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  1. I'm still slightly overwhelmed as to how many recipes there are just using Mr. Beer products. I've been asking myself, okay, what do I order next. I thought, wouldn't it be helpful to have a searchable database, so that I could say "show me all recipes that use the Oktoberfest, and let me know how long each take", or show me all recipes that use have pumpkin and have a ABV above 5". I'm an IT geek, part server admin, part programmer, part DBA. I knew putting all these recipes in a database would be perfect to store and search. But as with anything, baby steps. Attached is MrBeerRecipes version 0.1. It's a spreadsheet right now, not a database. It's more of a starting point where people can submit suggestions on what to add, and how to format the fields. Once I have all their recipes in, both current ones and archived, I will explore a way to put the file on the cloud for all to use. I will then research a way to create a database where people can submit their own recipes. I'm opening the floor right now to suggestions. As I type this, I just thought of another field to add: Seasonal (Christmas, fall, etc) MiniYoda MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
  2. updates in six months, then two in less than one week. This time, added the three new National Parks recipes, plus a few minor fixes here and there. Note to Mr Beer folks. The picture for Hidden Lake Amber shows a DME, but the recipe is calling for an LME. Just wanted to check and find out which is correct MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
  3. First update of the year. Just adding the latest recipes. If I missed one, please let me know MrBeerRecipes.xlsx
  4. Had a great time at the MUG Midwest meeting. Thanks again to all who made it. I will try to schedule another one for next year. I'm hopeful that other people will step up and try to hold a "local" or "regional" meeting for their area. If you want to do one, please send me a personal message, and I'll tell you some of the things to do and not do to make it work. One of the things I enjoyed most was sitting in the hotel rooms and sharing/discussing beers. This is not something I can easily do where I live. The places close to where I live have very few taps, and most people drink American lagers, not craft beers. There are several excellent breweries in Louisville and many places that have lots of craft taps, but to drive there and back (30-60 minutes) is risky. What I'd like to do is go somewhere, meet up with beer aficionados, and share/discuss beers. I'm wanting to do weekend drives to places for now, perhaps fly to places in the future. Weekend get-aways for a pint or two. So, tell me where to go. I'm thinking of weekend trips to Indianappolis IN, Columbus/Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio, Nashville/Knoxville TN, and perhaps St. Louis MO. If you live in or near these areas, let me know what weekend is good for you, and I'll schedule some time off to pay you a visit.
  5. Yea, well I probably would have to fly, and have a layover somewhere in South Dakota. In time, but it'll be a while before I can afford to fly. Yoda.........In an airplane
  6. Per request, I'm updating this post with the details of the meeting What: Mr.Beer User Group meeting in Munster, Indiana. When:: Friday, April 13 through Monday April 16 Definite attendees: @MiniYoda, @Creeps McLane, friend of Creeps McLane. @MRB Josh R, @C-ya Possible attendees: @scouterbill Hotel: SpringHill Suites by Marriott. 9651 Calumet Ave. So new that Google maps doesn't show it, and Google Street view shows it under construction. It is located on a golf course, and is the closest to 3 Floyds (a 10 minute walk to/stagger back). For reference, 3 Floyds is at 9750 Indiana Pkwy Proposed schedule (open to suggestions)@Creeps McLane - Friday evening - Bar/Room hop. There aren't many bars in the area, most places frown upon bringing outside alcohol into a bar, and most police frown upon open containers in public places. So, to avoid the hassle, we will "bar hop" between our hotel rooms, which each guest hosting a local/home brew sampling. We can call for pizza delivery. If the ladies prefer wine, let me know what type and I'll get a bottle of Kentucky wine. Also might be able to find something from Kentucky for the kids. - Saturday morning - After sleeping in a bit (we'll probably need it) and breakfast, we'll work on a care package for our thirsty friends in Arizona. - Saturday afternoon - Head to 3 Floyds. Tours are offered every hour between 12:30 and 5:30. Once we get a head count of who is going, I will call the pub and see if they can schedule a private tour for us. Regardless, we'll be there for a while, so we probably can do more than one tour. Note that the Cubs host the Braves at 1:20pm CDT and the White Sox visit the Twins at 1:10pm CDT, so things could be crowded at that time. - Saturday evening - Open. Stay there, go back to the hotel for more sampling, or go to True BBQ. - Sunday morning - Again, sleep in late (we'll probably need it again, and it *is* a vacation). Finish care package for Arizona with 3 Floyds beers. - Sunday afternoon - I'm open to suggestions. There is a place called "Brew and Blooms" a bit north in Hammond IN. Per the pictures on Google, they indicate that they are "home brewing and urban gardening". Their Facebook page indicates that they are open 10am to 6pm Sunday. Also Byway Brewing company isn't very far either. - Sunday evening - One last gathering at 3 Floyds for a final toast. - Monday - Back home again, unless you need to leave Sunday.
  7. There are plans for "something" in October. I can't release details yet, but I will soon. For now, everyone and all keep the days of October 11-16 free.
  8. A great day today with the MUG Midwest team. we got a late start, well deserved considering the beers we enjoyed Friday evening. finally got our act together and made it to 3 floyds. The tour was very good. If you make it to this place, definitely do the tour of their facility. lots of beers sampled, and FINALLY @C-ya joined us. Due to a personal matter, I left, and freed up my seat for him. About 6:30pm we gathered in Josh's room for another beer sampling. C-ya brought an excellent Oktoberfest beer. We went through all 12 of Bonzai's beers, and our official beer judge said they were mostly excellent. Two had issues, and I'll PM him directly, but overall great beers Sadly, c-ya, creeps and friend Jeff will be leaving tomorrow. Josh and I will be in town, but probably do things on our own until late tomorrow when he has to leave. I want to thank *EVERYONE* at Mr. Beer for this event, and letting Josh join us. Creeps, C-Ya, and Jeff, great meeting you guys, and hope to see you in October Yoda
  9. For the record, if you don't know who is who, I'm the one who is drunk
  10. Trust me. They will be sampled and one pro and three amature beer judges And enjoyed by all
  11. Summary of yesterday and plans for today Day one was a lot of fun. When @MRB Josh R arrived, @Creeps McLane, his friend Jeff and I were ready to go to 3 Floyds for supper. Josh was ready to eat too, so we waited for him to unload his car and we all went to eat. We did sample some of their beers, but that's more planned for today. When we got back to the hotel, the hotel staff allowed us to use the conference room for our tasting of beers we brought. Small samples of each, but there were a LOT of different beers. So many that we couldn't finish all that we wanted to sample, and haven't even looked at the main event, @Bonsai & Brew's shipment. Today, once we get up and start moving, we'll go back to 3 Floyds for the tasting and tour, and we'll return here to sample Bonsai's beers. I'll post the results of those either late tonight or tomorrow morning @C-ya, I will send you a personal message with my phone number. Call or text when you arrive, and we'll tell you where we are
  12. Cheers
  13. Dag nabbit. I will tey it tomorrow
  14. Josh has arrived and we are all hungry, ao we're going to 3 floyds now for a bite and a beer
  15. As we wait for Josh to arrive, @Creeps McLane, his friend Jeff and I have sampled the four commercial beers that I brought. Creeps video recorded it, and we'll have it posted in the near future.
  17. Because of me, he went on untappd earlier today. He is still trying to find the time to add his beers. He'll add friends soon
  18. For those going to the big shin-dig this weekend: Anyone coming in from the north, this means a long sleeve shirt and a light water-proof jacket Anyone coming in from the south west, this means a thick sweatshirt and water-proof parka Yoda......I'm a born northerner. T-shirt and run when it's raining.
  19. @Bonsai & Brew has added is home brewery, Stau-Haus, to Untappd. He has loaded two of his 12 beers that he sent us (hopefully he can add the remaining 10 before tomorrow evening). I promised him we will give him "honest" reviews on them .
  20. That's one of the problems of this hobby.....patience. But, while you wait, go to the local beer shop and buy a variety of beers. I do this to taste different styles and variations of them
  21. 4.5 hour drive for normal people (I tend to drive slower than "normal"), minus one hour due to time zone change. I'm stopping in Indianapolis for a little while, then have a couple of other stops planned on the way. In part to check on the coolers to see if they need ice/remove water, and in part to visit breweries along the way.
  22. T minus 36 hours, 30 minutes until departure (leaving at 0800hrs Friday morning). Boxes of drinking glasses and non-drinking beers ready to go. Preparing to clean two igloo coolers and test a laptop. List of places to stop along the way prepared earlier today.
  23. Thanks for the heads up on the event. It's something I'd like to do, but we'll have to make sure that someone is sober enough to drive the one-hour each way trip
  24. Today I received a package from Mid Continent Testing Labs of South Dakota (Thanks @Bonsai & Brew) To endure the lab samples are ready for proper use, I will put the box in the fridge now. The lab must have some issue securing boxes for shipping samples. The box doesn't have the lab's logo. Instead, they used a box from Green Chef. The kid at the UPS store asked if it was food stuff. I, and left it at that.