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  1. Maybe check your grain crush. I was initially going too fine and had some weird tastes consistently happening. New two roller mill corrected the issue. Don’t give up!
  2. To each their own. Brewers friend and seanterril.com are same result and they jive with my hydrometer reading as I verified after calibrating the refractometer. My main use is to know when fermentation has completed. I’m not concerned if I’m out slightly on abv.
  3. You actually can do final gravity accurately, you just need to use the refractometer calculators as mentioned. It saves me time (and beer!) and I find it much more convenient. I have no use for a hydrometer now that I have my refractometer. Especially nice for measuring gravity of first runnings or measuring after a few days of fermentation. Cheers.
  4. Welcome! The Refractometer has been an amazing tool for me. Make sure to use a refractometer calculator as found on brewersfriend or seanterrill.com. Good luck!
  5. Mississippi Mud! Used to love that stuff! Not ashamed to admit it!
  6. Lol. I remember mr dress up. It was one of my faves when I was little. A cartoon called The Raccoons as well....... Cyril Sneer!
  7. Welcome and enjoy. You are embarking on an amazingly tasty time consuming obsession. Best advice I can pass along is to bottle condition for a month minimum. Also, great choice on the bewitched. Best mr. B HME in my opinion.
  8. Don’t sweat it. It’s gonna be okay! 👌
  9. Don’t give up. Make sure you have temp control- ferment at 65F. Add some fresh grains and hops. These three things make all the difference. Tweak to your tastes from there. Stick with it as it is a very rewarding hobby. I understand your frustration. Brew on!
  10. One thing I would bet is that it won’t be fiery amber colored.
  11. Bottling bucket and batch prime. A very nice way to go. 🍻
  12. Definitely dry hop 7 days before bottling. The bitterness on this one is just fine as is. Good luck!
  13. If you do get to red deer area let me know. My wife and I would host dinner!
  14. Welcome back and happy brewing! 🍺
  15. Grizzly paw brewing co in Canmore. Big Rock is in Calgary and is an old favorite. I’m sure Banff has many (expensive) craft breweries as well. 🍺city of Red Deer has an award winning brewery called Troubled Monk if you end up that direction. And if in that vicinity check out Siding14 brewery in Ponoka- ten minutes from my house, or Blindman brewing in Lacombe.