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  1. Shrike


    And there's a good bit of variety within the style itself; fruity, bitter, not bitter, etc.
  2. Shrike

    First partial mash attempt & newbie mistakes

    Nottingham is a beast of a yeast. It does its job and does it well. As far as carbonation goes, I too use Domino Dots. One cube is perfect for 12oz bottles for me, two for a pint or PET bottle. So it's even easier to do than batch priming. For my tastes, darker beers like stouts and porters and high ABV beers don't need to have a large amount of carbonation.
  3. I've never been interested enough about the MRB recipes with added canned fruit to bother trying one before. But the Dead and Berried Saison has really got my attention. I'll definitely be trying this one once I've knocked my brew queue down a bit.
  4. Shrike

    No evidence of fermentation?

    Been there done that! It sounds like my wife and your wife went to the same How to Deal With Husbands seminar.
  5. Add this "@MRB Josh R" and he'll get a message letting him know someone's looking for him. It's like summoning a demon, except you get beer info instead of burned alive. 😎
  6. Shrike

    Too long?

    Best thing to do now is build a still and distill it into 'shine.
  7. Shrike

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    That's one heckuva palate you have there, @doc280! Do you plan on doing another blind test at the four-week point?
  8. Shrike

    No evidence of fermentation?

    This. I've had two or three batches where the only visible sign that the yeast were doing their thang was trub at the bottom of the LBK.
  9. Shrike

    Site Update!

  10. Shrike

    First partial mash attempt & newbie mistakes

    - Momentarily hitting 170 shouldn't cause too much trouble. If you'd stayed there for a while, that would be a different story. I've done the same thing twice before and never noticed any astringent flavors. - Sanitizing your fingers before grabbing the ice cube was a good idea. Putting your fingers in hot wort, on the other hand...well, just be glad it wasn't too hot. - I'm not an expert on yeast behavior, but those temp swings probably stressed out the yeast a bit. That can cause off flavors. The good thing is that BBP has some pretty complex, robust flavors. So any off flavors might be very subdued.
  11. Shrike

    2018 Churchills Challenge

    Here's a post I made a while back containing a three-minute video about different methods of combining DME and water. I've never used DME so can't comment from personal experience. The blender method looks good, though.
  12. Shrike

    3 days worth chillin'

    They don't get worse, they just doesn't seem to improve much if any. One of the good things about Weizens (along with IPAs) is that they're ready to drink relatively quickly. My Whispering Wheat hit minimum conditioning time 8 February and I had my first one that day. I had the second-to-last one last night and it tasted pretty much like the first one. I'm getting in the habit of not hanging on to Weizens and IPAs for months on end like I do with other brews. I've been doing that with IPAs for the most part (the hoppiness is what they're about; why let them sit around for months and lose that?) but am starting to do it with the wheats, too. No sense taking up space aging beers that get no benefit from it.
  13. Shrike

    3 days worth chillin'

    I do it to allow the ales to continue conditioning. With the exception of really hoppy beers and weizens, every ale I've made has improved over time.
  14. Shrike

    Wide temperature range yeast

    Seconded. Santa Rita is a tasty brew. I'm curious to read about the results with the hothead yeast.