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  1. Just took a gravity reading, 4th day of fermenting. Temp was 80ºf first 24 hours and dropped to a steady 75-76ºf so far. OG: 1.044 SG: 1.010 Tasted hydrometer sample. Nice malt flavor, hints of Orange and juniper accompanied by a banana and biscuity like funk. I think I'm really going to like this one!
  2. So first off, thank you @moots for bringing this to attention. I just happened to have had a book on hand at the time with a section all about Norwegian Farmhouse Ale and Voss' Kveik Yeast. I came up with a simple 2gal recipe that I'm fermenting now. I am very excited; the yeast is supposed to impart some funky notes and citrus fruit flavors which should marry well with the juniper berries. -1lb light DME -2lb dark bohemian floor malt -1oz Hallertau hops (14g for 40; 14g for last 15mins) -14g juniper berries (for 10mins) -Voss Kveik Yeast OG: 1.044 Any thoughts or comments? I will update in a week.
  3. I sanitize after I boil. I've been getting some nasty bottles lately so I throw in the extra step for peace of mind. Plus boiling water is cheaper than an oxiclean soak.
  4. I boil my glass bottles after i scrub the inside. Some labels come off easily, the ones that don't, I just leave on. I abbreviate the name on the lid. It'd be cool to label them someday though.
  5. It's a good beer for a cerveza. I'm from Oregon; @jasbo I don't mind a cerveza or lager on a warm day. Just crackin a joke.
  6. But then you'd have to drink pacifico..
  7. I'm thinking that's a good idea. I think I'll do a 2gal Belgian and a 5gal Marzen. I'll need something aging for Oktober.
  8. So I have a Maple Brown Sugar Ale carbing/conditioning, and i just brewed my Spurgeon Farmhouse Ale (with Juniper and Kveik Yeast). To be brewed over the next 4 weeks: Basic Pale Ale Hard Cider ??? Need to brainstorm for future
  9. Bottled this last night, and im very excited for it! The taste test during bottling had a decent amount of maple flavor left and hints of molasses. I added 1/2tsp of vanilla per gallon in the bottling bucket. Glad I did. Will report back on it in 6 weeks after I crack the first one.
  10. Thanks guys, fridge is at a constant 36. Just been busier than expected and didn't wanna pull LBKs out just to put em back two days later.
  11. Can you cold crash for too long? I'm not going to be able to bottle until 5 days total of being in fridge
  12. My original OG reading was a typo. Not sure why i said 1.038 earlier but in my actual notebook I recorded 1.050, 1.052 after temp adjustment.
  13. I am cold crashing over the next 24 hrs I was going to put LBKs in the fridge Saturday buuutt I forgot. The OG - 1.052 FG - 1.002 ABV ~ 6.5% Much dryer than i was expecting gravity wise. Hoping the Maple Extract flavor will go round it out nicely. Will post pictures when i bottle.
  14. Cool thanks guys
  15. Out of curiosity, what state do you live? Mainly wondering what breweries you have nearby. And a tasting sounds fun to do, I'll have to do that once my pipeline gets a steady flow.