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  1. Personally, I love wheat beers. I made the Belgian Blanc, and it knocked the socks off a friend of mine. Said it tasted like a Blue Moon
  2. How about a half missed drunken selfie for $5? I'll send the money Fed Ex
  3. Don't get me wrong. I'm supposed to be "down there" in late September. Jealous that you met the team.
  4. With all due respect to you, @Creeps McLane, aside from a great pic of t-shirts and baseball caps, I ain't seen not pics of you and the Mr. Beer team. Just wondering. adoYiniM
  5. I'll bring the spinach dip. And chips
  6. Any idea where next year's conference is? This year was bad for me, but I can try to plan for next year if it is relatively close
  7. @RickBeer, Doveryai, no proveryai
  8. I find that Lager yeast like long, slow music like 40's/50 big band/crooner music As for Ale, it varies between late 60's classic rock to 80's MTV music. Haven't yet found yeast that likes disco.
  9. not doubting you @Creeps McLane Just wondering how this conversation started. Never suggested that I took a reading during fermentation. my readings have always been before pitching yeast and just before bottling. just wondering why @rickbeer thought otherwise
  10. still kinda sorta confused by your comment.......... I take a refractometer reading before I pitch the yeast, and another one 3 week later just before I bottle. Not sure why you said "once fermentation starts".
  11. I'm going to have to research your comment. Not challenging it, just need to research it. I've only used a refractometer. I take a Brix OG and FG measurement, and using online calculators, I figure out what is the approximate ABV. There's adjustments on the FG due to alcohol, and I'm aware of that, but I'm going with "approximate" ABV, not exact.
  12. All 80 bottles are in the conditioning cabinet. Not counting the trub bottles. I think I wore the <CUSS WORD> out of my bottle crimper. And considering I just spent slightly more than 14 hours washing/sanitizing/filling four LBKs, I'm a wee bit on the tired side of life. Time for a bourbon and cola. Sad that I have four empty LBKs, but such as it is now that the brewery is about to close (still have one Beauty and the Yeast, and one 5.5 gallon Chug-a-Lugger fermenting for two more weeks).
  13. BREAK TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! - This (early) morning I washed and rinsed 44 bottles - While they were sanitizing in the dish washer, I ran some errands and ate lunch, and drank some rather interesting beers. - Came home, and bottled Pale and Golden. Each took 20 bottles plus one at the end. I consider this the "trub bottle", even though there was almost no trub in the bottle. Cold crashing helped. Had 2 extra empty bottles. - Washed/rinsed another 40 bottles (the extra 2 were still in the dish washer not touched, and going through another sanitize cycle). - 42 total bottles are in the dish washer. It'll take about 2 to 2.5 hours to run the wash/sanitize cycle on the dish washer. BTW, no, there is NO detergent in the dish washer. Strictly water then a hot sanitize cycle. - Probably around 2000hrs EDT tonight, I'll bottle Robust and Smooth. While I'm waiting, I took samples of Robust and Smooth and compared them to the Golden and Pale that are bottled. Three of them came in right on the money. From Mr. Beer's site, I expected about 3.1% for the HME, about 1.0 for the LME and about another percent for the booster. I'm not going to release the exact numbers, because honestly, this isn't about chasing rainbows. It's about the flavor and how I can use the LMEs for future recipes. Based on the final numbers 3 out of 4 were very close to what was expected for ABV. Not sure why, but Pale came out a few decimal points lower, and a bit cidery. I'm not worried about Pale, because it was the first one that I bottled. I had problems reading the refractometer, and the taste could have been hampered due to what I ate for lunch (don't ask). After I bottled Pale, I thought.....should I recalibrate the refractometer? Sure enough, using a few drops of plain water, the blue line was a hair off. I made the adjustment, but by then the whole batch of Pale was bottled. These 80 bottles (20 per recipe) will be carbonating/conditioning at about 70 degrees until July 15. I decided to give them 8 weeks just to make sure that all is as best as it can be. Plus I'm hoping to get rid of any off-flavors of Pale, which I really don't think are there. I might crack open one each on July 8, just to see how things are.
  14. Thanks for the advise. I'll explain the What and Why, next Monday. The "how" will be........later.
  15. I remember this one, and was going to research to see how it went.