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  1. I have only used the 740ml bottles. I add a bit more water in the LBK along with booster in the wort then tip the LBK to just squeeze out 12 bottles. I think that works out to 2.25 gallons instead of 2. I understand this amounts to watering down my beer but really I doubt I know the difference. I have no problem draining the whole 740ml if I feel like it (hell it's only 2 beers). When I order a tall draft at a restaurant, and I always order a tall draft, it's nearly the same amount. If I save 1/2 for the next day or even a couple days later they've been fine too.
  2. I bottled a batch of Sticky Wicket about a month ago and had one last weekend. Maybe a bit early but I couldn't wait. Darn good stuff but I forced myself to leave the rest to continue conditioning.
  3. I started this beer thing because I was too much of a bourbon fan. I get up at 4:30 -5:am 7 days a week, these days by 9-10 pm it only takes 2 beers and I am snoozing. There are evenings where I just have ice water but I do have a few fingers of bourbon on Friday and Saturday evenings. epete's post made me go count. In 240ml bottles I count 78 in the beer fridge, 48 more conditioning, Then there's 4.5 to 5 gallons fermenting. At my rate of consumption I am technically set for a while .....THEN something else catches my eye that I need to order. I am forcing myself to slow that roll by not ordering more bottles..... for now.
  4. It's probably not going to make it for Christmas, but tonight after 2 weeks in the fermenter I add the mulling spices to the Mr Beer -Yule Like This Ale- then another week in the fermenter. Obviously I do not think far enough ahead.
  5. yeah.... I hit Google and found I've had a few wheats.
  6. Can't say I've ever drank a wheat beer, I put Wild Wheat in the fermenter last night so I guess I'll know more about wheat beer in a couple months. 24 hours in there's a helluva head on it. RECIPE INCLUDES: 1 Can Bavarian Weissbier Brewing Extract 1 Can Classic American Light Brewing Extract 1 Packet Dry Wheat Brewing Yeast (under lid of Weissbier Brewing Extract) 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of Classic American Brewing Extract) 1 Packet Saaz Pellet Hops 1 Muslin Hop Sack 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser edit to add: this probably belongs in Basic Recipes, my mistake, if the mods can move it that would be great. - Mark.
  7. Got a Helles Bock Spring in the fridge, interested in how yours turns out. I fermented mine in a dorm type fridge at around 55F using an inkbird controller then carbonated it at 70-73 for 2 weeks. After that it was back in the dorm fridge dialing the temp down a couple degrees every day until I hit 40F. Been holding at 40 for over a month now.
  8. I boil em. You're gonna like that Thunderbay. My 2nd batch is about done conditioning.
  9. Note to self: Next time only use 1/2 the chips and if using chips, hop sack em. Loose chips in the spigot create a real messy problem. Filed under... Should'a seen that coming.
  10. Ya know, I do have several containers of frozen chili on hand after I got carried away with the last batch and it kinda took on a life of it's own. I will mix some of this beer in the next pot and let it simmer.
  11. On a whim I added Smooth LME and nugget hops to my American Lager wort . It's nothing earth shattering but I'm drinking one right now and I have certainly had worse. Reading that I see it's not much of a recommendation is it?
  12. Out of 12 740 ml bottles of this I have 8 left. I will try it one more time but I think this may get chalked up as a learning experience and I'll put the bottles to better use. I will do another chili batch someday but I went off the path on this one. It is hot, that's about all I can say for it.
  13. Coming up on 3 weeks in the fermenter for the LS&B now, headed for the cold crash. The oak and bourbon have been in there for 5-6 days, I grabbed a sip, there is definitely a strong presence of wood at this point, maybe a shade too much. I do not have a hydrometer but there is clearly a hearty alcohol kick.
  14. It could very well be I skipped the dots in that one. thanks
  15. Have you folks ever had a plastic bottle collapse in the fridge? I was rearranging the beer fridge to make room for the Thanksgiving Butterball and found a couple month old Naughty Creme Ale that was not just soft, it was basically deflated. I give them all a squeeze to make sure they are firm before I refrigerate them, It's not like there was beer overflowed into the fridge . When I cracked the lid the sides popped right out and the beer level was about 1.5 inches below the top. I usually fill them more but maybe this one didn't get a top off. Evaporation?