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  1. Happy Birthday @bikermedic108! I hope your recovery from open heart surgery is going well!
  2. I condition at 63 - 68 degrees all the time. I just add 50% more time to condition. The wife would kill me if I didn't keep all of my home brewing in the basement.
  3. Welcome back @MrWhy!!! Glad to see all is well with you. We were all wondering where you were.
  4. So I wouldn't need to use a muslin sack to dry-hop or if I added hops to the boil? Then I wouldn't have to use so many muslin sacks.
  5. I love the Deschutes Black Butte Porter! My favorite Porter. I would make the Deluxe.
  6. My Irish Red turned out very good. Will make it again for sure.
  7. Looks tasty to me. Let us know how it turns out. I have a Naughty Cream Ale conditioning right now that's very similar.
  8. I like the chug-a-lugger recipe also. It was one of my better brews. Will be making another one for this summer.
  9. I've found with my Nilla Porter, it' had more vanilla flavor after I let it sit in the glass for 5 minutes before I drink it. I might try doubling the vanilla next time. I really like that recipe and will make it again soon.
  10. I agree with Creeps. Fairly simple recipe. In the future you could maybe steep some grains with it. CALs are a good HME to play around with. Most importantly, Have Fun!
  11. I have always used Oxy Clean Free in the LBK, rinse then sanitize. Works great! Never a problem.
  12. Can you post the recipe for your Caribbean Porter? I love porters and would like to try making it. Thanks!
  13. I really like the Nilla Porter recipe! Bottled it in May. Tastes awesome!! One of my favorite brews I've made! Only have 6 bottles left.
  14. I think I will go with the Honey Diablo IPA. Steep 2oz of Honey Malt, 2oz of Crystal 60L and 4 oz of Carapils. I'm going to brew this in a couple of weeks. This week I'm doing an Amber Cream Ale using Munich LME, Flaked Corn, 2 Row and Hallertau or Tettnang hops. Thanks for all of the input!
  15. Just had another thought. What about a Honey Diablo IPA? Steep 2 - 4 oz of honey malt.