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  1. I'll be pouring my first one of these this weekend and am looking forward to it.
  2. With the exception of hoppier light-colored beers, Conway Twitty seems to rear his ugly head in the lighter ones more often than the darker. At least in my experience, that is. And longer conditioning helps with that.
  3. I'm a beer lightweight, usually having only one or two a day. But after dinner I switch to whiskey, and well, I can drink some whiskey. What's the Lynyrd Skynyrd line, "...and I drink enough whiskey to float a battleship around." 😀
  4. Welcome to the hobby, thanks for your service (retired USAF here) and it's your beer - perv all you want!
  5. Congrat's! It's always a nice moment when you realize "Damn, I CAN make some tasty beer in my kitchen!"
  6. Put 'em in the fridge for three days then enjoy them. They should be perfectly fine, although they will have lost a bit of the hop character.
  7. I have a four-cup Pyrex measuring cup. I put about two-three cups of water in it and nuke it until the water is boiling. Then I put it on the counter, throw in the hop sack, and put a pair of tongs in to keep the sack underwater. I let it sit for about five minutes, then use the tongs to remove and open the hop sack to put the hops in. By this time the sack is usually cool enough to touch so I tie it off with my clean hands and gently put it in the LBK. Someone may have a better method, but I've found this to be simple and effective.
  8. I've not brewed the Northwest "straight up", but I've brewed two of the recipes that use it, American Burleywine and Santa Rita Pale Ale and both are great. I have brewed the Churchill's "straight up" but it's still conditioning. I'll be trying my first one mid-December.
  9. It's an interesting read. I'd like to see a similar experiment done with extract brews. I use 4oz of carapils in all of my non-PM brews to help with body, mouth feel, and head retention and I notice a difference, but that could merely be confirmation bias. Another reason I use it is that using steeped or mashed grains in extract brewing can help reduce or eliminate Conway Twitty, which is obviously not addressed in an all-grain experiment.
  10. Good to hear as that's next in my queue.
  11. Just make a shitload of beer chili.
  12. Yeah, that one looks intriguing.
  13. Welcome, you've come to the right place. Have you brewed a batch yet?
  14. What temperature was the wort when this happened? I ask because the only time I've had this happen is when I was fermenting too warm. Once I started fermenting at proper temperatures I never had it happen again, even with recipes like LSBBS, Novacaine, or Burleywine which all have several times the amount of fermentable sugars in them as the plain St. Pat's.
  15. Five minutes will give almost maximum aroma with just a bit of flavor and bitterness: