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  1. That is interesting, Is the cinnamon introduced after fermentation?
  2. Been tossing the yeast packets I don't use into a small ziplock bag in the fridge. Bad plan?
  3. Folks, I have two batches of LS&B in the works. The first batch is almost 5 months since bottling so I had one tonight, great stuff! The 2nd batch is a very slight variation on the first, not sampled yet. I am looking for suggestions on any mods for the 3rd batch.
  4. I am coming down to my last bottles of Wild Wheat. I am having one now. I reordered the mix but I would like to add a lemon or lime or orange touch to it. I put a squeeze of lemon juice in the glass and I'm kinda liking it. Is zest during the fermentation stage the best way to get the same affect? edit: I may have found my answer below, seems the easiest most effective method is just to add a slice at time of drinking even though most wrinkle their nose at the practice. https://byo.com/mr-wizard/what-is-the-best-way-to-add-a-citrus-fruit-flavor-to-your-beer/
  5. DME

    I know I can easily do 2.25 gallons in an LBK to get 12 full 740ml bottles. Have not had an issue doing that yet. However I use a slightly bigger fermenter with a Krausen ring for something using two HMEs like Lock Stock and Barrel. The peak krausen would be pumping out of the vents of an LBK.
  6. Can't stand it, going to have one from my 2nd batch of LS&B tonight..... at 3 1/2 months, sorry. My 3rd LS&B is in the fermenter.
  7. Jumped in early and tried the trub bottle tonight after 3 days chilling. I am thinking I have yet to make a good chili beer. It is better than my first attempt and better yet with a squeeze of lime in it. Definitely has some residual heat and jalapeno aroma. Tall but very short lived head. I doubt I'll dump this one but I won't likely be handing it out to friends either. Thinking the next time I venture into the chili beer arena it'll be the Calavera Spiced Chile Stout . Just my .02.
  8. Ok did this last weekend. Lock Stock and Barrel Recipe but added approx 3 oz hand crushed Special B to the steeping portion of the process. I added 1/2 cup of molasses to the boil (I could not find treacle locally), I substituted a Robust LME for one of the Smooths. I put it it all in the fermenter filled to the 9.5 liter line, stirred up, then I realized I FORGOT THE COCAO! Well, I have leftover grains and malts for another batch. The oak is soaking in 8-9oz of 100 proof spiced rum.
  9. Gents, What's the longest you've kept beer at cellar temps (appox 65F)? I've been focused on brewing some longer conditioning batches but suppose it goes beyond 6-12 months and they sit more like 2-3 years without refrigeration? I use the 740ml plastic bottles and no, none of mine are nearly that old, just askin.
  10. thanks!
  11. Thanks, I may never need to buy more but if I do I'll save some money on them.
  12. Been buying the oxygen barrier bottles all along so I don’t get em mixed up. Really not needed? Even for the 12 + month conditioning brews?
  13. Not so bad after a while when you’ve got 3 fermenters going and a stash built up. I keep jumping back and forth between the faster brews and the longer conditioning ones so I have something going for 1.5 to 2 months from now and something in the works for 5-8 months from now. With 2 to 2.5 gallon mixes it seems it took a year to get there. ( with a few breaks in the process)
  14. And so it shall be..... I will start out with LS&B recipe, swapping out a smooth LME with a Robust and adding 2-3 oz of Special B malt, somehow I will work in Cocao nibs and molasses. Two weeks in I'll add the rum soaked oak chips. .... and by rum soaked I'm talking 8-10 oz of Bacardi 100 proof spiced. In 5-6 months we'll know how it came out. Not sure what to call it... Bonsai Rum Barrel Brew?
  15. I need some input on this. I found a thread on Rum Smoke and Oak dark ale. What might be anyone's thoughts on substituting 100 proof spiced rum for the bourbon in the LS&B stout recipe? ... of course adding the Special B malt.
  16. Thanks, I have a bag of Special B coming but after I ordered it I realized it's not crushed. So for the few oz I need I guess I am going to have to find a rolling pin... or a hammer.
  17. These are the listed LS&B ingredients, would you substitute the special B for the malts or or use it as an addition? I figure I better ask before I wreck the process. 2 St. Patrick’s Irish Stout (Yeast under lid. You won’t be using this.) 3 Brewmax LME – Smooth 1 Packet 2-row (4 oz. You'll only use 2 oz. for this recipe.) 1 Packet Munich (4 oz. You'll only use 2 oz. for this recipe.) 1 Packet Chocolate Malt (4 oz. You'll only use 2 oz. for this recipe.) 1 Packet Roasted Barley (4 oz. You'll only use 2 oz. for this recipe.) 1 Packet Flaked Oats (4 oz. You'll only use 2 oz. for this recipe.) 2 Packets Willamette Pellet Hops (1/2 oz each) 3 Muslin Sacks 1 Nottingham Yeast 1 Packet Oak Chips (1 oz) 1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser
  18. I pretty much figure it's going to be approx 1.5 to 2 months from bottling to chilling for the faster ales. Of course stouts might sit (condition) for months before chilling. 3 weeks from bottling to chilling then another month or two of cold conditioning for the lagers. Not saying it's right but that's what I've been dong.
  19. I am lucky, I am one of the mods on a large Harley Tech website. The guys there are pretty much the same way, well, until you piss off one of the pros that are making their livelihood from it, Most are Harley related questions but we have a page where you can ask anything and I've never had a question where someone, possibly even from the other side of the world, hasn't been there and done that. Someone will have an answer, construction, wiring, plumbing, farming, shooting, cars, etc.... even on non H-D bikes. It's even my go to for planning vacations. Someone there will be living where you want to visit and have advice.
  20. Thanks!
  21. Did the boiling water in the can thing this morning. You know what? It makes that can damn hot.
  22. cocao nibs I've got... treacle I had to look up ... noun noun: treacle; plural noun: treacles 1. British term for molasses. But Special B? That one is going over my head.
  23. I looked through my stash of supplies and I really don't have any of the more pale recipes in stock right now but yeah, for the next one I will cool the boiled water a touch before any additions and see what happens as far as color. I suppose to make this a legit test I should do another Sir Kenneth Blonde. Oh damn. Sorry for the derail epete!
  24. Good point. I bring it to an actual boil, that should be 212F, after I have added booster (when I use a booster) maybe I should change that sequence up. Thanks.
  25. I scrape the hell out of the can but that seems like a pretty good tip.