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    Bonsai & Brew reacted to Creeps McLane in Sometimes i just like to drink beer and plan projects... this is my idea of a solid S   
    Ive been busted with lotion in pics before. This however is sun tan lotion. 
    This is a pergola which hops will grow on. We have zero trees in our yard so we need shelter from the sun. This is a small one, a practice one for possibly a bigger one later
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    Bonsai & Brew got a reaction from Creeps McLane in And where the hell have you been sir???   
    Hope Hoppy did not go to jail.
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    Bonsai & Brew reacted to HoppySmile! in Happy Birthday Hoppy!   
    thank you sir! I called in at work, and right now drinking a honey wild wheat!
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    Bonsai & Brew reacted to AnthonyC in Beer Squirrel!   
    He lives!  Realized that the beer rabbit just wasn't cutting it!
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    Bonsai & Brew reacted to Bighead beer in This is gonna be an awesome hobby,wife likes the sound of apple brown beery,must admi   
    Thanks,it does sound good ,hope it turns out as well as yours when I brew it , wife has good taste I'm sure she will enjoy it