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  1. Same here , 4 dots per per 740ml bottle for the last 12-13 batches,
  2. This has probably been covered but.... After a lager has fermented cold then the 2-3 day rest at room temp, should I chill it down again with a cold crash or go straight to bottling?
  3. I've been at this for over a year now. I don't think I come out with the "best" beer but I don't notice any apple cider taste. (Hell maybe I'm conditioned to it) I ferment in my basement which in ranges from 65 to 68F. It's warmer down there in the winter than the summer due to heat vs a/c. Then I carb upstairs in a closet for 3 weeks at 71-74. Maybe I should be shooting for a wider spectrum between the two stages? I do have dorm fridge and an inkbird but I've only used that set-up for fermenting Lagers or cold crashing Ales. After carbonation I move them back to the slightly cooler basement for the conditioning period. Wrong move? On a side note when I have 3 different batches in process there are days I really get my steps in traveling up and down stairs.
  4. I bottled a batch Nov 17, put 2 in the fridge mid January. You sir have prompted me to go grab one for later this evening.
  5. These days my minimum is 2 months from mix to taste. 3 weeks fermenting, 3 weeks carbination at 70-75, then back to the basement at 65-68 for a minimum of 2 weeks until I choose to cool one off. If I can behave myself my stouts, porters and such are cellared at least 3 months before I give up. I have two batches of Lock, Stock, and Barrell that should be ready for a taste this coming fall. I made some Yule Like this Ale should be ready but I am wondering if I can hold off until Christmas 2018. My Voodoo is taunting me. The above method gets a little expensive with the oxygen barrier 750 ml bottles.
  6. The lighter the beer the longer the conditioning eh? Then I have definitely made some incorrect ASSumptions.
  7. Thanks for the responses, would it be safe to say that any recipe that includes instructions to ferment cold (around 55F) would then also condition cold? I ask because I have a few in the schedule over the next couple months. Mark
  8. Howdy Austin Pils uses Saflager W34/70 Yeast and ferments cold. I have completed that and am almost thru the carbonation phase at 70F+. Do I then treat it as a Lager and condition in the fridge? Thanks Mark
  9. I've got two different vintages of T-Bay in the fridge, really like that mix. The first was by the book, the 2nd I added 2 cups of grapefruit juice after week 2. It's pretty subtle but noticeable ( in a good way). I have 3rd TB mix laid back but I kept putting it off. I usually put my ingredients in a freezer bag and store them in the beer fridge veggie drawer but this one I kinda forgot about and mice got a bag of grain. Lesson learned, new supplies on the way.
  10. I've got Whispering Wheat in an LBK, cold crash should be approx 02/09
  11. Using 740ml oxygen barrier plastic bottles I bottled an LSB batch in November then around Christmas I noticed a soft bottle. The lid was a touch loose. I added one sugar dot and it firmed up. Still waiting on he outcome for this mix. I'll be cold crashing my 2nd batch in a couple days. I only have 740 ml oxygen barrier plastic here so that's where it's headed.
  12. As soon as I drain one it get's a drop of dish soap like Rick says. I fill aabout 1/2 way with warm water, shake the hell out of it, rinse twice and prop it up side down over night. Sanitize at the next bottling. I only use the 740ml plastic bottles. No tools allowed.
  13. Bottled my Helles 10/1 I'm gettin ready to get ready.
  14. Would you then carb and condition s usual? Would it even carb?
  15. In the MRB recipes I've been doing for the last year ( all LBK stuff) it states to add the HME and LME after removing the boiling hop and grain water from the heat, at least that's how I read it and have been doing it. However, in another thread I am reading about boiling the LME. What gives? Is that something that happens in the more advanced levels? Have I misinterpreted the process? Thanks