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  1. D Kristof

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    Speaking of AnthonyC, does anybody know what happened? He disappeared.
  2. D Kristof

    Fermentation temp control

    @Screwy Brewer, it's reassuring to know old hands like you still visit this forum. Enjoy reading your advice.
  3. D Kristof

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Paw paws are back in season. Been planning brew 3 different beers when this time of year came around, but life ain't cooperating. Acquisition of the fruit has gotten complicated because of all the stuff flowing my direction. Considered buying them, but still need to brew. Maybe I can find somebody who cans or freezes them.
  4. D Kristof

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    If I read @Nickfixit's comments correctly he used carbonation drops for his starter wort. If they were DME drops the gravity and cell count may both have been too low. If those drops were sugar the yeast may have been too old to recognize it as an energy source for reproduction.
  5. D Kristof


    Creeps, I couldn't help but laugh when I heard your uncensored choice of words. As for the Japanese beetles you can eliminate them by treating your yard to control the grubs earlier in the spring. Haven't had the problem in nearly 20 years since I nuked them. Having sacrificial plants is also a good way to control them if you keep those plants far enough away from the hops. A rose bush or two will attract those little ba$tard$ like manure attracts flies. The rose bushes can be sprayed with natural insecticides to wipe them out. Great information about the red coloration of the bines. I'll need to keep that in mind next year.
  6. D Kristof


    Been getting a lot of rain lately. I noticed my Cascade has about a dozen cones.
  7. D Kristof

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    The Guinness Wheat beer bottles have sediment. Lots of sediment.
  8. D Kristof

    Fermentation temp control

    I know that taste. Some say it's the "extract twang", but I brew other extract recipes not using MrBeer HME's and that flavor is not there. I wonder if it's a flavor from the hops used by Coopers when they brew the HME's.
  9. D Kristof

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    Hard to answer this question since I use the HME's as the backbone for several personalized variations. Most malleable IMO is the CAL.
  10. D Kristof

    New to brewing

    Some times the yeast needs to finish converting the sugars to alcohol. Some times the flavors provided by malts and adjuncts combine gradually into a unified flavor. If you're familiar with cooking soups and stews, you'll understand the longer it sits the more the flavors meld.
  11. D Kristof

    ABV boost

    @Mic Todd, I have a nephew who has helped me with three brewing sessions. The first session he helped with was a partial mash brew. As the starches were converted into sugars I had him take sample tastes. When we were done he understood the brewing process, what malt extracts were opening the door to discussions about the different sugars created.
  12. D Kristof

    ABV boost

    As the package says...
  13. D Kristof

    Fermentation temp control

    Jim, if you follow BDawg's advice you won't go wrong. Since the Johnson controller will be a step up in your temperature control game, you can play around with temperatures closer to the yeast's high end and after 4 days bump it up a couple like BDawg says. By day 7 you're close to your room temperature and won't distress your yeast. Be certain to measure wort temperatures not air temps in that keezer, Insulate your temperature probe against your fermenter. I cover my probe with a clean dry sponge. You'll be surprised by the improvements in your brews.
  14. D Kristof

    ABV boost

    As a new brewer, the first few batches will either break you or encourage you. How you approach them is entirely up to you. Temperature control and sanitation are of HUGE importance. Most new brewers find this forum after they brew cidery or vinegary beer. If you've conquered temperature control and your familiarity with the process increases, then you can safely begin your experimenting. Caution: Be certain to control how much you add/change so you'll know what you did that you liked and what caused a negative result. As you read through the forums you'll cross many threads discussing somebody's mad scientist performance and a plea for help. After you've brewed a MrBeer extract as is, you'll know what you liked and didn't like i.e. too malty, too hoppy, not hoppy enough etc. The consensus around here is to add additional malt extract and hops to the CAL. CAL has been used to brew ales as well as swapping out yeasts to make a true lager. Whatever additions you eventually consider should also include experimenting with alternative yeasts for otherwise identical recipes. As for myself, because it is somewhat bland by itself, I use CAL as the base for a few recipes of my own. When you make the American Porter for the first time, after 4 weeks you should try bottles one at a time. If you take a few notes for each bottle you will probably notice a different flavor profile stands out. It will give you first hand experience witnessing the flavors melding into the final product. On your second batch, if you like porters and stouts there will be a second batch, consider adding half of a vanilla bean. It will bring out the chocolate flavors a little more.
  15. D Kristof

    ABV boost

    Either cure it or make it twice as tempting.