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  1. Brew day. 4 kegs of beer. No big deal, not like I have a life anyways. edit Done. Yes, 5 hours later, but I just got back from eating out, and I took my time doing the brewing. Still I almost mucked up...twice. I took a reading on the robust, and it came out WAY too high. Turns out, I didn't fill it up to the keg's level 2. Once I did, the number came in correctly. Also, on the Smooth batch I grabbed a jug to fill it up to level 2, and it was the sanitizer water for the next LBK. I calmly put it down, and grabbed the correct bottle of spring water, and filled it with the correct fluid. Again, ALMOST mucked up, but I think all went well. I did take OG readings, and I will take FG readings, but I won't publish the results. Multiple reasons, First, I'm not going for alcohol, or as I call it, "chasing rainbows". Also, I'm using Safale 05 instead of regular dry yeast, which might (or might not) make it different than the regular yeast. Finally, there might be an expected final ABV, and if I publish that a batch didn't make it as expected, then I could worry that something didn't go right. Did I not clean the can of HME enough? Did I not read the fractometer correctly? Honestly, alcohol isn't the goal, flavor is. I should be very close between the four, and within expected results. The brew house (aka upstairs apartment) is a nice chilly 65 degrees for the weekend. Doubt I can sustain that...might make this experiment overly priced due to the electric bill. But for the first 48-72 hours, the air temp will be 65, and the wort temp will be very closely monitored to try to keep it at 65. After that, I will slowly bring the air and the wort to 68,,,,,,,slowly Now, I'm going to take an afternoon nap. chat with y'alls later
  2. Again, thanks for the suggestion. 48 bottles in the dish washer after wash, wait, wash and rinse. Sadly, the dish washer that my land lord installed only allows "sanitize" if you run a full cycle. Tired to do sanitize with 1 hour wash, but no dice. So, I'm stuck for a couple of hours or so while the dish washer does a full cycle to get the sanitize. No biggie. There's movies on my friend's Plex server to watch.
  3. The decision has been made. Since there are no negative comments, I will proceed to use your suggestion for tonight and all future bottlings. Obviously, only for sanitizing glass, and not washing or anything involving PET. I'll use that tonight, as I have two kegs to empty out
  4. The more I think about your idea of sanitizing in the dishwasher, the more.........I'm thinking about the idea. Wash all the bottles by hand (routine shake, 10 minute wait, routine shake), rinse out completely, then put them all in the dish washer and do another rinse (no soap) and sanitize cycle. Could save me some time.................
  5. You don't sell this online But was wondering if you sold it in your store
  6. All bottles are label free. As soon as I drink a commercial bottle, I rinse it out completely, take the label off, and hang it on a bottling tree. I'm hesitant right now to use dish washer to either wash or sanitize the bottles. Someone on here suggested a tool to spray sanitizer in the bottle, which I'm considering. Edit found the link
  7. Welcome Chuck. As for #1, I learned a tip on this board to peel off the label before opening the can.
  8. Getting everything ready (more mentally) for tomorrow's brew session. I say more "mentally" because I've never made 4 LBK's in one day. Lots of washing in between each round (want no transfer of flavor from one batch to another). What scares me even more than brewing 4 LBKs tomorrow is the bottling on Friday 19th (20 days of fermenting). I might just take that day off work, because washing/sanitizing/filling 88-92 bottles will be an all-day experience. I always prep 22-23 bottles per batch. Perhaps too many, but I'd rather have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. Yes, I could delay bottling to the following Saturday, and have a full 21 days of fermenting, but hey.........if I do it Friday, I get a day off work!
  9. Recipe added to the spreadsheet, which I will upload in a future date. I must say that the folks at Mr. Beer owe me a new keyboard for my computer. As I was typing the recipe, my keyboard saw the amount of hops and hopped itself out the window and down the road. Last word, it was hopping down I-65 to Nashville. I had to type this with a spare keyboard.
  10. Lagers, to me, are a challenge. You have to ferment at or about 55F, carb at about room temp, then condition again at 55F. I have to dedicate my fridge to fermenting and a freezer I have for condition, both times using the temp regulator. Great product when done, but a pain in the hinny to get there
  11. keep up the good work
  12. Thanks, jasbo. I'm not worried about mediocre beer. I'm more interested in the flavor of the LMEs and how they compare to each other. I have some very good beers conditioning right now that will be ready in time for pool season. And after one or two very good Mr. Beer's beer on a warm day by the pool, a few mediocre beers won't matter anyways. Rather, they might be refreshing,
  13. Thanks, @Creeps McLane. I appreciate your input. Yes, CAL does suck without an upgrade. But, what would it, plus an upgrade, taste like?. Not a great beer, but perhaps a good beer with.........? That's my thesis to go from Freshman to Sophomore (in other words, I'm still in my first year of brewing). For the record I did read on what Mr. Beer's team said about the LME's. And I trust what they say. But, I feel that in order to advance to the next level of brewing, I need to study, learn and research. To me, this experiment is "research". You said you have done "tons of experiments". I have only done a hundred pounds or two. And for the record I am right now drinking a failed experiment. This adventure is another experiment for me, and I thought I would share it with my friends here. 8 gallons of mediocre beer....yep. no doubt. Waste of time and product, probably. Something for my friends to drink by the pool, okay. A means to get rid of some product......well, why should it sit on the shelf. I won't be brewing anymore during the summer anyways, so might as well use it. My first ever beer that I brewed back in September of last year tasted like sour green apple. A beer that I brewed back in January, per my friend Lee, was "phenomenal" (Mr. Beer's Belgian Blanc). Some of my beers that will be ready in May are probably rather good. I'm learning by reading and doing. This is an experiment on "doing". If I'm annoying anyone with my posts........sorry.....please ignore them. These are the rants of an old geezer. Unless the folks ta Mr. Beer object, I will still post my studies online.
  14. Based on the suggestions, I am going to wait a weekend, and brew all four test CALs next weekend. With respect to @RickBeer , I do agree with you. This is one CAL with one LME each. Given enough conditioning time, two of the kegs being ahead of the other two in fermenting and conditioning shouldn't matter. Multiple weeks between batches, possibly, since there could be major variations in temperature, etc. But the HME/LME product itself probably won't vary much unless it is very past "best by" date. So, unless there is reason to not do so, I will brew all four at the same time next weekend. And again @RickBeer, I respect and honor your opinions and value your input on this experiment. Next, it will be four LBKs, not five. I thougth about doing a "control", brewing a CAL without an LME. I ruled that out. It's not because of any problems making 5 LBK's in one day. The reason for this Looney science experiment is to see what are the taste differences between the four LMEs. My friends sampling these beers won't know much about Mr. Beer products. They will just know that the beers are very similar with a slight variation. I mostly want to know more about this variation and the taste caused by the LME and how they compare to commercial beers they have had in the past. Not how it compares with a "control". Also, to get the "control" to the same level of ABV, I'd have to add more neutral fermenting sugar. Not a problem, but I personally don't consider an HME and two boosters to be equal to an HME/LME/booster. Just me. Given an extra week gives me a bit more of a chance to plan and prepare. First question is, will the S-05 be overkill, and affect attenuation. All four LBKs way or another...get the yeast of the same born-on date. I did some research today on attenuation, and am slightly wondering if S-05 might be overkill, and cause a taste issue. Yes, all kegs get the same yeast, but I also have to understand that the tasters will be drinking the beer. Would S-05 be overkill for the one HME/LME/booster, or should I stick with one pack of regular Mr. Beer's yeast. If I drop the S-05, I need to decide by Tuesday morning so that I can place an order for four packs of regular yeast....confident that they will have the same "born on" date. Don't worry about shipping costs or Yoda is wasting money. I can always order most stuff to justify ordering four packs of basic yeast. I just want to have a good taste test of the LMEs. Again, just me. Yoder.
  15. Space for four LBK's in tote tubs is not a problem. It's pretty much how my kitchen floor looks right now.