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  1. beer wars

    If you don't brew it, who will? Well done! 🍻
  2. I did -- it turned out nice!
  3. beer wars

    just thought maybe you ran that recipe through qbrew
  4. beer wars

    You got an OG on this beast? Can't wait to see how this one comes out!
  5. beer wars

    Love the El Dorado @MrWhy!
  6. Day 22 -- Bottled the 5.9% ABV UK Peaty Wheat (BeerWars II) Bavarian Weissbier HME, 1.87 lb. BrewMax Smooth DME, 0.47 lb. Crisp Gleneagles Maris Otter, 0.5 lb. Crisp CaraMalt 15, 0.2 lb. Simpson's Peated Malt, 0.17 lb. Munton's Torrified Wheat, 0.17 lb. Simpson's Chocolate Malt, 0.06 lb. Weyermann Carafa Special 2, 0.06 lb. Fuggle (UK) 0.25 oz, 20 min. Fuggle (UK) 0.75 oz, 7 min. Safbrew WB-06 Dry Wheat yeast HME + mini-mash (60 min. @ 154 F) 30 min. boil SRM 17 IBU 29 OG 1.054 Ferment @ 68-70 F and let the esters have their fun.
  7. And I thought that the pic of Terry Bradshaw's naked a$$ would be the most inappropriate post of the day...
  8. You can absolutely ferment lagers -- the only thing that I would add to Sarge's comment is get yourself a remote AccuRite weather station and place the transponder in the cooler with your LBK. I call this technique "remote perving" and it makes keeping an eye on temperature very easy. Good luck!
  10. **quietly enjoying a Doppelmunder Import**
  11. Grains and BIAB ( or Mash-in-a-Sack, as I call it) changed my life! You still get to hang around your enabling friends on The Forum while brewing 2 gallon batches of beer with no more investment than a few reusable mesh bags and a 3-4 gallon pot . You will quickly find that your creative energies are boundless -- HME + grains, LMEs + hops/grains, All-grain, etc.. You can brew the Belgian of your dreams!🍻
  12. Thanks Why! I've been getting most of my grains from the LHBS -- they have an excellent selection of all the BSG Craft grains including Weyermann (my favorite), Simpson's, Rahr, Crisp, Briess, Chateau, etc.. As for this recipe, I think the Dark Candi Sugar, Safbrew Abbaye yeast, and grains just really work well with the Bewitched AA, one of the best Mr. Beer HMEs for my tastes.🍻
  13. At 6 months, this one has developed a really nice dark caramel finish that enhances the Bewitched maltiness.