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  1. I received my Inkbird today from MRB and will hopefully be going to Lowe's tomorrow to pick up one of those fridges.
  2. The HME is good for something like three years after the expiration date ( the yeast that comes with it for only six months). But apparently as it ages the final product will be a bit darker. So if the final color of your beer isn't critical (and it isn't for me), build that pipeline! The most I've had in my brew queue at any one time is around 13 recipes.
  3. Best recommendation is to ferment all MRB recipes for three weeks. I keep all of mine between 65-68F while fermenting. Carbonation time is also normally three weeks; that's at room temperature, as is bottle conditioning. For this recipe you could probably try one after four weeks in the bottle to see what it's like. If it's tasty, then drink away. If they need more time, I'd give them two-to-four more weeks, then try again. Don't forget to put them in the fridge for three days before opening to allow the CO2 to re-absorb. Let us know how the brewing goes in this thread.
  4. If you order a Golden LME and a packet of Cascade hops, you'll be making this well-reviewed MRB recipe. If you order a Smooth LME and two packs of Booster, you'll get this one. Here's MRB's page that shows all of their recipes that you can make with the Oktoberfest HME. There are some really tasty choices and different styles there. As to DME vs. LME, I've only ever used LME. I've seen DME used and it appears to be a slow, frustrating process. I brew for fun; if I want frustration I can get that elsewhere.
  5. The sixth is a 500ml PET bottle. In the past I printed on a shipping label (four to one label), trimmed the beer label to size, then put them on the bottle. But once adhered, those suckers are a pain to take off. So now I go low-tech: print labels on regular paper, cut to size, and tape on. You can't even tell that the label is scotch-taped on in the sixth picture.
  6. Looks good! That's a tasty recipe, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it.
  7. Have you contacted MRB customer service? It sounds like some error on the site and they're fantastic at helping customers. @MRB Tim might be able to help.
  8. That's exactly what I do. And I clean them right after I pour the beer so that the residue doesn't have time to dry.
  9. I've had some distended bottoms on them, but never one like that!
  10. One thing to be cautious of is that some wine fridges have a function on them that resets the temperature to the lowest setting if power is lost. So if you had it set at 64 before going out of town for a week, and you lost power an hour after you left, your beer will be sitting at 39 for the rest of the week while you're gone. I learned that the hard way when I was using a wine fridge as a temp-controlled humidor...a "wineador". Just FYI, for the same price as that you can get this fridge which holds two LBKs, a temp controller, and have enough leftover for some HME.
  11. Oh, and I don't put labels on all of a batch, usually just four-to-eight of them or so. For the rest, I just Sharpie an abbreviation on the bottle cap, i.e. "WF" is Witch's Flight, "CS2" is Calavera Spiced Chile Stout. With my next batch I'm going to experiment with adhering the labels using milk.
  12. I use They have several different label templates that are free, and you can customize them a bit with different color options. I like more customization options, such as uploading my own pictures for labels, so I became a "premium" member which cost a grand total of $8.00 for a lifetime. Yes, eight bucks for life. Here are a few of the labels I've done through them:
  13. The amount of fermentable sugars in the wort influences the temperature, too. When I do a recipe that calls for one small can of HME and one LME, for example, when I'm ready to pitch the yeast the temperature is right around 66-70*. When I do one that calls for a couple of small cans of HME plus some LME, or larger cans of HME plus LME, my temperature is usually between 70-75*. This is using a gallon of refrigerated water, adding the wort, then topping off with refrigerated water.
  14. On my newer LBK with the black spigot I have to tighten it way, way down in order to keep it from leaking. My old white-spigot one just needs a nice, snug fit and it seals like a charm.
  15. What these guys said...taste it and if it doesn't taste like the cat's asshole, bottle it. The worst that can happen is you get a "meh" beer that's only good for boiling brats in or making beer chili. And seeing that beer brats and beer chili are awesome, you win no matter what.
  16. too much beer

  17. LOL!!! I actually did some poking around about this over 15 years ago. One of the guys I worked with at the time saw something on the internet about water "exploding" after being microwaved and was freaked out about it. He drank instant coffee and microwaved the water in his coffee cup every morning when he got into work. He was worried he'd get scalded and wouldn't shut up about it; it got so annoying that I looked up how to avoid it just to keep him quiet.
  18. Calavera Imperial Spiced Chile Stout will be a bold creation.
  19. I wouldn't worry too much. Like MrWhy said, the yeast need time to re-hydrate and get active after they're pitched.
  20. I really like this beer. I used one dried ancho chile when I made it. Next time I'll use two as the chile was a little too subtle. Regardless, it's very tasty/
  21. Yep, you add it with the priming sugar to each bottle. So Planewrench, what you're basically doing is making Sunday Morning Coming Down but adding the brown sugar and cocoa powder from the Ole Mole Stout recipe? Sounds tasty to me. You might consider using cold-steeped coffee at bottling; it's less acidic than hot-brewed.
  22. too much beer

  23. If it's a concern, just throw a toothpick in it before nuking, then remove once boiling. The toothpick will act as a catalyst for bubble production by breaking the surface tension of the water.
  24. So did the taste test take place yet?