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  1. I've been using table sugar since I've started,,dont see any reason to use anything else .... Dialed in where I like my carbonation,,,,, I usually go 48 grams for my ales and 36 grams for my stouts,,, I batch prime ,,,works for me.... Everyone is different so you'll have to play around till you find the levels you like..... Good luck...🍻
  2. welp I did it .. Went mad scientist ...velvet Elvis.... Gonna call it FAT ELVIS... 1 Bavarian wheat 1 st Patrick st 1 golden Lme 6 ounces 2 row 4 ounces red flaked wheat 4 ounces carapils 6 ounces cocoa nibs 7ounces lactose sugar safale -06 wheat yeast.... this is gonna be a beast 9 months.. My baby
  3. cold crashing is the way to go....with out going into the whole science of making beer...which I am know where close to understanding yet....but cold crashing will get you a very clear beer...simple......
  4. after I steep my grains I throw my peel in a hop bag and throw it in the boil for five mins or so,then flame out add everything else,,I usually just leave the peel in for the whole fermentation process... ,,,good luck!. 😁
  5. pour some in a nice martini 🍸... Jk definitely let them condition longer..
  6. love it... Looks great!!!... Congrats.... Here's to many many more....🍻
  7. looks good.... Deer tenderloins.. Yummmm
  8. yes pretty much always go three weeks,,the third week lets the yeast clean up your beer of off flavors...
  9. then let it carb/condition for at least four weeks... The longer you wait the better your beer will be... Patience is your best friend in the brewing hobby.... Good luck!!! 🍻
  10. always go three weeks.. The third week is where the yeast cleans up those off flavors your tasting now...
  11. rinse well after using OBW...
  12. sure as long as they're not twist off,,,and you have caps and a capper, and of course washed and sanitized ....
  13. sure why not... Do a five gallon batch split between two LBKs...
  14. totally normal... Every batch will be a little different on how it looks,, my last batch of powerful patriot ale had these big hanging yeast cakes floating around right up until I cold long play had very little krausen at the top,,, my orange wheat was about an inch away from the top of the LBK.......