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  1. Somewhere between the Twin Cities and Seattle works for me, haha.
  2. Untappd is telling me that I need to accept your request, but I don't have a notification on my dashboard. Try deleting your friend request and then I'll try from my side. I've tried several times to friend you but there seems to be a glitch in the platform.
  3. Awesome! You were born to sample beers on YouTube, Creeps.
  4. @MiniYoda "main event" -- LL! Don't feel obligated to drink and/or judge that box of beer. This was just my way of living vicariously through you Midwest MUGgers. Drink beer wherever you find yourselves and have a great time!
  5. Hey Alejandro, you might give us a hint how to find you on Untappd!
  6. OK -- you guys should be good to go!
  7. Our forecast for the next 6-48 hours includes a blizzard warning with 40-50 mph winds and 8-12 inches of snow. While normal people stock up on bread, milk and tobacco, I made a quick stop at the LHBS for base malts and yeast. After crafting a brew, I plan to enter a few more beers on Untappd and add all my new friends.
  8. Sounds like a plan. Regarding the use of treacle, I was reminded of this article on brewing an Old Ale: That author (and others) would not substitute molasses for English treacle, but is there really a difference? Who knows, but I would bet that in a robust stout like LS&B, you probably would not notice any difference. When brewing with treacle, I do a short boil (5-10 min) late addition using just a quarter cup or so. You could also hop-sack the nibs and throw those in at the same time. Good luck!
  9. Like @HoppySmile! used to say, be careful taking brewing advice from a tiny tree guy. Actually though, my 3rd batch of RS&O is conditioning now. As is typical, I drank the trub bottle "early" and it is quite good. This should be a very nice brew for Fall.
  10. I totally agree w/Shrike!
  11. Use just a couple ounces in addition to the other grains listed.
  12. I probably do overuse this specialty malt but you only live once.
  13. ...Oh, and don't forget the Special B!🍻
  14. Cacao nibs, treacle and sub 1 of the Smooth LMEs with Robust?
  15. I'm always impressed with your ability to stick to a brew schedule. Sometimes I'll change my mind in the time that it takes me to go from the kitchen down the stairs where I store my grains!