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  1. Thu Jun 8, 2017 Sampling some of my home brews tonight. Having my Redo-Ale and going to have my Hopped CAL. The Redo Ale is the re-brew of my first beer. It uses the American Ale as a base with some more LMEs, Saaz, and t-58 for the yeast. The Hopped CAL was a Classic American Light hopped up with Zythos. Both have been conditioning for three four weeks, which is a bit on the short side for me, but since I brew better now I'm thinking they should at least be drinkable. Plus neither of these were beers I was looking to age for a long time anyways. Both beers bottled on weekend of 5/6. Starting with my Redo Ale. American ALE HME. Booster. Gold LME. Smooth LME. Double Saaz at 5 minutes. T-58. This is not bad. It still tastes a bit young. Nice amber color. The saaz is a bit too present and overpowers some of the flavors of the yeast. I also fermented a bit too cool and should have upped the temps a bit to get a bit more out of the yeast. But I think if I give this one six weeks, that will be the sweet spot. Next up is my Hopped CAL. I went with my base which is CAL, booster, Pale LME, Gold LME, and S-05 yeast. The hop schedule was .5 oz Chinook for 30, .5 oz zythos for 20, 1.0 oz zythos for 10, .5 Zythos for 5. This is not as good as I had hoped. I am wondering if the chinook was necessary and think it added the wrong bitterness. Or maybe the flavor of Zythos is not as good as the aroma. It definitely smells better than it tastes. It is not bad, but it is not working out either. I do like the aroma of the Zythos though. Or maybe there is just an off flavor. Hard to tell sometimes. I don't know if I am going to sit on this one. I don't really see the need. Will put this into the rotation and start drinking to free up some bottles.
  2. Wow. That is so beautiful. It brings a tear to my eye.....
  3. Sat 6/3/17 Bottled the English Porter, my first BIAB beer. The sample was really good. Very fresh taste, good flavor. I am glad I went with half chocolate half pale chocolate. I think it cut down on the bitterness. And the goldings is present, but not it is not over hopped. I am looking forward to this one and do not see the need for a long conditioning time. I think three weeks should be just fine.
  4. I am going to start working on my next belmexigian brew. I can't let @MRB Tim just run away with second place..... Ideas: * Belgian/Mexican IPA......not sure where I would go with this but I like the idea..... * A belgian quad with anejo soaked oak chips...(this is my favorite idea) * A belgian horchata milk stout.......
  5. Just don't forget - @Bonsai & Brew and @MRB Tim - that we are all saving at least on bottle of each mexibelgian (belmex?) for a cinco de mayo fest!
  6. Hello @Bad Andy Listen to these guys. They know what they are doing. Brewing is a process. You do not start with advanced calculus. You start with arithmetic. And guess what? Arithmetic gets you pretty darn far. Do not overlook the basics that you will learn here and from the people on this forum. They will lead you to making very good beer, very easily!!!! Making GREAT beer in large quantities that tastes how you want consistently requires a lot of skill. Making great beer in small batches requires solid technique and skill. Making really good beer almost all of the time.....not that hard. I'm doing it and I am kind of stupid with these things. You're beer is going to be fine. As you make mistakes and learn it is going to get better. And much sooner than you think it is going to be really, really good.
  7. I like the cut of your jib young man. I didn't want to say it before, but @Bonsai & Brew and @MrWhy (me) were bringing forks and knives to the table and you've been showing up with spoons. Which is fine except we're not serving soup. But now my good man you are sitting down with some real deal silverware and are screaming "bring me the steak!" For beer uno, I am a bit worried about the amount of pepper. But as the title says, this is war and really if someone isn't worried then it isn't really fighting is it? Beer dos, I am a bit concerned that you are letting style dictate choice. Honestly fine fellow, are we not inventing our own style? As I said, beer one I am worried about the pepper which means it is a contender in my book. Cervesa dos I am worried about you failing to have ganas bastante.....seriously...tiene ganar o no????? Take that beer and push it to 9%. ESTO ES LA GUERRA!!!! @MiniYoda - please feel free to check and correct all Espanol in this post.
  8. Sake Tasting 5/29/17 Picking up the kid today from a friend's house and it turned out she wanted another half hour of chill time, which I was happy to oblige. Stopped at a nearby Asian market and decided to pick up some different sakes to try. I am not unfamiliar with sake and have had several tastings over the years, but I am not in any way a sophisticated drinker of the brew. It has always been next on my list. Beer. Bourbon. Manhattans. Sake. We all should have well defined goals. Sake 1 - Sparkling Peach Sake. Once at disneyworld I had an outstanding lemon sparkling sake that I've never been able to find again, but I have been looking. This is a fine drink and I could see it being the base for a nice summer cocktail or a wonderful summer evening picnic sake. But if you are looking for any sense of "traditional" this is probably not it. While I did not see it at my market, they also sell this in cans. And while I used the word traditional, I would like to point out that in japan, there really is no such thing as traditional. You can walk into a 7-11 and buy any of these in a can......along with whiskey highballs and whatever else you want. Sake 2 - Pineapple Sake This one was really nice. It was not sparkling and it retained more of the traditional sake taste than the above. The above was a sparkling peach drink. This was a sake with mild hints of pineapple in the background. I really enjoyed it and it is a very drinkable 10%....which is to say I should probably watch out. I had a strong pour and it went a lot more quickly than it should. Sake 3 - Traditional Junmai Sake This was my "traditional sake" sake choice. Junmai sake (double check spelling and accuracy). It is a strong 14%. I like this a lot, but I really like sake. It is clean and clear. Very mild, in a good way. Polished and refined. Keep in mind that my palate is anything but polished and refined at this point, so it could be swill. But I do not think so. No haze at all in this one. Planning on doing a sake tasting with some friends and I am putting this on the list. In fact, I am wondering if there is not any reason to just give myself a second really strong pout tonight. All in all a good evening for sake. Over the next few weeks I am going to continue to build my knowledge base and expand my palate.
  9. WhyBrewingCo Tasting Weekend: Imperial Porter bottled 3/4/17 (12 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Brown Belgian Beast bottled 3/18/17 (10 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Imperial Red Ale Plus bottled 4/15/17 (6 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Slap Hoppy Stout bottled 3/25/17 (9 weeks conditioning as of tasting) Imperial Porter: Huh....not my best beer. But not my worst. The banana flavor is still a bit too present. It is still not balanced, the malt sweetness needs a stronger hop bitterness and presence. And it is strong. As in headache the next day strong. I fermented this too warm. I'll have another one in a few weeks and end up saving a couple for a nice long while, but nothing says this one is a long-term keeper. Brown Belgian Beast - this was a crazy drunk brew. The first sample I tasted evoked the flavors of raw meat. So this one has come a long way because at this point it tastes like a sweet, strong, brown belgian. It is not great. I am not sure if it is even drinkable. The alcohol is very strong in this one. I mean, I can taste alcohol. But at this point it does not taste like raw meat, which is an improvement. I think this is one I am happy to give several months to before sampling again, just to see what happens. Imperial Red Ale - WINNER!!!!! Great deep amber color. I upped this one with 3 smooth LME and some centennial and cascade hops. Legitimate great beer. Love it. Great flavor, great balance. Strong but not overpowering....feeling there is not need to sit on this one. Just going to start putting it into the drinking cycle. Slap Hoppy Stout - WINNER!!!!! Wow.....according to my notes I decided not to note what I did. Which is both unfortunate and boldly invigorating. That being said this current version of the slap hoppy stout is in every way outstanding. I love this beer. The recipe is two saint pats and a robust, and some northern brewer and goldings. Not sure what I ended up doing, but whatever. I will accept my brilliance without question. Seriously, not many times I've been served a better strong stout. Thinking that this one, along with my Imperial IRA is going into the rotation immediately, with maybe one or two saved for longer conditioning. Or not. So as it stands....IRA and Slap Hoppy are great beers and going into the the drinking mix now. The Imperial Porter sucks (my fault) and I see no reason to try to let it sit out. Will drink up and free the bottles (saving one). Brown I'm going to sit this one out for awhile and just see what happens.
  10. @TacTicToe Did we ever solve this mystery? What happened????
  11. @Bonsai & Brew - I am awaiting a detailed write up on El Tipo!!!!!
  12. @KaijuBrew I bottled mine this past Sunday. Really looking forward to it.
  13. GAAAAA!!!! I did not read all the responses. In fact I did not read any of them....but if you are looking to work up an American Ale....I am your brewmuse. 1. Have you considered taking the Mr. Beer grains to the next level? Look at the grain profile...think go big or go home, and then, go big or go home. Forget any LME or booster and forget the whole "only use half" a grain pack nonsense. Take yourself into partial mash land and don't look back. 2. Have you considered that you can create the craziest hop schedule ever seen? Why not???? Take a look at those hops, get drunk, and be the boldest, drunkest, hop brewer ever. There is nothing to lose. 3. Combine 1 and 2. 4..........this is #goMAD #totalWAR #rockStar #brewingGOD territory.......take that American Ale....and make an 11% Belgium Dark hopped English India Pale....what does that mean? I don't know. This is your beer. Own. It.
  14. Sun 5/21 Bottled La Noche Obscura and Bottled that funky buddha IPA thing. Wow.....I am not going to lie. Both of these are currently in the running for the best beer I've ever brewed. Next up to bottle is my all grain London Porter. Due to unforeseen circumstances I MIGHT be shutting it down after this. I'm going to try to avoid a yearlong spiritual quest....but we cannot always choose what the Great Brewer chooses for us.
  15. @Bonsai & Brew La Noche Fuerte will be bottled este fin de semana!