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  1. I'd feel a little guilty if I drill holes in the bottom of the lbk for drainage and filled it with dirt lol......use em for parties serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages outta em...😁
  2. that got me curious as well....😁
  3. here it is ,,a quick read
  4. hoppy check out not so deep thought on repurposing Lbk's... I might use one for sake!!!;
  5. I appreciate the offer Ty....😊... I think I got enough lbk's for now but maybe someone else on here would for batch priming or something...
  6. lot of people use a cooler with frozen water bottles to control temperature,,, I got a used small fridge at a hotel liquidators for 40$ and now just gotta grab a inkbird controller for when the summer months get here....but alot of people have good results with just the cooler and frozen water bottle method to keep that 65 mark....
  7. for me once I do a five gallon batch the main reason would be cause I have like ten Lbk's ,,so might as well use em...😁
  8. I know I've seen rickbeer post that he does five gallon batches split between two lbks ,,2 1/2 gallons in each...i have not done it yet but plan to soon...
  9. try this calculator
  10. you'll find after a while that every batch will do something different look different ,,,I've had batches that have looked like that and were totally fine...I don't think there's anything wrong....good luck!! 🍻
  11. sounds good to me 😊
  12. I still use pretty much four cups of water when I steep my grains and my fridge at work holds at 33 degrees so maybe that's why I still hit my mark...
  13. yes keep your yeast in the fridge till day off use... It'll last longer....
  14. an hour an a half to cool???? That seems long... All my batches now are PM recipes and I still just follow the Mr beer instructions,,, I keep my gallons of water in the fridge while I'm brewing and after I steep my grains for 30 mins bring to a boil then take off the heat add the HME and LMEs mix it up,, then I take my refrigerated water out and put the first gallon in add my wort mix top off with rest of refrigerated water and I'm like at mid 60s-68 everytime....but again the great thing about this hobby is whatever works for you is the way to do it then...😁
  15. the one step sanitizer doubles as a cleaner...mix a gallon of warm water to a whole packet.... Throw that in there let it soak for ten mins and everything should come off easier... Good luck...
  16. you sure can....but if you don't maintain proper temps and condition long enough you could end up with a cidery tasting beer...booster is basically sugar and adding to much can make for a cidery beer...I'm sure someone else can explain it better..
  17. if you follow the Mr beer instructions of using refrigerated water when filling the lbk there's no need for ice. Using refrigerated water get you right where you need to be...
  18. safale-05 is a real good yeast ,,I use that with most of my ales..... But the Mr beer yeast will do the trick....
  19. just remember the basics... Keep your wort temperature in the mid 60's ,,go three weeks fermenting in the LBK...carb/condition for at least four weeks before you put in the fridge and try,, and you should end up with a really good beer.... Good luck 🍻
  20. sounds like a winner to me...🍻
  21. I'd go with the golden or pale LME myself,, the robust is gonna give ya coffee toffee like flavors which could be good idk its your beer... But since your new I'd try the grand bohemian chech pilsner straight up ,,add a pale LME and it will still taste pretty much like it's supposed to,,, the golden LME will definitely give ya better head retention....i pretty much use the robust in my stouts and porters... But again its your beer and that's half the fun.... Good luck 🍻
  22. your right... I luckily have ten LBKs from a target sale so I just use one of my extras but before that I used a slim line I got at WalMart for like seven bucks... And no it doesn't water down or dilute your beer ,it becomes sugar water and the yeasts eats it up and makes your carbonation,,, I boil a cup of water with my sugar for five mins to sterilize let cool.. While cooling I sanitize my bottles.....then I bottle up,,I use different sizes... Couple small bottles for early sampling some PET bottles some liters some 12 ounce glass...i mix it up but they are all the same carbonation wise.....
  23. when your ready move up to batch priming.....its quite easy and you'll guarantee all your bottles will be evenly carbed no matter what size you use,, you can then bottle different size bottles at the same time,, Here's a link to a calculator or look up screwybrewers
  24. and don't forget to be patient and let condition after bottling for at least four weeks and refrigerate for three days before trying..good luck...🍻