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  1. Nice job! Great head on that pour to. Welcome to the family!
  2. @Bonsai & Brew - How is El Tipo coming along?
  3. I am right now having buyers remorse about the cinnamon stick.....maybe I should have dry dropped it.......I guess in a year I'll know if I need to rename this El Cinnamonstruo. Just checked on it. WE'VE GOT KRAUSEN! So far it hasn't overflowed. I'm getting a little better at this whole brewing thing. This one I pitched it at 80. Put it into the fridge set at 63, with a water bottle already in at 80 degrees. (I insert the temp probe into a small bottle of water. That is how I monitor/control for temp.) This meant the fridge was on bringing the temp down already. Just raised it a degree to 64. Will leave it there for the rest of fermentation.
  4. 4/29 Brewing La Noche Obscura I take great pride in my humility, but sometimes I just have to step back and wonder if I am the baddest man in my house. And then I realize that with a wife and daughter, I am the only man in the house. Which by default makes me the baddest. But whatever. Champions are champions and tonight, I am a champion. La Noche Obscura - Un cervesa quadricular de mas fuerte. Grains: Brewers 2 row Munich Crystal 1/2 black 1/2 choclate LME: 2 pale 2 smooth HME: Bewitched Amber Booster: 2 (2 new, which is like 1 old. Whatever.) Hops: 2 El Dorado Extra: 2 ancho chile, 1 cinammon stick, vanilla bourbon extract Yeast: T-58 How I brewed it Steep/mash grains as normal. -- While grains are steeping, dissolve into water.... booster - 2 (or 1 depending on how we are talking about these now) 2 pale 2 smooth --- At end of steep, add wort from grains to above, sparge, and bring to boil... In a separate pan dissolve Bewitched Amber. (I used my grain pot). When grain/LME wort boils, add hops and diced chile and cinammon stick....5 minute boil. At end of boil add dissolved HME. -- Chill wort, add extract, stir like mad, pitch yeast. --- Shots fired. Mic dropped. I mount my donkey and trot away. Vaya con dios. I don't know. This might be the summit of my brewing career. Where else is there to go? Now I understand why Alexander wept....
  5. This chica mal is chilling in an ice bath as I type this. I went basically as I said......instead of waiting to dry "stick" the cinammon I cut it up and threw it in with the ancho chile......I used two el dorado hops (1oz) for five minutes. For the grains I went with all the 2 row, munich, and crystal, and half the black and half the chocolate. My wife couldn't find any vanilla beans at the market. (I suspect she did not search with all her heart, mind, and soul.) I've got some vanilla bourbon extract. I am going to put 2 tbl spoons into the wort before I stir and sprinkle the yeast. This is the most audacious brew I have ever brewed.
  6. Nice brewing there @KaijuBrew! Hey - If you were to stand an LBK up next to that, how does the size compare?
  7. @RickBeer You, good sir, are an amazing human being. I bow in awe.
  8. @KaijuBrew It sounds like you clip the tube thing to the bottling wand, and then stick that into the spigot? I agree about the brewmax....I've been considering picking one up myself since I tend to try and go big or go home with my brews.
  9. Not sure...maybe one of the Joshes can help here..... @MRB Josh R @MRB Josh B
  10. The "new" spigots for the LBK apparently don't use that little plastic thing either. The instructions for those say just stick the wand in it? I have new spigots coming. And since that stupid little washer thing for the bottling wand ran away yesterday, I'll be ordering a new wand as well.
  11. Sounds like an interesting experiment. What are you thinking the difference might be?
  12. I don't think @KaijuBrew is trying to connect the bottling wand to the LBK, I think he is trying to connect his LBK bottling wand to the brewmax 2 gallon fermenter, the bucket one. The instructions for the 6 gallon one (which comes with a bottling wand) say that there is an adapter you attach to the wand and then insert into the spigot. It sounds like you can't just use your old wand. You might want to reach out to Mr. Beer peeps and see if on your next order they can toss in an adapter. Unless I am completely wrong in my reading of the instructions.
  13. 4/28/17 Bottled up my Angry Bovine. Recipe, plus 1 robust LME and goldings at flameout. Loved the last one, but it was REALLY fizzy. I mean a carbed monster. So for a few of these I went with 2 drops....the rest 1 (marked to track.) Although the last one was with steeping grains, so I'm not sure of those impacted things or not. Loved the last one, no reason to think I'm not gonna love this one as well. Thinking I don't need to condition this for a year. Gonna give it 6...8 weeks then try one. 6th batch this season. That's 66 bottles in! *Imperial Porter *Belgian Beast *Slap Hoppy Stout *Bourbon Stout *Double Imperial Red Ale *Angry Bovine Stout This weekend I brew up my next red ale. Weekend after is a double bottling and hopefully brewing!