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  1. I tried my best to bargain for a replacement sale but apparently failed.
  2. I can't make it but if I wanted to contribute to your Friday night festivities, where could I send a box of Bonsai beer?
  3. Live streaming while at work is frowned on, unless it is NCAA basketball. We do get to sample my homebrew on Friday afternoons though, so at least management has their priorities in order.🍻
  4. I can ask my "Pride of Ringwood" hops question!!!
  5. I'm enjoying a 5.8% ABV Hopadopoulos Pale Sour Ale on brew day.
  6. Here goes nothing! I'll culture these starters in a 105 F water bath for 24-30 hours before pitching in wort tomorrow.
  7. You mean I took the day off work so I could watch @MRB Josh R brew a CAL and now there is no Friday livestream?
  8. If I take this one to Denver, I'll put your name on it as co-brewer/collaborator.
  9. @MRB Josh R I don't think you've thought this through. Do you really want this bunch logging on and harassing you on a live feed for an hour? Good Luck!!!
  10. I knew you'd figure it out.
  11. @Creeps McLane "mash in a sack?" 👍🍻
  12. I did brew the Fage Oud Bruin last weekend and added puréed red tart cherries, sherry and oak today. After another 2 or 3 weeks of fermentation, it should be ready to bottle followed by 6 months of aging.
  13. I totally agree.
  14. Some here prefer the wand and then there are the hold-outs that have not tried it yet. Personally, I don't think bottling could be any easier than drawing directly from the spigot. I would guess that both methods would work equally well to minimize aerating the beer while bottling.
  15. Thanks Yoda -- I think about half of those "likes" were from @AnthonyC and @MrWhy 'back in the day.' Haha Good luck with Mad Ludwig Marzen. That was my first lager and one of my favorite pre-grain Mr. Beer recipes.🍻
  16. @ flame-out
  17. If you look closely in the upper left, you can see the treadmill safely folded up and out of the way. #showmeyourstash
  18. Exactly! I did say my plan was not set in stone, and of course I've already checked out that Redbud and found a simple recipe online... Stay tuned.
  19. Thank you for the recommendation -- I will brew a Berliner very soon!
  20. Moving right along, I started another lacto culture this morning at the lab. This time I added about a tablespoon of lactose to really get things going. Although my plan is subject to change, I'm thinking a Barrel aged Oud Bruin with tart cherries and cacao nibs might make for a nice Christmas Ale. (Sorry, @Creeps McLane, my LHBS was out of malted wheat for that Berliner Weisse recipe that I've had rattling around in my head.)
  21. ...and @HoppySmile! sleeping on your front lawn?
  22. It all depends on how you feel about sticking to recognized styles. Here's a link to my favorite light reading.
  23. Thanks -- this is barely bitter but the dry-hop might give unsuspecting hopheads the sensation of drinking an IPA. Pull & Be Dampfed, man!🍻
  24. Bottled @ FG 1.006.🍏🍋🍻