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  1. Again, to quote the awesome @Bonsai & Brew.......... if you don't brew it, who will??
  2. To quote the awesome @Bonsai & Brew........ if you don't brew it, who will??
  3. As has been said, temp control is very important. With the yeast that comes with the Mr beer cans, you gotta keep the wort temp around 65 for optimal performance with not getting the green Apple flavor. Personally for my experience i stopped using the included yeast and switched to us-05 pitch the entire packet. It's a bit more forgiving but keeping wort temp below 70 is best with this yeast. Again, this is my experience and yours may vary.
  4. Hey guys! Picked up a bottle of StarSan ... Questions on StarSan.... Do you mix it in 5 gallons at a time like the bottle says or do you mix smaller amounts? How do you store it once it's mixed? How long can you keep it once it's mixed before it is no longer effective to use? Any general tips and tricks appreciated!
  5. Jim, Depending on how you like your carbonation level, 1/2-3/4 tablespoon would be just fine, any more than that and you might get really overcarbonated and possibly bottle bombs... which is not fun. For me and the wife, we like it a little less carbonated so 1/2 Tablespoon worked perfect for us. You could test which you like better by doing some 1/2 and some 3/4 (make sure you mark which bottles are which) so you would know for next time you do it. Cheers!
  6. no clue then.... use the link i gave earlier, that may be the best bet...
  7. no problem! if you were searching MrBeer it might not have brought it up... the chanel is therealmrbeer so that may cause issues when searching.
  8. Great job on the show @MRB Josh R!! One thing i would maybe recommend is slow down a bit, you seemed rushed (and a bit nervous/flustered) during the brewing portion. Also, whoever is manning the cam control and paying attention to the chat feed could read you questions as they pop in to help..... just my thoughts...
  10. Currently 4:06pm here on the east coast and the thing says i got 26 min before its live........
  11. I am still trying to work it out. I am Scheduled to be on call that weekend but i am trying to get someone to switch or just take it..... (unsuccessfully so far...) so it is still up in the air for me.
  12. Glad you are feeling better!
  13. From someone who had done this..... Make sure your cider is only been UV light treated or pasturized ONLY! If it has preservatives in it it will not work since one of the preservatives loves to kill yeast. That said, No need to Dilute with water, or add anything but yeast. I like to use cider from a local orchard and it turns out great, not too dry but not as sweet as say a Reds (see linked post above by Rickbeer) I follow the 3-4-3 with my cider... 3 weeks ferment, 4 weeks carb/condition minimum, 3 days in fridge before drinking.
  14. sooooo a Mead thread and not one peep from @MRB Tim.......... is he sick???
  15. No, flavor wise, it will not be affected, just abv%. I agree with chasing flavor not abv.
  16. First off, Welcome to the Forum, and if you are new to brewing, welcome to the hobby! Depending on what you are looking for in your finished product will depend on what you do.... Booster only ups the ABV% and adds just a tiny bit to head retention. LME (depending on which you are using) will add color, flavor, and up the ABV% some. You can use both in a batch no issues. Some folks do not use booster and use only LME. Some use just the Booster, and some use both. It is completely up to you in what you do. As for me, my opinion, I would skip the booster and use a LME or two to match what you are brewing, if a light beer, go for golden and/or pale, if a darker beer, go for robust and/or smooth.
  17. Pro tip: Make sure you do that before you draw anymore samples if you plan to return them to the LBK (also sanitize your sample tube and hydrometer) and do it again at bottling time. Since the spigot is open to the air at all times, it is possible for bacteria, wild yeast, and/or dirt to get all up in it and cause havoc later down the road.
  18. hmmm the instructions on my container say 1 Tablespoon/5 gallons. I looked back at my notes and first batch was at a ph of 6.8, second batch (with the stabalizer) was 5.2 on the nose. mind you i took the readings right before mash out so i dont know if that skewed the results any. I will keep experimenting and see if i get anything different in future batches. (and get pre mash in ph reading)
  19. Interesting... I have a container of it, used it in one AG batch so far (mainly because i kept forgetting about it) and It did do as advertised it set the PH at 5.2 and i did not get any off flavors from it...... ( it was in my last batch of Bleeding Buckeye added it right after i dropped in the grains))
  20. Welcome! I think i can say for all of us (Since we all have been where you are)..... Its your first batch... at best it will be meh.. drinkable. As you learn and improve on how you do the process, it will get better. Patience is key. Read, read, read, take notes, ask questions, we are here to help, then read, read, read again. Also.. i would nudge that temp down to about 65*F for better results.
  21. Plain old oxyclean free works great as well (look for it either in the cleaning products or more than likely the laundry soap area)
  22. nope, its not rated for carbing pressures and not designed for it.
  23. Secondary fermentation is NOT done with carbonation drops or sugar of any kind. The sole purpose of secondary fermentation is to get the beer off of the trub and allow it to age and clarify without running the risk of off flavors from the beer sitting on the trub for prolonged time. If you are wanting to carbonate and condition, use a proper vessel such as a bottle or a proper stainless steel keg. The LBK is for fermentation only and not carbonating.
  24. @Werwer2018 Dude, there are many responses to your question and some explanations right here in this thread including one from a Mr. Beer CS rep himself, so yes, you did get an answer from Customer service (including an apology) It may not have been the answer you already had set in your mind you wanted (go here, they have it, brew on and enjoy) but it was an acceptable answer on how to help solve your query. The most valuable answer came from DEFbrewer that gave you information on the parent company (Coopers), which is much easier to get in store in Canada, including a store locator link that can narrow things down even more. Even if you do a quick Google search it would be of good help.
  25. Classic American light.... Condition that 6 weeks..... trust me....... BUT for a little learning process... at 4 weeks, put one bottle in the fridge for 3 full days, open and consume on 4th day. Take notes.... then wait 2 more weeks (total of 6) repeat and compare notes you will see.....