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  1. D Kristof

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    Why not use all of the ingredients but only use a total of 4.5 gallons (2.25/LBK)? Slightly higher ABV without altering the beer much.
  2. D Kristof

    What should I do with this beer?

    So you're goibg with tge Brett...I feel so dirty and used. 😃
  3. D Kristof

    What should I do with this beer?

    I would consider an orange agave light ale.
  4. D Kristof

    Forgotten Batch

    Careful now. Your age is showing. p.s.: I use a post it tucked into my wallet. When the time approaches, I place it on a kitchen cabinet where SWMBO will see it to gain her pre-approval.
  5. D Kristof

    22mm Socket (Deep Well)

    I have two kegs. One has no issues, the other, well let's just say it can be a little trying. Most of the time my procedure is similar to @Cato's. My last batch, I had to heat the washer in warm water to make it a little more pliable before it would seal. Taking it apart was also a pain. This morning, magic. Sealed on the first and only try. Go figure. I would be very careful using tools inside the keg because of the possibility of scratching the plastic.
  6. D Kristof

    Forgotten Batch

    Sounds like somebody is just about ready to read @RickBeer's posts on beer brewing meditation chants. LOL.
  7. D Kristof

    MRB Customer Service Rocks

    @MRB Tim, I just wanted to thank you again for helping me with my last order. On a side note, my credit card company's computer saw the charge followed by the issuance of a credit and issued a possible fraud warning. LOL. My dumb mistake and your quick response caused me a couple days of headaches.
  8. D Kristof

    Yeast addition

    Search carefully for signs of fermentation. I have successfully used yeast that had been seriously abused by the previous owner. I'm talking about sitting in a hot attic for more than a couple years. I tried them just to see what the end result would be. Look for sediment, a krausen ring at or just above the wort line. If you don't see either or aren't certain, and you still want to pitch more yeast, go for it.
  9. D Kristof

    Apricot Amber Ale

    I was going to make the same comment, but I figured @Nickfixit had more of a right to reply. Especially with a reassurance about spoilage.
  10. D Kristof


    @BDawg62, I jever thought of using a dowel. Brilliant.
  11. D Kristof


    Yes, I just planted those this year. Pics were taken early last week. Seeing yours makes me feel a little better.
  12. D Kristof


    I knew my yard was too shady, but I gave it a try to see just how pitiful the results would be. The better growing one is Centennial the other is Columbus.
  13. D Kristof

    New guy

    @MRB Tim, not my intention to imply shady salesmanship, but thank you for bringing that misunderstanding to my attention. How long has the conical fastferm been offered with the old "rule of thumb" recommendations?
  14. D Kristof

    "Stuff" floating in keg...

    Excellent question. @MRB Josh R, @MRB Tim, your recommendations?
  15. D Kristof

    New guy

    Welcome to our shared addiction and happy to know you found this forum. You've discovered the age old conflict between marketing and reality. For most contributors on these forums, the first batch wasn't the greatest, but it was beer; beer they had made. After that first batch they began the quest to learn how to improve their second batch. For some, we got lucky but couldn't repeat the results. As suggested above, seek out RickBeer's posts. Rick's posts summarize the knowledge of many who have gone before us. You will discover temperature control is vitally important for all brewers. Yeasts have specific temperature ranges they love, ranges they'll tolerate and ranges they really don't like. When in doubt, for best results, hold your temperatures as close to the low end of the recommended temperature range. Yeast doing their thing during fermentation generate heat. When the temperature strays outside the recommended range, the yeast will produce compounds which you may not like or do not fit the style of beer. Patience and perseverance. If your first batch doesn't please you as much as you had hoped, set the bottles aside and wait. Often, the yeast will devour the off flavor compounds created during that first week of fermentation. Don't allow disappointment discourage you. Humans have brewed beers for nearly 10,000 years. In other words, it ain't rocket science, but it does require knowledge to repeatedly brew tasty brews. Appreciate the processes required to brew those beers you love. Homebrewing can be a very enjoyable hobby or disappointing and discouraging work. Ask questions and you'll be surprised by the help received. As a community we look forward to your contributions to these forums.