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  1. Broox

    Hey Everyone!

    Did the BOGO bring you back?
  2. Well, typical me, I did not follow any of the advice that I asked for. I auto siphoned into two LBKs. They are cold crashing now. I base this purely on conjecture, but surely there will be enough yeast to carb. Oh well, I will know in about six weeks.
  3. I am also dipping my toe in the 5 gallon brew lake. I picked up some stuff off craigslist. My question has to do with cold crashing. I am fermenting in the six gallon fermenter,, and my kit came with the ale pale with drilled hole and spout, but it will be quite difficult to get either one of those in the refrigerator. Can I "rack" (is that the right word?) my beer to two LBKs, then cold crash and bottle. Thoughts?
  4. Broox

    Ideal Temperature?

    I've had great luck with one domino sugar cube per twelve ounce bottle. If anything, some have been overcarbonated, but never flat.
  5. Broox

    Old stuff

    Update: I was gonna throw caution to the wind and brew it, but I took a little taste of the HME and it was truly awful. Very bitter and funky, so I tossed it out and just brewed an American lager with booster. Thanks!
  6. Broox

    Old stuff

    I didn't title the thread "ancient stuff", so that should have been a hint.
  7. Broox

    Old stuff

    I scored an old mr Beer kit from a garage sale today. The kind with the little cans of HME. The best by date was Jan and Feb of 2015. I am thinking of using them both in one batch, with new yeast. Is it even worth the time? Keeping in mind for 5$, I also got an LBK, plastic bottles, and two packs of booster that feel like concrete.
  8. Broox

    First bottling with a hop sack

    Well, not taking the sack out sounds easier, so I will go that route. I do cold crash. Thanks for all the advice!
  9. Broox

    First bottling with a hop sack

    So, after three weeks fermenting, I am going to remove the hop sac, then cold crash for two days. Then bottle. Then condition. Then drink. Then repeat as needed.
  10. Broox

    First bottling with a hop sack

    That is what I wondered about, thanks. Do you try to get all the wort out of it?
  11. So, in less than a week, I will bottle my first batch of beer where I used hops and put the sack in the fermenter. Any tricks? Anything I need to watch out for? I don't try to take the sack out before bottling, right? I really looking for the dumb things you did when you were new, so I do different dumb things.
  12. Broox

    Intro to hops?

    Boiled those for ten minutes with an American lager and booster. Seemed like it went well, but I won't know for two months.
  13. Broox

    Intro to hops?

    I hope this is what you meant by "goldings":
  14. Broox

    My situation