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  1. Saturday will be the 21st day and the first week WAS at the correct temp.
  2. I have a similar qustion relating to this topic. Just got back from a week long vacation and I noticed that my Howling Red Ale was between 61 and 64 degrees. We had turned off our thermostat in our house for the past week ( didn't want to pay for heat if we're not here) and when we got back the temp in the house was 60 degrees. I am scheduled to bottle my beer this Saturday the 27th. Is there anything that I should do? It's in the basement, next to the heater room. Do I need to bring the temp up somehow or can I just bottle as is?
  3. Had a Toaster Pastry Red IPA from 21st Amendment Brewery that I thought was pretty good.
  4. I was kind of thinking of dry hopping the Simcoe in addition to the Cascade. Do you think there would be another hop that would accent it better?
  5. OK, thanks, looks like they're not real similar. I was thinking of adding some Simcoe hops to the Howling Red Ale. How do you think that would turn out?
  6. I was just wondering what the differences between the Simcoe and Williamette hops were. Woud I be able to substitute one for the other or are they totally different?
  7. If I do dry hop, how long do I boil the Muslin sack to sanitize it before adding the hops and dropping it in the fermenter?
  8. I think I may just take Big Sarge's advice and just make it straight up. If I like it, I may need to experiment with it, as well.
  9. That wouldn't affect the flavor, though, would it?
  10. ...also when dry hopping, the instructions say to add the hops after 1 week in the fermenter, but I was told it was better to add them about 5 days before bottling.
  11. I wa I was just thinking about making the NWPA on it's own but had these extra packets of hops laying around so thought I might use them up. Do you know how long they last unopened?
  12. Hi, I have a container of Northwest Pale Ale and would like to kick it up a notch by adding some hops. I do have three packets of hops on hand, Zythos, Falconers Flight and Simcoe. Which, if any, of the hops will make my pale ale more like an IPA ( if at all) and would I benifit in adding an LME or a booster?
  13. Ok, thanks guys for your help!
  14. Do you think I should use a bristle brush on the bottles to make sure they're free of all impurities, or do you think warm water and Oxygen brewery wash will be enough after I finish of the beer that came in them?
  15. I'm new at this brewing thing so this may be a stupid question to some of you. Can I use bottles that previously had store bought beer in them for bottling my Mr. Beer? If I can and do, what do I need to do to clean them out properly before I use them? Thank you