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  1. Looking at my wort color, I am really impressed with how this turned out such a light color. I also only kept the brew chilled via ice packs and had not yet used a temperature control system with a fridge. I kept it under 60 the whole time, I think. I hope it turns out. Lagers are tough maybe?
  2. Well today was the day to bottle the El Gordito and I am super impressed. It tasted very clean with no weird after taste. Also, it had nice color that was very light and pretty. I put the sample I pulled in the fridge so the glass was a little frosty for the photo. But this should be a great beer once conditioning is complete! I am feeling good about the first partial mash recipe! To celebrate, I immediately brewed a 1776 Ale in hopes it would be ready for the 4th of July!
  3. I know my labels are crude but I serve in a pretty glass! LOL!!
  4. Oddly - I think the simpler the better. Just the straight up long play IPA was a big hit. I only offered one bottle of novacaine because it is only 5 months old. That was a hit with me as well as my friend who is an actual brain surgeon. If you like beers like Bell's expedition stout, you will like novocaine! Going through the tasting, there is definitely a consistent taste to the Mr. Beer brews I served. They differ but in many there is sort of yeasty taste. I may need to adjust my process. Again, the long play IPA tasted the most like a commercial craft brew. Others like Klondike or Voodoo ale or even the stout had a sort of sweet back bone that I don't usually get from commercial beers. It made me think that the effort put forth for a simple brew, like long play IPA, may provide the best bang for the buck. The more complicated brews are harder to "land". I guess that is what makes them challenging to make.
  5. Northwest Pale Ale, Klondike, St. Patrick's Stout, Novacaine!
  6. Beer tasting party came and went was a great hit! I appreciate all the help to prepare!
  7. Quick question - I have been tying off the grain bag / muslin sack to itself. Are you guys using something else to tie it?
  8. The flight and paddle set just arrived from Amazon! (This is starting to feel like a beer paraphernalia fetish!)
  9. My wife is also serving home made limoncello, which may overshadow all the brews, LOL!
  10. Okay - I got a growler of Wolfsridge session IPA and a 12 pack of Bell's Oberon - just in case! Also printed out descriptions from the website of the Mr. Beers I will be serving!
  11. Rick - I thought that "toss?" Comment might get your attention! :-)
  12. I have a batch of Novocaine bottled at the end of December into PET Oxygen barrier bottles. Almost all the bottles in the batch are firm but this particular bottle is soft. If I squeeze the bottle, I hear a hiss of air coming out through the cap. At this point, what should I do? Put a new cap on it? Transfer it to a different bottle? Put some more carbo drops in too? Refrigerate and drink flat? Toss?
  13. Last night I brewed some MrRootBeer so the kids would have something too!