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  1. Thanks again. Will keep you posted. Not sure when I'm brewing this one yet.
  2. Thanks all. Tim, how much grain (by weight) do you recommend? I have watched the video and it's definitely something I can do!!
  3. Hi all. Got a nice bag of pale malt at lhbs. Just trying to decide how to use it (no experience with grain). Thinking of doing my first mash, then adding to a CAL or Canadian blonde. I just have no idea how much to use or if there's a better suggestion. I have a can of oktoberfest on hand I could utilize also. Hoping to use the malt for more body/flavour. Any help/ideas is greatly appreciated. I am really enjoying reading/learning/doing! Cheers!
  4. Like I needed any more reasons to move to Arizona!
  5. I have one fermenting now that looks like that on top. Did a 60 min hop boil and added DME. Only one of 5 batches with this appearance. Tastes fine though. Cheers and welcome!
  6. My very first batch I didn't stir either. Turned out totally fine.
  7. Good luck Jim. Happy brewing!
  8. Just sampled the BAA I'm bottling tomorow. Already the best Mr.B I have tasted!
  9. Welcome to the forum from a fellow Canadian. Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep rinsing until no smells left, then let sit with a little sanitizer after that. Happy brewing!
  10. Great job! Beer tastes better when made yourself!
  11. Wish I lived close. I would definitely come bottle for ya! Hoping for a smooth recovery for you!
  12. Get better. Wishing you the better fortunes to come!
  13. Just bottled this straight up on the weekend. Came out at 4.6pct and tasted pretty good as well. I think it will be a regularly brewed one for me!
  14. Thanks gentleman. Sugar it is. Just have to dial in the amount to my taste. Cheers!
  15. Does anyone know if there's a difference in bottle conditioning time when using DME vs. Sugar for priming? What about flavour differences? Thinking of trying in the future. Thanks.