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  1. MiniYoda

    Too long?

    I can acquire it..............
  2. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    We will keep an eye open to find out when is the next one, and will post as early as we can
  3. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Dang. Wish I had stayed longer. For the record, I was getting very tired, and my knees were giving out on me. Text time I will be in better shape
  4. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Having a great time with @D Kristof . Noticed on the wall, they have a dozen Cicerone exam certificates. All but one are green beer server. One is a true bronze bordered ciceron. Impressive
  5. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Having a great time with @D Kristof at municipal brew works.
  6. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    I will say that between the Braxton headquarters and the Braxton labs, this alone made the trip worth it. An amazing variety od different flavors. Thank goodness I'm only doing flights and not full pints
  7. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Made it to Northern Kentucky early enough to stip by The Party Source. Huge liquor store with a very impressive section for pick 6. Spent too much money, but got some interesting stuff. Hanging out now until 11, when Braxton Labs opens. They have a beer releasing today that is Chardonnay Barrel Aged Hibiscus Gose....gotta try that one. From here, I will go to the regular Braxton brewery for a flight, then on to the hitel room
  8. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    So it looks like this is a go. To summarize, @scouterbill will be at Jungle Jims on Friday. On Saturday morning, he and I will met at Braxton Brewery in Northern Kentucky, on his way back home and my way up. I will meet up with @D Kristof at the event. I will PM the two of you my cell phone number so that we can stay in contact.
  9. MiniYoda

    Apricot Amber Ale

    A long time ago I posted a link to Oregon Fruit, but it looked like they only sold wholesale from the web site.
  10. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    trust me, Jungle Jim's is AMAZING. I have been there many times. I will be there
  11. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    no prob. save your money and time for mid-October. rumer has it...
  12. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Sadly, I'm in for the Saturday afternoon round of this meeting, and have to head back to L-Ville way-too-early Sunday morning. But, For the those who care less, please post your thoughts, opinions of the Jungle Jim's event. Thanks iniM odaY
  13. MiniYoda

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    My ticket for Jungle Jim's came in the mail yesterday, so baring medical or vehicle issues, I'll be there
  14. MiniYoda

    Tell Yoda where to go

    Well familiar with Jungle Jim's, as I used to live in northern ky, and they are great for purchasing foreign foods. I know they have a meal at the event, part of the admission ticket. And yes, I'd rather go stag.
  15. MiniYoda

    Tell Yoda where to go

    yes, but here's the problem. The two who would have gone with me won't be drinking (adult on pain meds who can't drink, and a 17 year old), so they would be waiting for me for 3-4 hours while I have a good time. I decided to just drive up there myself, and not tell them, then crash at a hotel near by for the night, then drive back sober in day light