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  1. You made beer. Welcome to the club. Have a celebratory beer!
  2. Go fridge and Inkbird. As Ron Popeil says, "set it and forget it!"
  3. recipe

    This brew is one of the next ones I'm planning on doing. Sounds great. Don't think I have had a Mandarin IPA before.
  4. Hope it turns out and welcome to the community! Happy brewing
  5. Thinking of brewing up a BAA and doing a mash of honey malt, pale malt, carastan and a little wheat for head retention. I believe I read to be careful of honey malt as a little goes a long way. Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated! Cheers!
  6. Happy brewing, happier drinking!
  7. Looks great. Making me thirsty!
  8. Great job. Here's to many more successful brews!
  9. Hi chuck, happy brewing!
  10. I use a chunk of baseboard. Perfect angle!
  11. Just prepped the pale malt for my first partial mash. I gently pulsed a coffee grinder and it seemed to work pretty well. I am planning on making a sort of California dreaming, without the vanilla or orange but adding pale malt mash. Just wondering, can I put the oats in and mash with my grain? Thanks!!
  12. Hoping the PET's are okay as I am now doing a combination of them and regular glass. I have been batch priming which makes the multiple sizes easy. My PET's have firmed up nice after approx. 2-3 days condtioning at 68-70F. Haven't sampled from one yet.......cheers!
  13. Happy birthday! Enjoy your brews!
  14. Amazing job M Y! This is super handy! Thanks for your hard work!
  15. Glad to hear from you BikerMedic! Hope you are recovering as planned.