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  1. I bow down to the master
  2. Anyone out there able to find this in their local liquor store? Was wanting to clone it, but not sure how easy it would be. No, I haven't searched the internet (yet) for bourbon barrel ales, so I'm sure there are plenty of recipes out there. But I'm wondering if it would be possible to get close to this beer by taking the Bourbon Stout recipe in Mr. Beer's store and convert it. I'd start with changing the base HME from Stout to American Ale, the LME from Smooth to Pale, and then altering the grains. If anyone can get this beer in their store, and wants the challenge of cloning it, let me know. And if you can't get this beer, but still want the challenge of cloning it............let me know
  3. It is not recommended to do 2 gallons in a 6 gallon vessel. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the problem is that there is too much air that can spoil the brewing process. Best things to do with the 6 gallon Mr. Beer fermenter is to either buy 5 gallon kits from other sources, or buy 3 of the same Mr. Beer recipe.
  4. Shazbat. Didn't know that. I'll fix the NA's now, and they will be on the next upload. BTW, I'm open to either adding to this spreadsheet, or creating a new spreadsheet, with non-Mr. Beer recipes. Recipes created by us. Same format as the current sheet, list all details of the ingredients, the temp range/ideal temp, OG/FG/ABV/SRM/IBU, etc. Instead of Mr. Beer as the "Submitted By", it will be submitted by you. The key is must be 100% ingredients that are either sold by Mr. Beer, or bought at the grocery store (such as "zest of an orange", "coriander", "pumpkin puree", etc. For now (it might change) I'd rather not do grains and/or hops that aren't sold here. Also the link to the recipe.....I'm guessing either a link to the posting on this forum, or a web page that you created. The floor is now open for discussions
  5. Yea, it's been a while. Latest/Greatest version of the recipe spreadsheet Added ChromosBeer, Golden Empire IPA and Thunder Bay IPA Cleaned a few more pink squares, especially "ideal temp". Also, those that are Cider only are listed as NA when it comes to Beer Style, since BJCP doesn't do cider only. Changed the column title Hop Sacks to Muslin Sacks (since they are also used for grains) Note to @MRB Josh R and @MRB Tim. While updating the spreadsheet, I noticed that Calavera Spice Chile Stout, Suava java Cream Ale, Austin Pils and Salty Dawg Gose don't have the "Mr Beer Partial Mash Recipe" logo. No big deal, of course. Just the observance of a fat ole drunk MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
  6. @AnthonyC, I couldn't agree with you more. I do hope they post Christmas recipes before the end of September. Of the 1/2 million things about Mr. Beer, being late with recipes is the only one thing I don't like.
  7. "That's Yeast, you sickos" um...........yea................
  8. hang in there @Creeps McLane
  9. Last keg, Helles with grains Canadian Blonde, is in the fridge. Temp at pitch was 63.7. Other kegs are holding in the low 50's with the temp control at 52. Now we wait. And as we wait, we decide what to do. I've learned that if you ask 20 economists a question, you'll get 30 different answers. Based on what I've read in books, online, from this forum, other forums, and on pod casts, how to ferment/condition lagers is about the same thing. WAY too many different ways of what to do next. I'm inviting those who know, *everyone*, to post their thoughts on what I do next. 1) The beer is going to live in the keg for about 19-21 days. The keg I made today is going to ferment for 19 days (bottling this one on Labor day). What should I do before bottle day: a) remove from the fridge 2 days early for a rest? Is it called diastolic? b) cold crash for two days? The three kegs which are partial mash have 1/2 teaspoon of Irish Moss, my first time using (for the record, if you want to buy Irish moss, buy only one bag. I bought two, and after three kegs, I have enough to last..........quite a long time). Still I'm going for as much clarity as I can on these, and don't know if Irish Moss will sink to the bottom after a while, or if it might float in the bottle. c) a bit of both? Out of the fridge for a day or two for a rest, then cold crash for a day or two? 2) At what temp do I carbonate? I've seen carbonate at room temp just like regular ales. If so, would this eliminate the need to rest at room temp above? Or carbonate at the low 50's like they are fermenting 3) At what temp do I condition? Yes, these are lagers, so they will be conditioning for a while, probably past full Oktoberfest. But I want to make them the best I can. I've seen everything from condition at room temp to condition as low as 35 degrees. 4) And in the same theory of "best I can", recommended minimal lagering at the above temp? Thanks
  10. Never fails. Think you have everything planned, and you don't. I miscalculated, and I'm short a DME. I'm going to order it now, but keg #4 won't be made today.
  11. And for those of you who think that Helles "Bock" is better than Munich Helles................ adoYiniM. You might never drink another bock again without this entering your head.
  12. One done, three to go. Was good to get back into the hobby, even though I made major dumb <CENSORED> mistakes. Thermometer that I used to take temps of the mash ripped the mash bag, causing pretty little floaty things to escape the bag. I had to strain the wort when I put it in the keg. Also, I poured the LME too quickly, as I got impatient, and that caused clumps that stuck to the pot. And, I didn't start early enough because I forgot to turn the dish washer on, so I had to wait almost 2 hours. Still, keg #1 in the fridge, cooling down and almost ready for the yeast Now, three rounds of brewing tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone out there ever did three brews in one day, one regular and two partial mash.
  13. the "not" would be because it gives the beer a dry taste to it. We should probably have recommended honey malt. As for drops of honey in each bottle.....interesting idea
  14. Based on what I'm seeing, Mt. Hood hops is a hybrid of Hallertau, with a stronger Alpha Acid (so it will have a bit more bitterness). Per the BJCP guidelines, "Hop bitterness varies from moderate to moderately low, but always allows malt to dominate the flavor." While you can substitute Hallertau for Mt. Hood, I don't know if you would stay to might come out hoppier. The hoppier flavor might be something you are wanting, so feel free to substitute. It would be a replace, and not combine both, or else you go very hoppier. And those who know, please feel free to correct me.
  15. I don't taste any hop flavor to the Spaten Munich when I drink it. It's more on the malty side of the scale to me. However, I drink it from tap, not bottle. Perhaps I should do a side-by-side comparison