars make the list?
  14. Big Sarge

    Bottle conditioning techiques

    My two cents: as I navigate throughout this hobby and talk to people about beer and brewing, I find that some newbies don't know the difference between head retention and carbonation. We know that extract brewing makes head retention wane and add Carapils to boost it. The bubbles in the beer make it a carbonated beverage.
  15. Big Sarge

    Build me a recipe

    Roger dodger.