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  1. Hi Rick,

    I'm getting ready to brew up some POTUS Honey Porter and it calls for 2-3 months lagering.  What exactly does that mean?  And how long should I ferment it for?  I read some people waiting 5 months to drink it, seems long.  Thanks. 

    1. RickBeer


      Please ask questions on the forum...


      Lagering in this case means conditioning in bottles, so you'really looking at 3 weeks fermenting and 2-3 months conditioning at 70 or higher.

    2. MusicBrewLonnie


      Thanks so much, the more you know!  Much abbeerciated.  :) 

  2. When you made the POTUS Honey Porter, how long did you ferment for and how long did you condition for?  The directions say to lager for 2-3 months, but I'm not sure what that means.



    1. AnthonyC


      I fermented for exactly 3wks at 66-69°.  I let it condition for about 8wks and it was good to go.  Honestly there's no need to go any longer b/c I had some that I tried at 16wks and they were just as good as the ones that I drank at 8wks.  It's a pretty good brew!  Good luck & if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

    2. MusicBrewLonnie


      Thanks so much Anthony!  I am bottling it now. 

    3. AnthonyC


      Good luck, Lonnie!  Enjoy! :)

  3. How do you sanitize the spigot after you've taken a sample from the LBK?  You mentioned doing that in a post so the beer in the LBK doesn't get infected if it needs to sit longer in fermentation. 

    Not sure because you can't exactly remove the spigot with the 2 gallons of beer in there. 

    1. RickBeer


      Several options.


      1) Fill shot glass with sanitizer, and dunk spigot.


      2) Put sanitizer in spray bottle.  Works best with other than Mr. Beer sanitizer since it doesn't keep long.

    2. MusicBrewLonnie


      Got it, thanks so much


  4. MusicBrewLonnie

    Bewitched Amber Ale...Good?

    Seven weeks in bottle? Seems like eternity!!! So a total of 10 weeks (3 weeks in LBK and 7 in bottles)? 2 and 1/2 months for a beer, dayum. Is this the same for all the beers?
  5. MusicBrewLonnie

    To much foam

    Got my first brew (Bewitched Ale with booster) conditioning in the plastic bottles, I did three weeks fermenting. Should I do three or four weeks conditioning? Then how long in the fridge?