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  1. D Kristof


    Reading back through the Forum I found this again. Did you post a follow up with your update?
  2. D Kristof

    High-Low Temperature

    On my construction job sites I've used a cheap one with sliding red and blue indicator tabs. Reliable and very useful. Great tip.
  3. D Kristof

    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    If you take a sample, hit it with a spay bottle to rinse it out. In your case, you might need to swab it out with a q-tip. This topic was discussed extensively in a post about mold growing inside a mini-fridge and on the sides of his LBK. @RickBeer is excellent at finding information like that.
  4. D Kristof

    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    @Joe G, welcome to the forum and good luck with your new addiction. If you took a sample from the spigot, by all means possible, clean it thoroughly. Do it now. Allowing any of the wort/beer to remain is providing a breeding ground for molds and bacteria. Anything flowing through that spigot will carry with it any spores and bacteria into your bottles. Sanitation, temperature control, processes, and patience are your goals for your first several attempts at brewing. With patience comes self control a.k.a. not going mad scientist until you have a better understanding. For example, last evening I was at a homebrew club meeting. One of the members brewed an orange habanero wheat beer. His bottles were gushers. The beer was lost behind the habanero heat. When he asked for advice...the best advice we could offer was for him to use it (all 15 gallons) to make jerky. Back tracking on this stream of conscious comment, clean your spout before you bottle, because @RickBeer will need to scold you about infections causing gushers.😉
  5. D Kristof


    @Gutterbunnie, the quicker you're able to cool down the wort, the better your cold break will be. Whirlfloc/ Irish moss will help but aren't necessary. You will find as many arguing for leaving the cold break in as you will those who say to siphon off. Personally, I haven't noticed any difference in fermentation or flavors, only the layer of trub is thicker.
  6. D Kristof

    Carb Cond Chamber & Brew Cellar

    BTW. I agree with Bill and Shrike.
  7. D Kristof

    Carb Cond Chamber & Brew Cellar

    If you're near 50 during the summer, why wait? I only see waiting as delaying an opportunity.
  8. D Kristof

    Conditioning/Refrigeration Question??

    While most people think the beers will improve as they condition, I have run across a couple guys who have other opinions. If you're like them there will be a week you prefer best. The next time you brew Chantilly Lace, when you reach your flavor preference week, toss them into the fridge.
  9. D Kristof

    Plastic bottles bulging

    Name brand, store brand, shouldn't mattter. Sugar is sugar. I believe Domino was mentioned because of the known sugar cube size.
  10. D Kristof

    Bulging Can

    @MRB Josh R, @MRB Tim, @MRB.
  11. D Kristof

    Bulging Can

    I would suspect contaminated HME.
  12. D Kristof


    I was in Hesse and Bavaria for 2 summers.
  13. D Kristof


    In Germany, from my experiences, Eis' is generally served with meals. Typically a meal with robust flavors.
  14. D Kristof

    Helles Bock

    Unless you use a hydrometer and take samples over several days, use 3 weeks. As a rule of thumb, always go 3. It will give the yeast an opportunity to complete cleaning up it's messes. It won't hurt anything to take it slow and wait.
  15. D Kristof


    When it was rebottled in those glass Mexican 6 ounce Coke bottles does than change it from a stout to more of a Modella Negra clone? I'm confused?😉😒