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  1. I was getting a little disenchanted with my IPA recipes, especially the extract recipes. Every IPA had the same taste. I was blaming the dreaded EXTRACT TWANG enigma. Honestly, I was ready to give up on IPA's. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what was going on. I tweaked the grains, hops, hop schedules, dme/lme, boiled with electric, boiled with gas. It was literally driving me nuts. Just when I was about to give up on my favorite style of beer it hit me! A private conversation that I had with our good ole Jim. I went back into my email archives and there it was. I pm'd Jim about this awhile back, and he was kind enough to respond. Jim simply stated, "It's your water." Doggone if he wasn't 100% right!!! He recommended using either bottled spring water or getting a filtration system. I opted to go bottled, and although I've only tried it with a quick 2g Mr. Beer based IPA, the difference was incredible. I'm confident, thanks to Jim, that I can make brewery quality IPA's now and my heavy-on-the-malts have NEVER tasted better. Wish I had the chance to thank him, but somehow I know that he knows.
  2. About a year ago I tried a Bacon Porter at a local brewery and really liked its uniqueness. I was going to try to imitate this one in the spring when I make the switch to all grain, but I'm going to give it a shot using a partial mash. 6lbs Golden Light LME 2.5lbs of Cherrywood Smoked Malt 8oz of Caramel 80L 8oz of Dark Chocolate Malt 1tsp Irish Moss Total of 2.5oz of Mount Hood Hops 3 Cups of B Grade Maple Syrup WLP039 Nottingham Yeast For the Bacon -- I've read that you can use a pound of Bacon. Cook it, drain it, blot off the fat, hop sack it & add to the secondary for the final 5 days. I'm thinking 3 in the primary and 4 in the secondary.
  3. I saw on one of the home brewing websites that they have hop rhisomes on sale for $1.00 each. It says that they should be planted in early spring and we're in early summer. Do you think this would work here in the northeast? I don't even care if they flop this year, but grow long and proud next year. Any input??
  4. ATF notified. ?
  5. Even considered non-carb version that could have a dash of spice and served warm... but I hear ya on the sick thing.
  6. Live my dream, Creeps. Make the Bourbon recipe!
  7. Ozzy Osborne? ? Once it hits the bucket it stays put. 3 weeks max. Not even a secondary b/c I feel like cider needs some sediment to give it authenticity. Most amount of hops I've added to cider was 1oz of Mosaic @ 5mins. A little went a long way in cider... and you know that I over do EVERYTHING!
  8. Creeps, the hardest part about making a cider is finding your desired sweetness. You can throw just about anything you want in there. If I wasn't so focused on getting these AG recipes going I'd probably brew 2 or 3 cider recipes. I wanted to do a Hard Peach Apple with peaches from the orchard and maybe even a graft with wheat LME, flaked wheat, and 2-row, and an Apple Jack w/Bourbon and just a few French Oak Chips. Just don't see it happening this year.
  9. ...ah, just realized that I never mentioned that all of my ciders are carbonated.
  10. Don't forget Creeps that I was using the Mr. Beer Hard Pear Cider recipe initially. Hop schedule was for the hopped cider only. When I use orchard cider I still like to boil it b/c I like to add a little LME or DME + I am paranoid over getting infections. It's a quick boil--15mins tops.
  11. Of all of them that I've made I would say my favorites are (in no particular order): Ginger, Hopped, Spiced, Pumpkin Spiced, & the Graft.
  12. Always at 5mins left. I was living in fear of caramelizing the sugar and I didn't want that "burned sugar" taste in there.
  13. Every time that I've made cider I've had to bomb the crap out of it w/lactose to get it how I like it. I was going for something between a Red's and a not too sweet cider. I'm sure there are 1,000's of opinions on that.
  14. Forced post... but I'll work with it. Let me eat and then I'll run some ideas by you.
  15. Sounds good in concept, Jim. ??
  16. How are you doing down there, Pete?
  17. Boil over? Now you're official, Jasbo! ????
  18. I have 2 cans of Diablo IPA that are rapidly approaching their best by dates. I was thinking about giving a pumpkin IPA a try using 1 can of Diablo as the base. I have never tried the Diablo straight up, so do you think that it's hoppy enough or will it benefit from a 60min 1/2oz Fuggles addition? Here is the possible plan: 1 can of Diablo HME Steep .25 Munich & .5lb of Maris Otter @ 150 for 30mins If I use the Fuggles I'll throw in 1cup of Pilsen light dme for the boil 1tsp McCormicks Pumpkin Pie Spice 2lbs of Libby's Pure Pumpkin Purée Safale US-05 Thoughts: 1. The Pilsen light dme will possibly give the beer an orange hue after being added to the hme. 2. Definitely not looking for the hops to be the prime flavor. 3. 2 weeks at 65*, 1 week at 40* NO SECONDARY, condition for 2.5wks max (it's an IPA) 4. Pumpkin/spices added in the last 5mins of boil (purée will be caramelized) 5. ANY input would be most appreciated! ????
  19. Not sure how the Pumpkin IPA is going to turn out, but it smells like pumpkin pie. Even my fiancée mentioned that it smells like fall in the closet. That's about as close as she gets to a beer compliment. ????
  20. @RickBeer will cringe when he sees this /\ /\
  21. Still kick myself in the ass for not buying 20 of those suckers when they were going for $5!
  22. It needs more time to condition. Take 'em out of the fridge, give it another week, and then try another bottle. ????
  23. You're gonna love that one, Pete. It's gonna make a mighty fine fall brew. ??