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  1. I have another mini fridge for beer that's ready to drink. My problem is I keep drinking it as soon as it's ready.
  2. I just have the prob hanging off the bottom of the top shelf. I just keep in mind that the wort temps are usually 2 degrees warmer than the air temp.
  3. It is a Frigidaire. Bought it at Lowes. It was on sale for $95 when I bought it on Black Friday.
  4. I keep my mini fridge fermenter at 66 the first week and 68 the second and third weeks. What's cool is I can finally do true lagers in Texas and keep the LBKs in the mid 50's.
  5. If you want to get serious and have precise control get a mini fridge, can heater and an Inkbird controller. I can fit 2 LBKs in it at a time. For most beers I keep it at 68 degrees, 66 during the first week of fermentation. I just bottled 2 batches of lager Saturday that I kept around 53 degrees. I returned the bottles to the mini fridge for 3 more weeks at 53 degrees. Then I will store them at room temp for several months.
  6. I have 3 oz of liberty hops in my fridge. First $300 gets them! Lol
  7. In four days I will be bottling a 1776 recipe. I'm going to immediately turn around and make it again with a slight change to the LME. I noticed today the online recipe has changed a little. It originally called for Liberty hops and now it calls for Crystal hops. Anyone know why they changed it?
  8. When I first started I thought about buying glass bottles. But then I quickly realized I could buy the bottles at the store with beer in them! Good way to try new beers!
  9. I found this other topic on PB&C. It has some good ideas. I'm going to make one with an American Porter that I have. 4oz Cocoa nibs boiled 5 minutes, 8oz PB2 at flame out, 2oz Lactose, I'm even going to add some Reeses Cereal in a muslin bag after a week fermenting. As soon as I can free up a LBK. We shall see...
  10. Reading old posts. So how did this turn out? Sounds intriguing.
  11. I love beer brats! Uncooked Raw Brats - Look for a German deli around you. If not Johnsonville brats are in most grocery stores (at least here in TX) and will work. Poke holes in the brats with a fork. Place brats in a saucepan. pour in enough beer to cover the brats. Sprinkle in some Paprika and onion powder. Bring to a boil and hold for 5 minutes. Throw the brats on a heated BBQ grill and brown thoroughly. I like to put the brat on a potato bun with mustard and sauerkraut. DEFINITELY serve with beer.
  12. I started with a seedling mat but it didn't heat up enough to do anything at all. So I sent it back and made the paint can heater. Maybe it was just the particular mat I ordered. This thing was useless.
  13. I'm doing 2 lagers in mine right now.
  14. I don't trust my tap water. I always buy gallon water at the store for 99 cents. I have often wondered which one is best? Most stores I go to carry: Distilled water Spring water Drinking water Purified water I usually buy distilled water. Not sure if it is the best option or not.
  15. I first saw this fridge online. So I went to Lowes with my tape measure in hand. They had several others on display but none of these on display or on the floor. They had 5 way up in the overhead boxed up. So they had to fork lift it down and cut open the box so I could measure the inside. It worked!