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  1. D Kristof

    Caps Not Sealing

  2. D Kristof

    Bottling wand

    The bottling wand slides into the new spigots. Be careful how far in the wand is inserted. Too far and you will block all flow. Too little and you risk having it fall out spilling beer. Place a dish with a rag or paper towel on it directly below your bottling wand. It will drip some.
  3. D Kristof


    I'm helping a guy brew today. Ehen he mentioned thst beer ny name I knew I had heard of it and turned to this forum. Lonnie says he's close but there's something lacking.
  4. D Kristof


    @Creeps McLane, have you worked out that psuedo sue clone?
  5. D Kristof

    First batch

    Mr Beer has always been a good starting point but since Coopers bought them out things improved exponentially. The HME's are better. The steeped grain recipes are an improvement. Customer service is improved. The participation on this forum is extremely informative and helpful. Being their busiest time of year I haven't seen any comments lately, but they're lurking in the background.
  6. D Kristof

    First batch

    @pborder, welcome back? When did you begin this obsession, how long were you brewing and when did you stop?
  7. D Kristof

    Used wrong yeast

    Your beer won't be ruined it will just be different than the recipe. Big whoop dee doo. Chalk it up as a learning experience. Who knows, when you make that recipe again using the correct yeast, you might decide you preferred your mistake brew better.
  8. https://photos.citybeat.com/these-16-suburban-cincinnati-breweries-are-worth-the-drive-and-the-uber-lyft-back-home/?slide=1&cover_0614_brinkbrewingco_hb
  9. D Kristof

    American Ale Ferment Time

    @Randygto67, welcome back. Everything you know is probably 95% unchanged. The extracts and Coopers yeast Fromdownunder are improvements. The customer support and MrBeer participation in the forums are improvements. The brewing instructions have been an ongoing discussion probably from when you left so many years ago. "Yes, it will make beer", is about as correct as those instructions go. For good beer, the rules of thumb remain unchanged. 3 weeks in the fermenter (preferably at the low end of the yeast's temperature range). 4 weeks at room temperature in the bottle.
  10. @MiniYoda, I'm bringing this back to life with the following pic.
  11. D Kristof

    Temperature Controller

    @cconstantine307, click on the link above. Multiple comments and photos from several of us who use Inkbirds.
  12. D Kristof

    Temperature Controller

  13. D Kristof

    Temperature Controller

    The Inkbird has 2 outlets it will control to your settings. You plug your fridge into the cool side outlet, and your heating pad into the other. My fridge is in my kitchen so I don't use the heat outlet. Some people drill a hole to run the sensor wire through the fridge wall; I just have it running through the door opening. With the fridge set at maximum cooling, the Inkbird turns the power to the fridge on and off. The refrigerator's built in thermostat never controls operation.
  14. D Kristof

    Mr Beer American Lager Temperature

    Thanks @BDawg62, I was beginning to feel like I was alone on this ledge. LOL. Appreciate the comments from more experienced and knowledgeable brewers.
  15. D Kristof

    Mr Beer American Lager Temperature

    That depends on how much fermentation has occurred. Only way to tell is with a hydrometer or refractometer. The Mr Beer systems don't rely on those but Mr Beer does sell them. For now, leave the lid on the keg. Move the keg to a warmer area. Shine a flashlight into the keg from the bottom. You're looking for a layer of sediment. When fermentation is complete you will usually have about 1/4" thick layer. At the temperatures you've held your keg, your fermentation is not complete. Next shine the light in from one end. You're looking for a bubbles, foam, a ring on the side walls.
  16. D Kristof

    Mr Beer American Lager Temperature

    If you're using the Mr Beer Fromdownunda yeast under the cap, you're way too cold. That yeast is an ale yeast and needs to be in the low 60's. You may have put your yeast to sleep and need to warm them up to get fermentation going.
  17. D Kristof

    Newbie Question

    Although not biologically correct, think of your yeast as being bulimic. They eat and puke, especially if too warm. What they puke out is sometimes partia conversions which can still be converted. Doesn't take much to give off flavors and the alcohol addition is minimal.
  18. D Kristof

    My first bottling

    Many of us don't cold crash. The yeast in suspension will settle during conditioning and your cold crash will occur during your three days in the fridge when your ready to try that first bottle.
  19. D Kristof

    Newbie Question

    What you witnessed was the beginning of your new obsession. HaHa. As you do your best to wait out the remaining 2 1/2 weeks, I suggest taking a few moments to read the posts in this forum. Inside your keg the yeast has come back to life, reproduced, began a feeding frenzy and is now cleaning up the table scraps. During fermentation your yeast produces carbon dioxide, alcohols and other compounds. Over time the yeast will consume many of those other compounds. Time is your friend.
  20. D Kristof

    Returning to Mr Beer

    @pborder, @MnMBeer, welcome back. The Coopers products and proprietary Coopers fromdownunda yeast are vast improvements. As @Shrike commented, the partial mash recipes are very nice additions. Customer service is better. Many of the members participating in these forums have been here since before the transition and may be familiar to both of you.
  21. D Kristof

    VooDoo that I'm about to do

    @Squirley Mic, since you continue to reference your mystery hops it's only right that the members of this forum provide greater assistance. For proper examination please forward samples (at least 1 ounce in size and vacuum sealed) to several members of this forum. Upon completion of our examinations and taste testing we will get back to you.a.s.a.p.
  22. D Kristof

    New Brewer Today

    ^^^^THIS IS THE MAN ^^^^
  23. D Kristof

    General temps and times?

    I have heard over the years he has had a few naive newbs select option #2. He's best at keeping your beer safe from you during and shortly after an annual thrashing from Ohio State.
  24. D Kristof

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I've heard of being in the doghouse but having SWMBO banish you to a cold pantry with only a small heater. WOW! ☺