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  1. Exactly what happened to me! There was no display model out of this fridge. I think because it lacks a freezer. I did not want a freezer! I brought the LBK to be sure it fit and sure enough, it did!
  2. Thanks for the advice, Steve. I just picked up this very fridge at Lowe's. Mostly I just want to chill conditioned beers without taking family fridge space but I may also use it for brewing using the LBK. I brought my LBK to Lowe's to make sure it fit and got many questions from three clerks about what home brewing was all about! I told them making simple Mr. Beer recipes is like the "Easy Bake Oven" version of home brewing. I suggested they keep on the look out for Mr. Beer Kits after the holiday. The guy who helped me buy my fridge said he saw the kits at Bed Bath and Beyond and now he plans to go back and buy one! Another brewer is born!
  3. I am looking for a smallish fridge I could pick up at Lowes or Home Depot to put an LBK in for temperature controlled recipes and also a place to fridge condition bottled beer. Family fridge is getting *too* small for my hobby, LOL! Any recommendations?
  4. Okay - that is what I thought. Go the full 3 weeks. The temperature range suggested during fermentation seems higher for the Klondike Gold so I wondered if that made a difference.
  5. I brewed Klondike Gold yesterday, The instructions confuse me a bit. At one point it says to ferment for 14 days, at another point it says 3 weeks. Which is it? http://www.mrbeer.com/klondike-gold-recipe
  6. Also found this: http://blog.mrbeer.com/terminology-tuesday-acetaldehyde-conditioning-mouthfeel/
  7. And I am guessing it is better to leave in the fermenter to clean things up, up to 4 weeks, then to expect it to clean up in the bottle?
  8. Thanks McLane. I guess my plan (unless I hear a better idea here) is to give it a few days and then bottle. I imagine it will clean up in the bottle if I let it condition a while, no?
  9. I am really excited about my Surly Dog IPA. It is about my 6th batch. I was going to bottle it today after 21 days in the fermenter but it has an apple cider taste to it. It has been an a cooler and in the first week or so I kept the temperature in mid 60s via ice bottles and packs. So question - how many more days should I leave it in the fermenter before I take a test taste off the spigot again?
  10. Okay - reporting back after bottling a batch of "Voodoo that you do" using a shortened length of tubing over the open dishwasher door. Genius! Success! Now I just have to wait until the first of April to drink one! :-)
  11. I had very little foam on a batch of Northwest Pale Ale but I did see trub after a few weeks. I just bottled it and it tasted fine.
  12. Good tips! I especially like the one about bottling over an open dishwasher. I do like how the wand works as far as a smooth fill of the bottles.
  13. I've bottled 6 batches using the LBK and a bottling wand. In two instances, the tubing has let go at the spigot end connected to the LBK. Any tips on keeping in on there? I periodically check through the bottling process but a tug on the tubing can cause it to let go at the spigot. My wife / brew helper is not too keen on brew spilling on hard wood kitchen floor. :-( Bottling activities may be relegated to the basement! :-)