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  1. From what I read you have the small Co2 canisters for dispensing,those wont be good for carbonating. You should batch prime your beer then fill the keg and bottle the rest. You can force carb with a bigger bottle and regulator setup. You can carb and drink your beer immediately as stated. but if you slow carb and age it for at least a month it will taste much much better.
  2. Since your using a temp control you can actually vary your temps. I start at 64 for 14 days, then run it up to 72 for bout 4 days so the yeast can eat up any off flavors it may have produced during initial fermentation, then cold crash for 3 days then keg. seem to get cleaner tasting beers with less off flavors this way. I read this some where and tried it and liked the results so I continue to do it this way. best of luck to you!
  3. Welcome! This is a great hobby, You'll enjoy it more if you will slow down let the beer mature and lose the cidery taste, get a few more brews under the belt before you go all out. But enjoy!
  4. Love the mr beer 6 gallon fermentor, But I give you fair warning it's a stepping stone to kegging and that just leads to more beer! And I dont have a LHBS within 200 miles. So I frequently shop at AIH. wont spend a dime with inbev.
  5. Alot. I always brew at the bottom of the yeast range for better flavor.
  6. 15 batches and not 1 flat beer yet. But Kegging everything now so really doesnt matter.
  7. Changed out the lid and hooked up the gas, bout a 1/3 pint was yeasty then turned clear. Tastes perty goot too! LOL
  8. I've personally reused many twist top bottles, just sanitized the original caps and tighten'd with pliers. Never had a problem. just dont like the pet bottles they wont stand up in any of my fridges so I wont use them. and I have like 40 of them from all the kits I've purchased. If some body wants to make me an offer I'd gladly part ways with them, especially since I keg almost everything I brew now.
  9. Thats what I'm thinking too. The kit was outdated I found out after I brewed, so thinking the yeast has done all it was going to do before I transferred to keg for secondary/lager mode. When I took a sample a week ago it was exactly the same SG as when transferred, so not thinking there will be much on the bottom. Thanks for the replies!
  10. I have a batch of euro bock I brewed a while back, it never made it to expected final gravity. after talking to manufacturer I was told that it was fine and had too many unfermentables in it. It has been lagering in a keg with an airlock lid for a while and I'm ready to carbonate now. should I transfer to another keg or just swap out the lid and hit it with gas? This is my first time lagering in a keg and not in acarboy.
  11. My first AG batch of an Wee Heavy Scottish ale. it had a 16.5 lb grain bill. the bazooka screen worked great for me. Got mine on amazon on sale $2.99
  12. I dont have any help other than my wife and the guy across the street. Even kegging 5 gal batches, I cant keep up with the demand. I'm now up to 8 kegs trying to get the supply line in check. Watch out this is an ADDICTIVE hobby!
  13. These work great. I use one for my lagering freezer. Keeps temps right at .5c
  14. I did my first all grain batch on new years eve day. It'snot that hard. The hardest part is waiting to drink it. I made my own mash tun for less than $60 worked great on a 16.5 lb grain bill for a wee heavy scottish ale. A coleman 48 qt cooler (amazon), a valve and fitting kit from Bargain fittings and a bazooka screen (amazon).
  15. Thats exactly it. I'm not sure what went wrong, but it's about to be sink beer. this is batch 15, and other than batch 1 this is the only one that has turned out undrinkable.