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  1. I vote Columbus Oh. There are TONS of breweries around here.... also... here are some pictures from inside Brewdog...
  2. This is normal. This is what can happen once your krausen has fallen back into the fermenting beer. Notice the film/foam and the "floaters". The film/foam is what is left from the krausen and because of the fermentation and co2 escaping created a bit of foam. The floaters are a tan/brown color and have very smooth round edges. These are known sometimes as yeast rafts. If you see this, it is completely normal.... do not panic. If your floaters are predominantly white, have rough, jagged edges you have an infection.... but still do not panic. Bottle as normal, leaving as much of the floater layer in the fermenter and carb and condition as normal. Drink and enjoy. But the sooner the better.... (Beer seen on the photos is a Tangerine pale ale just before cold crashing. Took top off to get sample for gravity double check using sanitized cup.)
  3. hotrod3539

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    I wont be able to make it......... Its my busy time at work, hence why i havent checked in in a while. workin 10-12 hr days 6 days a week. May, June, July, August, and into September i get the pleasure of having no life sadly. That said, I truly do enjoy my job in the commercial HVAC industry..... been doing it 13 years.
  4. hotrod3539

    StarSan inquiry

    Hey guys! Picked up a bottle of StarSan ... Questions on StarSan.... Do you mix it in 5 gallons at a time like the bottle says or do you mix smaller amounts? How do you store it once it's mixed? How long can you keep it once it's mixed before it is no longer effective to use? Any general tips and tricks appreciated!
  5. My $0.02 worth.... yes, use a sanitized hop sack, add the little bit of vodka, it wont mess with things.
  6. hotrod3539

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Truth right here......
  7. hotrod3539

    You live and you learn.

    For optimal results do both! Use the silicone spatula to get out as much as you can, then hit the can with some of the boiled water for final clean out....
  8. hotrod3539

    Found 2 old cans

  9. hotrod3539

    MUG MidWest meeting

    Me and @MiniYoda will work on another one For maybe September In the Greater Columbus Oh. area (Including BrewDogs Only brewery here in the US.). We have TONS of breweries and Taprooms around here, many within walking distance(ISH) of each other so some planning might be done with everyone once we are all together. We have an airport right here (John Glen International airport code CMH) for those that want to fly in and hotels/motels GALORE! Depending on how many come we could look at renting a couple vehicles, or piling into the vehicles of those that drive in, or live around here and go from there. We are only in the VERY early stages of this idea so look for a separate post to pop up soon!
  10. hotrod3539

    MUG MidWest meeting

    Trust me, it hurt typing it out...... For sure, i can name at least 7 brewerys (there is probably more i am forgetting or dont know about) here in the Pickerington/Columbus area (BrewDog, Land Grant, Wolfs Ridge, Seventh Son, Elevator, Combustion, Loose Rail) we could hit up... some do give tours (i would have to research that info) I can also give a drive by of the local Bud$%@!r plant
  11. hotrod3539

    MUG MidWest meeting

    Looks like a no go for me No one will cover my on call.
  12. hotrod3539

    Mix IPA and Stout?

    Again, to quote the awesome @Bonsai & Brew.......... if you don't brew it, who will??
  13. hotrod3539

    Mix IPA and Stout?

    To quote the awesome @Bonsai & Brew........ if you don't brew it, who will??
  14. hotrod3539

    Strong cider taste

    As has been said, temp control is very important. With the yeast that comes with the Mr beer cans, you gotta keep the wort temp around 65 for optimal performance with not getting the green Apple flavor. Personally for my experience i stopped using the included yeast and switched to us-05 pitch the entire packet. It's a bit more forgiving but keeping wort temp below 70 is best with this yeast. Again, this is my experience and yours may vary.
  15. hotrod3539

    Left over yeast packs

    Jim, Depending on how you like your carbonation level, 1/2-3/4 tablespoon would be just fine, any more than that and you might get really overcarbonated and possibly bottle bombs... which is not fun. For me and the wife, we like it a little less carbonated so 1/2 Tablespoon worked perfect for us. You could test which you like better by doing some 1/2 and some 3/4 (make sure you mark which bottles are which) so you would know for next time you do it. Cheers!
  16. no clue then.... use the link i gave earlier, that may be the best bet...
  17. no problem! if you were searching MrBeer it might not have brought it up... the chanel is therealmrbeer so that may cause issues when searching.
  18. Great job on the show @MRB Josh R!! One thing i would maybe recommend is slow down a bit, you seemed rushed (and a bit nervous/flustered) during the brewing portion. Also, whoever is manning the cam control and paying attention to the chat feed could read you questions as they pop in to help..... just my thoughts...
  19. https://www.twitch.tv/therealmrbeer
  20. Currently 4:06pm here on the east coast and the thing says i got 26 min before its live........
  21. hotrod3539

    MUG MidWest meeting

    I am still trying to work it out. I am Scheduled to be on call that weekend but i am trying to get someone to switch or just take it..... (unsuccessfully so far...) so it is still up in the air for me.
  22. hotrod3539

    I want to make mead

    Glad you are feeling better!
  23. hotrod3539

    Left over yeast packs

    From someone who had done this..... Make sure your cider is only been UV light treated or pasturized ONLY! If it has preservatives in it it will not work since one of the preservatives loves to kill yeast. That said, No need to Dilute with water, or add anything but yeast. I like to use cider from a local orchard and it turns out great, not too dry but not as sweet as say a Reds (see linked post above by Rickbeer) I follow the 3-4-3 with my cider... 3 weeks ferment, 4 weeks carb/condition minimum, 3 days in fridge before drinking.
  24. hotrod3539

    I want to make mead

    sooooo a Mead thread and not one peep from @MRB Tim.......... is he sick???
  25. hotrod3539

    LME and Booster?

    No, flavor wise, it will not be affected, just abv%. I agree with chasing flavor not abv.