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  1. Looking for any advice on pumpkin beers. Gonna brew up one with BAA. Just wondering what has been everyone's experience for what has worked/timing of adding pumpkin/spices/amounts etc. I love pumpkin beers and would like to make a great one to enjoy this fall. Thanks!
  2. would you mind sharing your phat tyre recipe? I love that stuff and wouldn't mind trying a clone.
  3. Congrats! Savour the flavour!
  4. Congrats on your first brew. Best advice is to condition for plenty of time. The flavors really shine after a good month or two (even three!) in the bottle. Cheers!
  5. Looks great! Enjoy!
  6. Welcome to brewing, Joshua. A very rewarding and addictive hobby. It is a great way to unleash ones creativity . Cheers!
  7. If it tastes like un-carbonated beer, bottle it up!
  8. Fell into a barrel of beer I'm guessing!
  9. I think Petty was singing about homebrew..........
  10. "We danced every dance and lord the Beer we went through, that night I met a lady wearing tight fittin' jeans"
  11. Glad yer still alive and brewing Stroom and AC!
  12. I had to remove the inner door skin because the can dispenser wouldn't let the second LBK fit in the bottom. Other than that it has been great. Leave on vacation and know your brew is at the perfect temp.
  13. You made beer. Welcome to the club. Have a celebratory beer!
  14. Go fridge and Inkbird. As Ron Popeil says, "set it and forget it!"
  15. recipe

    This brew is one of the next ones I'm planning on doing. Sounds great. Don't think I have had a Mandarin IPA before.