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  1. BTW, I was looking at this recipe, and started to wonder. What if I did everything, but didn't add the yeast. And yes, I've had some of my Helles tonight. and some other stuff Taste would be different (no alcohol), but the thought of no alcohol beverages sounds interesting. I know that Mr. Beer sells lemonade kits, and I hope they are doing well, but.......... okay, it's the alkihal talking. Just wondering about some of Mr. Beer's recipes without the yeast. Barley soda. But interesting flavors for barley soda And no, I'm not going to do it....just.....just.......just......I need another beer adoYiniM
  2. thread? I thought there was a call in show
  3. sorry @RickBeer. That last post was meant in humor. My humor gets strange after I've had a few cold ones
  4. I am a bit curious about this one Do I have to sanitize the rolling pin AND the sandwich bag? Or should I just use this
  5. Side note, found a recipe with grains. They are calling for 100g, Mr. Beer's packs are 113g. I'll go with the option 3 for this one as well
  6. I was going to start copying the recipes on Cooper's site to the recipe table, and was reading this post. The first recipe I encountered was the Abbey Dubbel. As pointed out by @Nickfixit, they use grams where Mr. Beer uses ounces. For this recipe, they say 12g of hops, where Mr. Beer says one 0.5oz package. Wanted to check with everyone first, especially @MRB Josh R and @MRB Tim on the best way to transfer their recipes My three options for hops are: 1) list the hops as 12g or 25g, exactly as recipe, and put something in the notes that would say "1 or 2 packs from Mr. Beer is equivalent" 2) list the hops as 0.44oz or 0.88oz and in the notes say "1 or 2 packs from Mr. Beer, use a scale to measure accordingly" 3) list the hops as one or two 0.5oz bags, and not even mention grams. Looks like the LME is the same 250g packages. I can convert the DME with the same chosen method above for hops. Thanks for everyone's help/opinion
  7. Today was supposed to be a brew day. Was going to make a blueberry wheat and a cranberry wheat. Got up at 7am, and cracked open my first beer at 7:30, while prep'ing the gallon jug of wash. Last night, I ran everything I'd need to brew, including the blender, through the washer machine, sanitizer cycle and all. I'm ready. Sat down to read up on Mr. Beer's recipes for fruit beer. Perhaps the first beer had something in it, but I'm confused like heck. Their Cherry wheat and Raspberry wheat say to add one can of fruit, puree d, after one week of fermenting. However, the Blue Patriot (American Ale HME based) and Rapturous Raspberry (Cerveza HME) use TWO cans of fruit, and added the puree on brew day Yes, Ole Geezer is overthinking things, and has lots of other poop to do today, but I'm confused. As I open up beer number 2, I'm asking for y'alls opinion. Do I put one can of fruit for a wheat beer, or two? AND, do I put the fruit in today, or wait a week?
  8. This is the one that I use Basically a tiny hole in the lid and slide the thermometer in. It goes into the wort by about 1.5 inches . I don't remember the size of the drill bit, but it is a fit snug enough to prevent almost any air from getting through. A bit pricy, but it works perfectly well. Note. I keep the thermometer in the lid at all times. When I wash/sanitize the LBK, the probe gets washed/sanitized at the same time.
  9. dag nabbit. now I got another person gone fruity. Apricot is always a great fruit flavor. Before I venture into it, or other fresh fruits, I'd have to research more sanitizing the fruit. I know about using vodka/grain alcohol, and for pumpkin puree you can bake it, but I'm going to do some offline research on it first. MiniYoda.....overthinking......and drinking
  10. @Nickfixit, I do agree with breaking up the fruit, if it was fresh whole fruit. However, this is canned fruit. I'm doing canned blueberries for convenience, and can't find cranberries anywhere within a 50 mile radius
  11. @RickBeer, overthinking things? yea, well, I'm morning drinking too, so overthinking things is implied I'm doing a can of Oregon blueberry and a can of Ocean Spray cranberry, so there won't be seeds. But your advise on aroma and bland are effectively to the point. Cranberries are tart by nature, but Ocean Spray added extra sugar to sweeten the flavor. I'm leaning with your advise. make the base beer today, then add two cans of each in a week
  12. no, it won't be extract. I'm using Oregon Blueberry and Ocean Spray Cranberry for the fruit. Just wondering if one can or two, and when to add. I did a raspberry beer last year, and yep....the seeds clogged up the spigot. But these two fruits don't have tiny seeds like raspberries or strawberries have. If I ever use those fruits again, I'll filter while adding the fruit.
  13. More research. Looks like the wheat beers get the one can after a week, other fruit beers get two cans on brew day. I'm wondering if is because the Weisbeer HME has a light flavor, and would be over-powered by the fruit too early, while other HMEs are heavier in flavor and can use the fruit early enough. Welcoming advise......hopefully soon (would like to brew today) Thanks MY
  14. No, that's in Eastern Kentucky. They go to the dentist twice a year. Once for each tooth. And I used to live in Eastern Kentucky, so I familiar with the easterners
  15. @Bonsai & Brew, That's great news. I have my lagers in the fridge now at about 35 degrees. I might have to break open one or two of them this weekend
  16. Friend of mine and I went to the local German Club's monthly outing. She has a love fare with all things German. She enjoys Spaten Munich Lager. Did some research, and this is a helles. I'm drinking one of the Helles from the Mr. Beer Seasonal section that I've been cold conditioning for a while. Just not the same. Color is darker and the flavor isn't the same. I was wondering if someone here has an all extract or partial mash recipe for a helles using Mr. Beer products, or knows of a source that sells a 5 gallon Helles kit. Rather not do a full grain on this, as I haven't done full grain (yet). More than willing to do the true cold conditioning. Just want to come as close to the Spaten Lager as possible. Thanks MY
  17. still hoping Mr. Beer will release some Christmas beer recipes
  18. Don't get me wrong. I have *NOTHING* against the metric system. I grew up in Madrid, Spain, and understand it better than the American "standard" system. However, when these Aussies say 1.3kg of HME and 259g if LME and 12 grams of hops......I need to make sure I know that this means that and that is the same as this. I'll add 'em to the spreadsheet.........just gonna need some thinkin' time odaYiniM
  19. Well, don't tell Mini Yoda, or he'll wind up putting all these recipes in his annoying spreadsheet.
  20. for me, after my Diacetyl rest, I carb'ed the bottles at regular carb temp for two weeks, then came the fun. Put them in a fridge at almost close to room temp, then lower the temp every day by about two degrees. The fridge's temp was controlled by this Remember that Lager in German basically somewhat means "storage". But, lager yeast love cold temps. The best thing you can do is to put the bottles in a fridge at the carb temp, then drop the fridge's temp by 2 degrees every day, until you hit around 35. My 80 bottles of four different recipes of helles have been lagering in the fridge for just short of a month now. Missed Oktoberfest, but I will keep them there now at 35 degrees until I feel like I'd like a good lager. Or Thanksgiving, which ever comes first.
  21. In my opinion, if Mr. Beer sold it to you, it should be safe.
  22. Doing the research now to prepare for brewing Cranberry Wheat next weekend. Should make a nice Thanksgiving beer. Going with the basic fruit wheat recipes of Mr. Beer (one can Weissbier HME, one packet LME Golden), but won't rule out some grains. Options for the cranberry are: 1) Extract. Seems to be what most people on is recommending, "Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing" 2) Canned Fruit. Locally, all I can find is Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce. The product includes high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup. My understanding (as always, correct me if I'm wrong) is that these are fermentable. Thus I'll increase the alcohol and lose the sweetness, causing the beer to be tart. 3) Craisins. Not sure if I want to do dried cranberries. An option if I can't find fresh/frozen 4) Fresh. Ocean Spray site says they sell "in a bag", but not locally. I'd have to try to find a store that has them fresh. Didn't see them in the produce section last weekend, but didn't look very hard either. Just need to sanitize them 5) Frozen. 12oz or 16oz, nothing added. So, my options, in order, are 4) Fresh, 5) Frozen, then 2) Canned. If I can get fresh at a good price, done, else I'll go frozen. Now, a second problem. Tartness. I saw on to add 1.5 cups of Splenda to 3 pounds of cranberries for the 5 gallon batches. The Splenda would add sweetness without being fermentable. One person did 4.5 to 5 pounds of cranberries for a strong tart version. For the LBK, I'll cut these numbers in half. So, question time: - If I go fresh, I need to sanitze. I've seen to soak in pure grain alcohol, but for how long? - If I go frozen, I still need to sanitize, correct? - Are the assumptions in (3) correct.....the HFCS and Corn Syrup will ferment, increasing alcohol, and without the syrup the beer is more tart? - If I want to go with a sweet cranberry instead of tart, I'd use Splenda correct? Thanks in advance MY
  23. yea, but I was wanting the fresh cranberry wheat beer in time for thanksgiving, which means brew now. I'll order them and have them shipped to the local Walmart.
  24. That's the seasonal HME you bought from Mr. Beer. I vote "safe". But I'd brew it soon-ish
  25. Thanks......been there, done that. Just as a re-test, I selected 50 miles from a Louisville KY zip code (anything that starts 402xx). Nothing in the area.