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  1. Exactly! I did say my plan was not set in stone, and of course I've already checked out that Redbud and found a simple recipe online... Stay tuned.
  2. Thank you for the recommendation -- I will brew a Berliner very soon!
  3. Moving right along, I started another lacto culture this morning at the lab. This time I added about a tablespoon of lactose to really get things going. Although my plan is subject to change, I'm thinking a Barrel aged Oud Bruin with tart cherries and cacao nibs might make for a nice Christmas Ale. (Sorry, @Creeps McLane, my LHBS was out of malted wheat for that Berliner Weisse recipe that I've had rattling around in my head.)
  4. ...and @HoppySmile! sleeping on your front lawn?
  5. It all depends on how you feel about sticking to recognized styles. Here's a link to my favorite light reading.
  6. Thanks -- this is barely bitter but the dry-hop might give unsuspecting hopheads the sensation of drinking an IPA. Pull & Be Dampfed, man!🍻
  7. Bottled @ FG 1.006.🍏🍋🍻
  8. That was an inspired dry-hop combo, Creeps -- the citrusy aroma is nice, and the hop-forward flavor is right up front. I really like it!🍻
  9. I don't know, @kedogn -- this turned out pretty good. This reminds me of a light, somewhat citrusy, sessionable wit with the wheat yeast defining the character of the beer. AG Dampfbier Weyermann Barke Pilsner, 2.3 lb. Weyermann Light Munich, 1 lb. Weyermann Vienna, 0.5 lb. CaraBelge, 0.25 lb. Hallertau Mittelfruh, 0.75 oz., 45 min. Hallertau Mittelfruh, 0.25 oz., 5 min. Danstar Munich Classic Wheat yeast Day 11 dry-hop with Mandarina Bavaria + Hallertau Blanc OG 1.050 SRM 5 IBU 15 ABV 5.5%
  10. @HeffeGeezer More than likely, here's your calculation: OG 1.043 - FG 1.013 = 0.030, so 0.030 X 131.25 = 3.9% ABV.
  11. Here is a partial mash version of El Gordito that turned out very good.
  12. Before adding a Day 13 dry-hop, I grabbed a hydrometer sample and got a good taste of a pleasant mouth-puckering 1.006 brew. pH is holding at 3.8 so I think I'll cold crash this on Day 18 and bottle next weekend.
  13. Maybe?
  14. From the album Misutabiru

    Port Barrel Aged Old Ale 🍻
  15. legacy recipe

    I'm gonna brew this again, substituting 3 lbs. Maris Otter, a few specialty grains, and Smooth DME for the ESB extract. Thinking ahead to the 2019 National Homebrew Competition.