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  1. Wolf357

    S33 Yeast

    When using S33 yeast how much would you use? Just measure how much yeast comes in a Mr.Beer refill and use that much? 3/4 if a Tablespoon?
  2. Wolf357

    Where to get Mr.Beer

    Now having issues as when I attempt to log into the Target site I get redirected as my IP address is from Canada...thinking of just calling got it figured out...changed to Target U.S.A...order half a dozen ?
  3. Wolf357

    Where to get Mr.Beer

    Yes I'm going to get a bunch sent to the store for pickup...
  4. Wolf357

    Where to get Mr.Beer

    Fargo does have a better selection of stores and isn't that much farther. However it's a 3 hour drive allready for us and we just go down for a night..get some cheap duty free liquor (you guys have no idea how cheap your booze is!) some tasty U.S beef at a steakhouse (your beef is also awesome!) and head back the next day. does Walmart or Target carry mr.beer in the U.S? It does look like I can get at Scheels (Yes it's like a Basspro/Cabelas still very frustrating that you can't get basic refills up here
  5. Wolf357

    Where to get Mr.Beer

    Don't believe there is a Bass ProShop in Grand Forks
  6. Wolf357

    Where to get Mr.Beer

    Sadly it appears that Mr.Beer has been discontinued in Canada. Anywhere I have purchased in the past no longer carries and cannot acquire. Shipping to Canada from U.S sites (Amazon or Mr.Beer.com) is prohibitly expensive. However me and the family are planning a shopping trip to The States...(Grand Forks NorthDakota) any suggestions of where to look for Mr.Beer refills? Target? Walmart? thanks
  7. Wolf357

    How much DME ?

    How much DME should you use for a standard refill? i used 1/2 a pound and it turned the beer very dark... any suggestions?
  8. Wolf357

    Creating a recipe database

    Is there anywhere to check recipe ideas to a refill you have on hand? Let's say you have a Octoberfest or a Bewitched... but are looking for ideas is there somewhere you can look up recipes? And not mr.beer.com recipes but ones you can make on your own with items you can get from a regular beer making supply store..?
  9. Wolf357

    Secondary fermentation

    Does it not create a beer that is clearer and not yeasty?
  10. Think I'm going to try a secondary fermentation on my next batch. any info would be appreciated. Is it as simple as 2 weeks in the LBK 1 week in a second container? can you simply use any food grade bucket with a lid or is there more to it? thanks
  11. Having a real hard time finding Mr.Beer refills but Coopers are easily available up here. Can you make Coopers in a Mr.Beer Keg Fermentator?
  12. Thanks what would your % of crystal/pale/corn would you use? also how much DME? 1/2 lb?
  13. So I have gotten completely OT of the OP but the great info keeps coming so I'm going to keep asking for a mash with corn flakes from what I have read...and what I have ... 40% crystal grain, 40% pale Grain, and 20% corn flake? And no DME? Or Should I use a DME as I have? Bear in mind this is my first mash if these seem like silly questions
  14. So I was at the Brewer supply store and picked up some corn flakes as well as some on sale pale ale grain and crystal grain. I was planning on using a DME can you use corn flakes and DME or is that over kill?
  15. Wolf357

    First batch is ready tomorrow! (?)

    Tell me about it! Shipping across the border is silly. Particularly the specialty refills that I am really interested in ($100cdn in additional costs) but you can get the basic refills in some CDN sites Cabelas.ca had refills for $13 with free shipping on $30 orders.. Walmart.ca has them in the $25 range and amazon.ca about the same. Keep a eye on Cabelas.ca they are sold out now but have very good deals from time to time... if you see some CDN deals let me know as well... still cheaper than $50 for a 2-4 (Flat for out American friends) of beer...