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  1. Alot. I always brew at the bottom of the yeast range for better flavor.
  2. 15 batches and not 1 flat beer yet. But Kegging everything now so really doesnt matter.
  3. Changed out the lid and hooked up the gas, bout a 1/3 pint was yeasty then turned clear. Tastes perty goot too! LOL
  4. I've personally reused many twist top bottles, just sanitized the original caps and tighten'd with pliers. Never had a problem. just dont like the pet bottles they wont stand up in any of my fridges so I wont use them. and I have like 40 of them from all the kits I've purchased. If some body wants to make me an offer I'd gladly part ways with them, especially since I keg almost everything I brew now.
  5. Thats what I'm thinking too. The kit was outdated I found out after I brewed, so thinking the yeast has done all it was going to do before I transferred to keg for secondary/lager mode. When I took a sample a week ago it was exactly the same SG as when transferred, so not thinking there will be much on the bottom. Thanks for the replies!
  6. I have a batch of euro bock I brewed a while back, it never made it to expected final gravity. after talking to manufacturer I was told that it was fine and had too many unfermentables in it. It has been lagering in a keg with an airlock lid for a while and I'm ready to carbonate now. should I transfer to another keg or just swap out the lid and hit it with gas? This is my first time lagering in a keg and not in acarboy.
  7. My first AG batch of an Wee Heavy Scottish ale. it had a 16.5 lb grain bill. the bazooka screen worked great for me. Got mine on amazon on sale $2.99
  8. I dont have any help other than my wife and the guy across the street. Even kegging 5 gal batches, I cant keep up with the demand. I'm now up to 8 kegs trying to get the supply line in check. Watch out this is an ADDICTIVE hobby!
  9. These work great. I use one for my lagering freezer. Keeps temps right at .5c
  10. I did my first all grain batch on new years eve day. It'snot that hard. The hardest part is waiting to drink it. I made my own mash tun for less than $60 worked great on a 16.5 lb grain bill for a wee heavy scottish ale. A coleman 48 qt cooler (amazon), a valve and fitting kit from Bargain fittings and a bazooka screen (amazon).
  11. Thats exactly it. I'm not sure what went wrong, but it's about to be sink beer. this is batch 15, and other than batch 1 this is the only one that has turned out undrinkable.
  12. I am going to do a similar experiment myself. So I am quite interested in how this turns out. the last wheat beer I tried blows. I cant find anyone that likes it.
  13. I use closer to a gallon of water on my 6 gallon batches. It's not what Mr Beer says to do but it works better with less chance of scorching. Makes it a lot easier to blend in all the adjuncts also. And if your adding Hops or doing a partial mash it works great also. At this point I use the fermenter for all my 5 gal batches also. next week it will get my first All Grain attempt.
  14. How to brew by john palmer