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  1. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Keeping Fermentation Temperature

    I am going to do that, thanks.
  2. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Keeping Fermentation Temperature

    Guess I'll look for the plug first. Would there be must difference between wort temp inside the LBK vs. the temp in the cooler using the probe on the controller?
  3. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Keeping Fermentation Temperature

    My cooler is the plug in kind, but I have misplaced the AC adapter. Do you know if I could hook up something similar to this?
  4. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Keeping Fermentation Temperature

    2 bags of ice currently while bottles are freezing and I'm at 21 degrees. Summer AC is on all the time so that should help.
  5. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Keeping Fermentation Temperature

    Second batch of Diablo IPA now fermenting in a cooler in my basement. I can't get the temp below 23 c. What do you you guys do to run a steady temp of 18-20c? Ice packs?
  6. HollywoodHomeBrew

    First batch bottled yesterday

    What temperature should room temperature be? I bottled my first batch on Sunday, and put them in a dark corner of the basement. I am at 75 degrees down there, moved to a different part of the house and still about the same.
  7. HollywoodHomeBrew

    International Shipping

    Like any shipping from US to Canada, I've found its best to find a Canadian supplier or source as shipping and duty fees are usually outrageous. I mostly use Amazon, but I wouldn't think they sell any hops.
  8. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Greater Toronto Area

    Clarington here.
  9. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Yes another new guy

  10. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Yes another new guy

    I don't have anyone to brew with, but I wish I did!
  11. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Wort Temperature

    One can of Canadian Blonde. It's been under the stairs in the basement fermenting - cool and dry.
  12. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Wort Temperature

    I was steady 68-69.
  13. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Wort Temperature

    I'm within the recommended temp as per the Mr. Beer video, but I'm learning that those directions may not be optimal.
  14. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Wort Temperature

    In that case, I may be running slightly warm. One week left on fermentation, should I try and cool down to 65 at this point?
  15. HollywoodHomeBrew

    Wort Temperature

    From reading the forums, the general rule of thumb is wort temperature should be 68 degrees. Would a temperature strip that's used on the outside of an aquarium work fine for this? Does a hydrometer tell the temp as well or just the alcohol level?