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  1. Excellent descriptions of your preferences. Now is the time to review the available MrBeer refills. Make them straight up to compare against your list. Afterwards, you'll have an idea how to modify the basic kits to brew your clones.
  2. I slid my bottling wand inside the new black carafe spigot while I was sanitizing. I wanted to know if I would be in for a bigger mess than I EVER want to clean up. Glad I tried it out.
  3. RickBeer, Thank you.
  4. After side by side testing over the last two years, yes it does help. The trub will still settle out over the next month. The yeast will find the sugar, eventually. If you turn over your bottles and you can visibly see the heavier syrup... think of it as trying to feed ducks on a pond. Throw a loaf of bread in and eventually, all of the ducks find the bread or, separate the slices and feed them faster. Your beer, your choice.
  5. This reminds me of the conversation we recently had about a mini-fridge and LBK covered with mold. Just because it looks clean doesn't mean it is clean.
  6. Stupid question of the day. Do the MeBeer yeast packets contain different yeast strains for each style, or are they all Cooper's ale yeast?
  7. As Rickbeer said, remove them and only refrigerate as you plan to enjoy them. Tasting how the flavors meld and mature from week to week is what I enjoy most about thehobby. I will add, gently turn the bottles to distribute the sugar deposits from the bottom. You don't have to do it, but it will help the carbonation and conditioning.
  8. My comment about the flip spigot is, "I can't use my bottling wand with it 😒". I was a little too rough with my gate valve spigot and cracked the handle while I was disassembling it. 😞. Wanted to replace it, but MeBeer has gone back to the old style.
  9. For my bourbon barrel aged brews, I use oak spirals. I keep them in a mason jar of cheap bourbon. After 6 months, the cheap swill was tasting like Makers. Have you ever cut your shine with apple juice to create an Apfelkorn clone?
  10. Sadly, common sense seems to evade some people. LOL. Many of the volunteers at my local HBS, while they don't come straight out and bad mouth Mr. Beer, they do say something like, "We need to get you to the point where you're making real beer." I usually laugh it off, buy my needed supplies, ask a few questions and promise to let them "help" me when I move to whole grain.
  11. Precisely what I would do. Wiping down the outside only would be pointless.
  12. I would not be too worried about the beer inside the LBK, but I will be if you bottle as is. The fridge has mold spores in it. Those mold spores will also be on the spout you will be bottling with. If it was my LBK, I would gently remove it from the fridge and wipe it down. I would also clean thst fridge.
  13. If you're below 95 degrees you're fine. The yeast needs to rehydrate and awaken from its hibernation. By the time its ready to do its thing you will have had time to cool things off further.
  14. I know someone who had her five year old get scalded pulling his mom's coffee mug from the microwave. Wanted to protect my kids and found the same advice about the toothpick.
  15. I wouldn't worry about "bad". You made it and like it or not your ego with tell you it's good. ?. You or your sampling volunteers may decide the "bad" brew was the better brew.