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  1. Bonsai & Brew

    Putting it all together...

    Yeah, about that 1-month lagering period...
  2. Bonsai & Brew

    Putting it all together...

    Maybe Mr. Beer could start marketing a 2-gallon version!
  3. Bonsai & Brew

    Putting it all together...

    I think my German version of Anchor Steam will benefit from a one month lagering period, but this is pretty tasty. The aroma is pronounced and reminds me of freshly baked bread cooling on the windowsill of a Prussian cottage on a crisp October afternoon.
  4. Bonsai & Brew


  5. Bonsai & Brew


    Agreed. The Precision Labs test strips appear to be crap. I bought a second pack of them thinking that my first might be expired or degraded but it made no difference. The wide range Hydrion papers work great though -- I can tell easily when my pH is somewhere between 5.0-5.5.
  6. Bonsai & Brew

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    I understand your dilema -- for a while there it seemed that everything in inventory was dark. I am looking forward to the upcoming rotation of Commons, Pales, Alts and (even) IPAs. Good luck with your next entry in the Challenge!
  7. Bonsai & Brew

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    I had a Chartwell's Special Christmas Ale while cereal-mashing some wheat for a Belgian Witbier recipe -- worth the wait!🍻
  8. Bonsai & Brew

    US-04 or US-05

    Preferring S-04 or US-05 is sort of like the age-old debate of 'Ginger or MaryAnn.' It depends.
  9. Bonsai & Brew

    Putting it all together...

    I bottled Ankerdampf @ FG 1.008 and 5.25% ABV. The chilled hydrometer sample had a very nice hop presence that I'm attributing to the improved water profile.
  10. Bonsai & Brew

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    I'm having a hard time with this. Why would Anchor package krausened beer (i.e. actively fermenting), boast about it on their label, then flash-pasteurize but not filter their beers?
  11. Bonsai & Brew

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    I have not started my quest for local Anchor Steam, but the gas station a quarter-mile away has the Lager so I grabbed that. As for the question of which breweries pasteurize their product, there are a good number of craft breweries that do not. Sadly, it appears that Anchor is not on that list -- if one is to believe everything they find on the Internet, they "flash-pasteurize" all their beer.
  12. Bonsai & Brew

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    Earlier today I had a bottle of Anchor California Lager. Like Anchor Steam, their lager is also a krausened beer. Sure enough, there was a nice thin layer of sediment on the bottom of the bottle and my first thought was "I could culture that!" Then I remembered this thread. I'm not looking to trigger another guru-brewer backlash, but it certainly seems likely that this sediment may very well contain live yeast. https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/how-to-brew/how-to-harvest-and-culture-commercial-yeast-for-homebrewers/
  13. Bonsai & Brew

    "Red Keep" Biere de Garde

    For all to brew... @Creeps McLane - Thank you for your honest review and kind words, like referring to me as f*$@*ng guy.🍻
  14. Bonsai & Brew

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    I bottled Churchill's Tropical Stout @ 'FG' 1.020. So I've got the residual sweetness that I was hoping for but ABV barely makes it for the style at 5.5%. The hydrometer sample is quite nice though with roasty chocolate and dark malt flavors.
  15. Bonsai & Brew

    Stau-Haus Slash Pile IPA🌲

    I'll defer to @Creeps McLane on working with BS3 as my version does not support the Water Profile Tool. I know from chemistry (haha) that reducing strike water alkalinity will allow the grains to naturally acidify the mash and I have confirmed this using pH paper. As discussed earlier this week on the Forum, pH paper is not going to be as accurate as a meter, but I'm getting estimated values around 5.5 or so. That's close enough for me.