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  1. @MiniYoda From my experience with MRB lagers, I would recommend the 2-3 day diacetyl rest, but not necessarily the cold-crash. Carbonate @ room temp. for a couple weeks, then lager in your beer fridge until consumption. Great experiment, Yoda!
  2. OK then, a Blonde Lager dry-hopped w/Galena. I would enjoy that.🍻
  3. Sure, or use the US-05 on the NWPA with a little Simcoe dry-hop? Now you've got me thinking again.... Or you could wait until @MrWhy, @MRB Tim, and others finally show their cards, and post their recipes.
  4. recipe

    Thanks, but it never would have happened without your Tales from the Sonora!🍻
  5. recipe

    Bottled @ FG 1.020 -- ABV was a little lighter than expected @ 6.0%, but probably the 'wittiest' Belgian I've brewed thus far.🍻
  6. Sure! I think you might be the first brewer to actually take a chance on this one, but I know you'll enjoy it -- using the Baltic seasonal will make it even that more special!🍻
  7. @Creeps McLane Was that K-97 there before? Anyway, I crafted a partial extract 10 gal. variation of a Blonde for your perusal: Pale malt, 12 lbs. Canadian Blonde HME, 3.74 lbs. Warrior hops (15.4% AA) 0.5 oz., 60 min. Mandarina Bavaria hops, 1 oz. @ flame-out Safale K-97 Mash malt @ 152 F for an hour. Mash-out @ 168 F. Sparge. 90 min. boil. HMEs @ flame-out. Ferment @ 60 F. OG 1.046 IBU 19 SRM 4 Blonde Warrior Ale?🍻
  8. One of my favorites...
  9. Chicago and Detroit have to get their own beer.
  10. You asked for it Creeps!
  11. I do cold-crash occasionally but usually rely more on the propped-up LBK trick to minimize trub. Thanks though.
  12. Round 2 of 'What's in Creeps' Cupboard?'!! I'm in!
  13. Here's another one. Sorry, I'm kinda getting into this!
  14. Take a look - Blackberry Peach Lager!
  15. Like Creeps, all of my fruit beers have been from a can, but I did find a recipe that uses fresh pitted and mashed peaches added after the boil. Maybe purée them, then add to the post-boil wort, allowing them to 'steep' for 15 min. Is this going to be Peachy Wheat?