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  1. Ba-dum tiss
  2. In all honesty though, I say let 'em rip. You're not going to yield many on the first harvest and you might lose a few over the winter. If not, we will just start calling you Hops McLane!
  3. Sounds like first-world problems!
  4. I'm in Oklahoma but frequent the Dallas beer scene, not frequently enough though!
  5. legacy recipe

    I'm still working. I will have a few tonight, since I'll be dry for the next week or so thereafter
  6. legacy recipe

    One of my first PM recipes was a hand-me-down, using old grains and malt extract. In hindsight, I never should've made it. I didn't know how old it was. It was an IPA recipe, but the final product was as pale as a porter lol. It tasted fine, but developed a slimy, luger-like blob in the bottle of the bottles over time. Looking back at the posts in this thread, I agree that boiling should've killed any ingredient-borne bugs (I thought you might've had secondary additions; it was very early when I replied), but there's always the potential of stuff developing post-boil. Its obviously always best to use fresh ingredients. I can only lend my experience with the old stuff above. In the end, anything is possible. Try as we may to be scrupulously diligent in our sanitization measures, stuff happens and we will lose beer. It sharpens our edge, though, as we always seek improvement. Now I need a beer 🍺
  7. legacy recipe

    Looking at your ingredients, it may very well be likely that it was from that. You can rule out the bottles if it has happened to every one of them. It is just more likely that you had a bug in one of the ingredients (sketchy chocolate malt?) than didn't properly sanitize, unless you cut corners. It happened to my watermelon wheat, pretty much narrowed it down to getting overzealous with the watermelon.
  8. Not that you have much to play with, but are you able to warm it up a tick or two? I didn't doubt you were splitting that recommended range right down the middle, I was just wondering if you were favoring the higher end. I swear I've heard it somewhere before. Keep us posted with your findings; it may come in handy for anyone else using the yeast.
  9. No experience with the kolsch yeast but, without looking it up, don't they ferment warmer? I know I'm not much help here and might be wrong.
  10. It gets better! I have two teenagers and barely ever see them! 😂
  11. Or just wait until the next batch where you do have time.
  12. Freeze until drying maybe?
  13. Fuggles works well; I've just made a Chocolate Stout with Fuggles at 5 & 0 minutes. The last Coffee Stout I made had course-ground beans steeped for two weeks in the secondary and tastes wonderful.
  14. Quite the timing, with the recent discovery and conversation!
  15. I saw this in my email and must say that I'm pretty impressed!!
  16. Same here. The labels will fall off in due time.
  17. He has been taking sales notes from me! I'm getting employee of the month this time @MRB Tim!
  18. While dependent upon the ambient temperature, I have successfully lagered in a Coleman (standard) cooler, rotating two frozen 1-liter water bottles every 12 hours religiously.
  19. +1 to more hops. CAL is what it is, but there's always room for more cowbell...I mean, HOPS!
  20. I swear I've only had three beers tonight, but I almost completely mistook that last line to read "you are sorta hot". I am ashamed.
  21. I'm reporting this @RickBeer. No more nude pictures of yourself
  22. It's uses gravity, so it's quite easy. In order to stop it, you simply reverse gravity In all seriousness, raising the LBK higher than the brew pot will stop the flow.
  23. Auto-siphon, AKA racking cane.
  24. Seems legit. So is the main benefit promoting yeast viability?