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  1. Bighead beer

    Well here Goes nothing

    Agree agree agree , I did the same sh!t,check out my first utube video brew beer easy with big rob , look for craig neuberger , I was a bit buzzed on my home brew but you'll get the point cheers , ........ hey to all my brew buddies ! !!!!!!!!
  2. I say go for it , better beer , more control over what you brew , and you can create the perfect beer just for you by you , but it's still nice to throw a kit together if you don't have time , or your a little low on the pipeline , also if you have the basics to start your ag adventure , the price of grains , hops , yeast make ag all the more attractive , my last ag brew cost me 2.84 a 6 pack
  3. Bighead beer

    As promised ,and yes I'm still alive

    Give it a try and Tell me what you think, I'm pretty proud of my two Creation and happy to share
  4. Bighead beer

    Wife is not a fan!

    Right back at ya brotha
  5. Bighead beer

    Wife is not a fan!

    Father in law and wife let me build my very own brew shed attached to the side of the house it's cozy and warm , gotta install a ac unit this spring though
  6. Bighead beer

    Wife is not a fan!

    I love the smells of brewing , best hobby I've ever had !
  7. Bighead beer

    As promised ,and yes I'm still alive

    And all this started with Mr beer , here is a pick of my favorite from kettle to pint , this is what I'm calling my European amber lager / ale
  8. Bighead beer

    As promised ,and yes I'm still alive

    Yes I have just about all the implements of destruction to make brew muuuuaaahahaha
  9. Bighead beer

    As promised ,and yes I'm still alive

    Done the Oktoberfest s23 2 times as lager turned out awesome
  10. First is a Oktoberfest / European amber will post pictures of recipes , 2nd is my house beer everyone loves , they love the Oktoberfest too , but that's mostly for me lol,us 05 yeast,and tettnang and mittlefrau 60/30 on Oktoberfest ale
  11. Bighead beer

    I'm not sure what to do here

    All my lagers thus far , I always pitch 2 packs @60 degrees then slowly lower to 55,ferment 19 days slowly raise temp to 65 for 2 days , then cold crash to 34 degrees for 5 days then keg and carbonate then let it sit at 34 degrees for at least 3 weeks , my friggin Oktoberfest is great I've been using s-23,never had a bad lager yet , prost! creeps brew on brother
  12. Bighead beer

    Do people use booster inplace of steeping grains?

    Yeah white wheat is a new one on me also , I currently on my 4th all grain recipe of ocktoberfest style (marzen) both ale and lager and all the perusing of recipes thus far I've never seen white wheat in any, but I'm definitely no expert , in the next day or so I hope to post a recipe for a altbier I know my mentors and brew brothers will enjoy here at Mr beer
  13. Bighead beer

    Been away for a while

    I totally agree , and that's not a bad plan !
  14. Bighead beer

    Been away for a while

    Just wanted to say hey to all the brew buddies here , been away for awhile but still brewing , made the jump to all grain , and it all started here with Mr beer , and all the ppl here on this forum ! to all the newbies pay attention to to all the peeps on the forum (exp.rick) lol and you can only get better as a brewer cheers to all and brew on !
  15. Bighead beer

    Bighead brewery

    It all started with Mr Beer, January 16th 2016 and now You can say I'm truly hooked!