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  1. What's the best way to cool the New Brewmax 2 gallon fermenter?..Since my ambient room temp is 70-75 degrees F.. Seems it's to big/tall to fit the same cooler an LBK would fit or too big to cold crash in my fridge.
  2. Should I add the brewmax booster to this recipe?... It came with the American Ale
  3. Marlymarl

    Adding fruit flavor

    Should I add the liquid (fruit flavor) before or after I cold crash the beer?
  4. Marlymarl

    Adding fruit flavor

    Im bottle priming with a raspberry flavor... So how much should I add to each 740 ml bottle?... And if I can add flavoring to bottle why can't I add to the fermenter?
  5. whats the idea fermentation temp for the Millennium Falconers Flight Red Ale The Mr Beer instructions (68-76) or the Temp instructions on the Safale US-05 packet (59-75)...
  6. Marlymarl

    Brown dots?

    what are these brown dots on the inside of my conditioning beer PET Bottleswhat is this on the inside of my conditioning PET beer bottles.
  7. Marlymarl

    Brown dots?

    1 x 1.7kg Thomas Coopers Innkeeper’s Daughter Sparkling Ale 1 x 1.5kg Thomas Coopers Light Malt Extract 1 x 300g Crystal Malt Grains 1 x 25g East Kent Goldings (EKG) Hop Pellets 1 x 25g Bramling Cross Hop Pellets 1 x 25g Fuggles Hop Pellets 1 x 11.5g Safale S-04 Dry Yeast 1 x 250g Coopers Carbonation Drops pitch temp 68f fermentation temp 64f yorkshire square recipe starting gravity n/a
  8. Marlymarl

    Brown dots?

    Yes it was US04 yeast
  9. Marlymarl


    Wanted to know know if I could steep/mash some Rahr Pale Ale Malt with the Lookout IPA Recipe? Had some extra and wanted to use it..
  10. Marlymarl

    NEW RECIPE - Salty Dawg Grapefruit Gose!!

    Could i add the fruit at day 7 after rack to secondary for more grapefruit flavor?
  11. Marlymarl

    Coopers ROTM

    Can Mr Beer sell this: Smooth Bockenator ROTM Pack or get something similar
  12. Why doesn't Mr Ber sell the Thomas Coopers Cans that's on the Australia Coopers site
  13. Marlymarl

    RedHook ESB

    Does anyone have a RedHook ESB Clone?
  14. Marlymarl


    How much sugar do I use for 15.2 ounces or 450 ml Grolsch bottles?
  15. Marlymarl

    Im confused

    The stick on thermometer that Mr Beer sells is only recording the air temperature/ambient temperature in the cooler with ice bottles and not the temp of the wort in the LBK?
  16. Marlymarl

    All grain IPA - small batch.

    I'm Gonna Brew This IPA All Grain Small Batch This Weekend
  17. Marlymarl

    Bottled Bstch Question

    Why every beer you bottle and drink from the same Batch don't all taste the same?... Even when they've all been primed and conditioning the same.
  18. Marlymarl

    Bottled Bstch Question

    Well I drank two from the same batch that I bottled primed the same way and I put them both in the fridge three days before I dramk them .. The first one was drinkable but the second one was much better with a different taste... Does a little bit of water left in the bottle from sanitizing have an effect on the taste? Not measurable water just what's left after you drain
  19. Marlymarl

    Partial Mash Questions

    Been reading a lot of different things on steeping/mashing 1. Should the heat stay on to keep temp between 155-165 degrees for 30 minute steep/ Or just cover pot and steep for 30 minutes and can the grain sack touch bottom of pot or should it be tied off to prevent from touching the pots bottom. 2. Should the the 1 cup of hot water you rinse the grain sack with be 170 degrees?
  20. Marlymarl

    Bubbles in bottles

    Bottled My Sir Kenneth Yesterday and Today I notice bubbles in these 2 bottles... Tops are tight and the are firmer than they were yesterday... Bottle on left I used 2 tsp of table sugar and bottle on right I used 2 carb drops. Any reason these two have bubbles and the others don't
  21. Marlymarl


    Can I wash yeast from my primary if I started with a dry yeast?
  22. Marlymarl

    Sir Kenneth

    Just bottled my Sir Kenneth..... Cmon 4 weeks
  23. Marlymarl

    Nanticoke Nectar

    Would love to brew this one of my own...(Clone)...
  24. Marlymarl

    Nantucket Nectar

    Would love to brew this one of my own...(Clone)...
  25. Marlymarl

    Dead Ringer IPA Extract Kit

    Gonna try this out in my LBK... Gonna split the ingredients in half cause it's a 5 gallon kit .... ?