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  1. sun up to sun down......summer. Sun is up longer than in winter.
  2. @epete28, I get an email every time a new thread starts. The email came in from you as 91 beers, and I was impressed. Best I can drink in one day is 30. Then I read the body of your email. Nevermind,
  3. still waiting for you to throw one to speak
  4. My Yule Like This Ale gets the spices next week, and bottled on the 22nd. I'm going to give it extra conditioning time, and hope that it's ready by mid February (nice birthday gift).
  5. Anyone out there able to find this in their local liquor store? Was wanting to clone it, but not sure how easy it would be. No, I haven't searched the internet (yet) for bourbon barrel ales, so I'm sure there are plenty of recipes out there. But I'm wondering if it would be possible to get close to this beer by taking the Bourbon Stout recipe in Mr. Beer's store and convert it. I'd start with changing the base HME from Stout to American Ale, the LME from Smooth to Pale, and then altering the grains. If anyone can get this beer in their store, and wants the challenge of cloning it, let me know. And if you can't get this beer, but still want the challenge of cloning it............let me know
  6. I would go ahead and get the boosters/cleaners. They both last a very long time, and the boosters could be added to another recipe in the future to kick the ABV a notch. Cleaners are always needed.
  7. Go to the main Mr. Beer web page, and from there, click on Refills/Recipes on the top of the screen. Then click on Standard Refills. You should be able to see the HME from there
  8. I brought this thread back to life because of....well. So I brewed the Dad's Favorite Cream Ale. Like I always do, I soak the LME can (American Lager) in hot water to soften up the goo inside. As I always do, I pealed off the label before I open the can and toss it in the sink. Something about the label caught my blind left eye, but I didn't think twice, and continued to brew. Cleaning up the sink, I had second thoughts. What? The inside of the label wasn't blank, it had writing. I can't provide a pic, because (1) the label isn't in great condition and (2) I'm drunk. But I can easily see that the inside of the label has instructions in French and Spanish. Step 9 in French is "mettez au frais et decustez bein" (second to last word might be wrong, perhaps an accent). Step 9 in Spanish is Enfriar y a disfrutar. This, simplified, means "Cool down and enjoy". Regardless, Mr. Beer is adding instructions in French and Spanish to their cans. Then I flipped over the portion of the label. Yep, A Canadian and a Mexican flag with French and Spanish words. I'm enjoying my brew too much to see what it says, but I know Spanish and I can recognize French. Very nice that Mr. Beer is adding this to their product. If you see one of these new cans, I have a question. Look closely above the UPS code and you'll see three logos. The one on the right is easy....Vegan. The middle one kinda sorta looks like Australia with a K.....I'm going to guess Kosher. I can't make out the logo on the left due to damage to the label. Anyone else see this, and can make out the logo on the left? iniMadoY.....I'll sober up later and figure out what I just posted
  9. Yea. Right. And next thing someone is going to try to tell me that Canada is a separate country from the USA. You just can't believe what you see on the Internet anymore
  10. clean and sanitize clean and sanitize clean and sanitize you sound like a Brewer's Parrot. clean and sanitize AWK <whistle>
  11. thanks for the instructions. I was wondering about how this thing worked, and steps 8 and especially 9 answered most of Curious George's questions. I might need to get me another Christmas or Birthday (February) gift.
  12. And never be afraid to ask a question. There is a LOT of info to gather from @RickBeer and his tagline, but if you miss something, or aren't sure of something, please feel free to ask. We are a friendly bunch of beer lovers, and we'll help the best we can.
  13. Welcome to the family
  14. Very intriguing, and I just ordered one, but it isn't a Christmas beer. If I had it shipped overnight, brewed it Saturday, it still wouldn't be ready for Christmas. Consider threer weeks fermenting, three carbonating and three weeks conditioning, it wouldn't be ready until late January. I'm in it for the winter warmer, and if good, I'll order it again next September.
  15. @HoppySmile! and tea......doubt that one. sorry.............had to go there. adoYiniM.............cut off
  16. @Nickfixit, Hops are multi dimensional. Combine the aroma, flavor, bitterness, and AA, and add conditioning time! Adding the right hop to the right recipe at the right time of boil, and dry hop, this is a combo of art and science. And people have different taste buds. I personally hate the bitterness of hops, but my friend Lee loves em. He could gulp zombie space dust while I can only drink a German Lager. Personally, and I open this to those who know, I think the brewing calculators of Mr. Beer are good start, but it *does* depend on the AA of the hops. That said, and I think I'm going overkill on a thread that shouldn't been there. To the original poster, I think an additional hops to 5 mins to the boil before flameout will add flavor. Understand Rickbeer's rule about not boiling the HME. I say, nothing will happen if you add 5 mins to the hops, except aroma. M.Y. Your mileage may vary
  17. @planewrench. one more link There are different hops, and Mr. Beer has lots of different bittering/aroma/dual hops. Look over this page, and combine it with the other page about hop boiling. You can easily have a hint of aroma, or something close to Zombie Space Dust, depending which direction you want to go. And, by the way, different flavor hops give out different flavors. Think the difference between mandarin orange vs winter green., I'm not a hop person. P.S. Thanks to @MRB Renae for the great work on the web pages.
  18. Check out this link Almost at the bottom of the page you will see a boiling schedule on how to get the most out of your hops. It also depends on the Alpha Acid of the hops, but boiling for 5 minutes would give you a decent aroma with little flavor/bitterness. If you are going for more flavor, go with a low alpha acid and boil for about 10-20 minutes.
  19. Okay, so what I that was a silly idea, sour patch ale, turned out to have already been done, and per @Creeps McLane, is very tasty. This got me into over-thinking, as I'm so well famous for doing. First I wondered how to make it, ale or lager, and to which style to make it similar. Then realizing that I kinda missed Halloween, and want to do it before next year, the idea came to me to make it for Easter. This year Easter is on April 1, April Fools Day, so this might be the perfect day to fool friends/family with a sour patch beer. And, while I'm at it, I can make the peanut butter cup porter that was posted here. Then (yea, me over thinking), let's come up with more Easter beers. Maybe the @NickfixitLucky Charm Cereal? Smitten Bovine Milk Stout? So, what else was I to do but start a thread. First up is how to make the sour patch beer. I'm wide open to suggestions. Would like to keep it based on a Mr. Beer recipe, so now I have to figure out what direction to go 1) Ale or Lager? 2) Normal Recipe or Partial Mash? 3) Light color, reddish, brown or dark? 4) Should a low AA hop be added to reduce any sweetness from the candy? 5) Blender puree or dry hop? 6) Am I still overthinking? 7) Conditioning time? Tomorrow at work (hopefully a light day), I'll research the net to see if anyone has posted a recipe somewhere to get ideas, and then look at the recipe spreadsheet to see if I can come up with a plan. But if anyone has suggestions/ideas/wants to do this experiment as well, please feel free to post here. And while we're at it, let's come up with other Easter beers. MiniYoda..........thanks for tolerating my overthinking
  20. I look forward to the Doppelbock recipe. For my first experiment with the sour patch beer, I'm thinking a light color, refreshing, light malty base beer. I want to keep the base beer flavor and a hint of the sour candy. With the help of the unofficial Mr. Beer spreadsheet, - I want a very light colored beer, so I filtered out anything with an SRM above 10. - I want to go low hop, more malt flavor, so I filtered out anything with an IBU above 20. - For now, I'm keeping the ABV low, so I removed anything above 5.0% - Although I love true lagers, for simplicity, I'm going with an ale yeast After filtering and random eliminating, I narrowed it down to an Aztec Cerveza with either the a Golden LME or a Pale LME, no added malts or hops. Very simple base for the initial experiment. I'll finely chop or puree a cup of sour patch candy, the same color (no mixing flavors), and add the slurry into the LBK prior to pitching the yeast (not in the boil). The reason for the lightest SRM.....At bottle (12oz) I'm going to add 4-5 drops of food coloring (similar to Barley's Brew: Red, White and Blue ) If I select the green sour patch candy, I'll use green food coloring, etc. Might be able to find pink food coloring for the watermelon sour. Some colors might need more drops, some might need less. And naturally, I'll get bottle caps that match the flavor/food color.
  22. the words "Resurrection" and "Dark" make me wonder about Easter, as "Dark", might not work for that day of the year. Halloween.....yea.....maybe..... What's the recipe?
  23. during prime brewing season, I have two lbks one week, two more another week, then the 5-6 gallon fermenter week 3 (which will go into service this weekend)
  24. It's making me think that Cooper's is going international. I think there is a law that requires products to be in Canada must be in both English and French. If Cooper's is going international, then the more languages they put on the can, the more places will find it appealing. Plus, just like state-side, there are laws about health information on labels.
  25. Holy United Nations, Batman. I recognize 4 of the languages. Looks like Mr. Beer might soon be called Señor Cerveza, Monsieur. Biere, Herr Bier. Signor Birra Shi Biru MiniYoda. Last one was Japanese, but my keyboard doesn't do Japanese,