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  1. I threw the whole pound of red wheat in, and and changed hop schedule 7g Citra 7g southern dawn @45 7g Southern Dawn @25 7g Citra @15 IBU 30 ABV 4.2 It's for my dad who loves Hefes and American wheats. He's not big on hoppiness.
  2. Thanks alot! I'll probably go through with a chocolate stout with Amber DME
  3. I know I've posted a bit recently, but I'm planning the next few batches. Here's what i have for a basic 5 gallon American Wheat: 3# Pilsner DME 3# wheat DME 6oz red wheat malt .5oz magnum @60 .5oz Hallertau @40 .25oz Citra @20 Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated as always!
  4. Thanks a lot @MRB Josh R I have some Amber to use up but I may cut it in half and use light DME as well. Add some British Chocolate malt, Maris otter and hint of oats for head with some cocoa nibs...
  5. I know. I'm just looking for insight on stouts in general. I brew partial mash at the moment, usually with DMEs. Wanting to build a stout recipe.
  6. Have you ever brewed a partial mash stout without an HME?
  7. So i looked up a handful of partial mash stout recipes and found that about half use Amber DME. None use bohemian or Munich malts. I'm gonna go with Amber as my base, but will swap the bohemian for something else, maybe Maris otter?
  8. I read a few accounts of restarting fermentation after cold crashing.. thoughts @RickBeer
  9. Yeah that's what I figured. Its WLP 060 so it's fairly clean fermenting, hopefully it'll clean up.
  10. I was using frozen water bottles to control the temp. But with my work schedule this week mixed with intense heat I couldn't keep up.
  11. So a freakish (for Oregon) spring heat wave got and my pale ale had to be cold crashed early because I just couldnt keep the temp down. Got to 70º and decided it'd be safer to cold crash on day 8 then let the beer get up in the 80s Any thoughts on this matter? Gravity has been same for 2days, 1.007
  12. Yeah, i was planning on adding cocoa nibs for sure. And thanks, I'll read around a little more about the style.
  13. I do prefer a little sweetness in most styles. Especially stouts. I've never made a stout either, but figure the sweetness would go well. I like sweeter stouts as opposed to dry. I've actually only used Crystal once so far .
  14. Thinking of doing a Chocolate Stout, definitely will appreciate any input on this one. 2.3 gallon 1.562lbs (all I have) Amber DME 1lb Floor malted Dark Bohemian 1lb Crystal 90 8oz wheat DME 4oz British Chocolate malt 7g magnum @50 14g Hallertau @30 14g southern dawn @15 Yeast (Open to suggestions) OG 1.065 FG 1.016 IBU 39.6 SRM 36.2 ABV 6.4%
  15. And wheat for head retention works good, try oats, too. Great head and adds a pleasant mouthfeel.