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  1. Fuggles works well; I've just made a Chocolate Stout with Fuggles at 5 & 0 minutes. The last Coffee Stout I made had course-ground beans steeped for two weeks in the secondary and tastes wonderful.
  2. Quite the timing, with the recent discovery and conversation!
  3. I saw this in my email and must say that I'm pretty impressed!!
  4. Same here. The labels will fall off in due time.
  5. He has been taking sales notes from me! I'm getting employee of the month this time @MRB Tim!
  6. While dependent upon the ambient temperature, I have successfully lagered in a Coleman (standard) cooler, rotating two frozen 1-liter water bottles every 12 hours religiously.
  7. +1 to more hops. CAL is what it is, but there's always room for more cowbell...I mean, HOPS!
  8. I swear I've only had three beers tonight, but I almost completely mistook that last line to read "you are sorta hot". I am ashamed.
  9. I'm reporting this @RickBeer. No more nude pictures of yourself
  10. It's uses gravity, so it's quite easy. In order to stop it, you simply reverse gravity In all seriousness, raising the LBK higher than the brew pot will stop the flow.
  11. Auto-siphon, AKA racking cane.
  12. Seems legit. So is the main benefit promoting yeast viability?
  13. Have you ever seen/heard of something that adds oxygen in-line, as far as in homebrewing?
  14. I guess it's just a fancy way of saying the same thing? I really think it hinges upon the oxygen addition, to which would require more research. Do all of the homework recipes use the knockout term?