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  1. D Kristof

    Safale US-05 vs Safale S-33

    ^^^THIS^^^ Back in January my local homebrew club conducted an experiment to demonstrate to sceptical members how variables affect brewing. 20 people took the same pale ale wort, used the same hops and hop schedule and fermented 5 gallon batches within a 2 degree temperature variation. The biggest variable was yeast selection. 10 different yeasts were pitched. In summary, there were 20 different beers. In side by side comparison of two beers with the same yeast the beers were different. You need to know your methods will affect your beer. You need to know how individual ingredients brewed with your methods affect your beer. IMHO, the variables are what make this hobby fascinating.
  2. D Kristof

    Maple Syrup as Adjunct?

    To use his entire pint, that's one heavenly seafoodfest. LOL. @Mic Todd, add it to a CAL. If it adds even minimal flavor you'll notice. If it acts like honey and dries it out who cares. At least it's not booster.
  3. D Kristof

    Safale US-05 vs Safale S-33

    We'll make this easy for you. Here are some basics.
  4. D Kristof

    Safale US-05 vs Safale S-33

    @MRB Tim, is it safe to say the MrBeer yeast is Cooper's ale yeast? If it is, the properties are easily found online.
  5. D Kristof


    Shhhhhhh. LOL. @Bonsai & Brew, I use Wally's bottled spring water at $0.88/ gallon and an acid rest while mashing. Using ph strips to measure, I've always been in the range of 5.3 to 5.4 without making any chemical alterations to the water.
  6. D Kristof

    Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout

    The most difficult part of steeping grains and partial mashing is holding the temperature within a fairly wide range. If you have an electric range keep in mind the burners will continue to heat your pot after they are turned off. I remove the pot from the burner set it on a pot holder, add the grains then wrap the pot in a clean towel. As @Shrike said it's easy to do and that's a good recipe.
  7. D Kristof

    Too much foam when I pour

    Domino dots sugar cubes can usually be found at your local grocery store. I also use the dots.
  8. D Kristof

    New (essential?) Equipment

    Steeping grains and mashing are neither difficult or require special equipment. If you can boil water you're almost there. LOL. Only difference is holding the water temperature between 140-160 degrees for 30 to 60 minutes. I often still use our Farberware pots one the kitchen stovetop.
  9. D Kristof

    New (essential?) Equipment

    Booster. 😛. ACTUALLY, I would play around with the MrBeer malt extacts in CAL to gain an idea of what each adds to the brew. Then try a few hop additions and steepong grains. From there, you're ready to fly on your own. If you choose to go your own route, using your skateboarde analogy you'll likely have one wood wheel, one rubber wheel, two steel wheels one with ball bearings and one without.
  10. D Kristof

    New (essential?) Equipment

    I added it to early versions of my coffee stouts and porters. Now that they're approaching two years old the licorice flavor is IMO VERY pronounced. I like licorice but IMO those beers didn't age well.
  11. D Kristof

    New (essential?) Equipment

    All Rick was trying to explain was, in general, if I may use your skateboard analogy, too often after falling off multiple times the enthusiast got discouraged. When the boards warped instead of trying to improve them by laminating, the skateboard enthusiast quit. None of his comments were intended to be taken personally. Not everyone perseveres.
  12. D Kristof

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Found a source for frozen paw paws. Weather permitting I might be in business again. Gotta pull those recipes back out and get suppliers.
  13. D Kristof

    MUG Nationals

    Steve, Doug, congratulations to both of you.
  14. D Kristof

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    I clicked "confused" because I was torn between "like" for the first part and "laugh" for the story about Squints.
  15. D Kristof

    Capping/bottling mishap

    Most bells unscrew from the capper.
  16. D Kristof

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    I really aerated my starters. I sealed the jars and shook them for a minute. Yours looks like mine did, but you could try shaking that thing. At this stage there can't be too much oxygen. Yeah, I had a quart of starter and didn't want an overflow so I pitched the yeast into the quart, shook it, then poured half into a second jar. You can see the high the krausen was in those jars.
  17. D Kristof

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    If I was a sensitive kind of guy my feelings would be hurt. Wild yeast? I think not. Guinness' yeast? Possible. Another commercially available yeast? Also possible and perhaps more likely. Still it smells like a bunch of over ripe bananas in my dorm fridge. I might pitch one of these jars into an LBK this weekend. The jar on the left was agitated.
  18. D Kristof

    MUG Nationals

    Not even as a specialty beer?
  19. D Kristof

    Early Chromosbeer

    If you're worried about fermentation, off flavors etc. just leave it be at room temperatures. The diacytle rest will be slightly longer than intended. Who cares? Your beer won't taste significantly different.
  20. D Kristof

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    Thus is how I did mine. I poured a couple ounces of distilled water into each bottle and recapped them and set the back in the fridge. When I had 4 bottles I poured them into a sanitized canning jar and kept it in the fridge. As I finshed the six pack I added the distilled water and added to the quart canning jar. The yeast settled and I poured off most of the beer tainted distilled water a couple times and replaced it with fresh. After that I again dumped the liquid above before pitching into the quart jar of refrigerated starter wort. After pitching I moved it into the dorm fridge where I have a cider fermenting. I keep the lid loose to let the CO2 escape. So far it seems to be working.
  21. D Kristof

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    If this works out a yeast sample might be possible.
  22. My first reaction was to laugh. My second was, "Sumbitch! That's brilliant!"
  23. D Kristof

    Guiness Irish Wheat Clone

    So far, so good. Last Saturday, I made a starter of wheat DME 1.029 OG. Pitched the washed dregs from 6 Guinness Irish Wheat bottles. I definitely smells like the Guinness Irish Wheat they were sleeping in. Tomorrow I am going to pitch into another starter with OG of 1.040
  24. D Kristof

    Something other than booster

    @Mic Todd, if you think black licorice would go well with a light beer, go for it, you're the brewer. Brown sugar isn't raw sugar it is refined sugar with molasses added to it. The sugar will ferment and leave behind the licorice flavor. If it were me, I'd steep some grains, but hey, that's just me. To paraphrase another member of this forum, if you don't brew it, who will?
  25. D Kristof

    MUG Nationals

    When is/was the deadline to enter. I can no longer find any information about it.