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    I have made a Citra Smash using Maris Otter LME and it turned out great. I have also used Pilsner LME and I think I like it a little better than with the Maris Otter. Citra is one of my favorite hops.
  2. John K.

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    Angry Bovine Chocolate Milk Stout Baltic Porter Black Beer'd Porter Noche del Lobo Rocket's Red Glare Bewitched Amber Ale Howling Red Ale
  3. John K.

    Kolsch recipe using Czech Pilsner?

    I made the Shade Tree Kolsch recipe but I added 4oz. flaked oats and 4oz. 2-row. I used S-05 yeast per the recipe. It turn out very good. I made another Kolsch that was my own recipe and used the K-97 yeast and I like that one a little better. K-97 is really a good yeast. I've found it on Amazon for about $11 for 2 free shipping.
  4. John K.

    Mr Beer Brew Fans in Canada

    @dale hihn We'll definitely check out Grizzly Paw in Canmore. It's not too far from Banff. Don't think we'll make it to Red Deer, unless I can talk the wife into taking a road trip for a brewery. We're flying into Calgary maybe we'll stop at big rock on our way to Banff. Banff Ave. Brewing is the only one I've found right in Banff, so I'm sure we'll go there. Thanks for the info!
  5. John K.

    Mr Beer Brew Fans in Canada

    My Wife and I are going to Banff in July. Any breweries you can recommend in the Banff, lake Louise area?
  6. I added 4 oz. of Carapils and .5 oz. of Liberty hops @ flame-out. I bottled it on January 4th. It smelled awesome. It will be a couple of months until I try it. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Your recipe sounds good too.
  7. Has anybody made the Helles Bock - 2015 Spring Seasonal using ale yeast? Like S-05 or S-04. Temp control would be an issue for me. No refrigerator to keep temperatures where it should be. If so how did it turn out?
  8. John K.

    Summit Winter Ale

    Thanks @Bonsai & Brew! The recipe looks good.
  9. I have a Safale K-97 yeast that I think I will use and ferment at 60 - 63 degrees. Safale K-97 is a German Ale yeast. I have a German Kolsch that has been fermenting since Friday using K-97. It's had about 3 inches of foam since Saturday.
  10. Well, I ordered a couple of Helles Bock - 2015 Spring Seasonals while they were 25% off. Will use either S-04 or S-05 when I make them. I really like Maibocks. They should turn out fine. Maybe a little different than using the lager yeast. I guess I will find out.
  11. John K.


    I agree also. I use 1/2 tsp per 12 oz. bottle.
  12. John K.

    Printable labels?

    I print my labels on regular paper also. I cut them to size and use Elmer's glue sticks to put them on the bottle. It does work on PET bottles also, but they stick better to glass bottles. They come off easy with warm water.
  13. John K.

    Just Brewed Black Beer'd Porter!

    Just started drinking my Black Beer'd Porter after 3 months conditioning. Tastes great! Will definitely brew this one again.
  14. John K.

    What's your favorite

    It will be worth the wait! I have one or two left from my first batch that I bottled last May. Had one this weekend and it was very good!
  15. John K.

    What's your favorite

    I would have to go with the Nilla Porter and Bewitched Amber Ale as my two favorites with Chug-a-lugger close behind.
  16. I'm going for taste, not style.
  17. I'm making a Vanilla Porter on Thursday. I was thinking about adding 4 oz. of lactose to give it a silky, creamy mouth feel. Is this a good idea or bad?
  18. Thanks for the input! I'm going to go for it! Cheers!
  19. Wish I could go..... It's only 30 minutes from my house and about 5 minutes from work. Have a good time!
  20. John K.

    Black Beer'd porter

    I made the Black Beer'd Porter. It will be ready in July. Can't wait. Love Dechutes Black Butte Porter! Best porter I've ever had. Hope mine turns out similar.
  21. John K.

    Basic Wheat Beers

    I made an American Wheat with Citra hops. Really like it a lot. Going to make another batch in the next month or so.
  22. John K.

    Good Reviews of My Last Run

    Happy Birthday @bikermedic108! I hope your recovery from open heart surgery is going well!
  23. John K.

    First Brew is finished!

    I condition at 63 - 68 degrees all the time. I just add 50% more time to condition. The wife would kill me if I didn't keep all of my home brewing in the basement.
  24. Welcome back @MrWhy!!! Glad to see all is well with you. We were all wondering where you were.
  25. So I wouldn't need to use a muslin sack to dry-hop or if I added hops to the boil? Then I wouldn't have to use so many muslin sacks.