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    Creating a recipe database

    First update of the year: - New recipes (up to 199 now) - Clean up some items to fix duplication and make searches more accurate MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
  2. I'm still slightly overwhelmed as to how many recipes there are just using Mr. Beer products. I've been asking myself, okay, what do I order next. I thought, wouldn't it be helpful to have a searchable database, so that I could say "show me all recipes that use the Oktoberfest, and let me know how long each take", or show me all recipes that use have pumpkin and have a ABV above 5". I'm an IT geek, part server admin, part programmer, part DBA. I knew putting all these recipes in a database would be perfect to store and search. But as with anything, baby steps. Attached is MrBeerRecipes version 0.1. It's a spreadsheet right now, not a database. It's more of a starting point where people can submit suggestions on what to add, and how to format the fields. Once I have all their recipes in, both current ones and archived, I will explore a way to put the file on the cloud for all to use. I will then research a way to create a database where people can submit their own recipes. I'm opening the floor right now to suggestions. As I type this, I just thought of another field to add: Seasonal (Christmas, fall, etc) MiniYoda MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
  3. Brewed Mad Ludwig Marzen and Austin Pils. Fermentation started on Feb 3rd as true lagers at about 57 degrees. Bottled Feb 24 and conditioned for three weeks at 65 degrees. Put the bottles in the conditioning fridge at 65, then slowly lowered the conditioning fridge to 35 degrees About 2 degrees/day drop in temp. Transferred the bottles (both batches, 18 bottles each) to my regular fridge on 3/10. They have been lagering in the regular beer fridge at 35ish degrees since March 10th. Not *quite* true Marzens, but 'bout as close as a first timer could do. Opening this to the public. First, WHEN DOES OKTOBERFEST START??????? Nevermind that one....I can look it up.....that was out of frustration. Honestly, when would you start to crack open beers fermented with Lager yeast since February? And how much hop flavor has been lost, resulting in a malty twang?
  4. so far we've had three nominations for this year's MUG meeting, Louisville, Cincinnati and Columbus. I'm flexible on either of them, and open to other ideas. I'm starting this poll, with closing day of January 31st. Please feel free to vote on your preference, or post a different suggestion. Once the votes are in, I will work with the primary contact of that city to try to organize things. No date is set right now, so if you prefer one city on one day and one a different day, say so on the posting MiniYoda
  5. While I'm not opposed to attending a MUG South West meeting in Texas, or a MUG North West meeting in Seattle or Portland, I wouldn't be able to organize one. Someone from that area would have to step up and organize such a meeting. I'm going to have enough of a challenge organizing one in Columbus, Cincinnati or my home town of Louisville. P.S. I'm working on some financial and medical issues right now. Once resolved, I have plans to do a lot of traveling, and I'll add your places to my agenda.
  6. Honestly, anyone can vote, even if you don't think you can make it
  7. Yes, and I'm not one of them. I'm remaining neutral. For now
  8. MiniYoda

    American larger kit came with 2 cans HME

    That's why we pay him the big bucks
  9. MiniYoda

    American larger kit came with 2 cans HME

    That looks like the recipe fot the Powerful Patriot Ale https://www.mrbeer.com/powerful-patriot-ale-recipe
  10. I am currently thinking things over for a MUG Midwest meeting, similar to the one we had this year in Munster IN. Here are some thoughts: - Naturally, even though it's "Midwest", anyone/everyone is invited. - If we get a date and location set up early, more people can participate, including those from more distant locations. - I'm thinking it should be held in April, like last year. Most of the snow should be gone from this area by then (although it did snow on us on the day we departed this year) - We could bring our own beers, but unless we have someone who is BJCP or has similar qualifications, I'm not sure about making it a competition. Some locations I'm considering are: - Munster, home of 3 Floyds - Columbus, specifically https://www.brewdog.com/usa/doghouse - Cincinnati. Lots of great breweries there, as well as in Northern Kentucky (specifically Braxton) - Indianapolis. - Louisville. Yes, my home, but I know it well and know the best breweries. I'm open to other location suggestions. Also, I know that Louisville has a company that can take us by van to various breweries, so that we don't have to drink and drive. I'm sure other communities have them as well, or we can hire an Uber van or some other company to truck us around. Please feel free to post suggestions/comments here, or to me by personal message.
  11. @D Kristof, It does look like the Cincinnati / Northern KY area is a great place to have a MUG meeting, and I'm all in. However, due to financial, medical and work related issues, I won't be able to take the lead on planning an event. I'd be happy to help you and others plan one, and would participate as well.
  12. MiniYoda

    New Brewer Today

    @Grappler, welcome to your newest obsession. Some people fall out early because their first beer didn't taste great. Of course, some people quit golf because their first game wasn't negative par. Use this first beer as an opportunity to learn how to brew, and enjoy what you've created. Please feel free to post questions and/or general fun posts on this forum. There is a wealth of information here, but we're always willing to answer a question that might have been answered before, especially from Rick Beer's signature. MiniYoda
  13. MiniYoda

    US-04 or US-05

    US-05 is a great go-to yeast for most non-specialty beers. I wouldn't use it for specialty beers like wheats, lagers or Belgian.
  14. MiniYoda

    Northwest Pale Ale

    Any details on what type of ale yeast?
  15. MiniYoda

    Miller Lite

    I was once told that if you put 20 economy experts in a room and asked them one question, you would get 25 different answers. :-) I will again apologize to the OP, @Lionfan67. I didn't mean to insult this person. I was hoping to point out that brewing classic American lagers isn't easy, it's not something that can be done with Mr. Beer's recipes, and most home brewer are in the hobby for craft style beers. If you would forgive us, @Lionfan67, we would be happy to help you with starting a hobby of brewing beer. Understand that something like Miller Lite won't be something you will brew your first year, but with practice, you can brew some tasty beers. You might even enjoy different flavors and styles of beers, and sharing them with your friends could start a friendly competition amongst you that could grow. Classic American Lagers are cheapest bought in the store. Craft beers outside that style are easy to make on your own, and something you be proud of. MY
  16. MiniYoda

    Hop Chart

    In case this is useful to anyone, https://vinepair.com/articles/flavors-aromas-craft-beer-hops-ipa/
  17. MiniYoda

    Miller Lite

    With all due respect, @zorak1066, I'm going to have to challenge this statement. Today I bottled the Winter Dark Ale....19 bottles. The price of the HME is $22. Add two gallons of water from the store (less that $2), 19 bottle caps (2 cents each), some expense from the electricity when boiling the water (none from washing/sanitizing, as I don't pay the water bill), taxes and shipping costs to get the HME, etc, etc, etc. But overall, I can't imagen having spent $38, or $2/bottle for this recipe. Would you go to your favorite liquor store and spend $2 for a bottle of a beer of this style? Tomorrow I am brewing the Abbey Dubbel. The kit is $33.27. again add about $1.75 for two gallon jugs of water, 18 cents for the bottle caps, etc, etc, etc. I still don't see it costing more than $47.50 overall for 19 bottles of this (20, if I'm lucky). That's $2.50/bottle. Try to find this beer in a bottle for that price in the store. Sometimes I brew 5 gallon batches from Brewer's Best. Online I can find them for less than $40. 5 gallons is 640 oz, which is about 53 bottles. Now, for easy math, let's say I spent $48 to buy the kit and have it shipped, taxes, jugs of water, bottle caps, etc, etc, etc, and let's say I only got 48 bottles, (trub, etc, etc, etc). That's about $1/bottle. Rather nice price for a craft beer. Now, you are going to say "hey...….ignore the bottling.....it's $5 to $8 for a pint of a craft beer at the local breweries". True. But now you are talking larger batches, and all grain, kegging, CO2, etc, etc, etc. I'm not going to do the math on that because I don't do all grain. If you get Mr. Beer on one of their sales (I bought both the Winter Dark Ale and the Abbey Dubble on 30% off), yea, I can see where even brewing beer with Mr. Beer kits is actually cheaper than buying it commercially. There are other ways to think of savings: - If I brew the beer, you grill the burgers, and we'll chill out by the pool. Free food for me, free beer for you. - If I brew six different recipes, I'll give you a 6-pack of different beers for Christmas. How much do you spend on Christmas gifts for friends/family. Overall, I still think home brewing, be it Mr. Beer kits, online 5 gallon kits, etc, is cheaper than buying in the store or at the local brewery. Plus, you can share with family/friends, and earn bragging rights. P.S. I'm only referencing craft beers. Yes, it would be hard to brew an over-produced American Lager at home for the price you can buy it in the store.
  18. MiniYoda

    Miller Lite

    @Big Sarge….ask this question again in about 6 months. I think he found another rock
  19. MiniYoda

    Miller Lite

    @RickBeer please feel free to correct anything I'm stating that is wrong. 1) Miller Lite is a lager, not an ale. Basic recipes on Mr. Beer's site, and most other kits on other locations, are ales. To me, Lagers are more crisp tasting than ales. 2) I've brewed CAL as an ale, and while the color is off and it is more opaque than an American Adjunct Lager, it didn't come out that bad. 3) It is very difficult, if not somewhat impossible, to brew a beer based on only Mr. Beer recipes/ingredients and clone a commercial beer. That being said, the beers you can make from Mr. Beer's recipes are very good, and with some time, skills and patience, they can be excellent. Enjoy your new hobby. When I started, I wanted to brew beer cheaper than I could by it in the store. I discovered the art of the science and the science of the art, and a LOT of new beer styles, and what make them that way.
  20. MiniYoda

    Miller Lite

    Water. Sorry, but if I didn't say it, a dozen other's here would. And Miller Lite is my go-to beer when I just want a good buzz Miller Lite is a lager, which would take extra equipment for a brewer, such as temperature control device and a dedicated fridge. You'd have to at least start with the CAL HME, and step some light grains, then ferment with a lager yeast. I have strong feelings that it isn't possible to make a Miller Lite with what Mr. Beer sells online.
  21. MiniYoda


    yes, I'm being corrected on that. I've been in this hobby for three years, and STILL learn something new almost every day.
  22. MiniYoda


    As for #6, I heard once (possibly by you) that the sanitizer is not a wash, so that's what I went by. Thanks for the updated information. I use the Oxyclean wash which is well recommended on this forum (green lid) for washing things. As for #7, I use the Oxyclean to wash the bottles, rinse them out completely, then put them in the dish washer. I run a cycle without any dish soap, just plain hot water and heat to sanitize them. The PET bottles and the LBK obviously don't go in the dish washer, so I use the powder sanitizer for them.
  23. MiniYoda


    Sanitizing and cleaning are not the same thing. You can't use sanitizer to wash beer making equipment.
  24. MiniYoda


    I'm probably going to be chewed up and spit out like cheap bubble gum on this forum for saying this, but When it comes to utensils, brewing pots, whisks for aerating the wort, spatulas to remove as much HME out of the can as I can, everything goes through the dish washer. If the sanitizer cycle (extreme heat) is good enough for my plates, cups and utensils, it's good enough for the brewing tools. I just leave the stuff in the dishwasher until I'm ready to brew. But, I'm a bachelor who lives on tv dinners, so the dishwasher is used only for brewing stuff. As you know, you can't put an LBK or PET bottles in the dish washer, so that's when I use the sanitizer. Oh, and if you have something small that is non metallic and non soft plastic (Tupper Ware, Muslin Sacks, etc), add water and microwave for 3 minutes. @RickBeer batter UP
  25. MiniYoda


    Not sure what you bought, but... If it says "sanitizer", and is meant for beer/wine/distilled/etc, then ok. If it says anything about wash, or has any aromas/colors/detergents, that's not sanitizer. If it is a dry powder, keep it sealed as long as possible. If you mix it with water, it'll last about a day, at worst two. Mr. Beer's recipes and kits come with sanitizer, and rarely should you need to buy more. Once you move on to larger equipment, you will use more, but personally, anything that touches my wort goes into the dishwasher and I hit the Sanitize mode. That includes glass bottles, after properly washed with an oxy product. if it is truly sanitizer, just keep your powder dry, and you'll be fine