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  1. Here's a great post from MRB Josh R on diastatic power.
  2. I recommended the 2-row because of the flaked corn. Yes, I know the Pilsen works too as it's a variety of two-row. But the OP has grains he wants to use up. So why not? Same with the Carapils. It won't add flavor or color, just body, head, and a small bit of ABV. Again, though, he has the grains on hand and wants to use them up. It's not like their addition will hurt the flavor of the end product.
  3. I are not! I mean we is not!
  4. If I were doing these I'd split them up so that one goes towards a lighter and crisper brew, and the other uses the sweeter grains for a maltier ale. Something like: First brew: - 1 HME and 1 LME - 3 oz Carapils - 2 oz 2 row - 2 oz flaked corn - 2 oz Pilsen Second brew: - 1 HME and 1 LME - 3 oz Carapils - 2 oz Crystal - 2 oz Munich - 2 oz flaked oats I'm not sure if you'd also need an extra 2 oz of 2-row in the second one to help convert the oats or if there's enough diastatic power in the other grains to get the job done; maybe @MRB Josh R or @MRB Tim can chime in with advice. I'd save the chocolate malt for use in a porter or stout, unless you just want to see what that amount will do for the ale, in which case I'd use it in the second one. The boosters are up to you. I don't normally use them so I'm probably not the guy to ask. You might want to think about adding hops to each one just to balance the extra malt. I think you'll get a tasty beer with both of those. The American Ale is a good HME to tinker with, and you're not adding so much grain that the character will be completely changed. If nothing else it will help you see what small additions to the HME do for your end product. And I'm like you: I love the PM recipes but sometimes wonder what to do with leftover grains. So far I've been able to make two beers that I really enjoy with the leftovers, my CALEX#1 and Blacker, Beardier Porter (this is a variation on the Black Beer'd Porter MRB recipe for which I added some leftover grains from making the Lock, Stock Bourbon Stout. It was the first time I'd really "experimented" and I love the results.)
  5. - Personally, I'd skip the booster and go with the LME. Unless you just want more ABV, in which case add the booster. - Yep, the standard yeast will work. - I'd steep the carapils, 2-row, and 2oz of grain such as flaked corn. If you're going to use the 2-row you might as well put its diastatic power to use. - The resulting beer would be a tasty ale, so you might as well brew it. - Honey will add a dryness, so if you like drier beers, go for it. Brown Sugar will give a bit of molasses flavor, which I think would be a little off-putting.
  6. 1) Yep, it's still a 2 gallon recipe. It just has more malt going in to it, thus giving you higher ABV. 2) You can just tie a knot in the muslin sack itself; there's plenty of slack. However, make sure you do it so you leave a lot of space inside; the hops will expand a lot. And you are correct, no extra sanitizing is needed.
  7. Thanks, Buzz Killington.
  8. Is there nothing alcohol can't do?
  9. Welcome back!
  10. No suggestions, just sorry for your loss. Pets have always been more than just pets to me, they're part of the family.
  11. legacy recipe

    Haiku about beer? Word craftsmen and home brewers United as one.
  12. It's a beautiful color!
  13. Yep, that's one of the most frustrating things about the newer brown spigots and LBKs. I've never, ever had a single leakage issue with my older LBK with the white spigot. But the newer one I bought a few months back with the brown spigot has taken a lot of ridiculous TLC with a file in order to get a proper seal. I have to fiddle with it every single time I use it in order to not get a leak. And I know what some people think about this: "Hey, you got a fermenter for $10, what do you want?" Well, I want the friggin' thing to work as it's supposed to without having to bust out my tool chest, that's what I want. And if I can't get that, then take the extra time to fix the damned things to make them leak-proof and raise the price to $20 and it's still a good deal..
  14. Hoppy's back, I'll drink to that!
  15. I don't know if you've fermented with honey before but it will give the beer a "dry" taste. So if that's what you're going for, it sounds good to me.
  16. Congrat's! You gotta love a success straight off the bat.
  17. I know what you mean. I started coming here about seven or eight months ago and the effect on my beers has been quite noticeable. Instead of making "meh" beer I'm now making beers I'm proud to share with friends and family.
  18. Welcome to the community! You are most definitely not the first person to get label in the wort. Since the time I did that I always take the label off of the can after having it sit in hot water. It comes off quite easily.
  19. Yep. Just like putting some Seagrams in a glass and adding some Sprite makes the whiskey look lighter.
  20. Soon I'll be making a weizen for my wife. Well, my niece found out about it and asked if I could make a stout for her. So after some thought I figured I'd do an espresso stout and call it Ashley's Eye Opener Cafe Cubano Stout (she's 3/4 Cuban, hence the name). It's based off of the MB recipe Sunday Morning Coming Down, with a few additions: - 1 St. Pat's HME - 1 Smooth LME - 1/2 cup brown sugar - 4oz. carapils - 4oz. crystal 60 - 1 Tbsp strong, cold-steeped, espresso-ground coffee per 12oz. bottle, added at bottling. I've only done one other recipe where I added some coffee, so thoughts? Suggestions? Maybe some fuggles at flameout to balance the extra grain and sugar?
  21. 66 degrees for your wort temp is great, no need to raise it. It's when you've bottled the beer and it's carbonating/conditioning that you want the temps 70+. It's not going to hurt the beer if it's a few degrees cooler, it'll simply take longer to mature.
  22. I don't think anyone's getting annoyed by these posts. And if they are they need to call the police so they can arrest the guy that's forcing them at gunpoint to read them. I for one look forward to reading the results. If they're bad, I'll have learned something. If they're good, I'll have learned something.
  23. I quit about 13 years ago and don't miss it a bit. Plus, all that money I'm saving by not buying smokes is available for brewing beer and taking vacations
  24. I just clean the bottles and leave them near the sink. Once there are five or six of them the labels magically remove themselves. It's like a year-round Festivus miracle! Actually, my wife for some reason enjoys taking the labels off of the bottles. Yes, I'm a lucky man.