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  2. or, we can have a good brew ready for the all star game

  3. waking up, for a question.


    what beer goes good for opening day of baseball season.


    and should I buy it now to brew in a month or two to pop open a home run?






    1. MRB Josh R

      MRB Josh R

      I would guess any lager or pils (or any session ale, for that matter), but I don't watch baseball, so I don't know what would be popular other than lagers. 

  4. Switched Liberty hops to Crystal hops in the recipe spreadsheet. 11 recipes changed. Thanks MRB Josh. Will upload a new version of the spreadsheet...........soon
  5. has their A.G., mini mash and extract Mai bocks on sale for a 5 gal. kit, $20.00. the extract and mini mash kit I believe are no difference from each other. I bought an A.G., and extract. a good deal for 5 gal. bock beer for 20 bucks if you ask me

  6. a bit more research on the Mr. B's web site, they say "UV-resistant fermenters". So I guess if I don't put the thing in direct sunlight, I should be safe. The room that the fermenter is in has only white-light LED lighting. Side note, if you want to watch the three-week fermentation process, these tubs are perfect. If someone wants to film the process, please post.
  7. The one question I have about the 6 gallon kit is the fact that the fermenter is not brown, like the LBK's. I'm keeping direct light away from the fermenter the best I can, but, it's not as light-free as I'd wish. Do these tubs filter out the bad rays of light as well as the LBKs? If not, I'll put a towel around mine (I'm doing a brew with one right now). If I don't have to worry too much about the light, then it's kinda cool to watch the fermentation process.
  8. I made it, it's still conditioning, but it tasted good when I tried a sample. I'm thinking of changing the DME to LME Robust, and the hops from Goldings to something meaner like Apollo, then instead of Tabitha, I'd have Endora.
  9. <decloak> I had suggested "Tabitha". Perhaps someone could set up a vote to give the recipe a name. <cloak> (note........corrected the spelling)
  10. Kentucky, and I'm betting "bourbon ale"
  11. Still on a quazi break. Still have some personal issues to take care of, but it's just so hard to stay away
  12. Hey, Hoppy.....have you ever dated yeast? I tried to go out with a pack once. We were going to meet at a bakery. I got stood up, and the rest of the night went flat.
  13. Let me know when it is ready.....I'll bring the chicken wings
  14. screwed on beers aren't horrible. They are okay after you had 3-4 good beers and a couple shots of bourbon. And the glass recycles. M.Y. Wait.........I thought I put myself in self imposed moratorium