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  1. Some good info on Diastatic power and - grains - http://beersmith.com/blog/2010/01/04/diastatic-power-and-mashing-your-beer/
  2. Very helpful. Thanks @Shrike and @MRB Josh R
  3. Great points everyone. @RickBeer, @Shrike, @MrWhy, @hotrod3539 So how long should I let these condition? I know ferment 3 weeks. Carbonate 3 weeks. Is 4 weeks conditioning after that enough? Also, what is a good source to learn what each grain type does? Lastly, what is this Diastatic power of which you speak to work on the oats? Thanks!
  4. Okay - Hop Stimulator was bottled this weekend and the first taste was GREAT! Also, thanks to @Josh R for sending me the adapter for my bottling wand. I was skeptical that it would stay in the 2G fermenter spigot during bottling but it did! I was using too much hose with the bottling wand before on my LBKs so I think the shorter tube adapter to the wand is the way to go! Thanks for all the help @hotrod3539 and @MrWhy too!
  5. Thanks @Shrike - any ideas on my revised inventory?
  6. Thank you! Hotrod, maybe you have some ideas on my revised inventory . . . .
  7. Okay - I am going to revise my inventory now that I can take a deeper dive in the freezer where the grain is stored. I would like to make 2 batches based off American Ale Extract with what I have. 2 x American Ale Extract 2 x Pale LME 4 x small booster packs 4 oz Flaked Corn 6 oz Carapils Malt 2 oz Pilsen Malt 2 oz Crystal Malt 40 2 oz 2 row Malt 2 oz Munich Malt 2 oz Chocolate Malt 2 oz Flaked Oats I don't have to use all the ingredients or the same for each - but what could / should I make here? I do love the Partial Mash recipes and sometimes you only use half a package of grain - hence the extras. If I could make something awesome, I am willing to go to a local brewing store to get an extra grain or so. Thanks Brew masters!
  8. I ran out of recipes to brew so this weekend I bought a few more including the "buy one, get one" American Ale extracts. Now I am contemplating how to rationally dress them up from just the basic extracts. I have a few extra items from past recipies that can be used and I bought some Pale LME to upgrade the basic America Ale to a deluxe version. Here are the ingredients I could conceivably use and I wanted to get input from the group. - American Ale Extract - 2 x Booster Packs (new smaller size = to one booster pack of old) - Pale LME - Carapalis Malt - 4 oz - 2 Row Malt - 2 oz - Standard MR. Beer Brewer's Yeast that comes with extract Questions - - should I use the boosters and the Pale LME? Or just the Pale LME? - will the Mr. Beer standard Yeast work if I do a partial mash with the Carapalis and / or 2 Row? - Should I partial mash with both Carapalis and 2 row? Or just Carapalis - What would the resulting beer be if I did all this? - Should I add any other additional items? Honey? Brown Sugar? Thanks for the thoughts!
  9. Thanks, Rick!
  10. Thanks Rick and Hotrod. At the end of the recipe it says to bring the temperature up to room temps for 3 days before bottling. How does this help? Is there some off tasting byproduct avoided by this?
  11. What temp should I set my inkbird for a Brown Bag special recipe? It gives quite a range of 45 - 60 degrees. Yeast is Saflager S-23. Do I want to be on the cool side? Thanks!
  12. This is the first batch that I placed the fermenter right into the fridge after brewing. I was about a week into my 1776 Ale when I got my mini fridge set up. SO brown bag is the first one full on temp controlled which is a good thing because the recipe says to ferment at 45 - 55 which would be hard to do with ice in a cooler.
  13. Mr Why - it is great to find something you love to do - stick with it while it gives you joy! I got my kids into to brewing by making root beer batches with them. My wife is a great cook in her own right. Our running joke is she stays out of the beer making EXCEPT the point in every batch where the wort is poured into the fermenter. I always joke that the secret ingredient in every batch is the love of my wife! Like you, over the past months, I have discovered that I love the process of making beer too - even more than drinking it! But that is fun too. As the beers I make get better (or more to my taste) due to experience, better technique and all the great tips I get here - it is so fun to share them. When I share a home brew with someone for the first time - I love the look on people's faces when they taste something home made. Sometimes there is a look of trepidation followed by a taste and then surprised look and a smile when it actually tastes good! That experience makes it a very fun hobby for me! Keep up the good work!
  14. 1776 Ale spent 3 weeks in the LBK and initial taste is great! I am hoping it is ready for the 4th!
  15. Just finished Brown Bag Special recipe and placed it directly in the mini fridge! 45 degrees!