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  1. recipe

    I did not plan on this one sticking around for Oktoberfest, but the early ones that I drank mid-Sept. were quite interesting with Sorachi Ace intensity -- not so much lemony as marketed, but more like juniper berry. After another month of conditioning, that bitterness has mellowed significantly leaving me with a respectable pale ale.
  2. Nice work, Pete!🍻
  3. @FINGER You could also remove the Summit bittering from my recipe and brew a (Not So) Hella Hoppy Wit!
  4. IDK -- reminds me too much of the 2-L separatory funnels that we use in the lab.
  5. recipe

    I'm still fending for myself for sustenance, so...
  6. recipe

    So how is Lost Donkey? Like a performance-enhanced Hoegaarden that thinks it's a Marzen!
  7. Good stuff, Gopher. What homebrew do you serve with that?
  9. Hmmm.... I was wondering about this just yesterday. Is it possible to 'wear out' a LBK? I've always washed mine thoroughly with a soft cloth, soap and warm water immediately after bottling -- but maybe after 20 or 30 batches, time to retire them?
  10. Just a quick update for you @MiniYoda -- following a two-week fermentation and a 3-day diacetyl rest, I racked my mostly-grain Helles to another LBK @ FG 1.008 and returned to 50 F (the garage) for secondary fermentation/lagering. The hydro. sample is very good - soft, grainy, and malty.
  11. Not to get too far OT but I can sympathize with you & Creeps. After a summer of random bottle bombs and all too frequent over-carbs, I am ready to make a few process changes including using bottled, i.e. sterile water for my top-off volume, and using StarSan for my sanitizer. Like you said, there are too many variables to control, but I'm confident that we will eventually get to the bottom of this issue. 🍻
  12. recipe

    And here is the last mug of Doppelmunder -- sure gonna miss those Mr. Beer Seasonals!
  13. Perle + Hallertau?
  14. Last bottle of Abbey Quad -- this one will get brewed again. 🍻
  15. recipe

    No one seems to know for sure if the 'K' in Safale K-97 actually stands for "Kolsch," but this yeast does a really nice job @ 60 F. I will be interested to hear how your lager version comes out. ?