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  1. I'll follow this thread, but have zero input. I only use Mr. Beer's LBKs and their 6 gallon fermenter. Never used a secondary fermenter, as I really never researched the use/need for it. Note that as my life is right now, all grain isn't possible.
  2. mmmmmmm Sugar Buzz.
  3. Easter this year is on April 1st. Makes me wonder how many people are going to show up for church services in a rabbit costume or some other "fools" outfit.
  4. You're right....I wasn't paying attention when I wrote down the most recent post. I've corrected the post so that the correct weekend, April 13-16, is listed. Sorry 'bout that. P.S., updated the times of the baseball games. The Cubs and White Sox play at the same time on Saturday 14th, so things could be crowded that afternoon
  5. MUG - Midwest Meeting When - Friday April 13 to Monday April 16 Where - Munster, Indiana, home of 3 Floyds Brewery, 9750 Indiana Pkwy Hotels - There are three hotels relatively close to 3 Floyds - SpringHill Suites by Marriott. 9651 Calumet Ave. So new that Google maps doesn't show it, and Google Street view shows it under construction. It is located on a golf course, and is the closest to 3 Floyds (a 10 minute walk to/stagger back). - Homewood Suites by Hilton. 9120 Calumet Ave. A bit further, 29 minute walk, 5 minute drive. - Hampton Inn & Suites. 8936 Calumet Ave. Basically right next door to Hampton Inn. While a bit longer walk/short drive, Hilton and Hampton are next door to True BBQ And Whiskey Bar. All list indoor heated pool and free breakfast. I'm hoping someone will step up and take the lead on the hotel part of the meeting, as I will be handling a lot of other details. Take votes on who, which hotel and how many rooms, and then call the hotel to see if we can get a block discount. Initial Schedule (subject to LOTS of changes) - Friday evening - Bar/Room hop. There aren't many bars in the area, most places frown upon bringing outside alcohol into a bar, and most police frown upon open containers in public places. So, to avoid the hassle, we will "bar hop" between our hotel rooms, which each guest hosting a local/home brew sampling. We can call for pizza delivery. If the ladies prefer wine, let me know what type and I'll get a bottle of Kentucky wine. Also might be able to find something from Kentucky for the kids. - Saturday morning - After sleeping in a bit (we'll probably need it) and breakfast, we'll work on a care package for our thirsty friends in Arizona. - Saturday afternoon - Head to 3 Floyds. Tours are offered every hour between 12:30 and 5:30. Once we get a head count of who is going, I will call the pub and see if they can schedule a private tour for us. Regardless, we'll be there for a while, so we probably can do more than one tour. Note that the Cubs host the Braves at 1:20pm CDT and the White Sox visit the Twins at 1:10pm CDT, so things could be crowded at that time. - Saturday evening - Open. Stay there, go back to the hotel for more sampling, or go to True BBQ. - Sunday morning - Again, sleep in late (we'll probably need it again, and it *is* a vacation). Finish care package for Arizona with 3 Floyds beers. - Sunday afternoon - I'm open to suggestions. There is a place called "Brew and Blooms" a bit north in Hammond IN. Per the pictures on Google, they indicate that they are "home brewing and urban gardening". Their Facebook page indicates that they are open 10am to 6pm Sunday. Also Byway Brewing company isn't very far either. - Sunday evening - One last gathering at 3 Floyds for a final toast. - Monday - Back home again
  6. It was my intent to bring an ample supply of Louisville/Kentucky beers for all that attend to sample. In part I will use a box that holds 24 bottles. Once we've emptied the box, we will go out and fill it backup with 3 Floyds beers and ship it to you. I'll address it to Cooper's DIY and not Mr. Beer, to help hide the contests. And you ship your AZ beers to us, care of the hotel which we will stay in, we'll probably be able to ship you some of our home/local brews back to you in the same box. I'll be working on hotel suggestions, and contact 3 Floyds to see if they give brewery tours, later this week/weekend.
  7. Sure, but the only lager I have in the fridge is Miller Lite. I'll drink it with you, but give me a few months to have a Mr. Beer lager
  8. I knew that spelling didn't look right. FINALLY the beer is kicking in and for those who were wondering what this old fat drunk was TRYING to say, it's Diacetyl rest
  9. agreed, forgot about the carbonation. make that 1 - ferment in the low 50's 2 - two days diastolic rest at room temp 3 - bottle and carbonate at room temp for 2 weeks 4 - put in fridge and lower temp 1-2 degrees every day from room temp until mid 30's 5 - the question.......can I leave lagers in the fridge in the mid 30's for 5-6 months?
  10. I don't use a secondary, basically because it's not something I've learned yet. I know, not hard, but I use the basic LBK to bottle method. In the past, for me lagering meant fermenting in the 50's, two days at room temp for diastolic rest, then bottle and put back in the fridge to lager, lowering the temp from room to mid 30's two degrees each day. My primary question is basically, would all Mr. Beer's recipes that have lager yeast benefit from long-term (5-6 months) lagering at 35 degrees
  11. bumping this one, because I just ordered two Lager kits, and am getting ready to use the lager fridge. Have a question, and this is coming from an old geezer who is only half drunk (I'm working on it). Correct me if I wrong, but basically the difference between logering and conditioning is the temp. You "lager" beers with lager yeast at or around 40 degrees, and you "condition" beers with ale yeast at room temperature. Correct? If this is correct, then basically any lager based beer could be a good for Oktoberfest if made in March, stored in a fridge, and enjoyed in September. Yes, there is a true Marzen/Oktoberfest style, but if I were to take any Mr. Beer recipe, such as Austin Pils or Mad Ludwig's Marzen, or Munich Malt Monster, and "lager" them for 6 months at 40 degrees or so, they should come out better than if they were stored at room temp for 6 months. Just wondering, because I'd like to make some lager beers in March, and enjoy them in September, and am willing to sacrifice space in a fridge to "lager" them at a cold temp.
  12. Don't add yeast?
  13. I never pursued this. It's on the back burner, along with other recipes I'd like to try, just haven't got a round tuit
  14. @kedogn the date was randomly chosen. I can change it if you think you could make it later in April
  15. Tell her "Fewer pee breaks than driving". Sorry, but was married, and she loved coffee