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  1. Cincinnati has many places. Sam Adams is even opening a tasting room this year.
  2. That's insane Creeps. I am supposed to be in Appleton once again tomorrow evening. Should I assume they got hit just as bad?
  3. All of us except @RickBeer. 😃
  4. Just for shits and giggles, well, maybe to confirm my first impression of the photo, I briefly copied that photo to FB to test out the facial recognition. Sure enough, FB tagged Yoda as me. LOL.
  5. The HME has the minerals and nutrients necessary for your MrBeer kits. If you were doing a partial mash or all grain, then you'd need to worry about the water and adding nutrients for the yeast. In the beginning, you're good to go.
  6. In summary, some times @MRB Josh R gives in to temptation and goes all mad scientist and stuff? 😮...I'm shocked and disillusioned by that revelation.
  7. I use a sponge to insulate my probe against the side of my LBK's, otherwise, ditto.
  8. I am interested in knowing if your results are similar.
  9. Good to know after 39 years, my 4 years of high school German and two summers in Germany caused something to stick. LOL
  10. @MRB Josh R, lauter has a more obscure definition. The commonly used meaning in modern German is "loud". Not exactly meaningful to brewers. LOL. An older definition more appropriate is "pure". So lautering means purifying.
  11. @MRB Josh R, I was watching your video on sparging and there were questions about definitions. In German the verb laufen has two meanings, to step or to run. The prefix vor, means, before, prior or pre. Therefore, vorlauf literally means the step preceding lautering.
  12. Question, how do you control bitterness, flavors and aromas if the yeast is doing its thing at the specific temperature range?
  13. While I have not brewed Sir Kenneth, my guess would be caramelized sugars. When I bring my water to "boil", I'm somewhere between 180 and 200 degrees. My beers have been much lighter in color.
  14. The hop pellets will break apart and absorb wort. There is absolutely no need to break them into smaller pieces.
  15. If you purchase the DME from your local homebrew store, it will likely be in a 1 lb bag. My suggestion is to pour out the amount you want to use into a bowl before trying to adding it to the water. If you don't and try to pour from the bag, the steam will begin forming syrup on your bag. Picture cotton candy on a humid August afternoon. When you add the HME, the water only needs to reach a low boil. High boil risks caramelizing some of the sugars in your extracts.
  16. Nothing wrong with having a ginger from time to time. LOL.
  17. Not certain what you have in mind, but I'll bite. Controlling temperatures will allow you to brew better a beer and do it again. The easiest way is a cooler with ice bottles and chilled water bottles. Each cooler, your home and your beer will determine the number of bottles. That said, you need to know what the actual temperatures were. Some here will recommend taping a remote read thermometer to your LBK. Keeping the wort temperatures within the ranges for your yeast will bring the best results. Heading for my morning coffee. Others will no doubt expand upon this answer and suggest you read earlier posts in this forum.
  18. If you want to add the flavor you'd expect from brown sugar or molasses, try a little English treacle. I would add one new ingredient per batch just so you can judge the individual flavor change.
  19. @MiniYoda, will you be in the Cinti area for any reason (Reds game, dijing out, sight seeing) over the next 2 weeks?
  20. @hotrod3539, https://www.facebook.com/municipalbrewworks/posts/2109733799260973
  21. @hotrod3539,
  22. @hotrod3539,
  23. @hotrod3539,
  24. Do they have truck parking? LOL.
  25. This is what my trub bottle looked like last year after only 2 weeks of conditioning at 60 degrees, the rest were lagered at 52 degrees for 3 weeks before lowered to mid 30's in the refrigerator. The rest were more clear and better carbonated.