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  1. Haha
    Shrike reacted to MRB Tim in The Real Mr. Beer - Live Stream Thread   
    I was hoping no one noticed lol. It's been a long few weeks. When you're live, these things happen. 
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    Shrike reacted to Marius in I cannot lager   
    I ended up taking the ingredients, added rasberries changed out yeast and made a velvet velociraptor. Just not ready for lager yet. 
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    Shrike reacted to Cato in Too long?   
    At the mention of burnt rubber and rotten eggs, I'd be hitting the add to cart button on another couple LBK's, and saying sayonnara to that batch! Lol, I can still hear my mother saying when in doubt throw it out.
    @rowe0123, however you proceed, in the future you might want to put your batch action schedule in your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It helps me anyway to see what's coming up so i can make sure my inventory is good to go for my next brew day.
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    Shrike reacted to greyhound in No evidence of fermentation?   
    Frustrating update...  this morning I decided to bottle.  As mentioned, I am using a FastFerment.  With valve shut, while disconnecting the threaded union at the bottom that holds the trub collection jar, beer started flowing.  No matter what I did I couldn't correct it.  Lost the entire batch.  The ball valve bottom seal threaded seat had turned loose as I was unscrewing the union and I couldn't get it tightened enough with my fingers to correct it.  Not being familiar with the FastFerment, I didn't realize until subsequently visiting one of their cleaning videos that the ball handle can be pulled off and there are "nubs" on the handle that can be used to turn the seal seal.  Had I known that, I likely could have tightened the seat through the beer flow and only lost a portion of the batch.  Don't know why this came loose.  This batch was my third with the FastFerment.  Not sure I'm going to like the FastFerment method vs. LBK....  Not giving up yet.  
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    Shrike got a reaction from dale hihn in No evidence of fermentation?   
    This.  I've had two or three batches where the only visible sign that the yeast were doing their thang was trub at the bottom of the LBK.
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    Shrike reacted to Bonsai & Brew in Redwood Ale   
    You guys would be proud of me.  I brewed this up last night and limited the partial mash to 4 oz. US 2-row + 2 oz. Caramel 60.  I did substitute a pack of Willamette for one of the Warriors, but that was necessitated by inventory issues.  Style-wise, this beer should land somewhere between an Irish Red and an American Amber and I'm looking forward to drinking it.
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    Shrike reacted to Jdub in Black Beer'd porter   
    BBP is the best beer I’ve made out of 14 batches. Love it. Needs to age quite a while though. Worth it. 
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    Shrike reacted to D Kristof in Black Beer'd porter   
    In addition to changing from smooth to robust LME after 2 weeks I add a 4" oak spiral I've soaked in bourbon. I leave it for another 2 weeks... yes, I know that's 4 weeks in the fermenter. I keep my temperatures at 60 degrees. On some occasions I increase the fermentables by using both the smooth and robust LME's and I use a lager yeast. Drinking one I bottled on 2/4 as a matter of fact. @MiniYoda might be able to comment on that combination.

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    Shrike got a reaction from MiniYoda in Too long?   
    Best thing to do now is build a still and distill it into 'shine. 

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    Shrike got a reaction from MiniYoda in Too long?   
    Best thing to do now is build a still and distill it into 'shine. 

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    Shrike got a reaction from MiniYoda in Too long?   
    Best thing to do now is build a still and distill it into 'shine. 

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    Shrike reacted to Bonsai & Brew in Churchill’s brown ale   
    @Cato is kind of going that way with his Wee Heavy Winston, but you need to join in the fun with your own recipe! 
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    Shrike reacted to Njaim in Temperature fluctuations after a week of fermentation...   
    Tldr: thank you all. I have done alright with temperature control since this major fluctuation. But had major beer loss during cold crash. But my previous batch came out great.
    Long version:
    Thank you everyone for all the great advice. I've been using the cooler method since my second batch, and other than this one major fluctuation, I've been able to keep the temperatures in normal ranges changing out only one frozen water bottle per day in each cooler.
    I was going to bottle my Horses Ass Ale Monday morning, and I cold crashed my LBK in the fridge for 3 days with it slightly propped up as the suggestions go. I was away all day yesterday and came home to my vegetable drawer full of flat, delicious smelling beer. Apparently the LBK leaked on day 3. It didn't leak for the 3 weeks it fermented at all. Very sad day.
    I am only lucky it did get caught mostly in the drawer or the mess I had to clean at midnight would have been so much worse.
    What was left in the LBK was almost two 740ml bottles worth of the trubbiest bit of the beer. I went ahead and bottled and added sugar for carbonation. I tasted a very small sample and it showed great promise. Very sad indeed.
    I decided to retire this LBK (as it was a huge pain for both batches with the spigot being difficult to seal perfectly after cleaning and sanitizing) and start looking into different vessels for future beer making. Ideally something on the smaller sides as I'm not ready for 5 gallon batch sizes yet and don't know how I'll do temperature control outside of my coolers.
    If my other LBK (has a Weissbier kit going) doesn't leak, I may continue using it for at least one more batch. But I'm deathly afraid to cold crash it now and may just try to do so in the cooler itself and no propping.
    As a positive, the Long Play IPA (batch #2) that conditioned for a month is pretty damn tasty. My first real success followed immediately by the loss of so much time and the ingredients/cost for the Horse's Ass Ale.
    Rambling aside, I do feel my process is getting tighter with many thanks to the advice on this page.
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    Shrike reacted to robo1 in Black Beer'd porter   
    I'm bottling Black Beer'd on Thursday.  I've heard good things, so fingers crossed!
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    Shrike reacted to Kevin Caffrey in Grape Extract?   
    Well, I didn't have high expectations, but the Blackberry Grape Wheat concoction I tried a few months back came out very nicely if you like fruity beers.  This one is about 60 days conditioned.  Slightly hazy, slight white head, smell reminds me of some type of fruity candle you'd get from the Ice Cream man as a kid -- closest I can think of is that of a pack of Sweet Tarts or something.  Anyway, got Grape Brewer's Extract and this is what I did with it. 

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    Shrike reacted to doc280 in Metallic Grass like taste, need help   
    The two week tasting results are in. There are no indications of off flavors forming. The taste and feel remain the same as week one.
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    Shrike reacted to MRB Josh R in Why the longer brew cycle?   
    You can still brew for 1 week, if you want. But it won't taste nearly as good as if you brew it for 3 weeks instead.
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    Shrike reacted to Brian N. in Why the longer brew cycle?   
    Experience. Better results. Also MB has done a great job with the quality. 
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    Shrike reacted to scouterbill in Why the longer brew cycle?   
    By the end of two weeks "fermentation" is complete as the old instructions state. However, yeast continue to clean up after themselves by clearing out components that would lend to off flavors. Three weeks is the ideal time in the fermenter for "optimum flavor" as the new instructions state. 
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    Shrike reacted to D Kristof in MUG MidWest Meeting #2   
    @MiniYoda, you should have stayed a few minutes more. The blonde in the white shorts and her two friends paraded around in their new T's. 

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    Shrike reacted to scouterbill in No evidence of fermentation?   
    Is there any trub on the bottom of the fermenter? Krausen isn't the only sign of fermentation. 
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    Shrike reacted to Bonsai & Brew in 2018 Churchills Challenge   
    Little did I know it at the time, but after brewing Lock, Stock & Barrel Stout and then waiting 9 months to a year before enjoying it was definitely worth it.  Chartwell's has a similarly high OG, and with the amaretto/fig addition, it just seems like I should let this Old Ale get 'old' before tapping it.  Good luck with your Wee Heavy!
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    Shrike reacted to MiniYoda in MUG MidWest Meeting #2   
    I will say that between the Braxton headquarters and the Braxton labs, this alone made the trip worth it.  An amazing variety od different flavors.  Thank goodness I'm only doing flights and not full pints
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    Shrike reacted to Bonsai & Brew in 2018 Churchills Challenge   
    I bottled "Chartwell's" this morning at FG 1.013 and 9.0% ABV.  Now, hands-off till Christmas morning...
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    Shrike reacted to cheech226 in churchill nut brown ale kit   
    i even got FREE usps priority shipping!! it will arrive saturday and i will brew it right up. i should have bought 2.
     just went back to check and sure enough the free shipping option had disappeared from the list. oh well i should have struck hard while the iron was hot. the ale is still on sale tho. i'm guessing it was a mistake. there was free shipping on orders over $25 for father's day sale. someone goofed, i did contact mr beer to thank them for the nice present.