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  1. 76shovel

    Bottle conditioning techiques

    "Patience is required in this hobby." I think it took me nearly a year to figure that out. 🤣 Most of what I mix up these days takes 4-8 months of conditioning if not longer. I will still sneak in an early sample.
  2. 76shovel

    Early Chromosbeer

  3. 76shovel

    Early Chromosbeer

    It's that easy... if you own a hydrometer. Sometimes I wonder how I got this old. 🤣
  4. 76shovel

    Early Chromosbeer

    I really like how my last Chromosbeer came out so I fired up a 2nd batch. I may have goofed it up. After 2 weeks of cold fermentation at 55F I pulled it for the 3 day rest. I flubbed the calendar so this was a week earlier than I had planned and now my cold crashing fridge is tied up. The Chromosbeer has been at room temp of 65F for two days, I will cold crash it for 3 days tomorrow then bottle. OR should I put it back in at 55-56 and ferment another week then rest again? Yeah, If I used a hydrometer from the get-go I wouldn't be guessing.... oops.
  5. 76shovel

    Something other than booster

    I've added brown sugar in a few dark stouts. It doesn't wreck the beer but yeah, it's puts a different edge on it. You may like it, you may not. gotta try it to know.
  6. 76shovel

    Something other than booster

    I try to add just enough water to the 2G recipes to get 12 full 740ml bottles after fermentation. I always had booster in an attempt to get back to neighborhood of the advertised ABV . After 2 years of this I still don't own a hydrometer so it's just a WAG. I'm more focused on the taste anyhow.
  7. 76shovel

    Wild Wheat variation

    Had the trub bottle tonight. Pretty smooth and I can feel the alcohol content. At least I don't feel like I screwed up. It'll be interesting to see how this is in another month.
  8. 76shovel

    long time user, first time erruption

    Yeah there's no denying it's a self inflicted event. To compound the issue I shoot for 2.25 gallons in order to fill (12) 740ml bottles. This afternoon the flood seems to have receded. I just need to do another clean up.
  9. 76shovel

    long time user, first time erruption

    Will do, 8 hours since I posted, still foaming over.
  10. Morning, Been at this a couple years, generally sticking to the published recipes. Maybe a couple failures but I find something to like about in every batch. I've kept to doing my bigger beers in a the upright 2 gallon fermenter however that fermenter is tied up with American Burleywine. Home alone unsupervised yesterday I found the ingredients were all here for Double Black Diamond so I went for it in an LBK. I also added a Robust LME. Stuck the fermenter in my dorm type fridge at 64F about 20 hours ago. Got a mess this morning, first time that ever happened. Real glad fermentation happens in the cellar. 🤣 Cracked the lid slightly and a lot of pressure escaped, good thing I decided to go check on it. Mark 2 Cans St. Patrick's Irish Stout Brewing Extract 2 Packets Dry Brewing Yeast (under lids of Brewing Extracts) 1 Packet Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast 1 Packet Palisades Hop Pellets (1/2 oz) 1 Muslin Hop Sack 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser
  11. 76shovel

    Forgotten Batch

    With it being summertime my brewing has slowed to a crawl... makes it easy to forget so I have moved to putting reminders on my phone too.
  12. 76shovel

    American Burleywine

    I started a thread over in Advanced recipes about American Burleywine a while back. I mixed a batch up last night and I can see it really does not qualify as "Advanced", my apologies. It'll be interesting to see how it develops over time. I have a 2nd kit here for American Burleywine because they were on sale. And suggestions for changing up the next batch? I really don't want to wait 6-12 months to start the next round. thanks
  13. 76shovel

    Wild Wheat variation

    3 weeks ago I started a 2.25 gallon batch of Wild Wheat. I also steeped 4 oz of Chateau Special B grains at 160F and added it to the wort just because I had it sitting around. Not sure what the hell I made but the aroma coming off of it was fantastic. Bottled it last night, I thought the sample was pretty good even without carb/conditioning. It's going to be an impatient 3-6 week wait now.
  14. 76shovel

    A lesson in patience...

    Since I adopted a 2 month minimum for ferment, carbonate, and condition things got better. IPAs and Wheats are short term, Lagers are a couple months longer but I have heavy hitter Stouts I am TRYING to leave sit for a year.
  15. 76shovel

    American Burleywine

    Well Shrike based on your recommendation and with the current sale on I ordered another American Burleywine. For some reason my tastes have gone to the long term conditioning bold brews like Lock Stock and Barrel and a couple of variations thereof. My basement shelves are filling up! 2019 might be a little fuzzy, 😉