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  1. legacy recipe

    So, there seems to be no clear decision on which yeast to pitch. OG came in @ 1.100. As the tiebreaker, I will pitch with the yeast suggested by the first response to this post. Ready, set...
  2. legacy recipe

    Caught one 14" brown trout on a woolly bugger then let it go.
  3. legacy recipe

    Gonna let this wort air-cool for a few hours while I take my nephew fly-fishing. Hopefully by then, the small issue of which yeast to pitch will be resolved, and I'll have an OG to post!🍻
  4. legacy recipe

    Flame-out! Thanks guys.
  5. legacy recipe

    Nice! A vote for Challenger (UK) hops! Do I get to break the tie?🍻
  6. legacy recipe

    Thanks Creeps. Looks like I'm bittering with Nugget, but no consensus on aroma hops unless there is a rush to the polls in the next half hour.
  7. legacy recipe

    And I did! That was my other poll last night though, haha.
  8. legacy recipe

    Just reached the hot break and started the boil -- there's still time!🍻
  9. legacy recipe

    Thanks 'Rod! I was hoping that @Big Sarge, @HoppySmile!, @AnthonyC (Wherever you are), @RickBeer, @Nickfixit, @sabres032, @Stroomer420, @MrWhy, @J A, @scouterbill, @Shrike, @gophers6, @Brian N., @MiniYoda, @BDawg62, @kedogn and @John K. had absolutely nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon than help me with my Barleywine! @Creeps McLane, you voted last night, right?🍻 Mashing-out for a 60 min. boil.
  10. legacy recipe

    Thanks @MichaelL! Maybe if I offered everyone that votes a complimentary bottle of this for Christmas, I might get better turn-out.
  11. legacy recipe

    Mashing-in -- your vote matters!🍻
  12. legacy recipe

    I added Danstar London ESB yeast and Target hops for those that are still on the fence, haha.
  13. legacy recipe

    Asking for help collaboration on crafting an English-style Barleywine using the Mr. Beer Seasonal ESB (best before May 2016), Pale LME, and a mini-mash. I've pretty much figured out the grain bill: Marris otter, CaraMunich I, Caramel 60, Special B, and maybe a little Melanoidin malt, but that's about as far as I've gotten. Hops and yeast still need work. Why should I have all the fun?
  14. recipe

    Tasting notes 3/24/17: Nice, dark and malty 6.6% ABV lager with definite Munich flavors that balance quite well with the Hersbrucker addition. Having a hard time picking up on the Special B, but this beer is good enough to justify picking up another Mr. Beer Dortmunder or two and fermenting with Saflager w-34/70 next time (attenuation with the MJ Bohemian Lager M84 yeast was only 68%). Overall, a pretty tasty Doppelbock to celebrate the return of Spring.🍻🏌
  15. legacy recipe

    Qbrew estimated an OG of 1.080 -- I measured it @ 1.067. I will be lucky to get 75% attenuation with the Mangrove Jack's, so ABV will be no more than 6.5% (plus a tad more from the rum).