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  1. Try jiggling the red wire...
  2. beer wars

    It's good, but good enough to place 2nd in 'beer wars?' That will be up to the newly Anointed Beer Judge, @MRB Josh R!
  3. So that's actually the coveted and legendary "Safale BE-134" orange T-shirt? I'll trade you a 6-pack of homebrewed saison for it! Seriously, I haven't seen this saison yeast for sale locally, but will keep looking. Hope you guys had a great time at the conference.🍻
  4. The coveted and legendary "SafAle BE-256" orange T-shirt?! Creeps, grab me one of those!
  5. Obviously, I am going to say 'go for it!'🍻
  6. Took a shot at a Specialty White IPA... Hella Hoppy Wit Bavarian Weissbier HME, 1.87 lb. Mr. Beer booster, 0.39 lb. 2-Row, 1.0 lb. Flaked Wheat, 0.15 lb. Briess Pilsen, 0.35 lb. Summit, 0.25 oz, 20 min. Galaxy, 0.375 oz, 10 min. Citra, 0.5 oz, 5 min. Galaxy, 0.375 oz. @ flame-out Corriander seed, ground, 1-tsp. @ 10 min. Safbrew T-58 Dry Ale yeast HME + mini-mash (60 min. @ 150 F) Sparge with 2-3 cups hot water 30 min. boil (w/booster) HME @ flame-out SRM 4 IBU 57 OG 1.054 Ferment @ 68-70 F.
  7. You could always add rum & oak.
  8. +5 on that Gopher. I've even given those caps a little extra tightening just before putting bottles in the fridge. Whatever laws of physical science are in play related to lost carbonation, I will not lose a beer at this critical stage of the brewing process!
  9. beer wars

    Since I was juicing mandarins anyway, I followed @MRB Tim's recommendation and added some to my Brother's Beer.
  10. recipe

    Added the additional mandarin juice along with the dry-hop tonight -- this should be tasty!🍊
  11. beer wars

    Status of Tipo de Belga Dobles. -- I will say that this brew does have a nice Dubbel feel to it.
  12. beer wars

    These beers are going to be great and will probably create enough buzz in the craft beer world to justify a new BJCP Substyle 34D. Experimental International Mixed-Style Hybrid Ale!
  13. beer wars

    Looks like I better check my inventory to see if I have any Cervezas left! Nice modifications though -- I'm pretty sure that you just took out my Cerveza de Hermano.
  14. legacy recipe

    I'll get back to you on that Hoppy -- I think I have at least one of everything in inventory, including about 8 weissbiers, haha.