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  1. I guess I am not taking this hobby seriously enough as I still have not purchased a hydrometer. I found another thread on another board here where the OP did the opposite of me by not adding enough water, the prevailing logic there was to leave it be. This Thunder Bay is a partial mash recipe that uses the american ale extract (not too potent) but then there are 3 pale LMEs to add to all that. plus there are 3 hop sacks in the boil with another one added in 2 weeks. The more I think about it I believe I should let it lay.
  2. I'm no guru but I'd probably add in an LME and a bag of hops just to see what happens. I just did that with the American lager, A bag of nugget hops for a few minutes in the boiling water, remove from heat then add the Extract and a Smooth LME. I guess I'll know a lot more about it around Sept 1st.
  3. So to go along with the "Too watery" thread.... This morning I used a new to me process with a two gallon fermenter, not the LBKs I am used to. I mixed up a batch of Thunder Bay IPA and just now (8 hours later) realize I have about 1/3-1/2 gallon too much water in it. At this point are there any countermeasures I can take, maybe slowly add some cooled booster? Or should I just ride it out and call it IPA - Lite? Damn! - Mark
  4. It wasn't fun, I think if I were to play with a quickie hot spice again it would just be a dash of crushed red or maybe ground cayenne pepper
  5. Maybe a little more flavor though? I have to admit I've been leaning into the sassy IPAs both at home and when out for dinner, maybe the Oktoberfest is fine just different for me. Since I got into this hobby I have been trying to hit a different micro brewery every weekend for a new taste, it gives me goals. As you well know there has been an explosion of brewers in Michigan over the last few years so there are plenty of little destination putts to check out these days. Most of the time we take the bike so I regulate myself to one and that's usually with a meal.
  6. Last night my Oktoberfest at 3+3 seemed a bit thin. Back on the shelf.
  7. Wellllll I now have good reason to monitor my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. Today my doc asked me what the hell it is I have I been up to in the last year.
  8. Don't judge me toooo harshly but I just stirred some Cholula hot sauce into an ice cold Aztec. The results are ..... interesting.
  9. Been reading about Chili beer, There was a Mr. Beer blog very recently about brewing with chilies and coincidentally a buddy of mine mentioned he has been liking a chili beer at a local microbrewery. I can't recall ever having a chili beer so I guess I am going to have to make a point of it. One of the MB beers is a chili porter. My question is whether there is a suggested preference for a base beer? Would you typically brew one from a heavier beer like a porter or maybe something lighter like MB Aztec? Mark
  10. Will do. With a Maine vacation coming on I am stalling so it'll be a few weeks before another batch comes due. Maybe by then I'll have my bigger basement refrigerator purchased and in place.
  11. After 9-10 LBKs worth I have given in and cold crashed the last two @ 24 hours each. It'll be interesting to see how it affects the level of "residuals" in the bottoms of the 750 ml bottles.
  12. Started this hobby from a gift last Christmas, I just ordered my 3rd fermenter and am looking for a larger fridge for the basement.
  13. Good deal, The IPAs, American lights, and Aztecs are chilled but there's a 3 month old Nilla Porter batch napping for chilly winter's night.
  14. That's 3 to 5 months before refrigeration? I ask because I recently made a batch of API-IPA that I really like so I ordered two more mixes of it. I have a small dorm type fridge I have been using and I'm probably going to upgrade that this weekend for finished stock then use the small fridge for cold crashing and fermenting a lager or two.
  15. thanks!