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  1. Jsmall41

    Carbonation question

    Yes I'm using the plastic bottles. The bottles felt firm when I put them in the refrigerator. There was not much foam at all. It just seemed flat after the little foam I did have was gone.
  2. Jsmall41

    Carbonation question

    I only left it in for 2 days. I've put the rest of the bottles in the refrigerator at the same time as the others. I'll sample the bottles this weekend. I think maybe I just became impatient.
  3. Jsmall41

    Carbonation question

    Sorry, I meant carbonated for 3 weeks. My refill was fresh . I'll give it a little more time.
  4. Jsmall41

    Carbonation question

    I recently brewed the Aztec Cerveza. I fermented for 3 weeks and bottle conditioned for 3. My house stays around 70 to 72 at this time of year. I used the plastic bottles that came with my kit. I used Mr Beer carbonation drops, 2 per bottle according to instructions. All this to say that I don't have a lot of carbonation in the beer. What can I do to boost carbonation?
  5. Has anyone here brewed a honey lager using Mr Beer extract? Any information would be great!
  6. Jsmall41

    Non Mr Beer kits

    Has anyone ever brewed beer using other beer recipes from other companies in their Mr Beer keg? Such as, Northern Brewer's kits?
  7. Jsmall41

    Another newbie question..

    Thanks again everyone. That's what I like about this group, everyone is so helpful.
  8. Jsmall41

    Another newbie question..

    Thanks again hotrod3539
  9. Is it normal, after 2 weeks in the fermenter, to have some stuff floating on the surface of the beer? Appears like some very small quantity of left over foam.
  10. Jsmall41

    Filtering before bottling?

    Thank you for the info guys!
  11. Do any of you run your beer through a filter from the fermenter as you bottle to eliminate possible sediment?
  12. Jsmall41

    How long before bottling?

    Thank you everyone for the welcoming to the forum. I can already tell, I'm going to like it here!
  13. Jsmall41

    How long before bottling?

    Thank you AnthonyC. I look forward to everyone's advise and experience.
  14. Jsmall41

    How long before bottling?

    Thank you for your information C-ya! I'm excited about making beer. But I'm not going to rush it.