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  1. 76shovel

    Wild wheat + citrus

    I am coming down to my last bottles of Wild Wheat. I am having one now. I reordered the mix but I would like to add a lemon or lime or orange touch to it. I put a squeeze of lemon juice in the glass and I'm kinda liking it. Is zest during the fermentation stage the best way to get the same affect? edit: I may have found my answer below, seems the easiest most effective method is just to add a slice at time of drinking even though most wrinkle their nose at the practice. https://byo.com/mr-wizard/what-is-the-best-way-to-add-a-citrus-fruit-flavor-to-your-beer/
  2. 76shovel

    Brewmax 2 gallon fermenter

    I have a slightly taller dorm fridge for cold crashing, I control it with an Inkbird controller. I can do two LBKs in it but when I remove the shelves the brewmax fermenter just fits. During the initial week of fermentation I tape the probe of the Inkbird to the fermenter below the fluid line and set it at the desired fermentation temp . My basement is 65-68 so after high Krausen I put the fermenter on a shelf (unless it's a lager I need to keep colder).
  3. 76shovel

    3 days worth chillin'

    I often read "only chill what you'll drink in 3 days" Why? Is it to allow your beer to (possibly) develop more or are you doing it harm by long term refrigeration? I assume this is in reference to the ales because I also read I should keep the lagers cold. Mark
  4. 76shovel

    3 days worth chillin'

    I found I have some rather old, like 6-7 months old, ThunderBay IPAs so I've been slowly using those up. I have an American Hazy batch chilled and another Thunder Bay conditioning. I have no plans to brew more IPAs until those are dwindled. The top level of my basement fridge is IPAs and Wheats, The bottom is all Lagers, the racks next to the fridge are all stouts doing their time and some Ales I'm just not sure about yet.
  5. first Lager and my search-fu must be lacking. I have Helles Bock fermenting at 55F. As I understand it at the end of my 3 weeks I should give it 3 days at 65-70F? Then bottle and condition cold again? One Lager blog I read said to bottle then chill by dialing the temps down 5 degrees per day until it's a 35 then hold it there for at least a month. I see nothing like this in the Helles Bock instructions. Sound right? Any input appreciated. Mark
  6. I have a slightly taller dorm fridge I can take shelves out of, it works for the above fermenter if I very carefully remove the krausen extension ring. You don't need the extension ring past high krausen anyhow.
  7. 76shovel

    Thunder Bay IPA Reloaded

    Has anyone here seen a Mr Beer recipe go longer than 3 weeks (at the recommended temps) for complete fermentation?
  8. 76shovel

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    Folks, I have two batches of LS&B in the works. The first batch is almost 5 months since bottling so I had one tonight, great stuff! The 2nd batch is a very slight variation on the first, not sampled yet. I am looking for suggestions on any mods for the 3rd batch.
  9. 76shovel

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    To use up my leftovers I did Lock Stock IV this weekend, or maybe I should say Captain's Barrel II. Followed the pattern above but this time I got the Cocao nibs included in the late boil.
  10. 76shovel

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    Did nights for a several years and there were plenty of morning beers...... but I was a lot younger. These days the shift alone would kill me.
  11. 76shovel

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    My Sir Kenneth tonight seems a bit twangy I just tried the dash of salt It works!
  12. 76shovel

    Thunder Bay IPA Reloaded

    Bottled my 3rd Thunder Bay this morning. At 1 1/2 years into this hobby I still don't own a hydrometer. I figure that way I'm not disappointed.
  13. 76shovel


    I'm still using 4 dots to a 750 ml bottle. Guess I should be trying to reduce that. On the other hand in 1 1/2 years of doing this I've never had a bottle failure... yet. Now I wonder what I'm doing wrong?
  14. 76shovel

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    " I think 1/2 cup of honey per batch does amazing things also." Creeps, when is that honey introduced to the process?
  15. 76shovel

    how to handle a true lager?

    When I am kicked back having a beer I brewed I am always wondering if I got it right, I don't have any other experience with bocks but I like it. I recently bottled Uncle Monkey's Dunkel. Fermented 3 weeks at 55, 2 day rest in the basement at 65 then bottled, Now carbing 3 weeks at 70-72. When carbed it'll go to the basement fridge at 40 and wait for me. (Actually I'll be waiting for it.)
  16. 76shovel

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    I will follow your advice, as far as liking it goes, well it IS what’s happening right now. 😆
  17. 76shovel

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    Bottling day was yesterday, I felt the sample was great but I may be a bit biased. I know I am going to start another batch right away with the leftover grains from the original order. Since I used Captain Morgan 100 proof Spiced Rum I labeled it- Captain's Barrel - The next batch will get a 2 oz of the Cocao Nibs in the steeping phase. Should I cold steep that or would it be ok at 165F ?
  18. 76shovel

    NEIPA Bottle Conditioning

    That is interesting, Is the cinnamon introduced after fermentation?
  19. 76shovel

    Old Yeast Question

    Been tossing the yeast packets I don't use into a small ziplock bag in the fridge. Bad plan?
  20. 76shovel


    I know I can easily do 2.25 gallons in an LBK to get 12 full 740ml bottles. Have not had an issue doing that yet. However I use a slightly bigger fermenter with a Krausen ring for something using two HMEs like Lock Stock and Barrel. The peak krausen would be pumping out of the vents of an LBK.
  21. 76shovel

    Six Month Old American Porter

    Can't stand it, going to have one from my 2nd batch of LS&B tonight..... at 3 1/2 months, sorry. My 3rd LS&B is in the fermenter.
  22. 76shovel

    Hot and spicy

    Jumped in early and tried the trub bottle tonight after 3 days chilling. I am thinking I have yet to make a good chili beer. It is better than my first attempt and better yet with a squeeze of lime in it. Definitely has some residual heat and jalapeno aroma. Tall but very short lived head. I doubt I'll dump this one but I won't likely be handing it out to friends either. Thinking the next time I venture into the chili beer arena it'll be the Calavera Spiced Chile Stout . Just my .02.
  23. 76shovel

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    Ok did this last weekend. Lock Stock and Barrel Recipe but added approx 3 oz hand crushed Special B to the steeping portion of the process. I added 1/2 cup of molasses to the boil (I could not find treacle locally), I substituted a Robust LME for one of the Smooths. I put it it all in the fermenter filled to the 9.5 liter line, stirred up, then I realized I FORGOT THE COCAO! Well, I have leftover grains and malts for another batch. The oak is soaking in 8-9oz of 100 proof spiced rum.
  24. 76shovel

    long term storage?

    Gents, What's the longest you've kept beer at cellar temps (appox 65F)? I've been focused on brewing some longer conditioning batches but suppose it goes beyond 6-12 months and they sit more like 2-3 years without refrigeration? I use the 740ml plastic bottles and no, none of mine are nearly that old, just askin.
  25. 76shovel

    long term storage?