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  1. Anthony, where are you my friend. The forums miss you. 

  2. and to add, I was commenting on an N.B. page on F.B. last week saying since the buyout, probably never see the Buy 3 for 19.99 each again! one week later..... Dn't think they dnt listen, and glad they do!

  3. N.B. has buy 3 kits for $19.99 each. not the greatest selection, but thought I try the Dead ringer, another Phat Tire ( since Oklahoma sells it now! Finally! ) and another bourbon barrel porter since I have an A.G. version of this. will do the extract first and age it in the barrel

  4. Coming out? Not sure what year you're on in the Degobah System little green guy, but here on good ole earth it's 2017! 😉
  5. I figured that you did, but better safe than sorry. 😀👍🏽🐿
  6. Out of sunlight, of course. (?)
  7. Nw, I'd probably up the syrup and lower the brown sugar. If you want to taste the maple at all, definitely WAY up the syrup & replace the brown sugar with white.
  8. I believe that there are a few Mr. Beer recipes out there that use NWPA and mix it with another HME. Perhaps it was the American Burleywine. I made one last year and it quickly (actually, not so quick -- 12mths of conditioning) became my favorite Mr. Beer recipe thus far.
  9. not to did Mr. Beer, but I ordered the GrowlerWerks Copper Ukeg 128oz. today while it was free shipping on GrowlerWerks website. out of preference, I wanted the copper over the ss version. looking forward when it arrives

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    2. HoppySmile!


      huh should say dis. my p.c. auto correct keeps changing it to did lol

    3. AnthonyC


      Haha...  stupid auto-correct!  I'll have to check that out!  Thanks Hoppy!

    4. HoppySmile!


      it's not cheap, but I've been following it since its inception 2 years ago waiting for them to work out all of the bugs. the copper 128 is really cool looking too!

  10. Rick has a post somewhere where he describes the process. I would just search spigot.
  11. Visions of Night Train, Thunderbird, and Mad Dog 20/20 come to mind.
  12. Never taken mine apart either, but if it's mold we're dealing with here I guess I ought to reconsider my routine.
  13. I really don't think that adding 1 pack of Mr. Beer LME, a booster, and 1/2 ounce of hops qualifies this recipe as being mad scientist.
  14. Mixing the 2 shouldn't cause any explosions. I've mixed 2 for the American Burleywine recipe & used 3 Saint Pat's Stouts in one LBK for the Lock, Stock, and Barrel... my house is still standing! Good luck!