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  1. moots

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    some of my favorites are the Let it Bee, Sir Kenneth, Barley's Chocolate Orange Stout, and Diablo IPA
  2. moots

    Brewmax 2 gallon fermenter

    Just got one of the brewmax fermenters also. Was curious how/ the best way to cool it down also. Will have to try these ideas.
  3. moots

    Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout at 4 weeks

    I currently have this one in a LBK. Has been fermenting for about a week so far. Excited to try this one!!
  4. mb kits do make the whole process easy, and enjoyable!! And the beer tastes great!
  5. moots

    Turning Let it Bee into an IPA

    @RickBeer This was an idea floating around after several beverage, kind of a seemed like a good idea at the time type of idea. I have done a couple of the IPA's that Mr. Beer offers, and they are wonderful!! I do appreciate the input, and any advice!!!
  6. Hi everyone I was wondering If it would be possible to turn the Let it Bee recipe into an IPA? Not sure what hops would be good to add for this purpose. Booster or LME (or both)? I believe the recipe comes with Mt Hood hops packet. What would be good to add to this to make into an IPA? I am thinking of ordering the recipe again and would either order two plus what ever else was needed or get the Canadian Blonde refill, and use the left over grains as well as any hops and/or other additives. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated! This is my first time tinkering with any recipes that I have tried.
  7. moots

    Let It Be Honey Blonde Ale

    I thought it was a very good brew when I made it. The Honey made it a drier taste/finish. It is one I am going to brew again.
  8. moots

    Norwegian Farmhouse Ale

    Looks good!!glad it turned out good!
  9. moots

    Honoring my dog

    Bdawg I am sorry for your loss. Was one of the hardest things to go through. The recipe looks great.
  10. moots

    Honoring my dog

    His name was yoda bear.
  11. moots

    Honoring my dog

    Thank you everyone for the responses. Shrike, I think the same he was part of the family. Creeps, thank you, it didn't occur to me to use the grains to make dog biscuits. Thinking of going with the honey blonde ale.
  12. moots

    Honoring my dog

    My dog crossed the rainbow bridge a little over a month ago. I was thinking of brewing a beer in his honor. Just wondering if anybody might have any suggestions as to what would be good . He was a golden retriever/ yellow lab mix. A very sweet, kind dog. Thinking of some kind of blonde ale maybe
  13. moots

    Norwegian Farmhouse Ale

    Can't wait to hear how it turns out!,
  14. I print simple labels for the bottles. Each batch is in its own crate, and I tape a piece of paper or a piece of an index card with the bottle date, name of batch, and anything else I decide to put on.
  15. moots

    Left over grains

    Finally getting to brew p the recipe. Please forgive any ignorance but do I keep the grains in for the full boil? Or do I take them out after steeping them and just boil the liquid?