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  1. Definitely we should do a virtual brew! I am figuring it should to be ready to try mid June or so!
  2. Thanks @Jdub. This is definitely the zest from the juice, zest and pulp I added today. There was no muslin sack for this. The two muslin sacks are hops from the day 1 and and then the dry hop addition from today. I put the dry hop addition in a muslin sack that had been placed in boiling water to sanitize. I just see that white foam stuff at the top and I hope that is yeast rafts or bubbles and not the start of a mold. This is 6 hours after adding the juice, zest and some pulp not in a muslin sack.
  3. @JdubThis is what I am looking at a few hours after adding the zest and juice (shot through the lid of the fermenter - not opening it).
  4. @JdubHow did your additions in the TH IPA go? My zest has gotten loose and left the containment of the muslin sack and is floating on top. I am seeing some white foam at the top which I am hoping are safale us-05 yeast rafts!
  5. Can I dry hop the second hop addition directly into the wort or is the muslin bag the way to go?
  6. So, what are the Mr. Beer Recipes you are most proud of? @MRB Josh B, @MRB Josh R, @MRB Renae, @MRB Rick, @MRB Tim Thanks!
  7. Okay - I put the fermenter in a keg jacket with an artificial ice cool pack and the temp is now down to 60-62. This is in a basement with ambient temps of 66 or so. I am also adding the tangerine juice and zest tomorrow! In my mini fridge I am on day 9 of a Gila monster IPA and Day 6 of a Salty Dog Gose (brewed the same day as the tangerine IPA). I honestly think I enjoy making the beer more than drinking it sometimes!
  8. What are advantages and disadvantages of the various fermenters Mr. Beer sells? Right now I have 4 LBKs and one of the vertical 2G Fermenters. I am intrigued by the conical fermenter. I can see the size and space benefits of the LBK, particularly when used in a fridge for temp control. And I see the advantage of the vertical 2G fermenter. What makes the fastfermenter appealing? If there is a blog post or somewhere else this has already been discussed, I would appreciate it!
  9. My Tangerously hoppy IPA is on Day 5 of its fermenting. Temps in the fermenter are between 64 - 68 with the Safale US-05 Yeast. is this too hot? I am in a vertical fermenter so I cannot easily termperature control as I do my LBKs by putting them in a mini fridge hooked to a ladybird temp controller.
  10. DME

    Can you add DME to any MR Beer recipe?
  11. Calavera Chile Stout is definitely a winner, with nice sophisticated flavors. I had another Chile Fest Porter with pizza tonight and it is growing on me.
  12. Lock Stock and Barrel is a great recipe! It goes too quick!
  13. Okay - I think I see the confusion. In step 7, it says to "add the dark grain water", the water really isn't going anywhere. You are just adding more stuff to it as the recipe goes on. Some of the hops, the the LMEs, etc. The instruction should probably changed to say, "Take the dark grain want you steeped earlier . . . . ." Here are the instructions Using a measuring cup, pour 4-8 cups of water into your clean 3-quart or larger pot (Use enough water to cover the grains). Mix the grains well (oats and 2-row) and add them to a Muslin Hop Sack, and bring your water up to 165 degrees F. Add the grain sack to the hot water and steep for 45 minutes between 155-165 degrees. Carefully lift the grain sack out of the pot and place into a strainer/colander. Rinse the sack over the pot with 1 cup of hot water. Let drain. Do NOT squeeze the grain bag. Discard grain bag. Remove the yeast packet from under the lid of the Brewing Extract (you won’t be using this), then place the unopened can in hot tap water. Bring the grain water to a boil and remove from heat. Add the dark grain water you steeped earlier and bring the wort to a low rolling boil, then add the hop sack and let simmer at a low boil for 5 minutes. After the 5 minute boil has passed, remove from heat. Open the can of Brewing Extract and the LME Softpack, pour the contents into the hot grain water. Stir until thoroughly mixed. This mixture of unfermented beer is called “wort”. . . . . .
  14. As I read the instructions for the "Best Haze of our lives", the grains all get partial mashed together at the beginning when you start the brew water. https://www.mrbeer.com/the-best-haze-of-our-lives
  15. Thanks Tim!