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  1. Then if those are business, you still get vacation time, no?
  2. We can chip in
  3. At least I wouldn't have to mail you the KY beers
  4. finances are a bit tight for me right now, but next pay check should be good, and I'll reserve the hotel room at that time
  5. It would only happen to rice beer if it has hops to cut down the sweetness of the malt. Based on this thread and going out on links on it, it does not appear that true rice beer uses hops, so I doubt the green bottle is an issue here. Plus, considering Asian cultures love jade, the green bottle does make a nice effect. Still brewing rice beer doesn't sound very easy.
  6. There were a beer for a very long time. Then came micro brews that showed Miller what *beer* should be
  7. "Apart from storing beer in light-proof containers, the photosensitivity of beer can be reduced by chemically altering the iso-α-acids so that the chemical precursor to the photochemical reaction responsible for producing the lightstruck flavour is not present within the beer." And no, this isn't something for the average Mini Yoda
  8. And Canadian Blue bottles aren't much better
  9. Historically, green bottles have disappointed me ( @RickBeer can preach about this), but it does look interesting
  10. No, I don't think they have anything that would be a rice beer. Honestly, I personally haven't hear of rice beer, but I don't get out much. But it does sound very intriguing
  11. Being half Castilian on my mother's side, I know about Estrella Damm. Their beer that is gluten free is "Daura". Estrella Damm normal is very tasty, but make sure you ask for Daura if you want the gluten free version. Second, Gluten Free beer is in a league of its own. I'm not NEARLY close to being able to explain how to brew it. All I know is that to brew beer that is gluten free, you must use only rice, corn, millet and/or buckwheat. II would refer to those on here who know more, and web research. I doubt very much that any beer product by Mr. Beer is gluten free. However, their hard cider and root beer products should be gluten free, as long as you don't add certain grains. I leave the floor to @MRB Rick and @MRB Josh R for further input Correction. Apparently there is an Estrella Galicia that is also gluten free. Just goes to show you can never stop learning M.Y.
  12. First, it is very hard to clone a commercial beer. for the most part, but not always, you have to go all grain. Secondly, lagers are a very tricky beer to brew. Be prepared to ferment for 3 weeks at the lower 50's. Personally, I have a dedicated fridge with a temp regulator to take care of fermentation temps. Ale yeast is more forgiving. Third, what you listed were not "styles", but commercial names. To know what to brew, study the style, not the name on a bottle. Good luck, and we're here for ya. Yoder
  13. Milled was the correct decision, unless you have a way to mill yourself. and no, I don't Grain dust should be absorbed by the wort and enjoyed by the yeast. anything bigger should fall down into the trub, and go away nicely. Do make sure you cold crash for two days, as @RickBeer has recommended As this is a porter, probably won't be critical for clarity. But, in the future for lighter colored beers, consider Irish Moss, sold by Mr. Beer, to help clarify the beer when using grains.
  14. Always feel free to ask, and glad that you are learning from this forum. That's why we're here. Consider us "been there done that".
  15. chocolate bourbon stout?