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  1. A few things - As a brewer, I am all about time, convenience, and ease. Now, I have nothing but crazy mad love respect for all the people who are looking to maximize whatever they are are maximizing....dollars saved, quality, etc. But for me, I am always looking for the easiest, simplest way. I prefer not to sacrifice quality, and I don't want to waste money, but I don't trade ease and convenience very easily. All that being said, for me, the easiest, most convenient way to carbonate is to use Mr. Beer carb drops. Every time I place an order just add whatever number of carb drop packets I need. At bottling, after sanitizing, etc. I plop two tabs in the big bottles or one in the standard. Simple, easy, fast. I used the sugar scoop and hated it. I love the concept of batch priming.....but not happening for me. (See the ease/convenience factor.) Mr. Beer carb drops all day, every day.
  2. PERV YOUR BEER! Just don't judge it....
  3. The operating principle here is never hold back your opinion. For me, there are two things holding me back from a bucket. First, I am not sure one will fit into either of my fermenting fridges. Second, I would love to have the option of splitting my bottling over two days instead of one. (Bottling one LBK one day and the other another.)
  4. @Nickfixit - Great post Nickfix!
  5. Hoppy - Pondering this statement is what lead me to enlightenment. I was reading it, thinking about it....and then it hit I thinking about what Hoppy said or did Hoppy say what I am thinking? After that it was like there was a light, but the light wasn't something I saw, but something I was. And the realization hit me....If I am drinking beer, and Hoppy is drinking beer...then maybe Hoppy and I are not drinking beer but beer is being drink-ed by hoppy and i......and if that is the case then maybe there is no hoppy and there is no I but there is only beer. And beer is not beer unless the i/hoppy are rinking it....and there is no i/hoppy without beer being drink-ed.
  6. Congrats Josh! One thing I wish a LHBS would offer is: Tasting/education nights followed by ability to purchase equipment/recipes. I would love to be able to sign up for a session where we are tasting/being educated on hop profiles (or whatever) with a discussion on techniques. Then after, have the ability to purchase the needed ingredients. For me, that would be awesome. Or say a sampling of stout styles with history, education, technique, etc. then the opportunity to purchase. I would absolutely pay for the tasting event and but the ingredients.
  7. If they are firm, you have carbonation. Don't look for foam. See if you can see bubbles. If you have bubbles, you have carbonation. The answer here seems to be to leave the ones you want to drink in the fridge a little longer.
  8. Don't perv your beer!!!! Would you like your beer peaking in on you when you are in the shower? While you were changing! No good sir, you would not. Well maybe you would. I don't know you and am not going to judge. However I know your beer doesn't want you sneaking peaks during initial fermentation! Every time you do your beer is saying "Dude. Can't you just give me my space. Come on man. I need a little privacy here!" Truthfully, there is one reason to look at your beer. Just to see if fermentation has started. I guess there are two reasons. If you have a temperature strip and want to see what the temperature is. Other than that, try to just leave it alone. And only open the top if you are doing some dry hopping, or I guess if you are doing a hydrometer reading, but I don't do those. Patience and faith are the way to go! Actually, it is probably Good Sanitation, Patience, then Faith.
  9. Also - just to be sure - what do you mean when you say you don't have a lot of carbonation? You are using the plastic bottles? Were they rock hard when put them in the fridge? At first I thought I didn't have carbonation in my beers, because I was confusing carbonation with the foamy head at the top. You can have a beer that has carbonation, but not a lot of foam.
  10. Bottled my Brown Belgian Beast. On tasting, the first thing that came to my mind was "wow. This shit tastes like a dead cow." Disgusting. But I am a home brewer and I will persevere!!! This disgusting brew has been bottled and will sit for a year or so. Then we will see what is what. A few notes: * Try to avoid being glassy eyed drunk when brewing. * I sprinkled a bit of yeast from a Mr. Beer yeast back into each bottle. This beer had a ton of malt and what not in it. I figured a bit of conditioning help may not hurt. But what do I know. Never give up on your beer! This is one where my first instinct was to just toss. It sucks. But how do I know it sucks? It just might need time. Maybe a wild yeast or something will get into one of the bottles and create a sublime experience? have to give you beer time to become what it was meant to become. After a year....if it sucks....well then it sucks. But until then, collect your bottles, secure some space, and create the ability to just sit on something for a long time.
  11. I wouldn't mess with it at this point. Yeast is an adaptable and hardy organism. It should be fine. Not stirring before pitching won't stop fermentation.
  12. Yup. If you are working in the realm of the base Mr. Beer world, that advice works perfectly. Once you start adding in some things, it changes drastically. For example, with the Lock Stock and Barrel Stout, I had water from steeping the grains (and I don't know how you all manage to do it with 4 cups. I must be a kitchen moron or something!) Then you had THREE LME's....then TWO St. Pat's.......(man I can't wait for this beer!)....... I know I pitched too warm even with the gallon of refrigerator cold AND topping with ice cold. Whatever. One of my strongest assets in this crazy brewing world is that I'm okay with the funky off flavors......and I've learned to patiently let my beer condition.
  13. Bummer! The good news is the Mr Beer team excels at customer service. They will take care of you! Manufacturing......just can't get to 100%. Even if you hit 99.9........someone is going to experience the ill effects of that .01. Hang in there and think of it this way, you get to get started on the most critical element of home brewing....patience! Waiting to get started sucks, but it just a tease for when your beer is brewed and you realize....wait....I'm not going to be drinking this until when!!!!!
  14. Moot point - but this is where it would be nice to have two concurrent batches so you could do a test. My suspicion is, that since we are talking aroma, with conditioning times it is all going to blend in together regardless, especially using the same amount of each. I haven't really explored dry hopping yet, but am going to with my next brew. What week do you dry hop?
  15. I am currently drinking the last of a Hopped ESB seasonal that I bottled on March 4, 2016. It is the absolute best of all the ESBs I brewed. And it only took a year and three weeks!!!!!!