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  1. I was getting a little disenchanted with my IPA recipes, especially the extract recipes. Every IPA had the same taste. I was blaming the dreaded EXTRACT TWANG enigma. Honestly, I was ready to give up on IPA's. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what was going on. I tweaked the grains, hops, hop schedules, dme/lme, boiled with electric, boiled with gas. It was literally driving me nuts. Just when I was about to give up on my favorite style of beer it hit me! A private conversation that I had with our good ole Jim. I went back into my email archives and there it was. I pm'd Jim about this awhile back, and he was kind enough to respond. Jim simply stated, "It's your water." Doggone if he wasn't 100% right!!! He recommended using either bottled spring water or getting a filtration system. I opted to go bottled, and although I've only tried it with a quick 2g Mr. Beer based IPA, the difference was incredible. I'm confident, thanks to Jim, that I can make brewery quality IPA's now and my heavy-on-the-malts have NEVER tasted better. Wish I had the chance to thank him, but somehow I know that he knows.
  2. Can't believe that I haven't brewed this yet. If I do a cooler brew this summer, maybe this will be the one.
  3. Thanks, Rick. My water is well water sans chlorine, but it has an immense amount of mineral content. Every few months we have to unspool the diffusers on the sinks and remove the white calcified build up. Ever since I've switched to spring water (thank you, Jim!), my beer has been much better. Honestly I only ever noticed it in my IPA recipes. They were all tasting the same: Kama Citra, Dead Ringer, Galaxy IPA, and Island Hopper. It was VERY disheartening!
  4. I did speak w/Stroom. He left me a message on PS4 awhile back.
  5. I was touring the world playing Pokémon Go with @RickBeer!
  6. Thanks Hot Rod!
  7. Only one has gone from kettle to keg b/c the others have a conditioning time of anywhere from 1-2yrs! The one I've tried was the Cream Ale and the difference has been day & night. I've also used bottled water exclusively and that has helped as well.
  8. Night off from drinking??!! Are you nuts!!??
  9. I know Sarge & I will. A lot at once.
  10. 1. Still Around 2. Not yet, but set a date. 3. Yes, a lot of all grain. (Honey Wheat, Cream Ale, Bourbon Porter, Barleywine) 4. Hell NO!
  11. Creepyyy! Missed ya, man! Lotsa catching up to do!
  12. I saw on one of the home brewing websites that they have hop rhisomes on sale for $1.00 each. It says that they should be planted in early spring and we're in early summer. Do you think this would work here in the northeast? I don't even care if they flop this year, but grow long and proud next year. Any input??
  13. Coming out? Not sure what year you're on in the Degobah System little green guy, but here on good ole earth it's 2017! 😉
  14. I figured that you did, but better safe than sorry. 😀👍🏽🐿
  15. Out of sunlight, of course. (?)
  16. Nw, I'd probably up the syrup and lower the brown sugar. If you want to taste the maple at all, definitely WAY up the syrup & replace the brown sugar with white.
  17. I believe that there are a few Mr. Beer recipes out there that use NWPA and mix it with another HME. Perhaps it was the American Burleywine. I made one last year and it quickly (actually, not so quick -- 12mths of conditioning) became my favorite Mr. Beer recipe thus far.
  18. Rick has a post somewhere where he describes the process. I would just search spigot.
  19. Visions of Night Train, Thunderbird, and Mad Dog 20/20 come to mind.
  20. Never taken mine apart either, but if it's mold we're dealing with here I guess I ought to reconsider my routine.
  21. I really don't think that adding 1 pack of Mr. Beer LME, a booster, and 1/2 ounce of hops qualifies this recipe as being mad scientist.
  22. Mixing the 2 shouldn't cause any explosions. I've mixed 2 for the American Burleywine recipe & used 3 Saint Pat's Stouts in one LBK for the Lock, Stock, and Barrel... my house is still standing! Good luck!
  23. LBK1 - I think that you're going to be fine there. Actually I think that it's going to turn out rather good. Just curious when you added the hops: 60min, 15min, 5min? That's going to make a difference. LBK2 - Not adding the "one called for hop" may change things a bit. This will definitely be ready in time for your birthday. IPA's need less time to condition, and usually taste better after a shorter conditioning period b/c you want those hop oils to be fresh! LBK3 - Went by the books on that one, so nothing to really discuss. I'd say you get a thumbs up on all 3!
  24. I agree with Shrike. Those are simple enough additions, so why not? Good luck with your brew. 😀