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  1. I just brewed a Black Beer'd Porter! And this time I added all the water to the batch! LOL! You can see the hop boil portion of the brew here. I printed instructions and checked off steps as I went. I *did* however, drink beer while making beer. :-)
  2. beer wars

    Love the stories, @MrWhy!
  3. And tomorrow - bottling my American Ale experiment #2 and then brewing something new! Either a partial Mash Porter or IPA!
  4. I don't mind higher ABV - just hope the taste is okay!
  5. Okay - cinnamon stick and vanilla extract added! One week until bottling!
  6. This was the last bottle of the batch and a little too much trub slipped in. I am glad the bottle held. I opened it over the sink and it was old faithful of foam for a minute. The beer tasted fine but there was sediment. I am impressed with Mr Beer PET bottles! This particular bottle and cap will be recycled and saluted for not making a mess in my beer conditioning area!
  7. I was surprised to see a brown bag special in a 500 ml bottle become quite swollen. Hats off the 500 mm bottle for holding back the carbonation! Should I toss this bottle after opening? Here is a pic comparing a normal carbonated bottle next to the swollen one.
  8. Hats off to @Shrike for the Calavara Imperial Stout label!
  9. That would truly be out of the frying pan and into the fire!
  10. @MRB Josh R I'd be curious to hear any thoughts on how I can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear on my mistake here? Or did I luck into a new recipe - as some are calling it here - the Calavara *Imperial* chile stout!?
  11. too much beer

    I like the end of the story where you "hop on" the donkey! Great IPA pun! :-)
  12. I always have the printed recipe in front of me but from now on, I am going to check off the steps as I complete them.
  13. But I am intrigued by the prune juice suggestion by @Bonsai & Brew and @AnthonyC's retort about giving one plenty of time to sit and think had my wife and I laughing out loud! :-)
  14. I love all the great ideas, @MrWhy, @Shrike, @kedogn, @RickBeer! And everyone else too! The recipe does require that you add a cinnamon stick and vanilla extract one week before bottling. This would be a potential point to add something (sterilized water, prune juice or the like). I still think I am just going to let it ride and follow the recipe. I think I will have nine 740 ml bottles instead of 11.
  15. Thanks @RickBeer!