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  1. Shrike

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    You can still get some use out of it. Next batch you brew, throw the yeast in with the water that you boil. You'll have billions of little yeast corpses in the water to serve as nutrient for the yeast you'll be pitching.
  2. Shrike

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    Lots of folks do that with the dry yeasts. Liquid? Pitch it all. Dry? Use half a packet if you want (I pitch the whole packet). But as Kedogn says, a ziploc bag will help preserve the remaining 1/2.
  3. Shrike

    Hazy IPA dry-hopping tips?

    Like Cato said, use the whole packet. There's no reason to throw away perfectly viable yeast. Put them to work belching CO2 and pissing Ethyl Alcohol! 😀
  4. Shrike

    Bottle conditioning techiques

    I'll quote myself on this one.
  5. Shrike

    Early Chromosbeer

    You can still use your hydrometer to determine if fermentation is complete. Take a reading, wait 24 hours, take another reading. If they're the same, fermentation is done.
  6. Shrike

    First Batch - Open Bottles Go Flat?

    12 hours in the fridge is not enough time for the CO2 to be put into suspension in the beer. Refrigerate them for two days minimum, but three days is optimal. Your beers were most likely properly carbonated...but the majority of the carbonation was still in the neck space and went "PSSSSSH" and escaped once you uncapped them.
  7. Shrike

    New 3G Conical Fermenter

    Amazon Prime will save you some gas money.
  8. Shrike

    Something other than booster

    Pros: used in the CAL, you'll most likely be able to really pick up on what the brown sugar brings to the table. Cons: if you don't like what it brings to the table you'll still have two gallons of beer to drink. Or just do what I do with the beers I don't like: make beer chili, beer bread, or use them in marinades. 🙂 But if you dump it down the drain, RickBeer will hunt you down without mercy. ☠️☠️ 😊
  9. Shrike

    Something other than booster

    @Mic Todd the only time I'll use brown sugar is occasionally with a coffee stout. I don't think you'll enjoy it at all used with a CAL. Like @BDawg62 said, steeping some grains will give you some color and add a more pleasing flavor; even 4 ounces of crystal 40 or 60 will make a difference. It's your beer, brew it how you want. Just note that of all the responses on here (which includes some from VERY experienced and knowledgeable brewers, folks that I still learn things from) not one has been "Hell yeah, brown sugar with a CAL will be great!" 🤔
  10. Shrike


    Go three weeks.
  11. Shrike

    Propping Up Your LBK - No Trubal

    The beer doesn't contract; water can't be compressed under normal circumstances. Particles within the beer, however, get denser with the colder temp's and thus fall to the bottom of the LBK. ETA: Oh, and to answer the question, yes, just put the LBK in the cooler or fridge, preferably in a spot where it won't get jostled. Most people also like to put something under the spout end of the LBK so that the trub compacts away from it (I do this throughout the whole fermentation). Something about the thickness of a CD case is sufficient.
  12. Shrike

    Pumpkin beer attempt

    Having never done a pumpkin beer I have nothing to add as far as what you can expect. I just want to ask that you follow-up on this thread once you start drinking them as I'm very curious as to how the batch'll turn out.
  13. Shrike

    yeast starter

    I do that too with excess MRB yeast packets. It keeps the little cannibals happy. 😀
  14. Shrike

    Bottling question

    No, it won't ruin the flavor of your beer. They'll just be a bit over-carb'ed. When it comes time to drink one, you can pour a glass, put it in the fridge for a bit to let some of the CO2 escape, then drink it. Having said that, I've found that the flip-top bottles do not hold carbonation very well for long periods of time. They seem airtight, but the CO2 will leak out as the beer sits and conditions. I only use them for beers that I'll be drinking relatively quickly after bottling, such as IPAs. The Double Black Diamond recommended conditioning time is 2-6 months. Personally, I wouldn't start drinking them until they've conditioned for four months. At that time, you may pop the top of one and find that there's very little gas at all. If that's the case you can "recarbonate" them by popping the tops, dropping in another carb drop (with clean hands, of course ), re-sealing, and letting them sit for another three weeks.
  15. Shrike

    Something other than booster

    You certainly can do that. The CAL is the HME I use the most for playing around with. I usually use one booster pack, 6-8oz grains, and a hop boil along with dry hopping. They've all turned out pretty well. By itself it's pretty bland, but with a few additions you can make some damned tasty beers with the CAL.