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  1. Great job. Here's to many more successful brews!
  2. Hi chuck, happy brewing!
  3. I use a chunk of baseboard. Perfect angle!
  4. Just prepped the pale malt for my first partial mash. I gently pulsed a coffee grinder and it seemed to work pretty well. I am planning on making a sort of California dreaming, without the vanilla or orange but adding pale malt mash. Just wondering, can I put the oats in and mash with my grain? Thanks!!
  5. Hoping the PET's are okay as I am now doing a combination of them and regular glass. I have been batch priming which makes the multiple sizes easy. My PET's have firmed up nice after approx. 2-3 days condtioning at 68-70F. Haven't sampled from one yet.......cheers!
  6. Happy birthday! Enjoy your brews!
  7. Amazing job M Y! This is super handy! Thanks for your hard work!
  8. Glad to hear from you BikerMedic! Hope you are recovering as planned.
  9. I have started adding 3grams of fresh coopers yeast along with the 5grams that come with the cans as cheap insurance. Seems to work, nice Krausen. Some of the best before dates on my stash are a little in question is the main reason. Cheers!
  10. Thanks all. I will definitely be trying the Santa Rita and West Coast Orange IPA. I am looking forward to trying these recipes and comparing to the straight version I made. Also planning on making the cream ale recipe using oats. Cheers!
  11. Just used octoberfest, I think date was 2015 or 2016. No issues, just used fresh yeast. Cheers!
  12. It always slips into the gutter! Decided I'm gonna hop the s*@t out of the next one I do. I have quite a few cans of NWPA yet to do (5 actually). Think I have about twenty cans of extract batches to do going forward all told. Have been doing a lot of reading on 2 gallon all grain batches using LBK.........................
  13. Heck, hook an IV from the LBK spigot to your vein!!!!!!!!
  14. Tastes better when you made it yourself! Cheers!
  15. Had a couple bottles of NWPA straight brew, aged 4 weeks. While pretty decent and highly drinkable, it didn't totally blow my hair back. Initial taste is a bit offputting and perhaps a bit watery. The more you drink the better it gets (ha ha)! Wondering what the key is to make this one stand out. Thinking DME and some fresh hops but not totally sure. Bitterness was there already, just seemed flat and lacking something. Maybe a touch undercarbed. Thanks!