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  1. I'm in on Tabitha
  2. Would you recommend any changes or is it good brewed straight up?
  3. @MRB Josh R, do you know the name of the recipe that comes with this kit?
  4. You are correct on both instances Creeps. I really dig the pistachio nut brown ale
  5. Awesome, I was looking for more 6 gallon refills, perfect timing!
  6. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M8MRANX/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apap_pa2cl8KJy93Tn Just got this delivered today. Amazing deal considering it comes with a 6gal refill and the fermenter. It also came with a bottle capper and bottling wand. Considering that fermenter is typically $80 by itself I figured for $10 more it was an absolute steal. It doesn't state the actual recipe anywhere so here's what it came with. 2 Bewitched amber HME 3 Smooth DME 3 Goldings hop packets Any ideas on what recipe this is?
  7. All good, thanks @MRB Josh R
  8. It's bottling day tomorrow! woohoo. Side note bottled my first batch today, Diablo IPA taste test was exciting, cant wait to try out the finished product.
  9. To be clear, I could purchase these items separately however I think the story behind the beer is really cool and would like to know that the family sees a piece of the proceeds from the purchase.
  10. Maybe a stupid question and I searched to see if it had already been covered but alas... Is there a reason some recipes show out of stock but when you check all of their ingredients individually they are all in stock? The specific beer I have in question is Sir Kenneth.
  11. Snatched up the bock and the Baltic porter! Can't wait to brew them 😎
  12. Thanks Josh!
  13. So there is a whole heck of a lot of trub on the bottom of this one. Is this fairly normal with hop additions and partial mashing? I was as careful as possible when pouring the wort into the LBK. I left quite a bit of sludge behind.
  14. Well, I brewed it today. Partial mashing was a lot of fun although it added about 2 hours to my brew time. If it turns out well I will update you guys and post the recipe!
  15. Creeps, I just noticed your signature and I saw in another post that you posted your spreadsheet that you have Cellcom. Are you a GB guy? I'm from Gb and currently live in Milwaukee!