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  1. Shrike

    Dry Recipes?

    American Ale HME + 4oz carapils + 1 cup honey. That's a good starting point.
  2. Shrike

    lagering is soooooo long

    What are you waiting for? Drink those tasty lagers!
  3. Shrike

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    I love having #homebrewproblems. 😃
  4. Shrike

    Red Irish Fail Ale

  5. Shrike

    What should I do with this beer?

    I voted option 1 just to see if I'd be the only one.
  6. Shrike

    Forgotten Batch

    As soon as I tuck an LBK away I put a reminder in my phone so I don't forget to bottle it. 20 years ago I'd have had notes all over my desk instead.
  7. There was a glitch in the Matrix which caused an issue with my most recent order. I won't bore everyone with the details, but MRB resolved the issue in a much, much more than satisfactory way. I've said it before and I'll say it again, MRB's customer service is second to none.
  8. Shrike

    MRB Customer Service Rocks

    @MRB Tim, it looks like there might be another one.
  9. Shrike

    Caramel Stout

    Here's a link to a partial mash recipe using the St. Pat's. Follow the instructions but substitute the crystal 60 for the other grains in step 2. It may seem more complex, but it's not really. And you can brew some great beers with just a bit of added grain.
  10. Shrike

    American Lager

    You're hooked now!
  11. Shrike

    American Burleywine

    I enjoy it and still have about seven bottles on hand. I recommend trying one right at minimum conditioning time, then periodically afterwards so you can see how it develops. (Or just drink them all...it's quite tasty. ) I also recommend checking your final gravity to be sure fermentation is complete. I had some swollen PET bottles a few days after bottling and had to vent them all.
  12. Shrike

    Caramel Stout

    As Rick said, I'd go with some Crystal 60*. Have you done partial mash brews before? If so, I'd start with steeping 4-6oz as a baseline and adjust up or down as needed based on the result. A Robust and/or Smooth LME would also add some flavor and richness. *Here's the description of Crystal 60 from MRB's website: "Crystall 60 is a widely used and versatile medium crystal malt that will contribute a rich sweetness, pleasant toasted bread notes, and a pronounced, full caramel flavor with a light reddish hue. Use 1-4 oz in numerous beer styles for enhanced body and foam stability as well as additional flavor and color."
  13. Shrike

    Diablo IPA Tasting

    You can certainly do that. If you want to see the effect time has on hops, you could leave several out at room temperature and have them at one, two, and three months after you finish the rest.
  14. Shrike

    Diablo IPA Tasting

    The hops will fade with time. Because of that, IPAs are one of the few brews that I don't let age too long.
  15. Shrike

    Calidelic Mandarin IPA ?

    I've used flaked corn with the CAL and was happy with the results.
  16. Shrike

    New guy

    Welcome to the hobby and the forum! Go the full three weeks. It gives the yeast plenty of time to clean up the beer.
  17. Shrike

    One Gallon Glass Fermenter?

    You could do standard recipes. Just call them all "Imperial". 🤩
  18. @Augman68, I forgot to mention one thing that you should be aware of. Many wine fridges are designed so that if they lose power, when it comes back on they automatically revert to their lowest setting (usually around 54F). So if you're in an area that's prone to power outages you'll need to reset your temperature when the power comes back on.
  19. 66 is a good temperature for most recipes. I do almost all of my ales at 65. Three weeks in the fermenter is what you want. Fermenting at 66 won't change that. Welcome to the forum!
  20. Shrike

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I received Dead & Berried and another order of Santa Rita (one of my top three favorite recipes) today, so revised my schedule: - Golden Empire IPA - Tangerously Hoppy IPA - Saison du Miel - Dead & Berried - Winter Dark Ale #2 - Belgian Blanc - Hidden Lake Amber Ale - Santa Rita
  21. Welcome to the forum and the hobby!
  22. Shrike

    Plastic bottles bulging

    Fixed it for you.
  23. Shrike

    Conditioning/Refrigeration Question??

    This. The only ones I toss in the fridge as soon as they hit their stride are the really hoppy ones like IPAs.
  24. Shrike

    Carb Cond Chamber & Brew Cellar

  25. I saved my last bottle of 1776 for today.