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  1. Good deal Pete Since last Christmas when I got started at this, using LBKs and the 740ml bottles, I have slowly managed to get about 23 gallons in the loop. For the last few months I have been keeping 3 LBKs perking. I am about to take a break, I have been restricting my personal intake for a while and my basement beer fridge is nearly maxed out. These days I am window shopping the longer conditioning recipes and waiting for sales.
  2. Sorry any confusion. It's actually two separate questions, poorly put. I have a TB batch in an LBK about a week from bottling but I have another TB kit on the shelf. Looking for ways to boost the grapefruit taste in the fermenting one but wondering about the future one as well. Thanks for the replies. Mark
  3. I really like Thunder Bay IPA but I would like to raise the grapefruit hit a notch. Would the best way be to add zest in the boil? I have a Thunder Bay batch in an LBK, tomorrow I am scheduled to add a hop sack. Could I add grapefruit juice or juice concentrate to the LBK at that time as well? Thanks! Mark
  4. He has studied this for a decade. He has where-withal and the toys. I've sampled my share so I don't doubt him, but even the 80-100 proof is guaranteed heartburn for me unless he blends it down with flavorings or water. Now the flavored stuff he comes up with is all fun and games. I just have this solitary jar left and I'm not a fan of straight shine so I going to experiment with it. I wanted to do something different than adding fruit. Would the wood chips break down over time?
  5. I have an old friend that has dabbled with clear for years, He is actually pretty good at it. I have had a jar from him stashed on the shelf for 10 months, he says it tests at 130 proof. I am on a self imposed break from hard liquor (maybe not fully self imposed, my doctor is rather insistent) but wondering if I added toasted oak chips to the jar if I'd get any of the affects of aging in a barrel? Mods, if this is considered out of line please delete. Thanks Mark
  6. I sampled my first bottle of Thunder Bay IPA a few days ago. Since my tastes have been leaning to the hops lately I think this came out fantastic. I think it's a lot better than API-IPA (although I do like that one too). I immediately ordered two more TB mixes and started one fermenting last night. Might be my new favorite!
  7. Been trying to balance my stock by moving to the longer conditioning beers but you still gotta throw some quickies in there to keep brews on hand. I won't have an open fermenter for two weeks , There's a Voodoo mix on deck for it.
  8. So this Helles got 3 weeks fermenting at 55F,2 day rest at 70. Bottled in the 740 ml bottles with 4 sugar cubes in each bottle and since then has been in 72 degree temps for 3 days, Bottles are still dead soft. Waiting, waiting......
  9. Well if you're getting a full replacement it's a no-brainer. Waiting a couple months to find out it was a mistake may not wreck my whole day but it sure would kick it in the crotch.
  10. I catch myself standing in front of my fermenters thinking "A few days early won't matter." Then I realize I do the same when I open the door of the conditioning closet. Then I go buy 6 of some local crafty brew I have not tried yet.
  11. Yes, now learning that some of the bigger beers will take 3 to 6 months or more from start to finish so I need to start thinking at least a season ahead. This Helles I have perking is a spring version but it will be interesting to see if I can wait that long. Would you carbonate for 2 or for 3 weeks? I have the Inkbird controller running the little fridge the Helles is fermenting in at 55F. After the room temp carbonation those bottles will go into that fridge for the slow dial down. I know I can hit 40F not sure about 35 but I doubt my unsophisticated taste buds will know the difference. Being downstairs to lower the temp every day is no big deal, my wife says I check on my brews like Ebenezer counting his coin. I just tell her I'm getting my steps in.
  12. Ordered American Ale today, Not sure it I'll brew it as is or get all -chemistry set- with it.
  13. I do that with every batch, this Helle's is my first that had anything of consequence floating on top. Thanks!
  14. New ground for me.... I am getting close to the two day diacetyl rest. There is a pretty healthy layer of Trub on the bottom but there is also what appears to be quite a layer of "floaties" on the top. Does that settle out or is it going to increase as the mix warms? I do anything with this to keep it out of my bottles? thanks Mark
  15. Yep, the alcohol content is really not a big deal for me yet. I figure the advertised ABV is a shade generous. Seems I add a 6oz boost more often than not unless the recipe actually calls out 12 oz.