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  1. Can't wait to hear how it turns out!,
  2. I print simple labels for the bottles. Each batch is in its own crate, and I tape a piece of paper or a piece of an index card with the bottle date, name of batch, and anything else I decide to put on.
  3. Finally getting to brew p the recipe. Please forgive any ignorance but do I keep the grains in for the full boil? Or do I take them out after steeping them and just boil the liquid?
  4. Thank you everyone for all of the input!! I really appreciate the tips, and advice!!
  5. Thanks stroomer!! Would one be better than the other to add the grains to?
  6. After brewing the let it bee recipe, I had some grains left over. I have two refills/recipes that I am getting ready to brew, one is the Diablo IPA, and the other is the Horse's Ass Ale. I don't wondering if I could use the left over grains in one of these so they don't go to waste. The grains are honey malt, and Pilsen malt.
  7. I will try doubling up the vanilla next time.
  8. Thank you rick.
  9. When bottling the Nilla Porter, I was wondering if it would be better to use 12 oz. glass bottles or if the 740 ml pet bottles would be good to use. Or would there be any difference.
  10. Not Charlotte. But from Lexington.
  11. I ordered the Czech pilsner from Mr Beer recently. Is there a hops variety that would be good to add to this refill? Or is it more of a personal preference? Not looking at doing anything fancy, just thought about adding some hops to this.
  12. Hey nice to meet some other local home brewers!! To C-edwards. Noni haven't tried that home brew shop. Would love to one time when I am over that way!
  13. Sorry was gone for while. It is wonderful to meet everyone! I look forward to talking with everyone
  14. Thank you. For the input!! I will take the advice and keep a straight Porter this time!!