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  1. As soon as I drain one it get's a drop of dish soap like Rick says. I fill aabout 1/2 way with warm water, shake the hell out of it, rinse twice and prop it up side down over night. Sanitize at the next bottling. I only use the 740ml plastic bottles. No tools allowed.
  2. Bottled my Helles 10/1 I'm gettin ready to get ready.
  3. first Lager and my search-fu must be lacking. I have Helles Bock fermenting at 55F. As I understand it at the end of my 3 weeks I should give it 3 days at 65-70F? Then bottle and condition cold again? One Lager blog I read said to bottle then chill by dialing the temps down 5 degrees per day until it's a 35 then hold it there for at least a month. I see nothing like this in the Helles Bock instructions. Sound right? Any input appreciated. Mark
  4. Would you then carb and condition s usual? Would it even carb?
  5. In the MRB recipes I've been doing for the last year ( all LBK stuff) it states to add the HME and LME after removing the boiling hop and grain water from the heat, at least that's how I read it and have been doing it. However, in another thread I am reading about boiling the LME. What gives? Is that something that happens in the more advanced levels? Have I misinterpreted the process? Thanks
  6. 2 gallon mix right? MiniYoda, did you complete this recipe? I've got 1 Lock Stock and Barrel conditioning and 1 fermenting but I have not tried any of it yet. Interested in how this one comes out.
  7. So it's January in MI. I should get on the treadmill, but in keeping with the only resolution I made that I intend to keep (unhurried brewing in advance). What are your recommendations for summer brews? Mark
  8. I have Helles Spring Lager waiting in the fridge and an Austin Pils fermenting at 53F. I'm thinking of doubling down on those plus a Czech Pilsner and maybe some Aztec for fillers. MiniYoda, thanks for the links, lot of good suggestions in there. So many recipes I have not tried yet! Thanks all.
  9. So my next question for you that use clarifiers, are you using them in all your brews as well as your lighter translucent ones? I am just getting into the partial mash recipes and doing small batch (micro batch?) 2-2.5 gallon fermenters. So far I am not having anything chunky in the bottled product, just the dusting of trub in the bottom. My first wheat has a couple more weeks of conditioning before I get glass of it. I probably enjoy cooking more than I should, my family appreciates it though. I am a simple guy doing simple things but I do believe part of the experience is presentation. Just in case my man card is in question I am also a gun enthusiast, maintain/repair my Harleys, do my own oil changes and rotate my own tires on the cages. When it comes to working with wood, well, I can build a helluva fire.
  10. So irish moss is about clarity in grain brews. Most of my brews in the last 6 months have been pitch black so that's not much of a concern for them. I do have a couple in process I probably could have tried it in. I will pick some up with the next order. Thanks ! And thanks all for the 5 gallon information too. Mark
  11. So tell me about this Irish Moss you speak of and how it's used. Thanks. edit: Oh hell, I looked it up. Man I hate being all responsible....
  12. I guess that's where the "Stir Vigorously" comes into play.
  13. After my first batch of lock Stock and Barrel Stout I had several 1/2 packets of ingredients. I kept them in ziplock bags in the fridge for a couple months and just started another batch. I'll let you know if that was the wrong thing to in about a year.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I currently have 2 LBKs and another different fermenter I bought from Mr Beer as well so I could split up a 5 gallon batch easy enough. Somehow I was under the impression aeration was a negative but maybe that was in reference to a later part of the process like bottling? So it looks to me like I mostly need a bigger pot.
  15. With a 6 gallon fermenter do you move the beer to secondary containers (racking?) for cold crashing or is cold crashing unnecessary? I don't have enough fridge for something that large. Yes I've be doing the extract thing with partial mash brews for a little over a year. Anything else is going to require more reading and real equipment
  16. So if a fella has been doing Mr. B. LBKs for a bit over a year what equipment would he need to get started making 5 gallon batches?
  17. Can't say I've ever drank a wheat beer, I put Wild Wheat in the fermenter last night so I guess I'll know more about wheat beer in a couple months. 24 hours in there's a helluva head on it. RECIPE INCLUDES: 1 Can Bavarian Weissbier Brewing Extract 1 Can Classic American Light Brewing Extract 1 Packet Dry Wheat Brewing Yeast (under lid of Weissbier Brewing Extract) 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of Classic American Brewing Extract) 1 Packet Saaz Pellet Hops 1 Muslin Hop Sack 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser edit to add: this probably belongs in Basic Recipes, my mistake, if the mods can move it that would be great. - Mark.
  18. Thanks for the input guys. I either need to get a 5 gallon fermenter, divide it up between 2 LBKs or cut it to a 2.5 gallon mix. Lately I've been kinda IPA'd out but this sounds interesting, almost next level stuff for me and now I have a shopping list. Again, I appreciate the help .
  19. Howdy, I was texted this info for an IPA, it was sent 2nd hand so the chain of communication is sketchy. I've done more than few Mr. Beer mixes but it's just not enough information for me to carry it through so I thought I put it here for some input. This is what I was sent: Fisher King's best IPA Grain bill: 50/50 Morris Otter / 2 row (maybe Maris Otter and 2 row pale?) 10 minute 1 oz Mosaic 2 minute 1 oz Mosaic Dry hop 6 days into active fermentation 1 oz Citra Amarillo Yeast WLP 090 @ 64 degrees I am hoping this means more to one of you than it does to me. If so, what might be the quantities for a 5 gallon mix? Opinions? Mark
  20. Ok I couldn't stand it, just checked this bottle, only a day and a 1/2 after adding a dot this bottle is firming right up. THANKS!
  21. So I was relocating my LS&B batch and found a soft bottle. This batch has been conditioning for 6 weeks, this bottle's cap was slightly loose, I just tightened it down and marked the bottle. Anything to be concerned about? thanks Mark
  22. Thanks guys I don't think the lid is bad, I think it was just never really tightened down. I used all new lids and Oxy blocking bottles for this batch. I remember having issues with the spigot being held open and I was scrambling grabbing bottles to keep the expensive mix off the basement floor. I just now added the extra dot and got the lid back on quickly. This brew has a long conditioning requirement anyhow so I'll re-check this bottle in a month. Mark
  23. Ok, not wanting to hijack the thread, but for me in using 740ml bottles many times the first 12 oz glass has TV head while the 2nd glass could be 50-60% head... or not. I keep the bottles refrigerated between glasses. Usually this is with more potent IPAs.
  24. Wow, that's a helluva thread and a butt-ton of great work. Saved it to my Docs.
  25. I've kinda locked up a pile of bottles with stouts, porters, and a bock lager. The couple brews I have fermenting suggest a 3-4 month period from brewing to belly too. I have a nice stash in the basement beer fridge to pass the time but they won't last until spring. So what do you folks suggest for a beer with a faster development to fill that gap? Yeah I could just hit the beer aisle on grocery day but where's the fun in that? Looking for something that might be done at 3+3 or only slightly beyond that. Thanks!