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  1. Stroomer420

    Leaky Spigot?

    like mrwhy said call Customer service.... They'll prob send ya a new one...
  2. Stroomer420

    Powerful Patriots Ale

    I like adding a cup of honey to most of my recipe's because I like a dry crisp beer and honey does just that...the PPA is good as is but a cup of honey couldn't hurt,,, just making the abv even higher so definitely let this one sit a while...i also like using safale -05 for the yeast on this one as well ,,,,good luck!.. ?
  3. Stroomer420

    First brew!

  4. Stroomer420

    Good Reviews of My Last Run

    the long play IPA is very good... Having some today myself..
  5. Stroomer420

    Recommendations for "early drinkers"?

    wheat beers and IPA's are typically drank earlier then others....
  6. Stroomer420

    Sugar for carbonating different sized bottles

    I do 48 grams to a cup of water for my batch priming... That's where I like it... I do 38 for my stouts...
  7. Stroomer420

    Ok, What'd I do wrong

    skip the booster and use a LME instead as well...
  8. it's my understanding if you go longer then three days you increase the chance of infection,,,,also read you only have to cold crash for 24-48 hours...maybe just go one day and bottle up...good luck!!!!??
  9. Stroomer420

    Adding fruit flavor

    I believe you wanna do it when you bottle,,,, so if your cold crashing and batch priming I'd add it when you batch prime ,,put in your sugar water and fruit flavoring then transfer your wort and it should all mix up nicely ... Good luck!;.
  10. Stroomer420

    Bottle Malfunction - what to do?

    I had that happen to me ,,one of my liter bottles just didn't carb like the rest.... So I replaced the cap and grabbed some carbonation drops quickly opened it up and dropped two in and let it sit for a few weeks and now its fully carbed....
  11. Stroomer420

    Second batch results

    try a cooler with warm water bottles....
  12. Stroomer420

    Too Much Trub

    yup I just grabbed some food grade tubing from home depot,,, if you have your spigot handy bring it to see which size fits....i just put my cold crashed batch on my work table then put my bottling vessel on a stool below it... I put all my sugar water in at once then let gravity do the work....haven't had a problem yet .... Good luck....
  13. Stroomer420

    Too Much Trub

    second that....cold crashing and batch priming is the way to go...
  14. Stroomer420

    Too Much Trub

    if it were me I'd probably just leave it and let cold crashing compact it down.... But that's just me .... ? good luck.....?
  15. Stroomer420

    Preparing for a Beer Tasting -

    I just tried the long play straight up as well,,thought It was really good as is.... I probably wouldn't do a thing to it....but I do wanna try Mr beers tangerously hoppy recipe that uses the long play....sounds like a good tasting party to me.... Good luck!!...?