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  1. Here is a partial mash version of El Gordito that turned out very good.
  2. Before adding a Day 13 dry-hop, I grabbed a hydrometer sample and got a good taste of a pleasant mouth-puckering 1.006 brew. pH is holding at 3.8 so I think I'll cold crash this on Day 18 and bottle next weekend.
  3. Maybe?
  4. From the album Misutabiru

    Port Barrel Aged Old Ale 🍻
  5. legacy recipe

    I'm gonna brew this again, substituting 3 lbs. Maris Otter, a few specialty grains, and Smooth DME for the ESB extract. Thinking ahead to the 2019 National Homebrew Competition.
  6. legacy recipe

    15 months in and this tastes amazingly like Founders Curmudgeon! I'd love to share this beer with everyone but I've only got one bottle left...
  7. In anticipation of my order, I started a Captain Morgan & oak steep this morning. They said it would never happen but Rum, Smoke & Oak III is destined to be brewed!
  8. Are you kidding me? It took almost a year for me to overcome the distraught feelings and pain suffered after the discontinuation of WDA was announced! Now Mr. Beer is toying with our emotions by offering a limited release! ps added to cart
  9. Saccharomyces cerevisiae can take it from here (Mangrove Jack's U.S. West Coast - M44). FG ~ 1.050 SRM ~ 6 IBU ~ 38 pH ~ 3.8
  10. OK, I have to admit -- I'm starting to feel a little sorry for these Lactobacilli that I worked so hard to grow. From an hour at boiling temp. to 10 F, these poor bastards never knew what they were in for.
  11. As turbid as these starters looked after 24 hours, I was surprised that there was little odor beyond that of pale DME wort. After reading about failed yogurt starters, i.e. those including odor descriptors such as "vomit," "baby diaper," and/or "spoiled milk," I was expecting at least some slightly offensive odor. Hopefully, this would indicate a good start to this experiment. Anyway, I adjusted the pH of the unhopped 2-Row wort slightly with a tablespoon of lactic acid, added my starters, mixed, and put kettle on the back burner @ 100-105 F for 24 hours.
  12. @swenocha This first attempt is basically an experiment to see what kind of souring I can expect using a mixed culture of Lactobacillus and other yogurt biota. Although I cheated slightly by adjusting the initial pH of these starters using lactic acid, I'm trying to favor the growth of L. acidophilus and L. brevis. In the end, this will be a straight-up, LBK-sized Sour IPA. Hopefully later attempts will utilize fruit, barrel aging, etc., but since I'm a total nube to sours, I'm gonna keep this one fairly simple. If successful, a @Creeps McLane-inspired Berliner Weisse will be next!🍻
  13. Here goes nothing! I'll culture these starters in a 105 F water bath for 24-30 hours before pitching in wort tomorrow.
  14. Thanks -- I'm really looking forward to trying something a little different. This will be kettle-soured though, so no lacto. to worry about post-boil.
  15. Speaking of dumping beer, I'm gonna try brewing a lacto sour this weekend -- wish me luck!