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  1. Iowa Brewer

    Nilla Porter

    Thanks hotrod3539 and SilverBrewerWI!
  2. Iowa Brewer

    Nilla Porter

    What temperature should I ferment the Nilla Porter at? I have various places to use that range from 63 to 70 degrees F. How about temperature for bottle conditioning? Thanks!
  3. Iowa Brewer

    The lucky charms milk stout!

    Bhob I measured OG 1.056, FG 1.01, see my post 12/27/2015. I added the cereal per the recipe and it turned out great.
  4. Iowa Brewer

    The lucky charms milk stout!

    Thanks. Experimenting with the off-flavors, besides priming sugar I've tried various things starting with the water. Spring, distilled, my own well. No difference really. I do take great care to sanitize. I did a Patriot Lager fermented at 62 degrees and it was cidery- the most by far.. I tend to find that Reds and Dark beers lack the cidery flavor. Maybe this is a topic for a new thread...
  5. Iowa Brewer

    The lucky charms milk stout!

    I brewed this and it turned out quite nice. Here are a few notes that would be helpful. OG 1.056, FG 1.018 I removed the first hop sack when I transferred the wort to the fermenter, I think that's is a personal preference item, did not want this overly hoppy. I squeezed out a bunch of the goodness during the boil though. I let this ferment for three weeks at 67 degrees to reach the final gravity value, also carbed in the bottle for three weeks at 69 degrees. I used Dry Malt Extract since in my experience it reduces the 'cidery' taste. I let it sit in the fridge for three days before drinking. This is a great recipe- great flavor, good head, great color.