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  1. Okay @Shrike - It is all settled in nicely in an LBK and fermenting away in a mini fridge set for 70 degrees. I partial-mashed the Crystal and Munich and added the Pale LME plus the Falconer's Flight hops to the batch. I will report back on how it turns out. I used fresh yeast from the Long Play IPA that came with a Funky Buddha (and put the old yeast from 2014 on my oatmeal this AM for breakfast! LOL) While I was at it, I also brewed a Funky Buddha Double IPA and will look forward to bottling 2 batches in three weeks!
  2. The conditioned product was delicous! Thanks for the help!
  3. I have a 5g long play yeast pack. Can I use this with this Oktoberfest brew? @Shrike
  4. Thanks @Shrike! @MrWhy - is this really your advice?? Let fly! Weapons free!?? All the malts! :-) Seriously I do have a pale LME I can add too. Should I do that as well? PS - this Oktoberfest LME is has been in a cool cellar (my brothers) but expiry is 2014. I figure it should be good to make still though, right? I will snag a fresh yeast from a newer extract.
  5. Creative brewers - I need your help! I have an Oktoberfest Lager extract and I would like to dress up the recipe a bit. I have several grains left over from other recipes that I can use. I also have a can of Oregon Cherries and syrup (offered by Mr Beer) and brown sugar. Here is what I have at my disposal - - 1 can Oktoberfest Lager - 1 packet Falconers Flight Pellet Hops - Chocolate Malt - 4 oz - Munich Malt - 2 oz - Roasted Barley - 2 oz - flaked corn - 2 oz - Black Malt - 2 oz - Crystal Malt 40 - 2 oz I just have the standard brewer's yeast that came with the Oktoberfest extract Potential adjuncts - - Brown Sugar - Oregon Cherries in the can So what should I make here? Thanks Brewers!!
  6. Thanks @MrWhy! My pipeline is deep so there is plenty to drink before this one is ready. Now my problem is my beer fridge is full of LBKs brewing and not filled with chilled product!
  7. Thank you for the encouragement @MrWhy - I was a little down on myself for botching what looks like a good recipe. The taste is intriguing, almost like a roasted flavor with a bitter edge. At bottling time, the vanilla extract made it smell like a liquor to my wife. I like your idea of maybe adding a little water at the pour to cut the flavors a bit. How long should I let this condition? And If I am 2 liters down on water, what did this do to my ABV?
  8. Thanks Jim - the Chili is a Cook's illustrated recipie for Chili Con Carne that is crowd pleaser every time. Our kids enjoy Chili too and they are finally able to tolerate more spice in it. Chili seems way more forgiving than beer for me and allows you to go all mad scientist on a batch and still have something great! To the basic recipe (chili) I added Chick Peas, a splash of bourbon, a few oz of a winter ale home brew beer my brother made (over carbed), a few oz of Mr Beer API IPA I made that failed to carbonate (under carbed), and then various hot sauces (Red Hot, Tabasco, Siriacha, chicken wing sauce). There is cumin, Garlic, Onion, red pepper, Cayenne in there too. Some weird traditional add ins like Ketchup and a little brown sugar to balance the heat with a little hint of sweet. Decades ago I made a Boy Scout recipe for Chili that had ketchup so I always add a hint of that. And there is always just a little beer! And of course, Mr. Beer to drink while you eat it! My son liked it so much he heated some up in a thermos to take with him today!
  9. So - the hit of the party was Sir Kenneth Blonde Ale! This is a very tasty recipe and quite impressive for its simplicity. I am pretty much sold on partial mash for great tasting beer but this pulls it off with a very simple recipe.
  10. I should add - there is some API IPA in the chili base too! This particular bottle failed to cabonate after several months so I threw in the towel and used it to cook with!
  11. Today I am having a Chili and beer tasting party. My second such occasion. The first party I had early in the spring was virtually all extract beer. I have since branched out to virtually all partial mash recipes. We shall see how these are received! I find them much more balanced than my earlier efforts! On hand will be: - Sir Kenneth - Dry River IPA - Naughty Cream Ale - Hop Stimulator - Chug-a-lugger - 1776 Ale - Diablo - Apple Brown Beery (about the only one my wife likes) - Brown Bag special - El Gordito I seem to make the beer faster than I can drink it so a beer party is a good way to share the fun and drink down the inventory!
  12. After brewing the Golden Empire IPA, I cleaned the pot and made chili in it! I may need to invest in a dedicated brew pot!
  13. The day of reckoning has come for the Calavera Imperial Chile Stout! AKA bottling day. Those who predicted that it would be *robust* were understating it. The flavors are very strong, but still tasty. I ended up with 8 bottles worth instead of eleven due to forgetting to add all the water. Live and learn. I cleaned and sanitized the LBK and proceeding to make a Golden Empire IPA. PS - next time, I will try the prune juice addition! LOL.
  14. I have an LBK of Black Beer'd Porter and an LBK with my special (read low water screw up) *Imperial* Calavera Chile Stout going in this fridge right now! Ink Bird set at 66 and holding! :-)