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  1. If you have the space to ferment 4 (or 5 if you do the CAL plain) LBKs at once and since you will have all the brewing stuff out.... I say make a day of it and do em all at once. If space is gonna be an issue then split it.
  2. No worries @MrWhy! I am a big fan of you do what works best for you! Just thought I would toss my half a penny in (I would have said 2 cents but I ain't got that kind a
  3. Brew in a bag is great for 5 gallon all grain or as a carefully done hop catcher but will not help with splitting into 2 LBKs since the bag is a large reusable strainer sack. If you want to split into 2 LBKs either go with the auto siphon or the measuring cup recommendations, but honestly my recommendation would be to spend a little bit and get a fermenter large enough (6.5 or 7 gallon) to hold the full 5 gallon batch.
  4. designed more for batch priming Designed more for bottle priming
  5. You got your taste buds growing back/ healing... that can be both good and bad..... stuff you hated you might like now and stuff you liked... well... maybe not so much now.... I quit smoking 6 almost 7 years ago.... and have not looked back.
  6. @rsnake2.....Put the lid back on carefully (if you havent already) and gently set the LBK in your fridge. I am no expert.... this could be as simple as yeast/krausen rafts (harmless of course... just try not to bottle them) to a possible infection... @RickBeer, @MRB Josh R, @Shrike, @Bonsai & Brew, @Bach's Brews , @MRB Tim........ these guys might be better suited to tell you what it might really be.... (there are several others too... just cant think of them A couple questions though.... Was this cold crashed? (meaning after fermentation did you place it in your fridge for 2-3 days for stuff to settle to bottom and help clear out the beer) Did you follow proper sanitation practices? (Be honest here... aint no shame in admitting you missed a step) What temperature has the LBK been in and at? (do you have a stick on thermometer on the LBK to monitor wort temp?.... if not... i would recommend one)
  7. @bikermedic108 congrats on the sucess! And of course....Happy Birthday!
  8. NB bought all the citra up for their Swig of Sunbeams Kits... they use 7oz..... per kit, 1 @15 min, 4 at flame out and 2 dry hop...
  9. Gave ya a Like!
  10. Stouts and porters (your darker beers) do require much more conditioning time... at minimum 3 months and some even about a year. Also, NEVER dump a batch, come here, consult with the fine folks on this forum and we can help out in determining what may have happened or what needs done, such as longer conditioning time. side note, Plastic loves to absorb odors but they do not affect your beer as long as you are following proper cleaning and sanitation practices. i have 3 LBKs a 6gallon brewmax and a couple bplastic big mouth bubblers......they all have retained the beer smell but none of my batches have been affected by it.
  11. Tying it to itself is fine, just make the knot at the top of the bag instead of right on top of the grains
  12. Also Recently opened Brew Dog down in Grove Port, and coming soon The Loose Rail In Canal Winchester. (I am in Central Ohio as well....)
  13. For best results, cold crash for 3 days. (i am surprised @RickBeer didnt mention it.....) 3 days gives plenty time for trub to fully compact and for stuff to settle out of beer to the trub in the bottom resulting in a clearer beer.... for more information on cold crashing read here:
  14. I use a sanitized section of tubing on the spigot of fermenter (if new style spigot on LBK without barb fitting I will use my bottle filler minus the spring loaded part as a connector between tube and spigot) long enough to reach bottom and lay in bottom of bottling vessel whether it's a bucket, slimline, ported big mouth bubbler.... for me, I set fermenter on counter, bottling vessel on small stand on floor. I will snap a picture for you when I bottle this weekend.
  15. I will third that... cold crash three days then transfer and batch prime..... It does make things easier....