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  1. I've planted Nugget, "Golden," and a couple unnamed cultivars this spring. All appear to be off to a good start.
  2. recipe

    Great -- now I'm shopping for yet another stock pot to brew mash-in-sack recipes...
  3. recipe

    In the spirit of friendly competition, grab some Churchills Nut Brown Ale refills for $10 and get crafting! I've always felt a little sorry for this extract because there is only 1 recipe for it. Maybe we can get some ideas going here and brew something special to keep Calavera Spiced Chile Stout company. This would be a great time for @AnthonyC to return to the Forum with his "Fat Bottomed Squirrels" Nut Brown Ale recipe, but get crafty, be original, and have fun!
  4. recipe

    Tell me about it! That is exactly what I've been looking for. I'll continue my search online but from your description, that 3 gallon kettle would be perfect for 2 gallon mash-in-sack recipes, and the steamer basket would allow for a little sparging as well!
  5. recipe

    Looking forward to it!
  6. recipe

    Nice "Wee Heavy Winston" there Cato! I think you've taken an early lead in the competition, but you never know what @MRB Tim might be up to...
  7. recipe

    More than likely, I'll brew another version of a cellared barrel-aged Old Ale (with, or w/o Port wine) but could end up with an English Barleywine if I get carried away with my grain bill. Discipline is not exactly my strong suit when it comes to brewing beer.
  8. recipe

    @Cato -- That's a great question and thanks for joining in! There are no ground rules but I usually can't help myself from posting recipes that I haven't even brewed yet. At the same time, you don't want to give away your best ideas to your fellow competitors, so it's up to you.
  9. beer wars

    Maybe, but I'm not certain that he is still at that address. 'Why' often spoke of beer and brewing in almost transcendent terms -- I really do wonder if he brewed The Perfect Beer and then rode off into the sunset. Remember though, @AnthonyC pulled a similar stunt a year ago by taking a 6-8 month break from the Forum and then suddenly reappeared for a short time. I guess we all have circumstances and real world issues that could potentially interrupt our brewing lives, but yeah, kinda' miss those guys.
  10. I'm still waiting on special ingredients to arrive from Mexico (OK..., Amazon) but for @MrWhy, @MRB Tim, and anyone else looking to craft a Belgian Cerveza, please post your recipe here! ?????
  11. beer wars

    My last contact with @MrWhy was August 4, 2017. At that time he was getting ready to send me a 750 mL bottle of La Noche Libra (or whatever) after I had sent him some bottles of Tipo de Belga Dobles. His package never arrived... I would like to think that after achieving homebrew Nirvana, he saddled his donkey and got lost somewhere between the Sonora and Belgium. That, or he tried to send beer via the USPS, got busted by BATF and is in jail. Sorry man -- it was fun while it lasted.🍻
  12. But a can of HME is not beer -- it is only an ingredient in the process of brewing. Otherwise one could argue that using any LME or DME in a competition beer is somehow unethical. Like Josh has said, judges don't care how the beer was produced -- it will be judged on its own merits and scored appropriately.
  13. If I ever entered a straight-up Mr. Beer recipe in a competition, I'd probably credit @MRB Josh R as collaborator. From a marketing/social buzz aspect, my feeling is that Mr. Beer would be thrilled to see one of their recipes do well (or even win) in competition. As for personal satisfaction, one still has to execute well to make any beer, so @Ironman brew should be proud of his entry.
  14. Nice job! I've been hoarding my Bewitched Amber Ale HMEs for other projects and (unfortunately) did not get around to brewing "Yule Like This." Thanks for the reminder!
  15. Rather than steeping with the grains, I think adding them to the last 10 min. of the boil would yield the most flavor. I'm under the impression that you really like the Lock, Stock & Barrel recipe! Here's to Stout!
  16. I went commando for a few months but have lately gone back to using hop sacks. Even after cold-crashing, I was still getting hop residue in my finished beer, contributing to excess CO2 nucleation and too much foam when pouring. My 2 cents...
  17. Mt. Rushmore anyone?🍻🇺🇸
  18. Don't forget that you can substitute traditional Northern Brewer hops for the Hallertau -- @MRB Josh R said we could.
  19. That will be a great summer beer -- you may want to brew a double batch!
  20. You should be proud of that one. I still feel like it's underrated and more brewers should try it!
  21. beer wars

    Bet you thought that I would forget about the pact? Ha! I've got an El Tipo chilling in the fridge for Saturday.🍻 We miss you, man.
  22. I think that it should be left misspelled in memory of the former brewer and English teacher @AnthonyC.
  23. I partial-mashed Hound of Helles with 4 oz. each of Light Munich, Pilsen, and Vienna malt. I also did a late boil addition of Hallertau Mittelfruh (about a third of an oz. for 10 min). Like @Nickfixit, this batch did not ferment out and I had too high gravity at Day 27 bottling. My issue may have been too cold fermentation/stressed yeast but I did end up with a rather nice (but sweet) bock.
  24. Qbrew is the gateway to the slipperiest of slopes -- have fun with it!
  25. Don't fear the rye! I just poured myself a yet-to-be-named Roggenbier brewed with 40% cereal-mashed rye. It has very nice flavor and even better mouthfeel. I think I actually like this better than some of the Dunkelweizens that I've brewed. As for Dry River, I don't remember the flaked rye overpowering the IPA profile and I agree with @Creeps McLane that 4 oz. would be just right.🍻