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  1. D Kristof

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    Bought mine from MrBeer. It doesn't leak as much as it does fall out. Wrap tape around it, sanitize it...it still moves upward into the spigot blocking off all flow whenever I try to fill a bottle. Becomes a two hands job. One to hold the bottle, the other to hold the wand to keep it stationary.
  2. D Kristof

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    Oh how I wish the new spigots had that hose barb. Sliding the wand up in there on the new spigots leads to nothing but a mess.
  3. D Kristof

    Peanut Butter Stout

    "Let's try in millil iters." LOL, @RickBeer, you're a wise guy aren't ya?
  4. D Kristof

    Temp & Fermentation

    Since the refractometer only takes a couple drops I use that. When I stop seeing a change in gravity I know we're done and it's time to bottle. At bottling I use the hydrometer for an accurate final reading.
  5. D Kristof

    BrewMax Booster won't dissolve??

    ^^^^what he said ^^^^. Like a sugar cube in a bottle, it will dissolve. Regardless, the yeast will find it.
  6. D Kristof

    Miller Lite

    ^^^^What he said^^^^
  7. D Kristof

    Miller Lite

    @Lionfan67, LOL. Hope you don't think this forum is filled with jerks. LOL. Try the CAL straight up. Control your fermentation temperatures by keeping it at the very low end of the recommended temperature range.
  8. D Kristof

    Miller Lite

    Try brewing the Classic American Lite a.k.a. CAL straight up. Won't be Miller Light, but it won't be Bud Light either. As Miniyoda said, it will be an ale not a lager, but that's just a yeast difference.
  9. D Kristof

    Partial Mash

    Crushed. Milled would be ok if you don't mind the flour dust. Occasionally my LHBS has the grain mill set too fine and I get a lot of flour. Not necessary, but if you have the patience, chill your wort after steeping, pour it into a container which you can refrigerate for a couple hours then pour off the top into your kettle and brew as normal.
  10. D Kristof

    Getting back into this!

    @Stevo0083, welcome back to the obsession.
  11. D Kristof

    Sugar for carbonating different sized bottles

    Or pitch them into your wort.
  12. D Kristof

    Cleaning 740 ML PET Bottles

    Some how I knew this was coming. LOL. @RickBeer, have you ever counted how many times you've posted that advice?
  13. Wasn't sure which of you I was going to quote when I replied, but @Creeps McLane hit on a HUGE point. Temperature control. Most of the guys starting this obsession have absolutely no idea how important temperature control is. They talk amongst themselves and are universally convinced the ale yeast doesn't need any more than a 70 closet. I only recently added a 3rd LBK because I discovered saisons. I can place that on top of the kitchen fridge, tune out SWMBO for the first week ( I'm usually not home LOL) and have the other 2 LBKs in the Inkbird controlled dorm fridge. I am slowly adding to my inventory of equipment by purchasing from the guys who are quitting. The next 3 months are like an extended Christmas season. I'm not always a procrastinator... I'm a usually an analyzer and planner, and upping my game to larger batches, leaving MrB HME's or extracts all together isn't in the plans. Full size refrigerators and lots of shiny equipment are expensive and take up space. LOL.
  14. D Kristof

    Old LBK Markings (Quart/Liter) VS new markings (1 & 2)

    Welcome back to the forums.
  15. D Kristof

    Bottles on the Net?

    I guess that petson had OCD and couldn't bear having a set of 11.