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  1. MiniYoda

    lagering is soooooo long

    I just wanted to see how these recipes would do after 6 or so months of cold lagering. This year Oktoberfest starts September 22nd, so I'll crack the first ones then.
  2. Brewed Mad Ludwig Marzen and Austin Pils. Fermentation started on Feb 3rd as true lagers at about 57 degrees. Bottled Feb 24 and conditioned for three weeks at 65 degrees. Put the bottles in the conditioning fridge at 65, then slowly lowered the conditioning fridge to 35 degrees About 2 degrees/day drop in temp. Transferred the bottles (both batches, 18 bottles each) to my regular fridge on 3/10. They have been lagering in the regular beer fridge at 35ish degrees since March 10th. Not *quite* true Marzens, but 'bout as close as a first timer could do. Opening this to the public. First, WHEN DOES OKTOBERFEST START??????? Nevermind that one....I can look it up.....that was out of frustration. Honestly, when would you start to crack open beers fermented with Lager yeast since February? And how much hop flavor has been lost, resulting in a malty twang?
  3. MiniYoda

    MUG Nationals

    got an email a week or two ago. @MRB Josh R @MRB Tim are you able to discuss this on the forum?
  4. MiniYoda

    MUG Nationals

    So, have a question about the home brew competition, and since there is no official thread (yet), I have to post it here. Do I need to mention any or all Mr. Beer products used in making the beer?
  5. MiniYoda

    MUG Nationals

    Registration - Check Hotel - Check Flight - Resolve next week Rental Car - Probably next week Personal expenses - No earthly idea how to do this one. Figure out what beer to bring...…….that's a tough one I went a bit rouge on the hotel. My plan is to arrive Wednesday 17, and fly out on Tuesday 23, thus I'm there for about a week. While the hotel that Mr. Beer is selecting for the event is excellent, since I'm going to stay more days, their rate will change for the non-conference days. Instead, I'm staying at the Extended Stay America -Tucson Grand Road. It's with walking (staggering) distance of the Sheraton Tucson, and between us is an IHOP in case I want breakfast (which I rarely eat). Plus with the savings, I get to sample more Tucson breweries Work on Flight will take a bit longer Rental car can wait a while What beer to bring...…...um...……. Can't wait for October
  6. MiniYoda

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    just bought the international discounted sale that Mr. Beer has. Between those six, and an American Light, I should be able to start the brewery up again soon. Hopefully Yoda, Senior Master Brewer of Dagobah Brewery.
  7. MiniYoda

    The Real Mr. Beer - Live Stream Thread

    It was great to be back on and able to watch the live streams again. Thanks @MRB Tim for the video on Yule Like This Ale. I still have a few bottles of the first time I made this recipe, bottled December 23 last year. Throwing out some ideas on the chat area about holiday beers, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter in general made me "chomping at the bit" (as they say in Kentucky) to get started brewing again. I'll start cleaning the brewery (aka Kitchen), and evaluating my tools of the trade this weekend. Perhaps I can ferment a Saison soon while I wait for the temps to cool down a bit, and work on a brewing schedule. Yoda
  8. MiniYoda

    Here we go again

    And yes, I did see Mama Mia #2 this weekend. Don't ask, don't tell (but it was a very good movie) Thinking another mid-west get-together. While I have no problem with another visit to 3 Floyds, I'm open to suggestions on where to go this time. There are a lot of great breweries in the mid-west area. Cincinnati, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and other areas in between. Not going to plan anything yet, perhaps a get-together in March/April of next year. Just opening the table for ideas, as far as where and when. Yoda
  9. MiniYoda

    One Gallon Glass Fermenter?

    no, you still need the two gallon fermenters for those recipes. These are good for making 1 gallon all-grain batches. One thing you could do, though, is get two of them, make a regular recipe from Mr. Beer, and split it between the two fermenters. Then you could experiment by dry hopping one with one type of hops, and the second with a different type of hops.
  10. MiniYoda

    Chantilly Lace

    I've made the Chantilly Lace before, and first thing.....yours came out amazingly clear. Congrats. Mine came out malty too, and I thought about adding a dry hop to offset it if I do this recipe again. Secondly, yes, many of Mr. Beer recipes come out darker than they advertise. Personally, color doesn't matter, because I can't taste or smell color. I just chalk it up to "it's an ale, and ales are amber". Having said that, there will be a flame war about colors of beers, colors of ales, and colors of lagers. But to me, the color and clarity of your beer looks great. Yoda
  11. MiniYoda

    Too long?

    I can acquire it..............
  12. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    We will keep an eye open to find out when is the next one, and will post as early as we can
  13. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Dang. Wish I had stayed longer. For the record, I was getting very tired, and my knees were giving out on me. Text time I will be in better shape
  14. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Having a great time with @D Kristof . Noticed on the wall, they have a dozen Cicerone exam certificates. All but one are green beer server. One is a true bronze bordered ciceron. Impressive
  15. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Having a great time with @D Kristof at municipal brew works.