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  1. So how does it taste @ kegging? Am I fired?
  2. I think 1 oz. would be just right. Save an oz. for a Mandarina Bavarian Wheat!
  3. I will be the first to admit, you got me there with that one, Creeps. Good work man!
  4. Would this work?
  5. Yeah, I thought about that as well -- too much Carafa might impart undesired roastiness, but with limited use it might not be noticeable. We need help from @MRB Josh R and @MRB Tim on this one!
  6. Oh, OK. I'm just curious what half a pound of 430 ºL Carafa 2 will do for the final color. How dark do you feel this brew should be?
  7. How does this program calc. SRM? Can you input Lovibond?
  8. Right, along with adding a pound of your malted rye, I think the Mandarina Bavaria would be the better dry-hop. I really like your method of splitting the batch and getting 2 brews out of 1 mash. 🍻
  9. Whatever happened to the good 'ol days when @MRB Josh R would get us all whipped up with excitement when releasing a new recipe?!! Thinking Lock, Stock & Barrel Imperial Stout, Chewbeerca, or Witch's Flight -- kidding, Josh, but I'd love to know the backstory of this winter warmer!🍻
  10. I just added this one to my Christmas list!
  11. That sounds like the perfect fermentation to me -- no worries!🍻
  12. Mine is a Perle-bittered, mostly-grain recipe with Patagonia Extra Pale Malt and Robust LME, with a cold-steep of coffee malt, chocolate malt and freshly ground Medium Roast Peruvian coffee. I also added Equadorian Cocoa nibs along with EKG hops for the last 5 min. of the boil. Safale S-04 should do nicely on this South American themed session stout. OG was 1.044.
  13. Looking at Dark Farmhouse as it stands, I might actually save the Mandarina Bavaria for the dry-hop and use the Strisselspalt for the late boil addition, i.e. swap-the-hops. As for the new grain bill, I've been using 4oz. flaked rye in my Petite frere de Saison 2-gal. batches so maybe 1 lb. would work nicely for this Grisette. Anyway, I don't know if this will turn out to be the beer of your dreams but if it is, hopefully that dream won't be a nightmare!
  14. NOW we're talking! When's your next brew day? 🍻
  15. Did you happen to mark the trub (last) bottle? I've had the same thing happen on many batches.