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  1. D Kristof

    Full Mash Kit Instructions Faulty

    If any one had any doubts, this thread should put their minds at ease. MrBeer kit or not, the collective knowledge in this forum and the willingness to offer help and advice is reassuring.
  2. Do you ever tire answering this question? LOL. Maybe it's the beer, but do I sense a level of snarkiness in your use of uppercase for the word "PERFECT"?
  3. D Kristof

    LME Softpack versus Brewmax Booster

    You've already been given 3 good answers to your questions, but I will toss my wooden nickle of advice any way. Booster is a combination of different sugars. Be careful with your fermentation temperatures or you could get off flavors which will fade over time, but who wants to wait with a wheat beer?
  4. D Kristof


    @MiniYoda, thanks. I was beginning to worry about when I'd hear something other than those darn crickets. As for myself, I'm open for almost any weekend this summer.
  5. Sorry for the delay posting this. The voting results indicate Cincinnati is the slightly more favored location (I did not vote). @MiniYoda has proposed Thursday June 6 through Sunday June 9 as the dates. Cincinnati has over 40 breweries with several more located nearby in Indiana and Northern Kentucky. I intend to focus this meeting towards the northern suburbs which in my opinion are some of the better less commercialized breweries. Transportation between locations will be provided. I am asking for feedback. I am asking for an idea of who and how many. It's time to finally get this thing movjng forward.
  6. D Kristof

    How Old is Too Old??

    LOL. I'm thinking a recent newbie asked about the Mrbeer yeast's properties and @MRB Tim commented on it.
  7. D Kristof

    How Old is Too Old??

    I would pitch 2 MrBeer yeast packets. They may be old but they've been sealed and stored in a cool location. I successfully used 1 MrBeer packet that had been stored in an attic for 5 years. The MrBeer yeast, if I remember correctly) is the Coopers yeast. As for too dark? Never heard of it. I would worry about using any old stock which has be sitting open. Some wise man on this forum lives by the motto, "if you don't brew it, who will?"
  8. D Kristof

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Which local brewery?
  9. I imagine this up and subzero down winter weather hasn't help keep things calm and steady in your line of work. When we do this would you need a vacation day for a Saturday?
  10. D Kristof

    Brewing with Coconut

  11. Agree with you in general, but if somebody voted for Cincy but can't make the dates chosen... could be the difference between a gathering of 5 or more of us or the alternative of only 2.
  12. @hotrod3539, @scouterbill, @BDawg62, I am trying to figure out who voted, who didn't and for which destination. I'm also trying to establish a time frame. Miniyoda has suggested a Thursday through Sunday in early June. I tagged the three of you because you're my first guesses for 2 of the Cincy votes and 1 Louisville.
  13. All I can tell is how many voted for Cincy, but not who voted. Neither do I know who voted for Louisville. I could guess.
  14. When do we want to do this thing?
  15. D Kristof

    Wheat beer info

    all you ever wanted to know... and then some.
  16. D Kristof

    Fermentation results!

    What they said. as for the possible infection, it could have been caused simple by not thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the bottles or caps. First time I used Nottingham yeast, every bottle fizzed. Double down on your thoroughness for sanitation.
  17. D Kristof

    Muntons vs MRB?

    was that a hopped malt extract?
  18. D Kristof

    DME to All grain conversion

    http://www.brewingwithbriess.com/Products/Extracts.htm#GoldenLight and http://www.brewingwithbriess.com/Products/Base.htm From here, I would compare the descriptions and Lovibond numbers provided and SWAG from there. Quickly looking at it I would guess Pale Ale Malt or Goldpils Vienna malt.
  19. D Kristof

    Adding flavors

    Always the romantic. LOL. Around here, SWMBO doesn't like beer, and for that I am truly greatful.
  20. D Kristof

    Paint Strainer Bag

    How difficult is it to drain the wort trapped in the hop spider by hop pellet sludge? How do you clean yours? I sometimes brew with a club member who has rigged up a hanger to suspend his hop spider above the kettle so it drains while he chills the wort in the kettle below.
  21. D Kristof

    Splitting a batch

    First of all, welcome. Secondly, that's precisely the right attitude and approach.
  22. D Kristof

    Classic American Light Tweaking

    Definitely use the sack. For your first time, tie the knot as close to the open end as possible. Those hop pellets will absorb water and fall apart. You will be amazed by the volume increase.
  23. D Kristof

    Timeline chart explanation

    OMG! I did a spit take when I read that. I just hope you have somebody opening your mail and starting your car for the next couple of years.
  24. D Kristof

    Alcohol content

    Welcome to your new hobby/obsession and to this forum. No need to beg forgiveness, ALL OF US were once new brewers. Some of us did a great deal of reading before we began while others stumbled along because that's what we do. LOL. To avoid the wrath of "Brewer of the month" recipient @RickBeer, search the forums first. If you don't find the answer to your questions, first I'd be surprised, but secondly, you'll get plenty of helpful advice. When you check the size of your bags of booster, if they're all the same, check your order and what should have been included. If you've been shorted, contact MrBeer and they'll do right by you. As stated above by others, adding any fermentable sugars will boost the a/c of your beer. Each has its own pluses and minuses which should be considered. Also, the MrBeer recipes etc. are examples of beer styles, if you jump in and begin adding fermentables you'll be altering the flavor. To begin with, add the MrBeer booster. Next try the same beer adding an LME packet. Lastly, steeping grains or doing a minimash with grains. Each of those steps will provide you more than a basic understanding of how you can change, improve or otherwise alter your beer.
  25. D Kristof

    Caps Not Sealing